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DYM Chapter 223

Ye Mo took Tang Beiwei to the hotel, walked to the hotel receptionist and said, “Help me get another room, the deposit will be given to you tomorrow.”

Ye Mo thought that this hotel front desk girl already knew him, so it shouldn’t matter if the credit was for one day.

The front desk girl looked at Ye Mo and then looked at Tang Beiwei behind Ye Mo and said as if she had never seen Ye Mo before, “Sorry, sir, we have to pay extra for a new room here.”

Ye Mo didn’t expect this receptionist to not give the slightest face, at least he had stayed here for four days.

Ye Mo, who was about to speak, was pulled by Tang Beiwei, “Brother Ye, I’ll make do with your room for one night, don’t spend any more money.”

Ye Mo thought that it was just as well, he would not sleep at night anyway as he had to refine talismans, so he would leave the bed to Tang Beiwei. Now that Tang Beiwei said that, he didn’t bother to go nagging with the receptionist and nodded to Tang Beiwei and said, “In that case, let’s go up first.”

Tang Beiwei followed Ye Mo to the room and saw that it was indeed a single room with only one bed. A sadness inexplicably rose in her heart, although she was grateful to Ye Mo and had good feelings for him, and had even decided to give him her first time as compensation for cheating on him and for him saving her, but when she really had to face it, she was still a bit unable to accept it.

And the fact that Ye Mo could bring her to the room meant that he had that in his heart too. If he didn’t have that in mind, what was the point of bringing a single girl to a single room?

When Tang Beiwei went to take a shower, Ye Mo sorted out the materials, there were still twenty copies of the materials. Ye Mo took out his phone and hesitated for a long time, still unable to decide whether he should call Su Jingwen or not. In the end, he sighed, he should wait until tomorrow, there were still twenty copies of materials left tonight, so he could barely make it through the night.

After thinking for a long time, Ye Mo once again put the phone away and then looked at Tang Beiwei who had already finished taking a bath.

Tang Beiwei wrapped her body in a bath towel, but her long, white legs were still exposed, and her body looked very slim, revealing a stunning allure.

However, Ye Mo did not feel the slightest bit of it, as if Tang Beiwei’s seduction was not as good as the static rest. He looked at Tang Beiwei somewhat strangely and said, “You’ve finished bathing, just go to bed.”

Originally, Ye Mo thought that Tang Beiwei would be polite, but he didn’t expect her to just mumble and go straight to bed. Ye Mo shook his head, he was really nonchalant.

Tang Beiwei slept on the bed, her heart pounding, she didn’t know when Ye Mo would come up, she felt a little shaky, she didn’t know if it was fear. In her heart, she hoped that Ye Mo would come up sooner, after she was done, the guilt in her heart would be much less and what should be repaid would be repaid. Tang Beiwei’s heart was beating like a drum, conflicted, and with her recent haggard heart, she ended up falling asleep unconsciously.

When Ye Mo saw that Tang Beiwei had fallen asleep, he once again began to refine the talismans, although he tried to be as careful as possible, and also tried to save the talismans. After refining twenty ingredients over the course of the night, he only managed to refine seven fireball talismans. The success rate was still less than one third, and this was still the biggest success rate he had ever had.

After resting for a long time and sighing, Ye Mo packed up his things, went to take a bath and looked at the whitening sky, he knew that he must borrow money today, if not, with the thirty talismans he had already refined, it would be absolutely impossible to defeat Jing Xi, not to mention that there might be more than one Jing Xi.

Tang Beiwei had a comfortable sleep, she opened her eyes, but found that there was no one beside her, Ye Mo had not gone to bed last night, she subconsciously sat up and found her underwear intact and untouched. The quilt slipped off and she hurriedly pulled it on.

Ye Mo saw Tang Beiwei sitting up and came over and said, “I’m going out for a while, don’t run around when you get up later, wait until I get the money and come back.”

Ye Mo knew in his heart that he had killed three people last night, and although no one knew about it yesterday, if he didn’t show up for such a long time, he might have aroused “Posting Qijang” suspicion.

“You didn’t go to bed last night?” Tang Beiwei asked with some surprise, Ye Mo’s words caused a warmth to rise in her heart, and she became more and more apologetic about her mind.

“No, I was doing something last night.” Ye Mo said casually.

“Ah ……” Tang Beiwei was surprisingly a little anxious, Ye Mo didn’t want her last night, seeing as it was dawn, what should I do? It was already twenty-five today.

“Brother Ye, can you come up and keep me company for a while? I ……” Tang Beiwei said such humiliating words for the first time, feeling her body tremble so much that she couldn’t support herself a bit.

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei strangely, thinking that could it be that he had misread the situation? What other reason could there be for a girl to ask a guy to sleep with her?

Seeing the way Ye Mo shook his head, Tang Beiwei’s heart was anxious and she reached out and pulled Ye Mo: “Sorry, Brother Ye, it’s my first time, I, I want to give you ……”

After finishing these words with a head full of beads of sweat, Tang Beiwei’s face was already too red to describe, she could never have imagined that she would say such shameless words. However, she had no experience in seducing men at all and could only express it in such a blunt way.

However, Ye Mo grabbed Tang Beiwei’s wrist, and Tang Beiwei breathed a sigh of relief, he wanted it after all. She didn’t know whether she was happy or disappointed, all kinds of feelings, but she didn’t dare to look up at Ye Mo.

What Ye Mo noticed was a jade bracelet on Tang Beiwei’s wrist. The one on her wrist was surprisingly identical to the one her sister handed to her, what was going on?

Tang Beiwei’s wrist was grabbed by Ye Mo, and after a long time, she didn’t see Ye Mo come up, the red on her face receded slightly, and she looked up at Ye Mo in a strange way.

“Big Brother Ye ……” Tang Beiwei lowered her head and called out softly, her good feeling towards Ye Mo was getting deeper and deeper, if it was an ordinary person, after hearing her words, she would probably have come up long ago. She, Tang Beiwei, was at least a school girl and a beauty of sorts, but Ye Mo hadn’t even come up until now.

Ye Mo breathed out, “Tang Beiwei, can you tell me where your bracelet came from?”

“Ah ……” Tang Beiwei’s wrist was grabbed by Ye Mo and only now did she realize that Ye Mo was actually looking at her bracelet. It was something that her non-existent mother had left to her to recognize her relatives, did he like this bracelet? If he liked it, he would give it to him himself.

Thinking of this, Tang Beiwei pulled out her wrist and took the bracelet off and handed it to Ye Mo: “This was given to me by my mother not long ago, Brother Ye, you saved my life, you don’t want me, if you like this bracelet, you can take it.”

Ye Mo took the bracelet and looked at it carefully, it was indeed exactly the same as his own bracelet. It was the jade quality and the pattern on it that was the same, there was no difference, was this a pair?

Handing the bracelet to Tang Beiwei, Ye Mo smiled faintly, “You can sleep for a while longer, I’m not asking for your bracelet, I’m just looking at it.”

Tang Beiwei took the bracelet with confusion, not understanding what Ye Mo meant. Did he really not have any thoughts about himself? Or did her own appearance simply not catch his eye? If there was anything Tang Beiwei was proud of it was her looks, she had never considered herself inferior to others.

Ye Mo picked up the “posting Qijang” phone ready to make a phone call to Ye Ling to ask about the bracelet, but found that his phone had run out of battery, so he had to put the phone on the side to charge it, then walked to Tang Beiwei’s bedside again and said, “Can you lend me your phone for a while?”

“Ah ……” Tang Beiwei kept looking at Ye Mo, now that he walked over, her heart hung in the air again, not expecting Ye Mo to just borrow a phone, she quickly said, “Yes, here you are.” Saying that, she fished out her mobile phone next to the pillow and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo remembered Ye Ling’s phone number, he casually dialed Ye Ling’s number, but the message that came out made Ye Mo freeze for a moment. After dialing the number above, Tang Beiwei’s phone actually had a record on it, clearly displaying the words ‘Ye Mo’s girlfriend’.

Tang Beiwei knew Ye Ling? No, since she had written Ye Mo’s girlfriend, it meant that she had at least heard of herself, but just now she had said her name and she had no reaction. This woman was pretending, Ye Mo coldly stared at Tang Beiwei and hung up the phone for the time being.

Tang Beiwei had been looking at Ye Mo, not knowing what was going through her mind, and now that Ye Mo suddenly looked at her, and even had cold eyes, she subconsciously winced. Ye Mo’s eyes were too cold, from yesterday to now, she had never seen such cold eyes from Ye Mo.

Ye Mo walked over to Tang Beiwei’s bed and lifted away Tang Beiwei’s blanket with one hand. Underneath revealed Tang Beiwei’s delicate body that was only in her underwear, but as if Ye Mo did not see it, he reached out and picked Tang Beiwei up and walked to the window and said coldly, “This is the sixth floor, if you tell one lie, I will immediately throw you down. Say it, what is it that you deliberately sought me out for?”

Tang Beiwei had not yet sobered up from the panic she had just felt, and she only reacted when Ye Mo asked, but looking at herself being carried in Ye Mo’s hand like this with just her underwear on, she was dying of shame and anger. Her eyes were red and tears came out again.

As if he didn’t see it, Ye Mo said coldly once again, “You have one minute, if you don’t say anything, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“You throw me down, I, I ……” Tang Beiwei surprisingly had an inexplicable aggravation gushing up, feeling that instead of living like this, she might as well go and die. If your mother dies you can go and be with her, so why live in the world and be bullied again.

Ye Mo was surprised and looked at Tang Beiwei in his hand, her eyes were full of tears, but the expression on her face was stubborn. She was not even afraid of death, could there be a more ruthless plot than this?

Ye Ling was his sister, that was his bottom line, if you dare to touch Ye Ling’s idea, don’t blame him Ye Mo for not being polite. No matter what, this matter had to be investigated clearly.

Ye Mo once again threw Tang Beiwei onto the bed and said in a cold voice, “Tell me the reason before and after, what exactly do you want by approaching me, and who told you to come?”