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DYM Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

“I can teach you.” Su Jingwen froze for a moment and immediately responded, she also knew that this was just an excuse, otherwise there were others on the side who first jacked in and said they would also dance this dance with her, she would have been too embarra*sed to refuse.

As soon as Su Jingwen’s words came out, everyone around her immediately looked at her, teaching him to dance? Could this be learned in a moment?

“Jingwen, how about this, this first dance will start soon, I’ll dance with you first, later I’ll call a few professional dancers to teach Ye Mo specifically to dance.” The one who spoke was actually Wang Peng, who had come at some point.

Why did he come? When Ye Mo looked at Wang Peng, Wang Peng also looked over coldly, the warning in his eyes was quite obvious.

Ye Mo, however, was a little wary, not because Wang Peng was hostile to him, but because Wang Peng’s hand had healed. Ye Mo of course knew that his own technique was entirely with a trace of true qi resting in the other man’s bones, and that there was no way for modern medical standards to dispel that trace of true qi within his wrist.

If he wanted to completely cure his wrist, he could only be an internal expert, or even an expert who had already cultivated true qi, or a cultivator.

There was actually such an expert? It looked like he would need to be more cautious in future.

He was wary as he did not yet know the exact level an expert could reach here. Although no cultivators seemed to be found here, who could be sure of such things? Wasn’t he himself a cultivator hiding within the metropolis? Moreover, some of the secular martial arts were cultivated to such an extreme that ordinary cultivators were no match. Although Ye Mo was practicing both, he still didn’t dare to be careless, after all, his cultivation level was still very low.

“No need, Ye Mo, can I teach you?” Su Jingwen immediately rejected Wang Peng’s offer, still looking at Ye Mo and said.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, if Wang Peng didn’t come, maybe he would still say that he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to learn for a while, but since Wang Peng came and targeted him, he, Ye Mo, wasn’t a shrinking egg either. If Wang Peng dared to find trouble with him, he didn’t mind meeting with that expert behind Wang Peng.

“Fine, but there’s no need to teach, you just have to say it once.” Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Wang Peng was even more annoyed with this insensitive fellow.

Say it once and you’ll know it? No one around believed it, not even Su Jingwen, but Su Jing just needed Ye Mo to accompany her down to complete the task for a bit, and wouldn’t really think that Ye Mo didn’t need to teach it, he would just say it once and he would know it.

However, since Ye Mo had said it, Su Jingwen still told Ye Mo the movements of this waltz, and even gestured the movements a little.

“That’s fine.” Ye Mo saw Su Jingwen finish and said with a smile.

By this time the first dance song had already been played.

All the people watched Ye Mo and Su Jingwen’s movements as they stepped onto the dance floor, they wanted to see what kind of can Ye Mo this can be, and some were even thinking of watching Ye Mo make a fool of himself.

Ning Qingxue watched Ye Mo quietly, she had a feeling that Ye Mo’s confident smile showed that he seemed to be very confident.

Ye Mo took Su Jingwen’s hand and a faint fragrance reached his nostrils, giving him an indescribable feeling. Apart from the moment when his master had taken him away, he had never been so close to a woman before. There was something pounding in his heart.

But last time, although Luo Ying had held him and escaped, that time was too brief and he had fallen into a deep coma before he could even react. Today was different, he was tangibly holding Su Jingwen’s hand and was even spinning to the dance music.

“Ye Mo, you lied to me, right, you still said you couldn’t dance, you didn’t dance badly at all, I definitely don’t believe that you could dance so well just by listening to me once.” As soon as Su Jingwen danced with Ye Mo, she immediately felt that Ye Mo was not a first time dancer at all. His movement coordination was even more flexible than his own.

Ye Mo didn’t explain why he knew it just by hearing it once, that is, it was useless for him to explain, could he say with Su Jingwen that he had divine sense? These movements were too easy compared to what he cultivated? Instead, he just asked, “Do you dance a lot?”

Su Jingwen was grabbed by Ye Mo’s hands, and the warmth of Ye Mo’s body came from her hands, and occasionally she even felt like she was playing with fire when she was close to Ye Mo. The smell of man on Ye Mo’s body made her a little confused, it was a scent that made her very peaceful, was he really a student?

All the people around saw Ye Mo and Su Jingwen’s coordinated dance steps and it dawned on them, so this Ye Mo was pretending he couldn’t do it. This guy was really pretending. It was no wonder, in this era, there was no young master who could not dance.

Wang Peng’s face turned blue with anger, he felt that he had been tricked by this guy called Ye Mo. This annoyed him and soon Ye Mo was pulled into the same status as that talisman seller guy, both were underdogs that belonged.

Ning Qingxue quietly watched Ye Mo and Su Jingwen’s coordinated steps on the dance floor, listening to the soft music, not knowing what was going through her mind, but her face was calm.

After the dance, Su Jingwen seemed to be unable to finish the song, but when she heard the applause around her, she remembered that the song had already ended, and was a little disappointed.

The dance music started again and the crowd looked for partners to enter the dance floor.

Wang Peng was just about to invite Su Jingwen to dance again when he suddenly saw Ning Qingxue and his eyes lit up. He hurriedly walked over and said, “Hello, my name is Wang Peng, I wonder if I could have the honour of asking you to dance?”

Ning Qingxue gave Wang Peng a cold look and didn’t even reply, instead she walked straight up to Ye Mo and said, “Ye Mo, I haven’t finished my words just now. May I continue to talk to you?”

Wang Peng, whose face was becoming more and more ironic, was left behind.

Of course Su Jingwen knew that Ning Qingxue had already broken off her engagement with Ye Mo, but she didn’t know why she was still looking for Ye Mo all the time, was there something else going on?

Su Jingwen was just about to speak when Li Mumei walked over and pulled Su Jingwen and said, “Jingwen, I have something to say to you, let’s go.”

Looking at Su Jingwen who had already walked away, Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue and said, “Alright, let’s just have a seat on the side.” Originally, Ye Mo was going to leave after this dance, but because of Ning Qingxue, he had to stay again.

Wang Peng watched Ning Qingxue, who was as beautiful as a fairy, being taken away by Ye Mo, although his heart was tickled with anger but there was nothing he could do, in his heart he was just thinking that when he would give this guy a severe beating.

Finding a remote corner to sit down, Ye Mo asked directly, “I am no longer a member of the capital Ye family, it can be said that we are simply people from two worlds, what do you want to see me about?”

Ning Qingxue was silent for a long time before she said, “Ye Mo, I don’t want to talk about it here, can I go to where you live at night? I’m sorry, I really want to ask you a favor ……”

“What?” Ye Mo thought he had heard wrong, a woman like Ning Qingxue would take the initiative to ask to go to where he was staying at night? Whatever the matter was, this didn’t seem quite right.


Chapter 26

“What? You’re saying that Light Snow is getting married to Ye Mo? How is that possible?” Su Jingwen was equally stunned by Li Mumei’s words, she couldn’t imagine that Ning Qingxue would actually have such a crazy idea. Her first consciousness was surprisingly against it.

Li Mumei looked at Su Jingwen with some surprise, her reaction seemed slightly larger.

Su Jingwen also seemed to understand that her reaction was slightly too big, and said somewhat self-deprecatingly, “I mean how could, how could such an excellent girl as Qing Xue, marry Ye Mo, and Ye Mo still has that. Just to avoid the marriage contract, you can’t spoil yourself like that.”

Li Mumei sighed and said, “It was because Ye Mo was the one, that Qing Xue made this decision. Sister Qingxue is really pitiful too. But when I saw Ye Mo today, he was completely different from the Ye Mo I remembered. I really don’t know how a person can change so drastically, sigh, if only he wasn’t kicked out of the Ye family now and had no health problems.”

Su Jingwen was silent, she didn’t know why, she subconsciously always wanted to oppose Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo going to get married, but couldn’t find any reason out, was it just for the fact that he danced with me today? Or is it because he looks like that master who sold her charms?

“What’s wrong? Jingwen?” Li Mumei saw that Su Jingwen had fallen into silence and hastily asked.

“Ah, oh, nothing, just what can I do to help?” Su Jingwen was pulled back to reality by Li Mumei.

Li Mumei didn’t know why Su Jingwen always wandered off, so she had to say, “I will give you the photo of Light Snow and Ye Mo sleeping together in their pajamas, and you are responsible for finding an entertainment newspaper to send it out. Then find another media outlet to cover the fact that they are already married.”

Su Jingwen looked at Li Mumei with wide eyes and said for a long time, “You even came up with such a bad idea? Isn’t this a way to ruin Qing Xue’s reputation?”

Li Mu Mei sighed once again and said, “Even if you lose your reputation, it’s better than falling into the hands of that wolf Song Shaowen. I think your Su family is also in Yanjing, you should not be unfamiliar with what kind of hungry wolf Song Shaowen is, right? If Sister Qingxue had a choice, would she be willing to do so?”

Su Jingwen certainly understood what kind of person Song Shaowen was, to say he was a villain was to tarnish the word villain, he was a devil who ate people without spitting out bones. Yanjing did not know how many women had been badly hurt by his hands, and she understood why Ning Qingxue had made this choice.

After a long time, Su Jingwen still said, “But then, wouldn’t Ye Mo be the victim? He is innocent ah.”

“I also know that he is innocent, originally I thought that if I gave him some money, Ye Mo would definitely be very happy, but the Ye Mo today I can’t believe that he is Ye Mo, can a person really change so much in the midst of adversity? So this matter, I can no longer help, I can only see if Ye Mo is willing to help Light Snow, if he is not willing, there is nothing I can do.” Li Mumei said somewhat helplessly.

Su Jingwen opened her mouth and finally didn’t say anything, and for a moment, the two fell into silence.


“What do you have to say at the place where I live? Couldn’t you say it here?” Ye Mo asked with some surprise.

Ning Qingxue lowered her head, she had no way to explain to Ye Mo, if Ye Mo didn’t agree with Li Mumei’s plan, would it be okay for her to go abroad? Only after a long time did she grit her teeth and said, “Because I want to stay at your place at night, there is something I want to talk to you alone, that’s all.”

Looking at Ning Qingxue who emerged with such a sentence and her eyebrows locked, Ye Mo sighed, although he didn’t know Ning Qingxue’s purpose, he seemed to see the way Master’s eyebrows were locked in the past and said helplessly, “Alright, you can come with me, I have to go, wait for me to say hello to Jingwen.”

“You agree?” Ning Qingxue stood up with some surprise, seeing Ye Mo for the first time, because Ye Mo was completely different from the Ye Mo in Li Mu Mei’s mouth, so she had already prepared herself for Ye Mo’s refusal, but she didn’t expect Ye Mo to agree.

“Jing Wen, I have to go, Qing Xue has some things to go with me.” Ye Mo had just stood up when he saw Su Jingwen and another girl walking over, the girl seemed like he had seen her before but didn’t remember anything about her.

Li Mumei saw Ye Mo seeing her as if he didn’t see her, as if he didn’t recognize himself in the slightest, but in his heart he was thinking, he really has changed.

“Ah, Ye Mo, you, agreed?” Su Jingwen looked at Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo with a strange expression as she asked the question before realising why she had asked it.

Ye Mo looked at the three women’s expressions, it seemed like there was something he didn’t know, but he smiled blandly, there was just something he didn’t know, and he, Ye Mo, didn’t fear anyone or anything.


When Ning Qingxue took her simple luggage with her and followed Ye Mo into a taxi, she suddenly had a very strange feeling in her heart. The moment she followed Ye Mo onto the street, it seemed that all the depression and worry in her heart dissipated without a trace, and her whole being became relaxed.

“Is this where you live?” As soon as Ning Qingxue saw the small courtyard where Ye Mo lived, she immediately had a sense of joy, it was quiet and the environment was elegant, he was really good at finding places, he actually found such a nice place to stay.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Yeah, it’s not as humble as the place you live in.”

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “No, I really like it here.”

“Ye Mo, you’re back? Let me tell you ah, last time you went to …… Huh, who is she?” When Xu Wei first saw Ning Qingxue, she was shocked by her beauty, she herself had always congratulated herself on looking okay, but compared to Ning Qingxue, she was simply an ugly duckling.

This dead geek Ye Mo could actually bring back such a beautiful girl, it was really true that people cannot look like each other, but Ye Mo didn’t seem to be ugly either.

Ning Qing Xue of course also saw Xu Wei, this clear and beautiful woman who was like a girl next door gave people a refreshing feeling, she was thinking that Ye Mo’s vision was really good, no wonder he was a bit hesitant to bring himself here, it turned out that he already had a girl living with him.

Could it be that he wasn’t that heavenly whatever? Ning Qingxue suddenly felt that her thoughts were a bit nasty, really, what did she care about him? One came here to stop the Song family by marrying him. Huh, no, marrying Ye Mo, would this girl agree? Ning Qingxue was suddenly a little apprehensive.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a moment, and just when the two girls thought that Ye Mo could help introduce them to each other, Ye Mo actually took the lead and walked in. Ning Qingxue looked at Xu Wei and had to follow Ye Mo in.

“You’ll stay in my room for the night, if there’s anything you want to say now.” Ye Mo said as he brought Ning Qingxue to his room.

“Ah, then where will you sleep at night?” Ning Qingxue had come over with the intention of staying in the same room with Ye Mo, and then just add a sofa to it. She slept on the sofa at night, as long as she let others know that she and Ye Mo were sleeping in the same room, it would be fine.

However, as soon as she asked this, she felt a bit bad, not because she was shy. She was already prepared, there was nothing to be shy about. It was just that she suddenly remembered the girl she had just seen at the door, she didn’t think that Ye Mo already had a girlfriend, he was living with a girl, what was she if not a girlfriend in her opinion? Ning Qingxue didn’t have the concept of sharing a room in her heart yet.

“No need, I have a place to stay.” Ye Mo said casually.

“Sorry, Ye Mo did I make your girlfriend misunderstand?” Ning Qingxue reacted with some apprehension and asked. The words also carried a hint of probing, wanting to see if the girl was his girlfriend or not.

Ye Mo waved his hand blandly, and didn’t bother to explain to Ning Qingxue, he didn’t have to. Instead, he said, “You said you had something to say to me, and now that you are here, you can say it.”