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DYM Chapter 283

Ye Mo looked at Dai Jiayan and Fang Nan and nodded and said: ”Good, Fang Nan, in the future, you listen to Jiayan more. The business we are going to do in the future is no longer a gang, getting rich by collecting protection fees and screwing people over is not a long-term solution after all. I believe that our business will grow bigger and bigger in the future. We want to reach a point where people will buy from us as soon as they hear “from Flowing Snakes” without asking for a price.”

Although Ye Mo did not paint any grand blueprint, he did not doubt Ye Mo’s move in the slightest.

“Brother Ye, are we going to set up a company?” Fang Nan was not a straw man and also heard Ye Mo’s idea of preparing to make the business bigger.

Ye Mo nodded “The first step is to set up a company first, let’s call it”

“Let’s call it Luo Yue, okay.” Ye Mo thought for a moment and then immediately recalled his original Luo Yue continent.

Looking at the kind of recklessness in Fang Nan’s eyes, Ye Mo secretly laughed, but he still had to remind Fang Nan “Fang Nan, we are doing regular business now, the kind of pitfalls and abductions in the past should not be done, I hope that when I come to Flowing Snake in the future. I hope that in the future, when I come to Flowing Serpent, it will no longer be that pandemonium, I hope to build a real new city. I think Jia Yan will understand what I mean, you listen to Jia Yan more.” Zhan Jia Yan nodded and said, “I understand, but what are the first products we are going to make? We can’t just keep going sī, right?”

Of course Ye Mo could distinguish between priorities, the reason he set up “Luo Yue was to collect money and then collect medicinal materials worldwide, the ultimate goal was to help him cultivate and set up a new power.

…… Luo Yue is to set up one of the largest pharmaceutical companies with a focus on medicinal herbs. Of course the main thing is to collect all kinds of precious herbs, I have a detailed list here along with some matching pictures.

This matter Jia Yan is responsible for well, in the future “Luo Yue, will be left to Jia Yan to manage.” Ye Mo took out the atlas he had drawn long ago and handed it to Zang Jia Yan.

“What about Brother Ye, what about me?” Fang Nan asked with some hesitation.

“You are in charge of the company’s security, once our company makes money, there will definitely be some people who will come to spy on it, so your task is to make our “Luo Yue, absolutely safe.” Ye Mo immediately said.

Fang Nan, however, did not care about the title, he just blindly trusted Ye Mo, and now that Ye Mo said that he would be in charge of security, he immediately patted xiōng and promised.

Ye Mo, however, said to Zang Jia Yan, “I still have two disciples in Luo Cang, our products will be mainly based on that disciple of mine, when you are free, go to Luo Cang and bring the Erhu few over.

There are also Yuan’s sisters and brothers, you can also ask them to help when the time comes.” As for the “Heart Nourishing Pill” and “Beauty Pill” products, Ye Mo had taught Erhu, and he believed that as long as there were enough herbs, Erhu would definitely be able to handle the heavy responsibility of launching these products.

After he had explained these things, Ye Mo transferred all the money from his bank card to Zang Jia Yan, before he left Flowing Snake. His team had already been established, and he believed that as long as he persisted “Luo Yue, he would definitely be able to collect the medicinal herbs he needed, and would definitely be able to become a business giant that would shock the world.

October is not a harvest season for some people.

The Song family was destroyed and increasingly diminished, but that was not the biggest news.

What caused the biggest shock was that the Xuanjiang Qiao family had been exterminated overnight. Originally, the Qiao family, the third largest family in China, was out of reach of most families because the two major powers of Yanjing and Xuanjiang were at each other’s throats. But now, with the Xuanjiang Qiao family being exterminated, the Qiao family in Yanjing has also fallen by the wayside and is on the verge of dropping out of the stage of the Five Yagyu families.

The Song family had declined, the Ye family was in decline, and the Qiao family had suffered such a heavy blow. The only families that can still be called the Five Families are the Zhang and Li families.

The extermination of the Xuanjiang Qiao family is a warning to many of the great families that they are far from being safe and untouchable.

The Xuanjiang Qiao family was not without survivors, and Qiao Gang was one of the three survivors. When he first listened to Ye Mo’s advice, his suggestion was rebuked by his grandfather.

However, Qiao Gang thought that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person, and Ye Mo gave him the impression that he was the kind of capable person who was above his family. He believed that Ye Mo would not say that kind of thing to him for no reason, so although his grandfather Qiao Zhen refuted his words, he secretly installed a few cameras and left Xuanjiang.

Instead, Qiao Gang returned to Yanjing and told Ye Mo’s words to his second grandfather Qiao Xing in Yanjing. When Qiao Xing heard that it was Ye Mo’s warning, he immediately had to contact Qiao Zhen, but at this time he got the news that the Qiao family in Xuanjiang had been wiped out.

Only after rushing to Xuanjiang did he discover that all the surveillance equipment of the Qiao family had been destroyed, except for the three cameras that Qiao Gang had secretly installed but recorded some traces.

Qiao Xing looked at the surveillance recordings that Qiao Gang took out and sighed in his heart that there were too few people with insight in the Qiao family.

The video only shows two men in black, neither of whom is very tall, but they are like demons who kill people in the Qiao family. Although the video could not be seen in its entirety, it already made Qiao Xing shudder, so cruel was he.

“Second grandfather, why? Why would they do that? If they took away the “blood sè coral, it’s fine, why do they still want to kill my Qiao family?” Qiao Gang’s eyes were red, he couldn’t understand.

Qiao Xing let out a long sigh, turned off the video and stared at Qiao Gang for a long time before asking, “How do you know that Ye Mo didn’t do it?”

Qiao Gang froze for a moment, he did not expect his second grandfather to ask such a question, but after a moment, he immediately said, “I have a feeling that he is not this kind of person, if he was this kind of person, he wouldn’t have warned me. Besides, the two people in the picture are both much shorter than him.” Qiao Xing nodded “What did Ye Mo say to you in the first place, you told me completely.” Qiao Gang recalled for a moment and said, “At the beginning, he told me that if the Bloodshed Coral was taken away by the Cha family, it would not be much, but other families, no matter if any of them took the Bloodshed Coral, there would be no benefit. He also said that the Cha family was a semi-hidden family and could contact the Hidden Sect directly. Later on, he asked me about the place where the “blood sè coral, was found.” Qiao Xing suddenly stood up and slowly sat down after a long time, muttering, “The Cha family is actually a semi-hidden family, no wonder it is like this. This revenge of my Qiao family is no longer possible, alas ……………” “Second grandfather, let’s give the video to the police, so that we can contact the Cha family’s thing, maybe ……………” Qiao Gang didn’t finish his sentence before he was interrupted by Qiao Xing.

“Xiao Gang, don’t mention the video and the Cha family again in the future, okay? If the Cha family is really a semi-hidden family, us handing over the video would just be an act of seeking death. They are capable of wiping out my Yanjing Qiao family again.” Qiao Xing interrupted Qiao Gang’s words and also said very sternly.

Qiao Gang froze for a moment before saying for a long time, “Second grandfather, can we just let it go like this?” “Let it go?” Qiao Xing muttered, before staring at Qiao Gang and saying, “Little Gang, do you know which is the real big family in China?”

After saying that and not waiting for Qiao Gang to answer, he continued, “Sometimes, looking at the size of a family’s strength is not just a political game. The largest family in China is actually the Zhang family.

I heard that there was a supreme expert in the Zhang family, but that supreme expert never went to the Xuanjiang Zhang family, so people slowly faded away.

The second largest family in China is the Song family, which is extremely well hidden. If the Zhang family has a supreme master, it is still someone’s guess, but the Song family definitely has a Yellow level master, and there is more than one. Although my Qiao family is ranked third, in reality, among the five great clans, it is likely that my Qiao family is the last.”

“Second grandfather, why do you say that?” Qiao Gang asked in disbelief.

Qiao Xing shook his head and said with another sigh, “The Song Family and the Ye Family have clashed for so many years, but the Song Family just couldn’t help the Ye Family, do you know why? Do you know why? It was because the Ye family had a very powerful helper called Huang Eel, who had a long sword that no one could beat. Unfortunately, the Ye Family destroyed itself and actually drove away Ye Mo, which eventually led to its near demise. If the Song family hadn’t offended Ye Mo as well, I guess by this time there would have been no more Ye family in Yanjing, and it would have been swallowed by the Song family with its bones.” After saying that, Qiao Xing looked at Qiao Gang and asked, “Little Gang, do you understand what I just said?”

Qiao Gang was already a very intelligent person, and although he came from a family, he did not have the slightest hint of playfulness, so now that Qiao Xing had said that, he immediately understood, but was a little surprised and asked, “Second grandfather, you mean that both the Ye family and the Song family were more powerful than my Qiao family, but in the end they both became diminished because of Ye?”

Qiao Gang nodded gratefully and said, “Not bad, I’m satisfied that you have this understanding.

At the beginning, Ye Mo told you that if the Qiao family had given him the Bloodshed Coral, nothing would have happened, and he didn’t even care about the people of the Earth Fury, plus he was able to destroy the Song family despite all the yīn plots of the Song family, which means that he is much more powerful than what he said and did. Therefore, Ye Mo is a terrifying person.”

“Second grandfather?” Qiao Gang seemed to understand somewhat what Qiao Xing meant, but was still surprised, after all, Ye Mo was just a person, while his Qiao family was a family.

However, Qiao Xing shook his head and continued, “I also watched the video after that car race, the people from the Cha family actually came in last and both cars exploded at the same time, do you think that was a coincidence? If I’m not wrong, these two cars exploding must have something to do with Ye Mo, although I don’t know the exact reason, but my Qiao family and the Cha family have already formed a deep feud. And the Cha family is surprisingly a semi-hidden family, so if my Qiao family wants to take revenge, it can only be on Ye Mo.” Qiao Gang immediately understood and immediately said, “Second grandfather, do you mean for me to go look for Ye Mo?” !