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DYM Chapter 286

However, the inverted gourd island drawn on top of the chart was just one of the markings. Apart from this inverted gourd island marking, the chart had a silver sè marked line that extended directly to the distant sea. Ye Mo looked along the marked line towards the distant sea, and according to the scale on it, with his current speed, he might not be able to reach the next marked point even in a few months.

This was because the next marked point was no longer the inner sea, but the outer sea, and when it reached the outer sea there were marked points behind it, surprisingly, it was directly the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean was not even the final marker point, the final place was the Southern Ice Ocean.

What Ye Mo didn’t understand was that since it was a chart, wouldn’t it be better to mark the end of the Southern Ice Ocean directly? Why did he have to go through all the trouble of marking them one by one? If he hadn’t seen this inverted gourd island by chance, he wouldn’t have been able to find this place.

According to this chart, if he started walking from the bottom of this inverted gourd, he would definitely be able to find the place that the chart would indicate one day. But this map gave Ye Mo an even bigger míhuò, what did this map want to mark from this inverted gourd island?

But no matter what the person who left the map wanted to do, he would never be able to drive to his destination with this motorboat. He had come to look for the ‘Bloodshed Coral’, and his discovery of the Inverted Gourd Island was a complete accident. However, in his heart, Ye Mo was thinking, could there be a connection between this Inverted Gourd Island and the ‘Bloodshed Coral’ he was trying to find? Or maybe there was a connection between this chart and the ‘blood stained coral’.

Knowing that it was completely useless to continue searching, Ye Mo did not continue searching. If he wanted to look for it, he would have to wait until he was financially strong enough to sell a big ship to look for it. Or a simpler way would be to cultivate to the fourth level of Qi cultivation and just fly over on his sword.

Since he had come here, no matter what, Ye Mo had to go down and take a look. Ye Mo tied his motorboat to the top of the inverted gourd Kaiyang Nai Tearstreak reed island, and then dived down into the water.

Ye Mo just kept going down along this inverted gourd island, and the further down he went, the more pressure there was. However, these pressures would not have mattered to Ye Mo when he was at the second level of Qi cultivation, let alone now when he was at the third level of Qi cultivation.

But Ye Mo was definitely under 2,000 metres of water, and without diving equipment an ordinary person would not be able to withstand it.

The more Ye Mo went down, the more he felt that the island was like a gourd. His divine sense could completely sweep to the middle of the underwater part of the island, and then there was a pearl shape further down, after the pearl shape, what was connected to the bottom of the sea below was the smallest part, even only two or three acres in size.

The bottom of the sea is already close to two thousand meters deep, Ye Mo in the bottom of the sea around this gourd mouth turned a circle, did not find any suspicious place, also did not find what ‘blood sè coral, traces, it looks like this is an ordinary island.

A sea map drawing an ordinary island Ye Mo really could not figure out, he was not willing to continue to circle around this gourd again, his divine sense swept in, it was indeed a small raised island, nothing special.

This made Ye Mo very disappointed and he could only return to the sea again.

But what made Ye Mo even more strange was that the inverted gourd island was invisible on the surface of the sea. Even including his motorboat had disappeared, even a cultivator like Ye Mo’s scalp was a bit numb when he stood in the sea. This kind of thing might be normal in the cultivation world but it was very abnormal on Earth.

He had just come up from where he had gone down, how could an island disappear in the blink of an eye?

Ye Mo didn’t even think about it, he immediately dived into the water again and started searching the place he had just searched. The first thing that happened was that the island was found again. This time, he rose to the surface along the edge of the Hulu Island, and sure enough, he was standing on top of the Hulu Island when it was still a few dozen meters from the surface.

It was impossible for the sea water to rise, which meant that this Hulu Island was sinking, and after the Hulu Island sank, his motorboat drifted away. It was surprising that Huludao would sink of its own accord, had he just run into something? If this speed was maintained, by the next time he came to look for this Huludao Island, it might have completely disappeared.

Ye Mo kept scanning around this Huludao with his divine sense, and when he swept to the waist of the Huludao again, he finally found something different, there was a particularly smooth piece of the waist of this Huludao.

A normal reef or island at the bottom of the sea or something like that could not be this smooth, and this smooth piece was a bit suspicious. Ye Mo still felt that the island was still sinking, so he immediately went to the smooth area at the waist of the island and pressed it hard, but there was no reaction.

Could it be that he was wrong? This place was definitely different, in normal places, his divine sense could sweep in a few meters away, but this place, his divine sense could not sweep in at all, it looked like this stone did not know what kind of material it was made of, even the divine sense could be isolated.

Ye Mo took out a machete from inside his storage ring and made a few slashes at the smooth part, and soon the smooth stone was dug out by him with the knife.

After digging out the smooth stone on the outside, Ye Mo finally saw clearly what was inside, it was just a small stone box, it was really man-made. This smooth stone was not something precious, but if this kind of stone was sealed well, not only could it isolate divine sense, even water and fire could not help it.

It was just that there were too few of these stones, and if there were more, Ye Mo might have used them to make a house for himself.

There was nothing inside the stone box except a jade box. Ye Mo took the jade box out, the style of the jade box was exactly the same as the jade box Guo Taiming had given him, so it really came from the same person.

It seemed that he should have found the right one. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the jade box and there was only an incomplete yīn yang fish bagua diagram inside, a small part inside a yīn yang fish bagua plate to be exact. There was a yīn yang fish on one side and an eight trigrams diagram on the other, which was somewhat bizarre.

Ye Mo looked at it for half a day without understanding what it was, and could only put this incomplete yīn yang fish bagua fragment away. By now the inverted gourd island had sunk a couple of hundred metres, and Ye Mo surfaced again.

He did not understand why this inverted gourd island was sinking, if he was at the Foundation Establishment stage or a higher level now, maybe he would have followed this gourd island and sunk down to see. But now, if he were to follow the island directly, he would probably be looking for death.

The good thing is that this time he didn’t get nothing, although he didn’t find the ‘blood stained coral’, but he found out where the map given by Guo Taiming was, and he also got a fragment of a yīn yang fish.

However, Ye Mo was worried when he stood on the surface of the sea again, his motorboat had drifted to somewhere, and his divine sense was obviously unable to find it. Now he couldn’t fly with his sword yet, and if he went back by swimming alone it was obviously a bit difficult. Although he could also find a wooden board and step back on it, but that would also consume too much true essence.

Maybe he would be exhausted before he reached the shore. He didn’t have any elixirs to replenish his true essence, and once he ran out of true essence in the sea, a white shark might be able to kill him.

What made Ye Mo very depressed was that just as he thought of the white shark, a fierce shark charged towards him. Although it was easy for Ye Mo to kill this shark, he only had to sacrifice his flying sword and it would be over. However, Ye Mo’s flying sword was his treasure, and he couldn’t even spare his flying sword to kill someone under normal circumstances, let alone deal with a mere shark.

Ye Mo casually took out a machete, and with just one slash, this shark, which was fierce and boundless just a moment ago, was lorded over by Ye Mo. However, Ye Mo had just cut this shark and immediately knew that it was not good, he really shouldn’t have used the knife to kill it, the smell of blood was too obvious in the sea.

As expected, just as Ye Mo’s thoughts finished turning, dozens of sharks were already surrounding Ye Mo. Ye Mo once again killed several sharks in a row, but more and more sharks came, at this rate, even if he had deeper hòu of true essence, he would be consumed by these sharks.

Ye Mo did not dare to kill more sharks, if he was on land he could still run, but now he was in the sea, even if he was fast, he could not be faster than these sharks.

With no choice, Ye Mo could only look at one of the sharks and directly straddle its back. This shark was straddled on Ye Mo’s back and immediately swung ferociously. It kept rushing into the deep water and then kept rocking and rolling on the surface again, trying to drop Ye Mo, but Ye Mo sat on its back as steady as a mountain.

He was right in thinking that although this shark was fierce, it couldn’t do anything about the prey on its back, and it kept running farther and farther away, gradually breaking away from the group of sharks.

He is far away from the group of sharks, Ye Mo Shu. The actual sharks are not able to chase them down, but his own true essence is also consumed a lot, after all, that kind of pressure is not something an ordinary person can bear.

Just when Ye Mo was about to let the shark go, he found that the shark was very fast. He had a sudden thought that if he used the shark as a substitute, not only would he not need petrol, he would not even be slow at all. It was just that sitting on the shark was not as comfortable as being on the motorboat.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately started to try to use the shark to change direction, and after two hours, Ye Mo was able to make this shark come and go freely by constantly threatening with his fists and divine sense.

This was still an ordinary shark, if only it was a spirit beast, Ye Mo thought of the cantharis he had given to Ji Wanqing, although it was not a spirit beast either, it could make a contract. But this shark could not, its intelligence was too far from that of the cantharis.

Ye Mo stood on the shark’s back for an hour or two before he felt that something was wrong. Although the shark could lead the way and its speed was not slow, it could not rush for a long time. Once the time was a little longer, the shark became a little tired. Although standing on top of the shark was very impressive, it was troublesome not to be able to drive for a long time.

As a result, Ye Mo could only hunt some fish to feed the shark and let it rest for a while after walking for an hour or two.

Despite this, after a day, the shark’s speed was still getting slower and slower, and Ye Mo stood on the shark’s back, thinking whether to hunt another one. But once he thought of hunting another shark and having to train for another half day, Ye Mo lost all interest!