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DYM Chapter 285

Ye Mo stood on the side and watched the police take away all the missed fish of the Amphibian Gang, as well as entering the ruins of the Amphibian Gang’s headquarters to look for evidence under the leadership of that man. In his heart, he couldn’t help but feel a little emotional, he didn’t expect that the man he saved was actually a police officer.

He was impressed by the police officer’s courage and boldness, for he dared to enter the Amphibian Gang alone to investigate and collect evidence, which was not something ordinary police officers could do. It looked like there were hot-blooded men within the police, in addition to some scum. However, his cultivation level is really too poor, not even into the yellow level.

For most policemen Ye Mo did not have any good feelings, this time was an exception. He remembered that the first time he met a policeman, he was yīned by that yellow fable and brought into the police station and locked him up. In the end, it was Su Jingwen who went to bail him out.

Su Jingwen, when Ye Mo thought of Su Jingwen, his heart was a little warm. Su Jingwen was one of the few friends he had. In Ninghai, apart from Shi Xiu, his friend was Su Jingwen. But it is only a friend relationship, otherwise he went to Ninghai several times without the thought of going to see Su Jingwen.


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, but you can’t refuse completely, after all, Xie Yuzheng is her cousin that she grew up with, and her mother is also very happy with cousin Yuzheng. There were times when Su Jingwen even planned to just let it go sloppily, but when she thought of living the rest of her life, she no longer had the courage to accept it.

She thought of Ning Qingxue, and she was eager to ask Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo how the relationship between them really was, or to ask Ning Qingxue about her life experiences.

Thinking of the fact that she had not seen Ye Mo again after he attended her birthday party last time, Su Jingwen could not help but feel a little disappointed in her heart.

But what made Su Jingwen unexpected. After she arrived at the place where Ning Qingxue lived, she found that Ning Qingxue had left Ninghai. This made her very puzzled. She knew that the reason why Ning Qingxue was in Ninghai was because of Ye Mo’s relationship. For what Xu Wei said, that Ning Qingxue had lost her memory for a year, Su Jingwen didn’t quite believe it.

Su Jingwen took out the two bracelets that Ye Mo had given her, one was entrusted to Ning Qingxue, and the other was given to her by Ye Mo on her own birthday, and now there were only two chain beads left. But surprisingly, she had a subconscious feeling that that rough bracelet with only two jade beads. It was a little more precious than the delicate bracelet that Ning Qingxue had sent her later, although both of them came from Ye Mo’s hand.

She suddenly had some admiration for Ning Qingxue, saying that she had put it down just like that. When she first saw Ning Qingxue ask her about the usage of the talisman to go out. It was clear that she must have gone to do something dangerous. Later, Ning Qingxue came back. When she brought the bracelet made by Ye Mo, she knew that the thing Ning Qingxue had gone to do should be related to Ye Mo.

She remembered that at first Ning Qingxue’s face could be all happy and the necklace she was carrying was also beautiful. It was really beautiful. The kind of love she had for Ye Mo back then was simply written directly on her face, so why had she changed so much in just a few months, leaving Ninghai and going to Yuzhou without saying a word? Is it true that love can be put down just like that?

Su Jingwen squeezed the rough bracelet of two jade beads in her hand. Suddenly, she remembered the first dance Ye Mo and her had done back then.

“I don’t seem to be a bit different to him?” Su Jingwen muttered once, but then shook her head. No, I’m treating him differently because he’s the saviour of my mother’s life.

Su Jingwen’s brow furrowed at the thought, this wasn’t right either, when she had brought him out of the police station, and when she had asked him to dance with her, she didn’t know that Ye Mo was the master who sold talismans. Even his own car had only ever allowed Ye Mo to ride in it to this day, and his cousin had even been angry about it, so what was this all about?

I wonder if Ye Mo is doing well now. Thinking of this, Su Jingwen suddenly couldn’t contain that urge and took out the phone to dial Li Mumei’s mobile.

“Mumei, it’s Jingwen …… Well, I’m okay …… Is Light Snow back in Yuzhou? Why?” Su Jingwen suddenly had a strange feeling as she listened to Li Mumei’s words.

“Mumei, you said that Ye Mo had gone to look for Light Snow? What happened afterwards?” Su Jingwen’s voice became eager and somewhat worried. Perhaps in her heart, Ye Mo was not only her mother’s saviour, but also her friend.

“I heard that he was forced by Light Snow to jump off a building and vomited a mouthful of blood. Then there was no news ……” Li Mumei sighed, there was an inexplicable taste in her tone, there were times when she would rather Ning Qingxue was still the same as when she did not have memory loss, more humane and sentimental, but Ning Qingxue has now changed back to the cold indifferent one she was in Yanjing beautiful woman.

“What …… jump?” Su Jingwen almost dropped the phone on the floor.

Li Mumei hurriedly explained, “No, it’s Ye Mo’s hands are not bad, and when Auntie was in a hurry, she said that the place where Ye Mo was standing was the Ning family’s, and Ye Mo jumped out directly from outside the window. But he should have climbed down from the top of the air conditioning shelf along the water pipe, so he is fine, right, Jingwen, why are you asking Ye Mo?”

Su Jingwen finally breathed a sigh of relief and now when she heard Li Mumei’s words, she hurriedly stammered and explained, “Oh no, I thought he really jumped off the building. There’s nothing else, you can say hello to Qingxue for me.”

Li Mumei hung up the phone with some doubts, as for saying hello to Qingxue on behalf of Jingwen, forget it, the acquaintance between Qingxue and Jingwen was all inside her lost memory, now Ning Qingxue didn’t know Su Jingwen at all.

When Li Mu Mei thought of this, her hand shook and she almost dropped her own phone on the floor as well. She seemed to remember that the memory Ning Qingxue had lost wasn’t for a year, but that she happened to have lost all the memories between her and Ye Mo. Or rather, she had lost all her memories after she reacquainted herself with Ye Mo in Ninghai, what was going on? It was a bit too much of a coincidence.

Su Jingwen put down the phone and suddenly felt that Ning Qingxue had gone a bit too far, how could she let Ye Mo jump off the building? No matter what, she couldn’t make Ye Mo vomit blood in anger, right? Ye Mo didn’t know how he was doing now, she was worried about Ye Mo again, if she could find him now, maybe now she would go to Ye Mo’s place to comfort and console him.

I heard that after losing love, people are physically and mentally exhausted, Ye Mo didn’t know if this would be the case, he wouldn’t do anything stupid, right? Su Jingwen was momentarily troubled, but she knew she couldn’t find Ye Mo.

No, let’s leave the matter of cousin Yuyi’s contention alone for now, it’s better to ask Ye Mo about his situation. He was not only his friend, but also his mother’s life-saving benefactor. Even if her mother knew what she was doing, she would not say anything.


Ye Mo was standing at this time by the beach closest to the sea at the tip of the Cape, which was supposed to be a very busy and lively beach spot, but then it became deserted because of the arrival of the Amphibian Gang. In the beginning, those young lords who liked to play with cars would also race in this area because it was empty and deserted.

There were also a few large boats parked by a small pier by the beach, presumably belonging to the Amphibian Gang, and a few motorboats parked off to the side.

Ye Mo checked the direction of the sea water tide, confirmed the direction if something was under the sea being beaten up on the shore by the waves, and collected a few more barrels of petrol from the place next to him.

As for that kind of big barrel of diesel, Ye Mo’s ring couldn’t hold it, but he didn’t want to put such things inside his own ring either. So he could only pull another small boat behind the motorboat, because he knew that searching for the ‘blood stained coral’ was not a matter of a day or two. After everything was ready, Ye Mo then untied one of the motorboats and drove the motorboat in the direction of the tide and kept searching forward.

He believed that if there was a ‘blood sèmear coral’, there was definitely more than one, there must be the rest. Ye Mo planned to spend a month searching for the ‘blood sè coral’, although he had a ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’, it would take too long to cultivate it, and this ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s ‘ he had also given it to Tang Beiwei. If he could find a ‘Blood sèd Coral’, perhaps he would be able to break through to the third level of Qi cultivation in no time at all.

Ye Mo knew that the ‘Blood sèd Coral’ would not grow in shallow seas, so on the first day, he simply drove his motorboat directly to the deep sea. Although his divine sense was already close to one hundred and fifty meters above the land, it could only shake in a range of fifty meters in the sea.

Although Ye Mo knew that it was not entirely accurate to judge the location of the blood stained coral with this, he had no good way but to judge it now.

As the day went on, Ye Mo did not make the slightest discovery, but he found that the motorboat was burning fuel really badly, and his two barrels of fuel would definitely not last for many days.

On the sixth day, when Ye Mo had already used up a barrel of oil, surprisingly, he still had not found any trace of the ‘blood stained coral’. In his heart, Ye Mo was wondering if he was looking in the wrong place when he saw a small uninhabited island. To say that it was an island would be better to say that it was a sea reef. The size of the top was only about twenty acres in circumference, and there were reefs everywhere. The top was big and the bottom was small, somewhat like a gourd turned upside down, only the bottom part was covered by seawater.

Ye Mo looked at this inverted gourd island and had a familiar feeling. He immediately remembered where he had met this inverted gourd island before, it was the sea map that Guo Taiming had left him in the jade box, on which there was such a small inverted gourd island.

When he thought of this, Ye Mo did not hesitate any longer and hastily took out the chart and opened it. After taking this sheepskin chart over, Ye Mo had never looked at it carefully, but now it looked like this was the place.