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DYM Chapter 324

Ye Mo followed, and didn’t get very far before he was stopped by someone.

“You’re Ye Mo?” The person who stopped Ye Mo asked, not very sure.

It was only as soon as Ye Mo saw the woman who had stopped him in front of him that he recognised who this person was, it was Wang Ying, who he was coming to find today. It looked like she had been watching herself for a long time before she came out to stop him, but because Ye Mo had changed so much, she still wasn’t quite sure.

When Ye Mo saw that it was Wang Ying, he immediately smiled and said, “Yes, I am Ye Mo, but I am here to find you today for something.”

“You’re really Ye Mo, you’ve changed so much, I simply don’t recognize you anymore. I heard Ye Ling talk about you once last time, I didn’t expect you to come to Yanjing.” Wang Ying exclaimed with a surprised face, although Ye Mo was famous in the upper echelons, but Wang Ying had not heard of Ye Mo’s name, not to mention Wang Ying, many people had not heard of Ye Mo.

Because the people she came into contact with and the people Ye Mo came into contact with were simply two different things, while Ye Ling did not tell Wang Ying about Ye Mo, so she also did not know that Ye Mo had changed so much.

“By the way, you just said you were looking for me, what are you looking for me for? But I say, Ye Mo, it’s only been a year or so since I’ve seen you, and you’re surprisingly so handsome. That Ning Qingxue has dumped you, right, why don’t I be your girlfriend?” Wang Ying still spoke heartlessly, but Ye Mo felt a sense of long-lost familiarity.

“It’s something small, back when I was at Ninghai University, you helped me a lot, so I came to thank you on purpose. As for a girlfriend, forget it, I can’t afford to support a rich woman like you.” Ye Mo thought about what happened back then, and surprisingly, he had some flashbacks.

Wang Ying gave a generous wave of her hand, “A few small things, why hang on to it. Let’s go, today Sister will treat you to a big meal.”

After saying that, Wang Ying pulled Ye Mo and hailed a taxi at random. And looked back at Ye Mo, “Don’t think I don’t have a car, I’m going to buy a car soon, if you don’t have anywhere to go, stay in Yanjing and hang out with me.”

Wang Ying’s words were true, she knew that Ye Mo was not well received in the Ye family, and she also knew that he didn’t have any good paths, so she said this purely to help Ye Mo.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered the matter of Nie Shuang Shuang, and his divine sense swept out again, but he was no longer visible. If in normal times, when Wang Ying said to go for dinner, Ye Mo felt ji for Wang Ying in his heart and went over, but today he still had a lot of things to do, so he could only refuse.

“Wang Ying, let’s go, why are you still here, let’s go to ‘Lolo’ together in the evening, let me tell you, Chi Xuanfeng will also go over oh.” At this moment, a woman once again walked out from the office building behind Wang Ying, she finished subconsciously looking at Ye Mo who was talking to Wang Ying, but in her heart she was guessing what kind of person Ye Mo was.

Wang Ying immediately showed an expression of surprise, “Really, you said that Chi Xuanfeng would really be there at night?”

“Cut, why would I lie to you, don’t say I didn’t provide you with information.” The woman revealed a rightful tone and said.

Wang Ying apologized and said to Ye Mo, “Ye Mo, I can’t treat you to dinner today, next time, this is my phone number, remember to call me next time, Shan Shan let’s go there together.”

Ye Mo took the business card but said, “It’s okay, next time is fine, but I want to ask in pa*sing, you ended up bringing me 20,000 yuan in Ninghai, who told you to bring it there.”

“It was Li Mumei, I’m leaving ah Ye Mo.” Said Wang Ying who had already pulled the woman into the car and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

“It’s actually Li Mumei?” Ye Mo repeated, but he quickly understood that Li Mumei would not bring him money, the only possibility was that Ning Qingxue had asked her to bring him money.

Although he knew that Ning Qingxue should have used him as a shield to take out 20,000 yuan for the use of the money in the first place, Ye Mo still felt very much for her. Because in Ye Mo’s case, he didn’t have anything to lose, and he really needed the money urgently at that time. If there was no later encounter with Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo would just be thankful and forget it, but now it once again ignited in his heart the thought of Ning Qingxue.

“Light Snow ……” Ye Mo murmured, and his heart suddenly recalled being under Di Tuo Peak in Shennongjia. Was that really her? A girl who could risk death at any moment to find him and would forget him? Would be so desperate for him? Was there no memory left at all?

Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to search for Nie Shuang Shuang, he walked somewhat indifferently through the streets of Yanjing, but in his heart he was thinking about the little bits and pieces under the Di Tuo Peak of the Shennongjia. Thinking about the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ inside that small courtyard in Ninghai, and the patch of blood by the ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’.

“Perhaps, I should go back to Ninghai to take a look.” Ye Mo muttered once again.

Ye Mo didn’t know how long he had been walking for, or if the group of people surrounding him in front of him had interrupted his thoughts of Ning Qingxue, and before he knew it he had arrived at the ‘Yanshui River’.

Although the ‘Yanshui River’ and the ‘Miyang Lake’ in Yanjing did not cross, they were two very famous places in Yanjing. The ‘Mi Yang Lake’ is surrounded by rich and powerful people, so it is also called the ‘Rich and Noble Lake’. The people living around ‘Yanshui River’, on the other hand, were very sparse and were all foreigners, so although it didn’t have the name ‘Poor River’, it wasn’t too far off.

At this moment, the place Ye Mo came to was the ‘Yanshui River’, and the group of people surrounding it were all looking at a dead man. Ye Mo only had to sweep his divine sense in to know.

The dead one was a young man in his twenties with a grey face, what was surprising was that his eyes were not closed and there was even a shocked expression lingering on them.

“I heard Erfa shriek over here, then I ran over, only to see that Erfa was dead. Then I called someone, and later ……” Another young man next to me was talking non-stop to the police, as if the more he said, the less suspicion he would have.

“Ah, Ye Mo, surprisingly it’s you, I’m Xiao Lei ah, do you remember me?” A female reporter said in surprise as she walked briskly up to Ye Mo’s face.

Ye Mo looked at the slightly slim Xiao Lei and remembered her solo interview with the flowing snake and her interview with the divine Dragon Shelf, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Of course I remember, aren’t you the great reporter Xiao who has been running in the front line? I didn’t expect you to cover such a small matter.”

Xiao Lei’s expression was slightly gloomy, but she quickly recovered, “This is not a trivial matter, this man is already the sixth person to die in Yanjing, and each one has died with the same appearance and a horrified expression. It looks like they met something general before they died, but I’ve been following the task force for more than a month now, and there’s no sign of anything at all. Ah, not to say this …… that, Ye Mo are you free in the evening?”

“At night ah ……” Ye Mo said after a moment of hesitation, “I have to leave Yanjing at night, so I’m not free tonight.”

“So ……” Xiao Lei had a disappointed expression on her face, she had met Ye Mo so easily, only to find out that he said he was unavailable, she looked at Ye Mo with some hesitation and said, “Ye Mo, I actually just want to invite you to dinner. I was very grateful to you last time, so ……”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “No need, you already treated me last time when we went to the divine Dragon Shelf, next time it’s my turn to treat you, but today I’m not free.”

“Xiao Lei.” Someone in the crowd was already calling her.

Xiao Lei looked at Ye Mo helplessly, “Alright, next time then, but next time don’t say you don’t have time.”

Ye Mo stared at Xiao Lei for half a day, until he made Xiao Lei’s face a little red, he suddenly said to Xiao Lei, “You give me your hand.”

“Ah ……” Xiao Lei hesitated for half a day and looked at Ye Mo in confusion.

Ye Mo smiled awkwardly, “I’m sorry, I was too abrupt. Where do you guys usually find dead people?”

Xiao Lei, however, looked around nervously before suddenly extending her hand in front of Ye Mo, “It’s alright, here.” It seemed as if her hand was a thing that could be given to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo, however, did not refuse, but instead of holding Xiao Lei’s hand, he grabbed Xiao Lei’s wrist. Xiao Lei’s face flushed and she wanted to struggle a little, but in her heart, she didn’t understand why Ye Mo was making this move. Inside her impression, Ye Mo was a very orthodox person, not to mention that there were many people here now, or even if there were not many people, he would not do such a thing.

Ye Mo’s divine sense, however, sensed a large amount of Yin Cold Qi in Xiao Lei’s body, the same as Zhuo Ying Qing’s back then. He immediately knew that Xiao Lei had been invaded by this Yin Cold Qi, and if this Yin Cold continued to increase, sooner or later she would be killed. If it did not continue, she would also become very ill.

So having met and knowing someone, Ye Mo didn’t mind helping her once, but if she didn’t agree to reach out forget it. Xiao Lei was different from Zhuo Yingqing, who was Zhuo Aiguo’s niece, so he would take the initiative to help. If Xiao Lei did not agree to reach out, he would not help this favor.

The Yin cold Qi in Xiao Lei’s body was quickly forced out by Ye Mo and Xiao Lei herself felt much lighter and stronger. At this moment, she also understood what Ye Mo seemed to be helping her with, and when Ye Mo let go of her hand, she immediately asked, “Ye Mo, is there something wrong with me?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, in the future, you should try not to touch these corpses, these corpses still have the Yin Cold Qi on them when they first died, once a person comes into contact with them, this Yin Cold with Death Qi will invade the human body. It doesn’t matter once or twice, you must be the first to arrive at the scene every time, after a long time, if your resistance is a bit poorer, you will get very sick or even die.”

“Ah ……” Xiao Lei was dumbfounded for a long time before she said, “No wonder I’ve always felt sickly lately, just now when you did it, I seemed to be quite relaxed, so it’s like this, you saved me once again, thank you Ye Mo. ”

Ye Mo suddenly frowned, he found some clues and immediately turned back to Xiao Lei and said, “You’re welcome, we’ll catch up next time, I have something to do first.”