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DYM Chapter 224

Tang Beiwei pursed her lips chún and sat on the chuáng, not caring about her image, she just didn’t say what she had always said. She hated Ye Mo, her original good feeling towards Ye Mo disappeared without a trace at once, this person was so rude and barbaric, he didn’t care that he was a girl, he just picked up like that, no wonder others were targeting him, he deserved it.

Ye Mo snorted coldly, the reason he didn’t rough up Tang Beiwei to force a confession was because she had a bracelet, no matter if that bracelet had a story with the one he had, after all, the two bracelets were so similar.

“I don’t know what the hell you’re doing saving my sister’s phone number and deliberately deceiving to approach me. All I know is that anyone who tries to touch my sister, I won’t make it easy for him. I admit that your performance level is good, you even concealed it from me, give you one more minute, if you don’t tell me don’t blame me for using force.” Ye Mo’s voice grew colder and colder.

Tang Beiwei raised her head in surprise “Who are you saying is your sister? When did I know your sister?”

Ye Mo was about to get angry, but looking at Tang Beiwei’s appearance, she didn’t seem like she was lying, so she hummed and said, “The girlfriend of Ye Mo saved on your phone is my sister.

Tang Beiwei let out a cry and subconsciously tried to stand up, but immediately realized the condition of her body and hastily pulled the quilt to cover her up, frowning without saying anything.

Ye Mo was staring at Tang Beiwei, as long as she made any move, he was going to force a confession.

Tang Beiwei didn’t know what Wei Yongqian meant by referring to Ye Mo’s sister as his girlfriend? But no matter what, Tang Beiwei already knew that Wei Yongqian was lying to her, from yesterday until now.

She had already made up her mind to tell Ye Mo about Wei Yongqian, but when she raised her head, she found Ye Mo staring at her with a deadly stare, and Tang Beiwei subconsciously stopped her xiōng mouth.

Ye Mo smiled coldly “You don’t need to worry, I’m not interested in you, don’t pretend.”

Tang Beiwei’s face became paler and paler not to argue with Ye Mo’s words, just wiped her eyes and said, “A few days ago, a man named Wei Yongqian found me, he told me that you stole someone else’s girlfriend the person you stole your girlfriend from wanted to teach you a lesson. Just ask me to pretend to approach you, then preferably become your girlfriend, even if it can not become your girlfriend, but also to draw close to you, preferably, is ……”

“áng right, you don’t need to swallow and spit, I didn’t see you so shy just now.” Ye Mo sneered and said.

Tang Beiwei bit her mouth chún a hint of salty taste appeared above her mouth chún, but she did not pay any attention to it, but continued, “Is then let me take you to a place, that person will also take your girlfriend to the vicinity, your girlfriend will then call me, I tell her the place, and then she comes to see me and you making out. That way your girlfriend can see you for what you are and then I’ll go and hook up with another man in front of you and subject you to, to”

“And then take my life, right? ,. Ye Mo’s voice was cold making Tang Beiwei winced.

Tang Beiwei hurriedly shook her head and said, “No, they said that at most they would beat you up, make you somewhat injured in your body, and most of all make you desperate and your girlfriend disappointed in you”

Tang Beiwei couldn’t believe herself when she said this, would those people be like that? Wei Yongqian has already lied to her several times, can Wei Yongqian’s words be believed?

…… hum” Ye Mo was already sure that these people would not only want his life, but even Ye Ling’s life, and maybe even abuse Ye Ling in front of him to make him lose his temper. The first time I saw you, I was a little bit of a jerk. Who knows how many times you’ve sold it? The first time you’ve sold your first night, you’ve sold your first night.

Because it involved Ye Ling’s life, it was the first time Ye Mo used such vicious words to teach a girl a lesson.

Tang Beiwei opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, her face turned white, but she gritted her teeth and didn’t want to say another word.

She had already told him all about her plans, so he could trample on her as much as he wanted. She was born to be trampled on. Although she had cheated him, she had to take out her most precious things to make up for him after all, wasn’t that enough.

Ye Mo watched as Tang Beiwei was so angry with herself that she even spat out blood, but he didn’t bother to look at her anymore, this kind of woman, although pitiful, was even more hateful.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to pay attention to Tang Beiwei, picked up his already charged mobile phone and dialed directly to Ye Ling.

“Brother, why are you calling, I haven’t been able to reach you.” Ye Ling’s crisp words came through, while Ye Mo listened but breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, I’ll be back in a while, and did someone call you recently to come out?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

Ye Ling’s voice quickly came through “No, what’s wrong?”

“No is best, listen, in the future if I am the one looking for you, I will definitely call you myself, if someone else calls, you should not believe it, understand? Also, my phone won’t be turned off these days, so call me immediately if anything happens.” Also* still unsure of the ding.

Ye Ling knew that there were many things about Ye Mo that she didn’t know, and asked with some concern, “Got it, are you okay, brother?”

“Fine, let me ask you one thing, can you tell me more details about that bracelet you gave me last time?” As Ye Mo was about to hang up the phone, he suddenly remembered the matter of the bracelet.

Frozen for a moment, Ye Ling wondered how Ye Mo suddenly remembered this matter now, hesitated for a moment and immediately said, “This was handed over to you by second brother, saying that it was something left behind by your mother, I don’t know the details.”

After admonishing Ye Ling a few more times, Ye Mo hung up the phone somewhat disappointed, Ye Ling’s answer was expected, but Ye Mo was still disappointed.

To be honest, he had come from somewhere else, so he originally didn’t care too much about the origin of the bracelet. But when he saw another identical bracelet again today, he was reminded of it once again.

Ye Mo walked up to Tang Beiwei, looked at the blood spurting out of Tang Beiwei, and at Ka Bai’s face, and suddenly thought about whether what he said was a bit too much.

“You draw out the place that Wei Yongqian asked you to take me to.” Ye Mo finished by taking out a piece of paper and pen and throwing it to Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei seemed like a puppet, not even moving.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “You just don’t say, I know, is it in a very remote place? Tricking me and my sister into going there and then killing me and my sister, is that it? You’re really clever, you think these people can spare you by killing me and my sister, you’re so naive to think that. I don’t know what terms they promised you, but I’m telling you for sure, just don’t dream.”

Tang Beiwei’s dead grey eyes seemed to move a little, she subconsciously raised her head and looked at Ye Mo woodenly and said, “I never wanted to kill you, even less did I want to harm your sister, and that person only wanted to get back at you, killing,” Tang Beiwei’s mouth lined up with a sneer, but she didn’t say more. Now it is a legal society, is it possible to kill someone at will?

Ye Mo, however, was wondering who was trying to trick him into going there? The Song family or someone else? Did the Song family even have the guts to do this anymore? Ye Mo coldly snorted, beating a snake will get him, whether it was the Song family or not, this was the nail that had to be exterminated back in Yanjing. He himself was not afraid of them, but there were still people he was worried about?

Just why would these people choose Tang Beiwei? Ye Mo carefully looked at Tang Beiwei again, although her face was somewhat wooden and pale, but carefully, it seemed that she was surprisingly no less beautiful than Su Jing suffer like that, only she did not deliberately dress up. She didn’t even have her eyebrows deliberately trimmed, but that natural innocence came to her face, the beauty of clear water coming out of a hibiscus.

Ye Mo retracted his gaze and said to himself that these people’s vision is really poisonous, I don’t know where they got it from. However, Ye Ling was fine and it was noticed by him, and Ye Mo’s anger towards Tang Beiwei was gradually dissipating at this time.

He stood up, looked at Tang Beiwei and said, “Whether you believe it or not, the purpose of these people tricking me into going there was to kill me, so you owe me. If you have a conscience, let me ask you two more things, firstly what were the conditions you promised them? Secondly tell me in detail where your bracelet came from.”

Tang Beiwei’s heart tightened, she had already heard from Ye Mo’s affirmative tone that what he said should be true, those people really had the idea of killing him. Although just now Ye Mo had been so rude to her, and even cursed with very vicious words, Tang Beiwei surprisingly felt that Ye Mo was a little more credible than Wei Yongqian.

Perhaps it was because Ye Mo cared too much about his sister, but when had she ever had a brother who cared about her like that? Her sister was really happy to have a brother who cared so much about her.

But when Tang Beiwei thought of herself, she was a wild child who had no one to love anymore except for a mother who depended on her for life. All the people who approached her had all sorts of intentions, either to admire her beauty or to conspire with her, and when she thought of this, she could not hold back her tears.

Although she had warned herself time and again that even if she died, she could not shed tears in front of this evil man in front of her, she could not help but feel the urge to grieve.

Ye Mo did not press hard this time, but stood there coldly waiting for her answer.

Although she knew that Tang Beiwei should have been cheated, he didn’t sympathise with her in the slightest.

“Because my mother needs an operation, and I can’t get out that money, so” Tang Beiwei didn’t say anything further after she said this, but Ye Mo already understood. In his heart, however, he somewhat regretted using those vicious words to scold her just now, a girl who betrayed herself for her mother, no matter what the reason was, he should forgive her.

Ye Mo’s eyes became softer and his voice was no longer as cold as it was at first “Tell me about that bracelet of yours, my words were a bit heavy just now, I’m sorry. But you are so old that you are so easily deceived, seeing as you are eager to save your mother, I won’t bother with you”!