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DYM Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t refute, Ning Qingxue sighed. He had a girlfriend, so I don’t know if this was going to work, but he didn’t seem to live with his girlfriend, and now that she was here, it had prompted him to go live with his girlfriend.

“Because I want to get married to you.” Ning Qingxue couldn’t really find any reason or euphemism, so she gritted her teeth and said it bluntly.

To her surprise, Ye Mo did not act surprised. Ye Mo’s performance was a bit strange to Ning Qingxue, she saw that Ye Mo was calm and did not speak, and only after a long time did she say in a low voice: “Are you not surprised? Or is it not okay to ask me something?”

Nowadays, although Ye Mo was not cunning, but how could Ning Qingxue’s little thoughts be hidden from him? Thinking about when Wang Ying told him that Ning Qingxue was using him as a shield to stop others from coming to his door to ask for a marriage, plus tonight Ning Qingxue took the initiative to come with him and even said that she wanted to marry him, these few things were linked together, and with a little analysis, Ye Mo immediately knew that Ning Qingxue was coming to use him as a shield again.

Seeing that Ye Mo’s expression was calm and he didn’t say a word, Ning Qingxue was even more uneasy and said somewhat sheepishly, “I won’t get in the way of you and your girlfriend, I just want everyone else to know that we live together and have even gotten a marriage license. I will go and explain to your girlfriend ……”

Sure enough, it was a matter of using himself as a shield, under the mood, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to go and explain to others, this matter has nothing to do with Xu Wei, she has nothing to do with you there ……”

After hesitating for a moment, although Ye Mo had the intention to refuse, but seeing Ning Qingxue’s miserable eyes, he seemed to be a little shaken. Although this woman had the intention of using him, she didn’t hide it, and besides, Ye Mo didn’t even care about being used in this regard. Moreover, the main reason that prompted Ye Mo to help Ning Qingxue was that her miserable eyes made his heart palpitate a little.

Although he didn’t know what was happening to Ning Qingxue, but since he could make her make this choice, it meant that what was about to happen to her was not something she could endure.

“I can pay and won’t let you help for nothing.” Seeing that Ye Mo was a little hesitant, Ning Qingxue hastily added.

“Alright, I agree, when you go to get the marriage license, you can watch out. But I hope you won’t talk about my identity everywhere.” Ye Mo replied indifferently, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him.

Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo in surprise, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to agree to her words without asking her anything. No matter what Ye Mo’s intentions were, she was grateful to Ye Mo. As for the meaning of Ye Mo’s last sentence, Ning Qingxue directly took it as Ye Mo telling her not to talk to Xu Wei.

“Here’s half a million, you can use it first, the pa*sword is 575757,” Ning Qingxue took out a bank card and handed it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took Ning Qingxue’s card and said somewhat self-deprecatingly, “Well, you’ve paid your fee now, we’re a deal, so when you think the deal is done, you can leave on your own. I’m going to go rest.”

Looking at Ye Mo’s despondent back as he walked out, Ning Qingxue’s heart suddenly seized, as if she had done something wrong in general. Which thing had she done wrong? Ning Qingxue sat on Ye Mo’s bed and was a little dazed for a while.

Perhaps she hadn’t felt right just now, Ye Mo should have agreed to it because he had paid for it, it looked like Mu Mei hadn’t really wronged him.

When Ye Mo walked to the courtyard, Xu Wei had already entered the room. He held the bank card in his hand and his heart turned over a little. The moment he took the bank card, he had an impulse to smash the card into Ning Qingxue’s face and tell her to get lost. The reason he had let Ning Qingxue in, or even helped her, was not only because he remembered his helpless master, but also because of the miserable look in her eyes.

Shaking his head, he said to himself, what had Ning Qingxue done wrong? In her mind, perhaps she was doing the right thing too.

The room was given to Ning Qingxue, and Ye Mo already had nowhere to go. Luckily, he had been cultivating on the north side of the courtyard. On the north side, near the back of the courtyard, there was an ancient tree, and every time Ye Mo cultivated underneath it, he had a feeling of tranquillity.

Ye Mo sat under the ancient tree and cultivated for a whole night, he felt that his breath was a little stronger. He couldn’t help but smile lightly as his depression from last night dissipated into thin air. It would be good to cultivate here every night from now on, it looked like people still had to push before they could work hard.

Without waiting for Ning Qingxue to get up and discuss with him about when to get married, Ye Mo went straight to school.

After Ye Mo had already run off to school, Ning Qingxue and Xu Wei only got up and were both a little embarra*sed after meeting and greeting each other. To them, Ye Mo was the one who slept with the other last night. Or rather Ning Qingxue was a bit more strange, wasn’t Ye Mo the one? How could he be living with someone else, but she was too embarra*sed to ask such a thing out.

After reading books in the school library for half a day, Ye Mo went to the dormitory and slept for the afternoon. In the evening, he was taken to a restaurant by Shi Xiu, mainly because he had gotten a free meal voucher from the school’s restaurant, Ju Wei Lou.

“You know, after you left, Yan Yan was so angry that her face turned white. If it wasn’t for Emotionless Ice who came to help her out, I think she would have found a crack in the ground. By the way, who was that woman who came to see you yesterday? She was really pretty, not a star, right? No, even a star is not as pretty as her.” Shi Xiu said with an excited face, he only showed an exaggerated demeanor in front of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled and patted Shi Xiu’s shoulder and said, “I’ve slept all afternoon, I’ve been hungry for a long time, hurry up and go eat.”

Shi Xiu suddenly sighed and said, “Ye Mo, to be honest, I’m really a bit worried about you, aren’t you anxious yourself? You’re about to graduate, but you made up all the exams last semester, not to mention your degree, you probably won’t even get your diploma, and you still sleep every day, sigh.”

Ye Mo said, “Is it useful to rush? If it was useful, I would be in a hurry every day. Forget it, I already have a way, in the future you can come to me if you don’t have a job after graduation, I’ll be responsible for helping you make a living.”

“Che, forget it. I want more than just a bite to eat, a relative of mine said he could connect me with a government department to work, some of which you’ll envy. Let’s go, I can smell the aroma of Gathering Taste House.” When Shi Xiu said this, he immediately pulled Ye Mo and quickly rushed into the Gourmet Restaurant.

As the most famous on-campus restaurant of Ning University, the dishes inside the Gathering Taste House were well cooked and had a unique taste. Although it was not as good as the ‘West Lake Family’, Ye Mo liked the style somewhat.

Shi Xiu only had a meal voucher of two hundred yuan, but it was enough for two people. Although Ye Mo and Shi Xiu had a good relationship, it was rare for them to eat together, and Ye Mo ordered two more bottles of white wine. The two of them ate until seven or eight o’clock in the evening.

Shi Xiu could not hold his liquor, so the two bottles of white wine were basically drunk by Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo was sending the somewhat dazed Shi Xiu out of the Gathering Taste House, he actually saw Zheng Wen Qiao who had gone to the toilet. Although it was a simple back, how powerful Ye Mo’s eyes were, he saw it just by entering his eyes.

Last time he was drugged by this Zheng’s eyes, although he did not suffer any loss, Ye Mo was not happy in his heart, now when he saw this guy, he would not let go.

He guessed that this Zheng Wen Qiao’s family had some power, but when he taught him a lesson later, it would be better to cover his face up.

According to Ye Mo’s idea was to kill him directly, but he also knew that if he killed this Zheng Wen Qiao, he would probably be suspected, so it would be best to beat him so that he could not take care of himself.

Ye Mo didn’t have to wait long before he saw Zheng Wen Qiao making a phone call while exiting the Gathering Taste House.


Chapter 28

Zheng Wen Qiao got into his BMW and drove off to a somewhat isolated place. Ye Mo followed him and soon Zheng Wen Qiao stopped, a man in his forties was holding a woman and came hurriedly, Zheng Wen Qiao hurriedly went up to help.

What was strange to Ye Mo was that he knew this woman, but the one being held by Zheng Wen Qiao and another man in his forties was Yun Bing, the teacher who taught Ye Mo their English, Emotionless Ice.

How come Yun Bing was here waiting for Zheng Wen Qiao? Ye Mo was a little surprised, but he was only slightly surprised, he didn’t take it to heart. Looking at Yun Bing’s appearance it was probably because he had drunk too much or something and needed someone to hold him.

In the dim light, Zheng Wen Qiao quickly helped Yun Bing to his BMW. Although he didn’t know what kind of relationship Yun Bing had with Zheng Shaowen, there was definitely something wrong with being carried to the car drunk like this. It was just that Ye Mo had never had a good feeling about this Yun Bing either, so how she was doing would not concern Ye Mo, who was staring here today just to clean up Zheng Wen Qiao.

The BMW spewed out a cloud of smoke and sped away in a flash. The BMW was not very fast in the city, and Ye Mo’s ‘Cloud Shadow Steps’ had already gained a certain level of skill, so he could keep up.

Ten minutes later, the BMW drove directly into a somewhat secluded neighborhood. However, Ye Mo could not enter through the main entrance, and after making sure that there were no cameras around this community, Ye Mo flipped in through the outside of the community’s courtyard wall and stared at the BMW from afar.

The car stopped in front of a building and Zheng Wen Qiao and another man helped Yun Bing upstairs quickly. Ye Mo could only watch from downstairs, he was still only at the first level of Qi training, if he reached the third level of Qi training, a stealth technique would have been able to follow him. If he reached the third level of Qi cultivation, he could follow him with a stealth technique, but not now, he would be discovered.

Ye Mo waited downstairs for a while, and sure enough, not long after, the light of a room on the fourth floor suddenly turned on. Immediately, Ye Mo knew that they had gone up to the fourth floor, and without hesitation, he climbed up along the security window and quickly entered the room with the light on from the kitchen.

“Young Qiao, I’ve already started.” Hearing the voice, Ye Mo knew that it was the other man speaking.

“Let’s start, remember to film carefully when I f*ck this woman later. All the details have to be captured, especially this woman’s wave. I don’t believe she won’t compromise with this tape.” As soon as Zheng Wen Qiao’s voice fell, Ye Mo heard a ‘stinging’ sound, which seemed to be the sound of clothes… The sound of tearing.

It turned out that these two guys were trying to take a turn . It was not known what had offended these two men or if she had something important in her hands. Ye Mo thought that the tearing of clothes was done by Zheng Wen Qiao, but when he kicked the door open he found that the tearing of clothes was done by Yun Bing herself.

Yun Bing’s face was bright red and her eyes were misty, at a glance she knew that she had been hit by a potent ecstasy. The drug. The clothes on her chest had been mostly pulled off, revealing two snow-white, firm and plump ma*ses that made even Ye Mo a little dizzy when he looked at them.

“Who are you?” The moment Ye Mo kicked open the room, Zheng Wen Qiao and the middle-aged man with the digital camera were immediately startled.

But when they saw that it was a person who came in, and one with his face masked, they were immediately relieved.

This was because Zheng Wenqiao knew that this middle-aged man behind him was a club boy and was quite good at it.

“Friend, what do you want to do? If you’re just seeking money, we’re each on our own, and we can let you have some fun after we’ve had our fun, this is a superb woman ……” Zheng Wen Qiao said while staring at Ye Mo defensively, while slowly trying to put on the clothes he hadn’t taken off yet.

“Scum ……” Ye Mo just said two words and lifted his foot just a little.

Zheng Wen Qiao’s hand was still left above the buttons of his clothes when he was kicked up by Ye Mo and crashed into the wall of the room before falling down and immediately fainted.

The middle-aged man with the digital camera in his hand, as soon as he saw the masked guy strike directly without saying anything, he immediately casually threw the digital camera aside, pulled out a dagger from his waist and stabbed at Ye Mo.

His movements were quite athletic, but he had met Ye Mo, and in Ye Mo’s eyes, this guy was not even as good as Fang Yucheng, who wanted to have a match with him last time, let alone fight with him. With a series of two kicks, it only took one move to send this middle-aged man, who Zheng Wen Qiao thought was still quite fit, flying.

In the process of flying out, the middle-aged man knocked a digital camera he had placed next to him straight out of the air. The digital camera hit the ceiling and fell back down to the floor, breaking into pieces. The middle-aged man, however, came to a press with Zheng Wenqiao. Straw pile.

“Hold your hand, friend, do you know who he is? Mayor Zheng’s son, aren’t you afraid ……” The middle-aged man was kicked over by Ye Mo and tried to threaten him.

Ye Mo let out a cold laugh and once again stepped forward and kicked the middle-aged man on top of his head, “Afraid of your sister.”

The middle-aged man let out the same muffled grunt and immediately pa*sed out.

Ye Mo looked at the room, the wall was actually hung with a pair of pictures of Yun Bing’s life, and there was also a picture of Yun Bing holding a little girl. Thinking to himself, so this was Yun Bing’s house. This Zheng Wen Qiao has a powerful mind, doing this kind of thing with Yun Bing in her room and then making a video of it to go out, so I guess if Yun Bing doesn’t want to kill herself, she can only be at his mercy.

I wonder what Zheng Wen Qiao wants from Yun Bing, he shouldn’t simply want to sleep with Yun Bing, right?

Ye Mo didn’t want to bother with these things, and reached out to pick up the already unconscious Zheng Wen Qiao and the middle-aged man, he didn’t want to teach these two people a lesson inside Yun Bing’s room, and the way Yun Bing looked seemed too indecent.

Ye Mo had just walked to the door when Yun Bing’s moan. A moan came and there was another sound of clothes tearing. Ye Mo subconsciously looked back, Yun Bing had already stripped down to a three. The only thing that was left was a three-dotted style, or a three-dotted style that could not be covered up. A three-dot style.

The almost ** Yun Bing was lying on the bed, as well as the incomplete torn 3. The almost ** Yun Bing was lying on the bed, as well as the incomplete torn three-dot style, and the exposed pink lace lingerie. The inner lingerie made Ye Mo’s heart skip a beat as he watched.

However, Ye Mo soon knew that it was not right, Yun Bing was under this kind of ecstasy. The drug was so powerful that it was estimated that without intercourse one might end up with great physical damage. He cursed Zheng Wen Qiao’s maliciousness in his heart.

Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing’s white and red body, sighed, left Zheng Wen Qiao and the middle-aged man outside the door and walked to Yun Bing’s bed, wanting to help her force out the residual medicine.

However, just as Ye Mo reached the bed, he was wrapped in Yun Bing’s arms, as if a drowning man had suddenly wrapped his arms around a piece of wood.

The soft and fragrant body flung itself into Ye Mo’s arms, and Ye Mo could not help but feel his heart swaying a little. Yun Bing seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as her fingers scratched at Ye Mo’s back and her whole body kept squeezing into Ye Mo, as if she wanted to rub herself into Ye Mo’s body.

Ye Mo’s heart was on fire, but he was now at the first level of Qi cultivation, so after his mind went ape, he immediately reacted and slapped his palm on Yun Bing’s heavenly spirit point, and under the operation of his true qi, a faintly scented mist was plucked out of Yun Bing’s body by Ye Mo raw.

As Ye Mo continued to use his power to force out the ingredients of the ecstasy from Yun Bing’s body, Yun Bing was gradually forced out. As Ye Mo continued to use his power to force out the ingredients of the drug, Yun Bing gradually settled down.

After a long time, Ye Mo was already sweating, but he had finally forced out all the residual medicine from her body. With a sigh of relief, he took off the black scarf he was wearing and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

However, Yun Bing woke up at exactly that moment and suddenly felt that she was almost naked**. In panic, she opened her eyes and saw Ye Mo who was wiping his sweat, and in shame and anger, she immediately fainted again.