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DYM Chapter 278

The Song family in Yanjing.

What was unexpected for Song Yuanyi and Song Qiming was that it had been a few months since the last incident on the Immeasurable Mountain, and up to now, Ye Mo had not come over to settle the score with the Song family. Could it be that they had thought wrongly? If Ye Mo really didn’t dare to come and settle accounts with the Song family, did he let the Song family members return to Yanjing one after another.

Perhaps at first Ye Mo did not know the identity of Song Hai and the others. A gentleman’s revenge is never too late, right now his Song family did not have the strength to confront Ye Mo and could only hold back for the time being.

The Song family compound is no longer as prosperous and lively as it was back then, and the people living inside the compound are also far away from what they were a few months ago. Apart from Song Yuanyi and Song Qiming, who are still away, there is only Song Qizhan. Originally there were still some three generations of Song family living here, but after Song Hai disappeared, these people were dispatched by Song Qiming one after another.

Although Song Qiming had failed her for some reason, he had not forgotten her and found her at the moment of her death, giving her the warmth and compa*sion she had been waiting for for so many years.

Although she had always resented Song Qiming in her heart, she had already forgiven him when she saw him kneel before her and grab her hand to ask for forgiveness. She had suffered for so many years, but at least Qiming had come back. Although Beiwei, the child, did not want to come to Yanjing with her, but Qiming said that he would not let Beiwei suffer, and Tang Qin did not have any doubts about what Song Qiming said now.

So although she hasn’t gone for surgery yet, her body is gradually recovering and even her face has some healthy colour. thinking of Qiming accompanying her every day, she feels a sense of pleasure inside, how many years of hard work and expectation have finally come to a result she wants. She did not care how much money Qi Ming had or how much power he had. In her heart, as long as she could be with Qi Ming, that was the greatest happiness.

There were times when Qi Ming would even sit with her all night, without any demands, just reminiscing with her about the way we were together back then.

Tang Qin knew that Qi Ming would not be coming over today because Qi Ming had said that he had a lot of official business today and would be back very late. So she had purposely made some lotus seed congee, she didn’t want to make him work too hard.

There was another surprise she wanted to leave for Qiming, and that was that she could get up and walk in the chuáng. Not only could she get up and walk, she could also help Song Qiming with the congee.

Song Qiming’s office was not normally open to anyone, but he had told himself that other people were other people, and Tang Qin was Tang Qin, and that no one could replace her in his heart.

He had missed out for over twenty years and did not want to regret the rest of his days. So Tang Qin did not care that no one else was allowed to enter the place where Song Qiming’s office was located. And now that there were very few people in the Song family compound, basically no one cared about that either.

To Tang Qin’s disappointment, she arrived at Song Qiming’s place in the backyard, only to find that the lights on the first floor were off, indicating that Song Qiming had not yet returned.

A car roared into the courtyard, and instead of parking in the outer courtyard, it drove straight into the backyard. Tang Qin knew it was Song Qiming who had come back, so she was happy and wanted to carry the lotus seed congee over, but when she saw the two people coming out of the car, she stopped dead in her tracks.

It was Song Qiming who came out, but there was also a young woman who looked like they were on good terms, and the woman had her hand tightly on Song Qiming’s arm.

Didn’t he say to himself that he was divorced? And there was just no divorce, and this woman was not much older than Bei Wei. Tang Qin suddenly felt her hands shaking a little, she didn’t care that Song Qiming had brought a woman back, but that Song Qiming was lying to her.

Song Qiming and the woman walked to the bottom of the small backyard office building and were already straddling each other going.

The sound of whimpering kisses, and woozy shēn cries, made Tang Qiming unable to believe that this was the same Song Qiming who had accompanied her every night some time ago.

A deep disappointment welled up in her heart, but she didn’t bother to resent Song Qiming, perhaps he was like this because she was not well and had no way to keep him company.

“Let’s go upstairs.” Song Qiming finally caught his breath and gave the woman’s xiōng a squeeze and said.

“Well, is that old woman kept at home still there? It’s really a bit annoying.” The woman spoke in a jiāo voice, but it clearly carried a tone of displeasure.

Song Qiming sighed and said, “There’s no way, our Song family is now being threatened by that Ye, and she’s always Tang Beiwei’s adopted mother, so I’m just picking her up to make the Ye a little more scrupulous. Originally, according to what I thought, this person Ye Mo’s xìng mood, most likely because of Tang Beiwei’s mother, will not do anything to our Song family. But it looks like we were overly worried, he is just one person, even if he is powerful, he wouldn’t dare to make a move against our Song family. As for Tang Qin, let her go, I can still afford to feed one or two more idle people in the Song family.”

The woman laughed and said, “You’re raising your old lover like a dog.”

“What old lover? Don’t disgust Lou. Twenty years ago maybe I still had some interest in getting on a bit, now I go and talk to her every day is the most time I’ve spent up front, sigh, you shouldn’t care about her either, just didn’t expect her adopted daughter to be Ye Mo’s sister, what good luck. Otherwise, where else would I care about her.” Song Qiming seemed to recall Tang Qin’s appearance and frowned.

The woman once again laughed softly, “I heard that Tang Beiwei is a beauty, you must have taken a fancy to that Tang Beiwei, why do I hear you talking about Tang Beiwei as if it’s not natural.” Song Qiming laughed heatedly “Unfortunately, she’s Ye Mo’s sister, that Ye Mo our Song family doesn’t want to mess with him anymore for now.” “You lighten up then I know you’ve got your heart set on that ninny, you even dare to touch me” the woman shouted before her mouth seemed to be gagged by something, it took a long time before she took a breath and said, “Of course I don’t care about that Tang Qin, what I care about is that tigress in your family.

Speaking of which, I have to thank that Ye Mo, if it wasn’t for him, how would you have sent that tiger from the Song family away, and how would we dare to be here, well ……”

Halfway through her sentence, the woman’s mouth was blocked like something, and she let out a sound of uh-huh.

The corner of the Tang Qin hands and feet cold, hands filled with lotus seed porridge bowl fell on the lawn above, but she does not know. The Song Qiming who was disobedient in front of her was actually such a person, and she suddenly felt like all her strength was leaving her.

Ye Mo sighed in his heart, he had come to the Song family tonight to kill someone, but instead he saw this mu, and he could not help but feel secret sorrow for Tang Beiwei’s mother in his heart. Having fallen for such a man, could it be that Tang Qin really didn’t know the face of Song Qiming, could it be that Tang Qin really believed everything that Song Qiming said? Ye Mo definitely did not believe that Tang Qin was just lying to herself.

Perhaps she knew that she would not live long, so she wanted to go with happiness before she died, instead of leaving with a lifetime of regrets.

Sometimes, like is like, without any reason. Ye Mo thought about Luo Ying, would his liking for Luo Ying change because of something else? He believed that Luo Ying would not be negative to him, but what if he was negative to him? Ye Mo asked himself, and in the end he found that he still had to like her. Just like when he fell in love with Ning Qingxue, who was so indifferent to him, but surprisingly he didn’t try to blame her or hate her from the bottom of his heart, he just wrapped that love up and didn’t touch it.

Perhaps Tang Qin was the same way with Song Qiming, liking him for no reason at all, and if there was, it was because of his innocence at the beginning. Even if she knew that Song Qiming was using her and that Song Qiming was lying to her, she would rather lie to herself. It’s just that now she can’t lie anymore, and if she could, Ye Mo believes that in her heart she would regret coming out and seeing this scene and hearing these words.

Ye Mo watched as Song Qiming covered the woman and the two of them went upstairs while mō. It took a long time for Tang Qin to spit out a mouthful of blood before she slowly stood up. She surprisingly lingered to look at the direction upstairs where Song Qiming had gone before slowly leaving the backyard.

Looking at Tang Qin’s lonely and thin body, like a wrecked lotus swaying in the cold wind, Ye Mo’s heart actually felt a bit uncomfortable. What kind of person could he not like, but he had to like a man like this? But he couldn’t help her in the slightest, and he also knew that if he killed Song Qiming today, Tang Qin would definitely be heartbroken tomorrow when she found out.

Just even if Ye Mo knew that Tang Beiwei’s mother would be heartbroken, he would still kill Song Qiming. From now on, he would definitely not get into trouble because he was soft on his enemies. Song Qiming, he would kill. It was just a matter of waiting for things to be over on this side and picking up Tang Qin to spend time with Tang Beiwei for good.

The dim chuáng light was on, and Song Qiming and the young woman were already rolling in a ball on the chuáng, the woman’s clothes had been completely torn off, l revealing the two large, plump rabbits. Song Qiming’s two hands were already rubbing together, gasping for breath as he continued to do so, while not forgetting to tear off his own clothes. The woman seemed to be even more horny than Song Qiming and had already overturned Song Qiming underneath more than once.

Ye Mo secretly admired Song Qiming’s energy, he was 50 or 60 years old and still had so much energy.

Ye Mo raised his hand and shot out a ray of finger wind, the woman who was frantically tearing at Song Qiming was already knocked unconscious on the chuáng. Song Qiming, however, did not react in the slightest, and it was only when he realised that the woman was not moving that he stopped in amazement.

“Xiao Yue,” Song Qiming called out in some alarm.

“No need to call out, I have already knocked her out. ,… Ye Mo’s cold voice rang out.

Song Qiming’s body shook as he turned around, but under the dim light, Ye Mo’s figure was standing by the door. Song Qiming broke out in a cold sweat of fear, his scalp tingled, and it took him a long time to remember to ask: “You, who are you?” !