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DYM Chapter 274

Ye Mo frowned and said indifferently, “So, you don’t believe that I can come up with the appropriate pills?”

Qiao Zhen also frowned greatly, since the words had come to this point, it was really a bit too much for Ye Mo to still say that. Taking out pills for martial artists to advance, what a joke, that was just some pretense, there was no way anyone would believe that Ye Mo would take out any corresponding pills. He still thought that this was the Immortal World, it was really arrogant.

As expected Qiao Shengbao immediately said, “Mr. Ye, you have helped my Qiao family, we all know that you have made a big effort, and our Qiao family is grateful, this card also has five million. But then again, if it wasn’t for the ‘Blood sè Coral, we wouldn’t have gone to the race. As for your reason for wanting ‘Bloodshed Coral, this we all know, and we all know those reasons you have, so there is no need to say ……”

“In that case, forget it. I, Ye Mo, am not someone who has never seen money, a mere few million, I have not looked at it.” After saying that Ye Mo took the bank card and casually rubbed it into pieces. He helped Guo Taiming to cure his illness, not counting that chart, just the ‘Purple Jiao, ore was worth at least one billion. Now that he has helped the Qiao family win the ‘Bloodshed Coral’, he is only taking out a few million.

The four modified racing cars of the Qiao family were worth at least ten million, but he helped the Qiao family win the blood coral, and the Qiao family only took out five million. To be honest, Ye Mo didn’t even know what the Qiao family was thinking. If they had taken a random 20 to 30 million, he would have taken it.

Rubbing his bank card, Ye Mo stood up and said to Tang Beiwei, “Beiwei let’s go.” Not only did the people of the Qiao family not feel jī themselves and even acted as if they treated him, Ye Mo, as a fraud, and took out the usual five million dollars for sending out a caller, which made Ye Mo’s heart very uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until they saw Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei disappear into the living room that many of the Qiao family reacted.

“Humph no manners at all, really a country bumpkin. Giving him money and still being so insensitive to a mere few million? Like he’s rich. Is $5 million less for helping with a car race? What a heartless snake that swallows an elephant. He still wants my Qiao family’s ‘blood coral’, just dreaming. Even if we don’t let him take part and replace him with someone else, my Qiao family can still win the championship.” George Jun immediately snorted coldly and said.

Qiao Zhen’s face also turned ugly. This Ye Mo was too rude and did not even put his Qiao family in his eyes. It was still his decision to give him five million dollars, and this was on account of him being Ye Mo’s. The original intention was to give three million dollars. Qiao Zhen, who had the intention to be angry, thought of the Song family and forced his evil anger back into his stomach.

In his opinion, Qiao Gang’s driving skills were the best among the four families, even if they didn’t hire Ye Mo, they would have no problem hiring an international driver to take the race. And the price for hiring an international driver was only a few million.

“Brother, this Qiao family’s people are really insensitive, you gave them more pills and they have no eyes. But why don’t you want the money, that’s hard earned money, don’t want it for nothing… Sense Tang Beiwei was just as upset at her brother for not asking for the ‘blood sè coral.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “The Qiao family is just asking for trouble, even if the ‘blood sè coral, can allow people to advance to the yellow level martial artist, but if they do not have the ability to save it, it is still in vain. The ‘Blood sè Coral, if obtained by the Cha Family nothing would happen. But if several other families get it, something will happen. Don’t eat such a big meat if you don’t have that appetite. As for money, a mere few million still think I haven’t seen money, I helped Guo Taiming cure a disease, that ore Guo Taiming gave me is worth no less than a billion.”

Tang Beiwei asked with some doubt, “Brother, why is there nothing wrong with the Cha family getting it?”

However, Ye Mo said, “The Cha Family is a semi-hidden family, so when they get something, they will definitely keep it a strict secret. Now that it was obtained by the Qiao family, the Cha family has now also sailed two riders, so if they don’t reveal the ‘Bloodshed Coral,’ matter to the people in the Hidden Sect, then even if I am wrong about it. But the Cha family, I will go and settle accounts with them, just not now.

Ye Mo thought about Zhuo Aiguo and Qiao Zhen, when Zhuo Aiguo had left the ‘Purple Heart Vine’ to Ye Mo without hesitation because it was of use to him, and at that time Ye Mo had not even come into prominence, the result proved that Zhuo Aiguo was not wrong, and he was compensated in a bigger way. Compared to Zhuo Aiguo, Qiao Zhen was really too insightless.

“Brother Ye, wait for me.” Qiao Gang ran over with a gasp and kept chasing after Ye Mo before he gasped, “I’m sorry, Brother Ye, I’m really sorry for what happened this time. Grandpa and Fourth Uncle those people don’t believe you, I really ……”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Young Qiao, things have pa*sed, there’s no need to talk about this, besides I’m sort of doing you a favor, forget about anything else. But I would also like to remind you that ‘Bloodshed Coral, although it is of use to me, I also asked for it out of the viewpoint of doing good to your Qiao family. Now that your Qiao Family is holding on to the ‘Bloodshed Coral, and not taking it out, it won’t do your Qiao Family any good.”

Qiao Gang froze for a moment before he stammered, “Brother Ye, you, you want to deal with our Qiao Family?”

Ye Mo laughed, “Young Qiao, you are too underestimating me, Ye Mo, a mere ‘blood sè coral’ is not something I have looked at. Besides, even if it’s an elixir that will immediately ascend after eating it, I, Ye Mo, still have my own principles of doing things. Just looking at your Qiao Gang’s face, I wouldn’t go and make a move against your Qiao family. However, just because I won’t make a move doesn’t mean others won’t, I suggest that you should go out and take shelter these days.”

“Brother Ye, if you don’t make a move, my Qiao family is at least considered a big family, and in today’s environment, could there still be people breaking into homes and robbing them?” Qiao Gang asked suspiciously.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “You don’t know too much, that Cha family is a semi-hidden family, they can contact the Hidden Sect directly, if your Qiao family doesn’t even know about the Hidden Sect, even if I haven’t said anything. I’ve already warned you, how you handle it is your Qiao family’s business.”

“Thanks a lot Brother Ye, others don’t know your ability, I absolutely believe in it, but my grandfather doesn’t believe my words now just said inexorably.

“It’s nothing, by the way, do you know where your ‘blood sè coral, was found from?” Ye Mo asked casually.

This was not hidden by Qiao Gang, he said directly, “In the border city of Border Port City, there is a place there called called Pointed Sea Cape, the location is in the open area between Jiangping Town and Pearl Harbor, near the edge of the South China Sea. At that time, I went racing with a few other car enthusiasts and found this ‘blood sè coral’ near the beach that had been beaten ashore by the waves”

“Okay, thanks a lot, we’ll see you later.” Ye Mo finished waving his hand to Qiao Gang and took Tang Beiwei directly away from the Qiao atmosphere silent for a long time, returning to the Qiao family, Qiao had just made up his mind to go back and tell his grandfather what Ye Mo had said.

“Chao haunting.” After hearing Qiao Gang’s words Qiao Zhen slapped the table and stared at Qiao Gang and said, “People are like clouds, although this Ye Mo has good skills, but he is too petty. It’s better to have less contact in the future, this is a time of peace, do you think it’s a time of war and chaos? I think you are dizzy to even believe in door-to-door robbery. There are parts of the ruling army that are much better than you are showing right now, you need to stay home and recuperate for a while now.”

Qiao Gang hadn’t expected his grandfather to scold him outright, but there was a bit of truth in what he said. He turned his head and immediately saw George Jun’s unsuspecting smile, and a fire came to his heart at once. However, knowing his grandfather’s authority, he did not dare to argue to his face.

“Brother, are we going to Yanjing now?” Tang Beiwei had some desire to go and see her mother.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, going to Yanjing would mean he had to kill someone, and to kill someone would inevitably make Tang Beiwei’s mother sad, the way things got.

Thinking of this Ye Mo had to say, “Let’s go to Ninghai to see Qingxue first, and when we go to Ninghai, we’ll make a trip to Yanjing.”

Bei Wei did not ask why, but she could hear that Ye Mo was not in a good mood. It was only after a long time that she said, “Is Sister Qingxue the sister-in-law? By the way, brother, do you like Sister Light Snow or Sister Luo Ying?”

Although neither of these two people Tang Beiwei had ever seen, Ye Mo had talked to her about both.

Ye Mo froze for a moment, although he didn’t hide his affair with Luo Ying and Qing Xue, he didn’t know how he should answer once this question was put in front of him.

“Actually, I feel that if you are so outstanding, brother, there is nothing wrong with marrying two wives.” Tang Beiwei realised Ye Mo’s difficulty, but said rightfully.

Ye Mo helplessly mōd his chin, “I guess I like them both, but you’re my sister, of course you wouldn’t want brother to marry as many as possible. In other words, do you like to marry someone who marries two wives at the same time? Lol”,.”

Ye Mo didn’t have time to talk to Luo Ying about Light Snow last time before Luo Ying left, although he didn’t have the kind of thoughts in his heart that Tang Beiwei said, but it wasn’t up to him to decide this matter.

The fact that she had already expressed that she didn’t mind being with Luo Ying last time was fine, but Luo Ying? Ye Mo didn’t have any confidence at all.

“If that person is as capable as brother, I wouldn’t mind either.” Tang Beiwei said immediately, but of course she cared in her heart, just to comfort her brother.

Although he didn’t hear that Tang Beiwei was comforting him, but in Ye Mo’s heart, two people loving each other had nothing to do with ability. Could it be that if you are more capable you can love more? This theory was too absurd. His love for Luo Ying was truly from being born to loving each other, there was nothing in-between. As for Ning Qingxue, originally Ye Mo really didn’t have any heartfelt thoughts either, but Ning Qingxue’s dedication to him made him gradually fall in love with this girl who dared to love and hate.

If it was just because of his feelings, Ye Mo would not have fallen in love with Ning Qingxue, but the few days the two were together made Ye Mo’s heart gradually change its view of Ning Qingxue, while slowly accepting her. The love between him and Ning Qingxue was different from Luo Ying’s love, but it came from the heart and there was nothing else in it.!