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DYM Chapter 221

After brainstorming for a while, Ye Mo was once again stumped, talismans were difficult to refine. And it was also a costly thing, although it was easy to say, but if it was refined it was not that easy.

The blood of demonic beasts was not available here, but fierce beasts could be used instead, and most of all refining the talisman was too time consuming. It took Ye Mo a month to refine eight talismans last time, but with eight fireball talismans that were half as powerful, Ye Mo knew without trying that he would definitely not be able to help that Daoist nun.

Although it had something to do with his cultivation level at that time, Ye Mo didn’t think he could refine as many as he could in a day now.

After thinking about it for half a day, Ye Mo could not think of a better way to save his life than this. Unable to raise his cultivation, he could only raise his equipment. It looked like he would not be able to see Susu today, but it would be fine to already know that Susu was here, so he would go back and prepare his equipment first.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo once again returned along the original path. He decided to refine talismans first, and when the time came, he would come back with a large amount of talismans to find trouble with this woman, Jingxie.

Refining talismans required a large amount of money, but Ye Mo did not have much money on him now. Last time when he helped Zhuo Aiguo’s eldest uncle to cure his illness, he was too embarra*sed to accept money because of Zhuo Aiguo’s face, and only now did he realise how much he was short of money.

But beast blood, Ye Mo did have a solution, he searched the entire night in the Immeasurable Mountain and hunted a wild leopard and a mountain deer. Collecting the blood of the two animals, it was almost done.

After collecting the blood of the animals, Ye Mo left the Immeasurable Mountain and arrived at Yuyuan City.

Yuyuan City was not very far from Immeasurable Mountain, and after Ye Mo bought a large amount of top quality yellow sheet paper and some vermilion sand and alum stones here, he also bought a wolf ho, and the only tens of thousands of dollars he had with him were consumed cleanly.

He wanted to call Erhu and ask him if he had any money, but after thinking about it, Ye Mo gave up on the idea. Now that he was not in Luo Cang, Erhu’s business must be bad, and he might not receive a single deal, which was also possible, in case Erhu knew that he needed money and made him have a psychological burden, it was better to use up the materials on hand first.

Ye Mo found a hotel and opened a room, then hung out a Do Not Disturb, and started to concentrate on making talismans.

Although the idea was good, the factual situation was very disappointing to Ye Mo. In a whole day, Ye Mo wasted more than twenty materials to produce six talismans. Although it was many times better than at the beginning, this achievement still made Ye Mo greatly dissatisfied.

The second and third days were slightly better, producing a total of sixteen talismans, but the consumption was even greater. If this continued, Ye Mo felt that it would not work, one was that the materials were consumed too fast, the second was that the speed was too slow, and there was too much waste.

On the fourth day, only twenty of the hundred materials Ye Mo had prepared were left, and he felt that this would not work. If he could not improve the means of making talismans, he would have to go and raise money, talisman making was a money consuming thing.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

This man had never known himself, yet he was asking himself to lie to someone he didn’t know. A feeling of disgust rose from the bottom of her heart, and Tang Beiwei stood up and didn’t even bother to look at the middle-aged man, “Sorry, I’m not interested.” After saying that, she turned around and left.

The middle-aged man didn’t even move, but said slowly and deliberately, “As far as I know, if your mother doesn’t have an operation in time, she can only support herself for about half a month at most. Think about how hard it was for your mother to bring you up, it was hard to wait for you to grow up and she was going to die, if you didn’t have the means to do it, forget it, but now you have the means and you didn’t save her, ask yourself, do you deserve your mother?”

“You ……” Tang Beiwei turned around and stared angrily at the middle-aged man in front of her, “You’re asking me to defraud a person I don’t even know? I’m sorry for my conscience too.”

“Humph.” The middle-aged man let out a cold snort, “Do you think we can’t find anyone else but you? Let me be honest with you. It’s because of sympathy for you that I let you do it. It’s actually quite simple, all you have to do is bring that person to a place, and you don’t have to worry about the rest. It can’t be called fraud, can it? If he really likes you, at most it’s just a case of you telling him a lie once.”

Tang Beiwei’s face changed dramatically, she loathed the man in front of her, but she knew the man was telling the truth, if her mother didn’t have surgery she would only last two weeks at most.

When she thought of her mother bringing her up from childhood, pushing a cart every day, going out to do business no matter how windy or rainy it was, Tang Beiwei felt her heart dripping blood.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally turned back and asked, “Take him to what?”


Ye Mo walked out of the hotel and thought for a while, there were ways to ask for money temporarily. However, since Light Snow was already living in Ninghai, she must not have much money on her. How about asking Su Jingwen to borrow some, she is a rich woman, borrowing some money should be nothing, right?

But asking a woman to borrow money was really difficult to ask, Ye Mo thought about it again and again but still could not make up his mind. He took out a magic weapon jade penannular jade ring that he had made and looked at it again and again. In the end, he decided to go to the magic weapon shop first and ask if he could get a price on it, and if no one really knew what it was, he would ask Su Jingwen to borrow money again.

Across the street from the hotel, a middle-aged woman was pushing a food stall and was buying midnight snacks. When a car with the sign of the city police drove by, the middle-aged woman hurriedly collected her stall and accidentally knocked all the oil, salt and vinegar on top of her stall to the ground.

The middle-aged woman looked nervously at the whirring city police car and was surprised to see her sigh of relief as she slowly gathered up the things on the ground again. Although there was no one around to help, a girl of about twenty came over to the stall and helped the middle-aged woman to slowly clean up together. Ye Mo smiled slightly and said that this girl’s heart was not bad.

Ye Mo turned his head and asked the front desk of the hotel for the direction of the magic weapon shop, before he headed towards the magic weapon shop. It was best if his magic weapon jade jade penannas could be sold for money, otherwise, he would have to borrow money from a woman.

The magic weapon shop was not far from the hotel where Ye Mo lived, so Ye Mo just walked for a few minutes and he was already there. This magic weapon shop was a separate two-storey building, and Ye Mo did not detect the slightest fluctuation of aura from afar, so he knew that this magic weapon shop was not very good. He once again had doubts about the price he could sell his jade penannular jade.

Moreover, this magic weapon shop was opposite a bar, which was extremely unreasonable from a business point of view.

“Sir, are you looking to buy a magic weapon?” As soon as Ye Mo walked in, a girl in her twenties came over and asked attentively.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “I’ll take a look first.”

“Yes, please take a look.” The girl was very polite, but Ye Mo knew that even if she was polite and didn’t have anything, not many customers would come over.

Ye Mo swept through the magic artifacts on the counter, the more he looked at them, the more disappointed he was, these magic artifacts were inferior to the ones on top of the magic artifact exchange at Luo Cang, it could be said that none of the magic artifacts on this counter were real, they were all fakes.

In such a situation, it was simply impossible to get the owner of this magic weapon shop to buy his own magic weapons at a high price. Ye Mo thought, better forget it, he didn’t even need to take it out.

Ye Mo turned his head and had just walked out of the magic weapon shop when he saw the girl who had just helped the middle-aged woman pick up something, being pulled into the bar across the street by two youths with hair dyed like ghosts.

The girl was still struggling while doing so, it was obvious that she was forced to do so.

Ye Mo frowned, no matter what, Yuyuan City was still a lawful society, right, how could such things happen in broad daylight? Ye Mo knew that there were many such things, but it was still rare to see such things happening before it was completely dark now.

Ye Mo had some good feelings towards this girl who was not bad-hearted, and he was about to go over and still these two yellow hairs away. However, under the sweep of his divine sense, he did not continue with his actions.

Although this girl was pulled in by the two youths, and although her head was lowered and struggling, Ye Mo’s divine sense could sweep into the corners of her eyes.

There was no panic or fear in her eyes, or even a look of angry panic. The look that showed in her eyes was surprisingly guilt, and it was a deep guilt.

Guilt for being forcibly kidnapped by someone else? Ye Mo shook his head, his divine sense could see it clearly, there was absolutely no mistaking it. What was going on here? This perverse look made Ye Mo puzzled, yet he did not go up to save them immediately again.

Ye Mo slowly walked towards the entrance of the bar, but his divine sense was fixed on the girl as the two youths pulled the girl into a private room and then ‘banged’ the door shut.

Tang Beiwei was relieved, yet disappointed, that Ye Mo didn’t come after her to save her. He didn’t look too bad, far from being somewhat handsome, but he didn’t expect to be such a coward, since he didn’t fall for it, he couldn’t blame himself for not keeping his promise.

“With a snort, Tang Beiwei’s blouse was pulled off, revealing a large area of white skin.

“What are you doing? Stop!” A look of panic appeared in Tang Beiwei’s eyes. Why is this for real?

“Haha, stop, can the person that I, Wang Xiangyang, fancy stop?” The small door inside the room surprisingly opened, and a young man came out once again inside.

Tang Beiwei angrily wrenched one hand away and said, “Wei Yongqian and I are in a trading relationship, he just asked me to come and act, let go of me.”

“Haha, acting!” The young man called Wang Xiangyang laughed again, “You like acting? That’s good. Wolf skin, have a bit, let this girl and I watch and act. With this watery look, old  didn’t spend this money unfairly.”

The red-haired youth, who had been twisting Tang Beiwei, replied, letting go of Tang Beiwei’s hand and taking out a remote control, a pair of men and women immediately appeared above the box’s TV, screaming at the top of their lungs.