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DYM Chapter 219

She was just about to get angry, but she unexpectedly felt that male ‘masculine’ taste once again. Her whole body actually went soft, yesterday Ye Mo carried her for two hours, she only had killing in her heart, but now she was actually a little hot.

Ye Mo immediately felt Jing Xi’s body start to burn and go a little limp, but he didn’t think of anything else, instead he quickly made divine sense marks on the top of her back clothes.

Ye Mo’s marks were made very quickly, it was only a few breaths before he had already made his marks. Only then did he let out a sigh of relief and loosened his hand, only to find that Jing Xi had already hooped his back waist and had some strange eyes. []

This woman is not in love, right, Ye Mo heart a shock, is about to speak, but heard Jing rest eyes ‘confused’ gasping said, “and brother, carry me to the room.”

He was really in love and thought of himself as her and brother, Ye Mo did not want to sleep with this woman. If he gave his first time to this hou black Taoist nun, he might as well do it himself.

Although the Daoist nun’s temptation was great and Ye Mo was somewhat moved, but Ye Mo had once cultivated to Foundation Establishment. It was not the first time he had been moved by a woman, even Ning Qingxue he could endure, let alone a Daoist nun whom he still did not seem comfortable with. He was a man of principle, if it wasn’t something he liked, this kind of ** he could still control.

However, the opportunity would not be missed by Ye Mo, who once again put his hand into Jing Xie’s hair and made another divine sense mark on her hair knot before shaking Jing Xie, “Sister Zi’er, are you alright?”

Jing Xi was watching her lover slowly walk towards her and reach out to embrace her, before whispering words of love in her ear. Just as she was in the midst of her lovemaking, she was shaken awake by Ye Mo.

Jing Xi immediately reacted and looked at Ye Mo for a moment, and soon her body became a little stiff she let go of her hand and fiddled with her hair, her eyes once again ‘showed’ hatred.

Then stared at Ye Mo for a long time before saying, “Dahu, what just happened …… oh forget it, I’ll go first, you wait for me to come back, don’t rush about worshipping your master, I won’t treat you badly.”

Jing Xie turned around and walked out of the courtyard, she herself felt ‘confused’, she was surprised she didn’t get angry or even strike out to kill Da Hu just now. With the level she had recovered to now, it shouldn’t be the slightest bit difficult to kill an ordinary person. She shook her head, except for that negative person, it was the first time she had gone soft.

Yu Lian said she had killed the negative man, but only she knew that she had not killed him. But taking other men to flirt with in front of him, she had done it just those men she had brought back were all killed by her.

Ye Mo followed carefully he didn’t dare to follow too closely, but Jing Xi had already been marked by his divine sense, even if he didn’t follow closely, he wouldn’t lose him.

The first thing you need to do is to take out a mobile phone and start making calls. Ye Mo hadn’t noticed that she had a mobile phone when she was carrying her yesterday, but now she has one, which means she took it last night.

Ye Mo was too far away from her and could only vaguely hear the phrase, throw it under the cliff.

Even though Ye Mo didn’t fully hear Silent Breath’s phone call clearly but he could guess part of it. This hou black woman was definitely calling for someone to come and do something to him, definitely saying that she would kill him and then throw him under the cliff. Since she still had to call someone over, Ye Mo was not good enough to continue to follow, he could only wait for the person she called to come over”.

Ye Mo went back to the villa again, he didn’t have to wait long, it was just under an hour before a car drove over. The man who came out of the car was a man in his thirties, not very sturdy looking, but Ye Mo could see that this man’s cultivation level was already at the early stage of the yellow level, so he was considered a master.

“Are you Dahu?” The visitor asked as he gestured to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded, “Not bad, which one are you?”

The man said with a heated smile, “My name is Tian Bo, senior sister Jing Zi’er asked me to take you up the mountain, her master has agreed, but to check if you can cultivate, if not, there is nothing she can do.”

Ye Mo nodded, he knew that this man was here to kill him, but he also knew that with someone like Jing Ziyi, he would never ask anything useful on Tian Bo, so he didn’t bother to ask.

Ye Mo didn’t ask, and Tian Bo said very little, and the two of them only knew how to climb the mountain. The path Tian Bo took was remote, full of rocky paths, and in many places there was not even a road.

After walking for nearly two hours or so, Ye Mo estimated that he had climbed very high before Tian Bo led Ye Mo to a flat cliff and said, “Brother, you have good stamina.”

Ye Mo made a panting motion, then smiled and said, “It’s alright, I used to hike a lot and have exercised some.” After saying that, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept down to the cliff, this cliff Ye Mo estimated was several hundred meters high, and it was like a knife cut, Ye Mo only found a small bump at 50 or 60 meters, there was no place to land behind until a hundred meters, after a hundred meters it was not something Ye Mo’s divine sense could sweep to.

“Huh, there’s even this thing here?” Tian Bo said somewhat strangely as he walked up to the cliff.

Ye Mo immediately walked up as well and followed, asking, “What is it, let me take a look.” And deliberately handed Tian Bo his back, he knew that Tian Bo should be about to do something.

Sure enough Ye Mo had just walked to the edge of the cliff when Tian Bo gave him a hard push on his back, Ye Mo ‘ah, gave a little push and fell down like a meteor.

Ye Mo calculated his bearings and nodded at a bump at fifty metres, then he immediately spotted another bump seventy to eighty metres below. Ye Mo continued his descent and landed all the way in that raised area, used the Royal Wind Technique to shrink in, then quickly took his knife and dug up a rock and threw it down, before hiding his body.

As soon as Ye Mo hid himself, Tian Bo from above said, “Brother, don’t blame me for being a ghost, I was also following orders, it’s just that you liked the wrong person.”

After saying that Tian Bo picked up the phone and dialed out, “It’s done, oh good”…I’ll be waiting for you at the two fiddling cliffs.”

Ye Mo listened to this with joy in his heart, it looked like that Daoist nun Jing Xi was still coming over, this would be good, otherwise when Tian Bo left, even though he had his divine sense mark, it would not be simple to find Jing Xi. After all, the topography of the Immeasurable Mountain was too complex and he could not fly yet.

Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long, it had only been less than an hour before he heard the sound of Jing Xu speaking. It was just a pity that he was more than a hundred metres below the cliff and his divine sense could not probe up.

“Very good, you did a good job, here is a basic Dharma dictate, you can take it first ……” After Jing Xi’s words fell, Ye Mo heard Tian Bo’s voice of thanks.

It didn’t take long for Tian Bo’s shriek to come again, “Jing Xi, how dare you kill me, I…”

The voice stopped abruptly, and then Ye Mo saw a figure fall from in front of him extremely fast, and it was a while before he vaguely heard a muffled sound from the bottom of the cliff.

Powerful, Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, this woman was really powerful, he just couldn’t figure out why she didn’t kill herself with her own hands. She had to go around in a circle, wasn’t that taking her trousers off and farting.

He kept an eye on the footsteps above him, once Jing Jing left, he immediately came up to follow her. However, after a long time, Ye Mo did not hear Jing Jing’s footsteps, he was a bit puzzled, could it be that this woman was not going to leave?

Just as Ye Mo was wondering, Jing Xie’s voice came again, “Da Hu, although you saved me, but you saw my body.

I swore that I would kill any man who looked at my body. You know, at that moment in the morning, I really wanted to give myself to you, but you woke me up, you’re really stupid.

Tian Bo killed you, I’ve avenged you, rest in peace.”

Ye Mo was so angry that he almost spurted blood, this woman’s skin was really hou ah, it was obviously her who told Tian Bo to kill himself, but now she made it sound so grand, this kind of revenge, it really can’t hurt.

“You say I’m good looking, am I really good looking? But my heart is already taken by that man. I’m sorry, Dahu, maybe I’ll come back to visit you when I have time ……” The quiet resting voice stopped there, followed by a long silence.

Ye Mo secretly sighed, this woman was a madman, a complete and utter madman. He was just worried for Luo Susu in his heart, with such a madman, could she live a good life? It was best to let this madman and Luo Susu not have any interactions.

For another while, when Ye Mo was already impatient of waiting, Jing Xi suddenly laughed wildly, “Senior sister, do you think you can avoid me by sending your daughter out and then taking her back as a disciple? You’ll never guess that your daughter will soon be just like you, haha”,….

Your daughter is really just like you, she is not a good thing either, just one trip out and she misses men, she can’t even quiet her mind when she comes back. Sometimes, I really want to see what kind of man your daughter is thinking of. Sister, do you know what I would like to do most? I’d love to show your daughter the look on my face when I’m in bed with her man. Unfortunately, you’re dead.

If you hadn’t died, would you have been surprised to see the man your daughter likes in bed with me? Although I have been keeping for that b*****d for so many years, but I don’t mind giving my first time to your daughter’s man, haha””,”

Ye Mo shook his head, this Daoist nun was unbelievable, she had failed in her love life and even involved her sister’s descendant, now she even spared her sister’s daughter. She probably hasn’t lived outside, if she lived inside a metropolis, she might have long ago ‘committed suicide’ because of her lost love. Times.

However, when Ye Mo thought about it, he pitied this Daoist nun a bit, she was also considered an infatuated woman, she just followed the wrong man.

As Ye Mo waited impatiently, the sound of the Daoist nun leaving finally came from above, Ye Mo immediately leaped up, his hand pressed several times in succession on top of the smooth cliff wall, and with the cooperation of the Royal Wind Technique, he quickly arrived at the top of the cliff again.

Looking at the top of the cliff, Ye Mo was frozen in his tracks.

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