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DYM Chapter 282

Another week later, Fang Nan’s tuǐ injury had basically recovered and he was even able to practice a few moves with Zang Jiayan. And while Yuan Meixiang’s face was getting rosy, Ye Mo was ready to take Fang Nan and Zang Jiayan on a trip to the Flowing Snake.

Leaving Little Fire and Yuan’s siblings at the Blame Forest, Ye Mo took Fang Nan and Zang Jia Yan into the Flowing Serpent.

As for why Fang Nan was kicked out of the Flowing Serpent, Ye Mo probably knew something about it, Little Fire had told him about it back then, to say that the main reason also had something to do with him, Ye Mo. It was only because when Ning Qingxue went to look for himself, it turned out that Fang Nan had offended Shi Pei in order to protect Ning Qingxue. Coupled with the fact that Chi Wanqing later went to the Flowing Serpent again and taught Shi Pai a lesson, these two lessons buried the bitter fruit for Fang Nan.

“What’s the origin of the Amphibian Gang? And what kind of person is this Shi Shuai that he can make the Two Sisters Gang come out?” Ye Mo asked as he thought about this, although he didn’t hang out in the club, he had heard of some of the big gangs, how come he had never heard of any Amphibian Gang?

Fang Nan, however, said with some trepidation, “The Amphibious Gang is actually a branch of the Southern Youth, and is so strong that no one dares to mess with it. If you offend the Amphibian Gang, you will only end up dead. This time, we are not going to pick a fight with the Amphibian Gang. Shi has a sister who is the concubine of one of the vice masters of the Amphibian Gang, so he can mobilise the Amphibian Gang.

I have heard people say that the current Two Branches Gang has left South Green, and I don’t know if that is true or not.” As soon as Fang Nan finished his words, Zang Jia Yan frowned, and Ye Mo sighed in his heart, this Fang Nan, however, really did not have any brains. Could it be that after coming to take revenge today, he would immediately leave the Flowing Serpent? If he didn’t leave and offended Shi Pei once again, would that cheap brother-in-law of his still let Fang Nan off the hook?

Ye Mo, however, didn’t say anything, except that Fang Nan immediately woke up and immediately said with some worry, “I’m afraid that if I do something about Shi Predator, that brother-in-law of his will end up looking for him again.”

However, Hidden Jia Yan said with a faint smile, “That’s for sure, so if you can’t kill the other side at once, I suggest planning for the long term.” Although he didn’t know how strong the Amphibian Gang was, Zang Jiayan had heard a lot about Nan Qing and knew that with the strength of his men, it would be bullsh*t to take on Nan Qing. He was not afraid of death, but he had to be persuaded of such a meaningless matter.

The fact that the Amphibian Gang could break away from Nan Qing meant that it was not a good fighter either.

Ye Mo knew what was in Zang Jiayan’s mind, and said with a faint smile, “Jiayan, don’t worry, others are afraid of Nan Qing, but I, Ye Mo, am not yet in the eye.”

How could Ye Mo be so powerful that he didn’t even think of Nan Qing? Zhan Jia Yan was shocked in his heart, but still chose to trust Ye Mo. With his experience over the years, he felt that Ye Mo was not the kind of person who boasted.

Fang Nan had a blind admiration for Ye Mo, although he also knew that the Amphibian Gang was difficult to mess with, yet his first reaction was not about the Amphibian Gang coming to retaliate, only now did he remember who the Amphibian Gang’s backstage was, so he was a little embarra*sed. Even though he admired Ye Mo, he didn’t think that Ye Mo could deal with Nan Qing, who had an army, although he heard that the Two Sisters were no longer owned by Nan Qing, but this was after all hearsay.

“If I let you escape today, I’ll be your son…” Just as Ye Mo walked into the town, an arrogant voice came over.

Fang Nan’s face was very ugly, he swept a glance at this guy who spoke arrogantly and turned back to Ye Mo and said, “Brother Ye, this guy is Shi Pai, nicknamed “Hedgehog” because the oil of the flowing snake is very rich, so he is already the head of the flowing snake with the help of the Amphibian Gang. ” Ye Mo took a look at Shi predecessor, he was in his thirties, his eyes were a bit puffy, obviously caused by overindulgence. But the expression was arrogant, and behind him were four fierce fighters who looked fierce.

“What are you looking at, you’ll have your eyes gouged out later.” Shi Pai said fiercely as he gave Ye Mo a cross look and finished staring at Fang Nan again, “Surnamed Fang, if you are willing to tell grandpa where those two chicks from the last visit are, grandpa might spare your dog’s life.”

“You are the hedgehog?” Ye Mo looked at the arrogant Shi Pei with great disappointment, no matter if this guy had a backstage or not, but Fang Nan actually failed to even handle such a guy, Fang Nan was indeed a bit poor. If it was himself, even if he didn’t have the strength to fight this hedgehog, he would still find a way to finish this guy off before he left the Flowing Serpent.

Shi Pai looked at Fang Nan and then at Ye Mo, and finally understood the main relationship. He walked up to Ye Mo and tried to raise his hand to hold up Ye Mo’s chin, but he had only raised his hand less than half a foot before a wind blade from Ye Mo directly cut off his arm.

Ye Mo was not a good man or woman, he came here to kill.

“Ah,” only a few seconds later did Shi Pai scream out in misery before he sat down on the ground, one of his arms had somehow been cut off.

Fang Nan was the first to recoil in peace, as he knew what Ye Mo was capable of and didn’t care in the slightest about your Ye Mo’s decisive killing. Zhan Jia Yan also reacted immediately, and he looked at Ye Mo even more differently. Although he guessed that Ye Mo was an ancient martial arts practitioner when Ye Mo gave him the ancient martial arts secrets, he did not see how Ye Mo did it just now in the slightest. He didn’t even see clearly what knife Ye Mo used to cut off Shi Pai’s arm.

“Kill him for me.” When Shi Predecessor called out these words, the four men behind him also reacted at the same time and immediately drew their mountain-opening swords and were about to kill towards Ye Mo.

Zang Jia Yan and Fang Nan also then drew the scimitar at their waists.

However, Ye Mo waved his hand and once again made two empty strokes, two wind blades, directly cutting down four heads. Until the four heads fell to the ground, the four junior brothers still charged forward a few steps with their mountain-opening swords before they fell together beside Shi Pai.

Ye Mo’s expression was indifferent, to him killing a few people was no different from stepping on a few ants, and he was about to create his first industry in the Flowing Serpent, so he had to kill people. No one would give up this place in Flowing Snake just because he said a few words.

If Fang Nan had ever seen Ye Mo kill dozens of people during his time and still keep his cool nose, then Zang Jia Yan was completely shocked. He had seen many experts, even late Yellow level experts, but never had he seen someone as powerful as Ye Mo.

He had just seen Ye Mo’s palm quickly slash… twice, without seeing him take out any concealed weapons at all, and he had directly killed four people. Not to mention how powerful the concealed weapon was, what shocked Zang Jia Yan even more was Ye Mo’s attitude towards killing people. If he had any papers when he originally killed Dou Lin, now he had killed four people without even the slightest bōs.

For the first time, Zang Jiayan felt that he did not really know Ye Mo yet, what he saw was only the surface of Ye Mo, and he might have only learned a little bit about Ye Mo’s origins and abilities.

Ye Mo was decisive in his killing and knew the importance of priorities, he killed Dou Lin on top of the train but let himself record the evidence first, killing a few people here was simply like killing a chicken and not asking anything at all. This shows that he is delicate and has a clear sense of priorities, and is not a reckless person. Compared to the unfair treatment he had received in the past, perhaps, by following him, he could really make a career and still be quick to revenge. When he thought of this, Zang Jiayan’s heart surged with emotion, and his heart even made up his mind.

Looking at Shi Predecessor who had already pa*sed out, Ye Mo said to Fang Nan, “Take him with you, let’s fight our way into the Flowing Snake in the most direct way.”

When Fang Nan’s little brother entered the Flowing Serpent carrying Shi Xie, who had lost his arm, all the people knew that Fang Nan had returned from his revenge. Compared to Shi Jie, Fang Nan knew more about the people in Flowing Snake, and his connections were a bit more extensive.

Shi Predecessor was able to stand his ground in the Flowing Serpent solely because he had a cheap brother-in-law, otherwise, with this point of his skills, Shi Predecessor would have been eaten up by others.

So Ye Mo didn’t kill many people at all, he only killed a dozen or so of Shi Dui’s inner circle, and the entire Flowing Serpent was once again under Fang Nan’s control. Some of the once lost minions came back again because of the return of old Fang Nan.

Shi Pai was thrown in front of Ye Mo like a dead dog by Fang Nan. Fang Nan patted the blood on his body and spat on Shi Pai before saying, “Brother Ye, we have already asked, it is said that because of the death of Thousand Dragon Heads, Nan Qing had internal strife and is now split up.

The two Sikh gangs have now become independent and no longer belong to the Southern Youth. The nest of the two Sikh gangs is in Tsimshatsui Cape, and this guy’s brother-in-law, Wang Jiu, is already the master.”

Cape Tsim Sha Tsui? Ye Mo’s heart moved, he just wanted to go to that place, didn’t he happen to be on his way now? Half a year ago in Hong Kong, he heard about the infighting in Nan Qing, he didn’t expect that it hadn’t calmed down yet. It seemed that he didn’t need to go to Nanqing recently, so he could just go and make his fortune when the internal fighting in Nanqing was over. That Wolf Pole is really useless, he has not been able to control Nanqing until now.

Shi Pai had just woken up at this time, and he happened to hear Fang Nan’s words, and immediately understood that he was in a very bad situation, and hastily shouted, “Brother Nan spare my life, I am willing to join the Park Blade Society, spare my life. If I kill Lou, my brother-in-law will ask about it ……”

Ye Mo frowned and said to Fang Nan, “Drag it out and settle it.”

Fang Nan did not hesitate to pull the big howling Shi Pai out, soon the howl disappeared without a trace, and Fang Nan walked in with some bloodstains.

“Brother Ye, Shi and Xiao Tie have already gone out to pacify the people, and the flowing snake will soon settle down.” Fang Nan also knew that Ye Mo was going to do something in the Flowing Snake, to him the Flowing Snake had too many people in their sights, without the intervention of a strong person like Ye Mo, sooner or later he, Fang Nan, would still be eaten to the bone!