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DYM Chapter 279

“People who are ready to collect some old debts.” As Ye Mo finished speaking, a scimitar suddenly appeared in his hand.

Song Qiming looked at Ye Mo with eyes wide open, but had no idea where his scimitar came out from. However, he immediately reacted and said in a somewhat trembling voice, “You, you are Ye Mo?”

“Not bad, you are smart enough to know that you owe me Ye Mo, it’s just that I’ve been very busy lately and I didn’t come to settle the bill with you until today.” Ye Mo’s voice was cold.

Song Qiming was worthy of being the head of a family, although his heart was overwhelmed with panic, he quickly slowly forced himself to calm down “Younger Ye, what happened between my Song family and you was a misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding. Although it was a misunderstanding, I have already dispatched the Song family completely as an expression of my apology to you. If you can let my Song family go once, I, Song Qiming, am willing to swear that from now on my Song family is a gǒu to you.”

“What a big misunderstanding.” Ye Mo said with a cold laugh “I, Ye Mo, am not one to drive people to extinction, I have already let your Song family go more than once, but you have challenged my bottom line. How dare you harm even Qing Xue and Bei Wei, and how dare you let my sister harm me. Today, I will let you go, but don’t worry, I will not leave any of those evil sons of yours out of the Song family compound, as long as I meet them.”

Song Qiming’s face showed an extreme desire for survival as he said urgently, “That has nothing to do with my Song family, it’s entirely Dongfang Qiu’s yīn plot. The Song family has nothing to do with this…”

Song Qiming didn’t finish his words, and he couldn’t finish them, Ye Mo had already shattered his heart veins with one punch, and even kept his mouth in an explanatory pattern when he even s…

Ye Mo didn’t use the knife to kill him using the knife was just to scare him. Ye Mo’s punch killed Song Qiming whether it was on his body surface or internal organs, no trace could be seen.

Although even if Ye Mo did this, many people would still speculate that Song Qiming was killed by an outsider, or directly believe that he was killed by Ye Mo but Ye Mo still had to do it. There are things that even if you know it clearly, you still have to make a false impression.

If Song Qiming was killed in his home openly and honestly then the matter could not be suppressed even if it was suppressed, Song Qiming was after all a person of some influence.

After throwing Song Qiming to the woman’s side, Ye Mo killed Song Yuanyi and Song Qizhan as fast as he could. In this courtyard the Song family seemed to have only these three heavyweights, although there were still some nannies and gardeners or something but Ye Mo never wanted to leave no one behind, even the security guards he didn’t even bother to kill.

As for Song Yuanyi and Song Qizhan, Ye Mo directly killed and burned them to ashes, leaving Song Qiming a whole body would be good, leaving more would be the same as not leaving.

Although he did not kill all of the Song family’s direct lineage, Ye Mo’s heart was quite comfortable. He had been secretly attacked by the Song family, and now that he had killed a few of the leading figures of the Song family, the bad breath in his heart had gone out.

After doing this, Ye Mo went to Tang Qin’s place, he wanted to talk to Tang Qin and take her to Bei Wei’s place.

What Ye Mo did not expect was that Tang Qin had committed suicide. He was somewhat silent, Tang Qin was a tragic woman. She had not even achieved some last simple extravagance and lived a lonely life like this. Hopefully, she could meet a good person in her next life.

Ye Mo silently cremated Tang Qin, and only then did he use a jade box to collect Tang Qin’s ashes and prepare to bring them to Bei Wei next time.

After leaving the Song family, Ye Mo did not go to find Ye Ling, if he went to Ye Ling now, he would be clearly telling others that he had killed several people in the Song family, something Ye Mo would not do. Even if others guessed that he had killed the Song family members, he could not blatantly show that he had done it.

The next day when the Song family heard that Song Qiming and his nephew-in-law were lying naked on the chuáng, and that Song Qiming had died from over-exertion. Together with the disappearance of the Song family’s first leader, Song Yuanyi, the Song family slips into the abyss again after disintegrating. The Song family, one of the five great families of China, was like the sun in the western mountains, slowly setting.

At this time, Ye Mo had already left Yanjing and he boarded a train to Xianshan. His destination was Cape Tsimshatsui, the place where Qiao Gang and the others had found the ‘Bloodshed Coral,’ and because it was a side trip, he also wanted to go and see how Fang Nan was doing. He had always promised Fang Nan to go and help him, but he had just been delayed due to various things, but had never been able to go, and this time he went to find Fang Nan and had something to ask him to help.

The first thing Ye Mo did when he got on the train was to find a seat because he had not bought a ticket and had only jumped on the train to Xianshan midway.

However, although Ye Mo did not buy a ticket, but because Yanjing was the first departure point, the number of people heading to Xianshan was not too many, there were still some empty seats, and Ye Mo came up and found a seat.

“Is brother going to Jinkou?” As soon as Ye Mo got on the bus, a middle-aged man opposite him greeted him with a smile and handed over a cigarette.

Ye Mo pushed his cigarette over and said with a faint smile “I’m going to Ham Mountain, but I don’t smoke.”

“I saw that you didn’t have a pack with you and thought you were going to the nearest jinkou. Ham Mountain isn’t close, even this express train takes a whole day.” The middle-aged man was looking very carefully.

This man was quite attentive, but Ye Mo noticed that the calluses on this middle-aged man’s hands were very hòu, and the muscles on his body were very tight, so it could be seen that this man was a martial arts practitioner. Although the internal qi cultivation level still hadn’t entered the level, or hadn’t been cultivated systematically at all, but ordinary people were already no match for him.

“It’s good that I don’t smoke, I’m just an old smoker. Is brother going to Salty Mountain to make a fortune?” When this middle-aged man saw that Ye Mo did not smoke, he also put his cigarette away.

Although this man was a self-conscious man, Ye Mo did not hate him. It might have something to do with his looks, although his face was slim, his eyes were sharp and they didn’t twinkle. Ye Mo hated the kind of people with flickering eyes, this kind of person’s xìng character he disliked, either a person with a deep heart or a weak and cowering person.

“No, I just want to travel to your forest, going to Ham Mountain is just pa*sing through.” Ye Mo didn’t hide where he was going.

“Guilin?” This middle-aged man frowned for a moment, just as he said two words, here came two more people, a young fù in his twenties or thirties, and a young man wearing gla*ses, it looked like the two were together. Both of them were carrying a not-so-small bag in their hands. The young fù had a few points of beauty and was dressed simply, but her clothes were very plain, while the youth was somewhat civilized. The young fù smiled apologetically at Ye Mo, then said to the youth, “Little Gong, you can sit opposite.”

After saying that this young fù herself sat down next to Ye Mo.

The middle-aged wanton who was interrupted saw these two sitting down but then said, “Brother, this place in Guilin is not peaceful, what are you doing in that place?”

Ye Mo smiled slightly but did not answer, this young fù sitting beside him had a faint smell of blood, Ye Mo did not know how many killings he had experienced.

Therefore, the moment this young fù sat down, he felt it. Moreover, this young fù also had a panicked look, indicating that she had killed someone before getting into the car, if she had only hurt someone, there was no such smell of blood. Maybe it was because it was her first time and so she felt scared.

But even if this young fù had killed more people, it had nothing to do with him, Ye Mo, he smiled and looked at the middle-aged man and said, “I have a friend who is not doing too well along the border, I’m going to help him out.”

Ye Mo was talking about Fang Nan, he really wanted to go and help Fang Nan, moreover, Fang Nan was a good person, if he wanted to form his own force, Fang Nan was a good candidate.

“Your friend is doing business at the border? I heard that people who can do business at the border are not simple characters, they have seen blood and big battles. Only those who have seen blood or even killed people can deter others.” This middle-aged man said with a somewhat strange expression.

Ye Mo glanced at this middle-aged man if he had a meaningful look, he immediately knew that this middle-aged man was not simple, he said that seeing blood was simply intentional. Who would say that someone’s friend had killed someone on their first meeting, this was a bit too outrageous, and this as a topic of conversation on the train didn’t match at all.

But Ye Mo understood that this man could also see that the young fù had committed a crime, or at least hurt someone, and he was saying this purely to comfort the young fù’s mind. It was just that how he saw it and why he did it, Ye Mo did not know.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and did not state his opinion, he just stopped talking. However, the young fù next to Ye Mo was really shaken, but gradually settled down in a moment.

The middle-aged man said but a test word, although he did not see the young fù’s situation, but he also felt that something was not right with the young fù. However, he was more testing Ye Mo, now he sent inkan to his words, Ye Mo just smiled lightly and stopped answering, his heart immediately knew that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person.

“My name is Zang Jia Yan, I was planning to visit Xianshan, I don’t know what kind of business your friend is in, brother? Oh, if it’s suitable, I’d like to make a connection too.” Zang Jiayan’s words were obvious, asking Ye Mo if there was an opportunity for cooperation.

He was a bold man. The fact that he had deliberately consoled the young fù just now, although he didn’t know what he was up to, it could also mean that he was still a good person, right?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo nodded and said, “I am Ye Mo, my friend’s name is Fang Nan, and I am about to do big business. If Brother Zang wants to cooperate then of course there is no problem, we are short of manpower.”

Just as Ye Mo finished speaking, before Zang Jia Yan had the chance to reply, several police officers rushed over towards Ye Mo with serious expressions.

The young fù and the skinny young man who had just come up saw the police officers coming over and their faces immediately turned pale, and they even started shaking.