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DYM Chapter 275

When Ye Mo brought Tang Beiwei back to Ninghai, it was already the next morning.

Before he even reached the small courtyard, Ye Mo sensed something was wrong. Ning Qingxue had said she would wait for him here, and he believed her, since she had said that she would definitely wait for him in this small courtyard, but now there was surprisingly no Ning Qingxue inside the small courtyard.

Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei pushed open the door of the small courtyard, the flower bed was still the same, but only one of the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ on top of the flower bed was dead, it turned out that the few ‘Silver Heart Gra*ses’ he had asked someone to bring back for Ning Qingxue to take care of were all withered, even the one that was alive was The one that was alive was also on its last legs. The one that was alive was the one that Ning Qingxue had taken care of herself, and it still had the blood mark she had sprayed on it.

What happened?

Ye Mo wanted to ask Xu Wei, but he found that Xu Wei was not here either. However, there were still Xu Wei’s cool clothes inside the courtyard, so it looked like Xu Wei should not have moved out yet.

“Brother, is Sister Qingxue not here?” Tang was also seemed to have sensed something wrong with the atmosphere, and subconsciously asked out.

Ye Mo shook his head, he didn’t know why Ning Qingxue was not there, the kind of unwavering words she said at the beginning were still in Ye Mo’s ears, “I’m waiting for you in Ninghai.”

Although it was a few simple and bland words, yet Ye Mo believed that what Ning Qingxue said was what she wanted, she would never leave until she returned. For this point, Ye Mo had not bothered to doubt either. But now, Ning Qingxue was unexpectedly not there.

Ye Mo carefully checked the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ that hadn’t completely died, but found that it wasn’t the result of poor care, what was going on?

Xu Wei had just pushed open the courtyard door when she saw Ye Mo standing next to the flower bed, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart when she saw Tang Beiwei, this Ye Mo was really a flirtatious seed. Not only did he know so many women, but none of them were ugly. To say ugly, it was really herself who was uglier. Or maybe she could just compare herself to Li Mumei.

“Xu Wei, you’re back? Where’s Light Snow?” The first thing Ye Mo said when he saw Xu Wei was to ask where Ning Qingxue had gone.

Xu Wei’s eyes were red and she immediately told Ye Mo everything about Ning Qingxue, and finally said, “After Qingxue got better, she was received by her family in Yuzhou and didn’t come back. But after Qing Xue left, no matter how much I took care of these ‘Silver Heart Gra*ses’, they were all wilted and now they have died a lot. Only the tallest one is still barely alive.”

Ning Qingxue had actually been injured and even almost died, and Ye Mo’s anger rubbed off on him. Who had the audacity to be so bold, it looked like he was too kind. Last time, the Song family had laid hands on Ning Qingxue. He hadn’t even had the time to destroy the Song family, and now someone was actually doing it to Ning Qingxue again.

A strong killing aura emanated from Ye Mo’s body, and even Xu Wei and Tang Beiwei beside him subconsciously retreated a few steps. Tang Beiwei saw Ye Mo, whose eyes were red, and nervously called out, “Brother ……”

Ye Mo woke up and surprisingly looked up to the sky and let out a long whistle, “No matter if the person who hurt Light Snow is the ‘Earth Fury’ or someone else, I, Ye Mo, vow to destroy you in this life.”

In Ye Mo’s opinion ‘Earth Fury’ was the most suspicious. He had just formed a feud with the ‘Earth Fury’, a killer group, and this kind of thing happened. He absolutely couldn’t bear to go on.

No, even if it was something like this, Light Snow wouldn’t have left Ning Hai after she had recovered from her injuries. Ye Mo knew Ning Qingxue well, her xìng character would definitely not give up waiting for him in Ninghai because of this matter.

“Xu Wei, you said that Qing Xue’s injury has healed? She still left Ninghai?” Ye Mo calmed down and immediately found this to be a suspicious point.

Xu Wei was scared by Ye Mo just now, and now she was slowly getting her breath back, before she came over and said, “Yes, her injuries have completely healed, it’s just that, it’s just that ……”

“Just what?” Ye Mo continued to ask with a frown.

Xu Wei carefully glanced at Ye Mo before saying, “It’s just that because of her head injury, although she is completely healed, she doesn’t remember anything from the last year. That is to say, her memory has returned to what it was a year ago and she doesn’t even know me. But anything from a year ago she remembers clearly and ……”

Ye Mo’s heart sank as he listened, but he believed that he could cure Ning Qingxue, although a head injury and memory damage like this might not even be effective with the ‘Lotus Life Pill’, it was not a problem. Even if he couldn’t cure it in the end, he could just tell her what had happened in the middle of the year, after all, it was only a partial loss of memory.

“And what?” Thinking of this Ye Mo was slightly relieved.

Xu Wei sighed and said, “Light Snow lost this year’s memories, her parents were even happier instead. Because, because Light Snow listened to her parents’ words and returned to Yuzhou …… among Light Snow’s sisters but did not mention you, her parents also did not allow anyone to mention you.”

When Ye Mo heard this, his heart actually inexplicably ached that it was this kind of thing. If Light Snow’s parents really didn’t treat him well, even if he went to Yuzhou, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to see Light Snow. He thought of Ning Qingxue trekking alone, deep into the Shennongjia in search of him, and Ye Mo was even more hung up in his heart. Only then did he realise that Ning Qingxue had occupied such an important place in his heart.

No, he had to go and see her, even if her parents stopped him, he had to go and see her. I’m sorry, Qingxue, I’ve dragged you down this time.

Seeming to feel the jīdàng within her brother’s heart, Tang Beiwei subconsciously held her brother’s hand and called out once again, “Brother.”

Ye Mo took a long breath as he caressed the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ that Ning Qingxue had taken care of, and some tenderness and memories welled up in his heart. The ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ seemed to have felt Ye Mo’s caressing mō and surprisingly showed some life.

Both Xu Wei and Tang Beiwei did not bother Ye Mo who was immersed in his memories, but only looked at him with some worry, fearing that he might suffer some kind of sting.

It was only after a long time that Ye Mo raised his head and asked, “Xu Wei, what kind of person was the one who did it to Qing Xue?”

Xu Wei immediately said, “It was a young Daoist priest, and an old Daoist priest came later. The young Taoist priest was very frivolous and said he wanted to take Light Snow away, but when Light Snow ignored him, he took action. That young Daoist also had a shield-shaped jade pendant hanging around his waist, which seemed to have the words Taiyi on it.”

“Taiyi?” Ye Mo repeated with a frown, could it be a hidden sect? It was a very rare thing for a member of a hidden sect to come to the Red Dust City. But it didn’t matter, just go and ask Zhang Zhihui when the time came.

“Xu Wei, I’m going to go see Light Snow, this ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ please help me take care of it for a while longer.” Ye Mo looked at the once blood-stained ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ and had an indescribable sulk in his heart. He was about to go on a killing spree, provoking him over and over again. It was either his own sister or someone close to him.

Xu Wei gave Ye Mo a blank look, “Got it, next time I’m going to get paid. You two as a couple just know to let me take care of coming and going.”

Xu Wei heard Tang Beiwei call Ye Mo brother and immediately knew that this pretty girl was Ye Mo’s sister, not a lover, but Ye Mo’s sister had really good skin.

Ye Mo returned to his room, which was cleaned up. The small case he left for Ning Qingxue was discreetly placed at the head of the chuáng, even some of the tools he had used to make medicine here in the first place were wiped clean and placed on top of a stainless steel shelf, it was obvious that Ning Qingxue cared a lot about these things of Ye Mo’s.

Ye Mo sat down on the chuáng where Ning Qingxue was sleeping, and on the chuáng cabinet were a few books on planting. Ye Mo was in a bit of a trance, he seemed to see the kind of mood that Ning Qingxue had every night when she leaned on the chuáng and read a book, and then just slowly waited for him to come back.

“Qingxue, no matter who dares to touch you, I will not let him go.” Ye Mo muttered a sentence, and that kind of thought was immediately hidden as he stood up.

He suddenly felt that he was powerless, if he had power now and wasn’t alone, he wouldn’t need to send Bei Wei away, and he wouldn’t even need to worry about the safety of the people around him.

Power, power, I will build the biggest power on earth, since I can’t cultivate to the highest level here, I will use my strength to build the biggest power. I need one word and I can make the ‘Earth Furies’ go up in smoke.

In an instant, an impulse and a sense of grandeur surged in Ye Mo’s heart, and he even wanted to once again look up to the sky and roar.

“Bei Wei, I’ll send you to a place, and I’ll pick you up when I’m done with the matter outside.” Ye Mo said as he calmed down.

Once he had made up his mind, he would not change it again. As he said, no matter who it was, they had to pay the price. When this was done, he would go and establish his own power.

Bei Wei knew what her brother was thinking and knew that she could only drag Ye Mo back now by following him.


The Immeasurable Mountain, neither Ye Mo nor Tang Beiwei were coming for the first time. Although Tang Beiwei knew that her brother would bring her to a safe place, she did not expect that Ye Mo would bring her to the Limitless Mountain.

Ye Mo carried Tang Beiwei on his back and ran through the mountain at a fast pace, he had to fight the ‘Earth Furies’ without all the scruples. So he had to send Tang Beiwei away, and the Jing Yi Sect was the best option now.

“Beiwei, when you arrive at the Jing Yi Sect, remember to cultivate the techniques I’ve taught you. If you really can’t cultivate, you can learn some of their stuff from Master Jingxian, but remember not to tell anyone about what I teach.” Ye Mo admonished Tang Beiwei as he walked.

Tang Beiwei’s heart was warm, a relative was a relative, her brother really had no words for her. She secretly made up her mind in her heart, “Brother, don’t worry about it, I will definitely work hard and try not to drag your tuǐ.”

Tang Beiwei had indeed made up her mind, if she had the same skills as her brother today, she wouldn’t need to hide everywhere, and she could even help her brother out.

“Well, those fireball talismans, you have to put them away carefully, don’t take them out until it’s a matter of life and death.” Ye Mo was worried about Tang Beiwei’s safety and took over a hundred fireball talismans to his sister at once.

The fireball talisman was worse than a chicken rib to Ye Mo, although it was good to use, it was too time consuming to refine and its power was just like that in Ye Mo’s opinion. It would be fine against earth level martial cultivators, but it would hardly kill a late earth level martial artist, at best, it would only make a late earth level martial artist’s hands busy. Compared to the difficulty of refining it, this Fireball Talisman was really not much of a use. But it was good to keep for Tang Beiwei’s defence.