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DYM Chapter 220

Ye Mo didn’t expect Jing Xi to be really considerate, not only was there a basic technique that was burning on top of the cliff, there was also a wine bottle on the side, and a cup of wine was placed next to the bottle, and it was still filled up. It seems that this Daoist nun was quite trustworthy in her words and really helped herself to a cultivation method.

Holy sh*t, Ye Mo was full of black lines, this made people not know, they would think that he was really her concubine and that she came to grieve and condole after accidentally falling off the cliff. Ye Mo kicked these messy things to the bottom of the cliff, thinking that you should go and pay your respects to that Tian Bo.

After kicking these away, Ye Mo didn’t dare to delay and followed closely behind Jing Xi. Although he did not dare to go too close, he had his divine sense and had made two marks on his body, so he was not in danger of losing him.

If Ye Mo did not have the Royal Wind Skill and had not made marks on her body, he would never have been able to follow her. Nearly three hours later, it was already three or four o’clock in the afternoon, and Jing Xie was still speeding up the remote mountain roads. Ye Mo was a bit speechless, this Jing Yi Sect was really deep in hiding, it had taken so long to walk.

After another hour or so, Jing Xi came to a cliff, which was surrounded by clouds and fog. He jumped off the cliff because he had the Royal Wind Skill, but this Daoist nun, even if she was at the earth level, would still be dead if she jumped off now.

Just as Ye Mo was still speculating, Jing Xi surprisingly sat down. After half an hour, she actually jumped down. Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, why did this woman come here if she wanted to commit suicide? Could this be the Jing Yi Sect?

Ye Mo waited for a while to make sure he wouldn’t be discovered before he walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down, but as soon as he came he immediately understood. It turned out that there was a thin iron cable a dozen metres below this cliff, which could not be seen clearly at all because it was surrounded by clouds and mist. When Ye Mo looked at the iron cable again, suddenly the cable disappeared.

Ye Mo’s heart was shocked, how could such a strange thing happen? He swept his divine sense down, and sure enough, the faint iron rope reappeared below his divine sense, while the end of the iron rope he could not tell, obviously the length of the iron rope had exceeded the range of his divine sense.

The Daoist Nun of Silent Rest was walking along this iron rope, Ye Mo suddenly remembered Luo Susu, did she also have to pa*s through this iron rope every time she came out? Luo Susu only had a yellow level cultivation, it was still really unsafe to walk along this iron rope.

The fact that the iron rope was invisible and could only be swept with divine sense just now meant that the iron rope chain was placed in a very strange position. It might be placed in accordance with some kind of formation, which appears and disappears under the influence of daylight and clouds.

Ye Mo also understood why Jing Jing had sat for half an hour when she came earlier, it turned out that she was waiting for this iron rope to be visible before getting down. It seems that this iron rope should only be visible after a certain period of time, and only when it is visible can you jump down, otherwise if you step on it, it will be a dead end, and this iron rope is definitely not visible for a long time.

Although Ye Mo had divine sense and could see the iron rope at any time, he also wanted to make sure he was right. He also sat down and waited for half an hour, but the iron rope still did not appear in the middle of his sight, so it seemed that the time interval between the appearance of the iron rope should be more than half an hour.

Since it took more than half an hour, Ye Mo didn’t bother to wait, he had his divine sense and didn’t need to see the iron rope with his eyes to go down, under his divine sense, the iron rope was always in sight. Ye Mo also jumped down and walked along the iron rope for almost a hundred meters or so before he came to the opposite side. On the opposite side was a small platform, and apart from this platform there was only the cliff and stone wall, there was no place to leave.

Quiet breath had actually come to this platform and disappeared? How was that possible? Ye Mo checked around once again and confirmed that this was the cliff wall, there was nothing suspicious and it was bottomless below.

If Ye Mo was not a cultivator himself, he would have thought that he had seen a fox spirit that had suddenly disappeared here.

However, under Ye Mo’s divine sense scan, he soon found something wrong. Two metres above the tiny platform, there was a palm-sized alcove, which looked a bit strange.

Ye Mo leapt up and touched his hand on top of the groove, the outside was somewhat smooth, but the inside was uneven. Ye Mo put his hand under his nose and smelled it, and a fragrance came from it if anything.

Immediately, Ye Mo knew whose scent it was, it was Jing Jing’s, he was still holding her this morning and knew her scent very well.

It seemed that this recess should be a mechanism or something, and the recess was pitted inside, somewhat like a key. It meant that this Jing Rest Daoist nun had a small thing like this, and by going one side inside the recess, it was then equivalent to a key in general, which opened the access to the sect.

Once the back and forth was connected, Ye Mo could immediately tell that what he guessed should not be far off. No wonder the Hidden Sect was hard to find, not to mention that there was such a key in such a sh*tty place.

To an ordinary person without that key would never be able to enter, but Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, he was a cultivator, not to mention such an alcove organ. Even if it was a formation, he might be able to get in. But if he really met a formation, Ye Mo would be a bit indecisive.

Because most formations need spirit stones to provide energy, and without spirit stones, one can only use jade stones, but jade stones can only set up the most low-level formations, and using them as a sect’s concealment is definitely not an option. And the earth had no spirit stones, Ye Mo knew that, at least for now he had not found any spirit stones.

Ye Mo sat on top of the platform and casually took out a piece of black iron. It was just an ordinary piece of iron, an extra piece that Ye Mo had bought after his last purchase at Luo Cang. His finger raised and a flame quickly surrounded the black iron and melted into something like a black plaque in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo’s divine sense checked the size of the recess and the size of the pits inside, and in just under half an hour, an iron plaque had appeared in Ye Mo’s hand.

If the person who laid out this mechanism came to life and saw that Ye Mo had refined a key in just half an hour, he would definitely be so angry that he would vomit blood.

After making the iron plate, Ye Mo immediately leaped up and casually set it in. The iron plate was just the right size, nestled tightly inside the groove without the slightest gap. However, Ye Mo waited for a long time, but there was no reaction. Ye Mo was depressed and thought, could there be another mechanism? He casually twisted the iron plate in his hand again.

Immediately, Ye Mo’s divine sense noticed that a small pa*sage had appeared in the cliff wall about five metres below his left. Ye Mo cursed himself for being pig-headed, even if it was a key to open the door, he still had to twist it to do so. He immediately put away the iron sign and leapt over.

It turned out to be a stone pa*sage inside the cliff. After walking along the pa*sage for about 50 or 60 metres, it opened up before him again and he walked out again.

A winding mountain trail stretched in, and as Ye Mo walked for a while, there were gradually more and more wild gra*ses and trees along the road, and even an occasional hare or two ran by.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, although this was not the kind of small world that the Idle Daoist said, it was definitely a good place to hide. When that ancestor of the Jing Yi Sect could think of getting the sect here, he was also a genius. This was definitely a good place for seclusion, it would be nice if he had such a place himself.

Ye Mo walked along the path for another hour or so before he came to the foot of a mountain again, the territory at the foot of the mountain had opened up. One could vaguely see the sky in the distance, but one could definitely not see exactly which direction was below. At the foot of the hill there were many open fields with many vegetables and other things planted on them.

After walking along the foot of the mountain for a few hundred metres, a large courtyard appeared in front of Ye Mo’s eyes. Outside the courtyard was a big ‘Jing’ character, which looked ancient and peaceful.

Ye Mo stopped in his tracks, so this was the Jing Yi Sect, this was a nice environment, it had some immortal charm to it. After knowing where Luo Susu was, Ye Mo’s heart was relieved, what was the next step?

The next step was to go up and find Susu immediately, or to make a plan first?

A random Jing Yi Sect Daoist nun who came out was an earth level expert, Ye Mo did not think he could be invincible here. If those old Daoist nuns were good at talking, it would be fine, but if they were not, he would have no return.

Not good at talking is for sure, just look at that pervert Jing Jing, Ye Mo knows that. He had a subconscious feeling in his heart that he didn’t want Luo Susu to remain here, but no matter what, this would have to seek Susu’s consent, if she didn’t want to leave, there was nothing he could do. After all, she and he had only met on one side, or maybe he even had some unrequited love for her.

He had to go for sure, but before that he had to have the means to defend himself, otherwise if this woman Jing Xi saw him, he might be thrown off the cliff by her again before he could say anything about seeing Susu, what means could he defend himself?

With his current cultivation level, Ye Mo reckoned that he was not yet Jing Xi’s opponent, maybe if he reached the late third layer, he could fight her a little. Right now he was still only in the middle of the third level, empty of some simple spells, but the speed of those spells posed no threat to this woman, and this woman might not be the most powerful, perhaps there were even more powerful Daoist nuns in here.

But he was a cultivator, and the only thing he relied on was his spells. It would definitely be unrealistic to go up again by raising his cultivation level, and with such a lack of spiritual energy here, how long would he have to raise it? By then, the yellow flowers would be cold.

Although he had the snow lotus seeds and the pot, it was not so easy to make a pill, not to mention that even if he made a pill, it would take time to absorb it.

The only recourse was to rely on one’s own spells, but a fireball spell or a wind blade spell alone wouldn’t do much good, the only thing it could do was to attack them, but it could only be played once.

What if there were a large number of fireballs and wind blades? Ye Mo thought of this in his mind, if he dropped a large fireball talisman or threw out a large wind blade talisman when fighting an enemy, it would be equivalent to many people besieging people ah.

Although fireball talismans were difficult to refine and only half as powerful as the fireballs he sent out, but one couldn’t resist more. Right, let’s use this rogue fighting method.

When he thought of a Daoist nun with Earth level cultivation being surrounded by his countless fireballs and jumping in anxiety, Ye Mo almost wanted to laugh out loud, “Brother is a rogue, how can I be afraid of a few Daoist nuns.