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DYM Chapter 323

“Big brother, I didn’t help you much in Ninghai, so thank you this time.” Ye Zifeng had always been good to Ye Mo, and he knew that Ye Mo was now willing to return to the Ye family to help out, solely because of him and Ye Ling. He, Ye Zifeng, was not a fool, and he could see that his grandfather’s purpose for making him the head of the family was there, but he did not refuse. This was because he did want to revitalise the Ye family and bring it to a new level.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Two brothers in one world, why are we still talking about this? Besides, when I was studying in Ninghai, you helped me a lot. Especially the 20,000 yuan you asked Wang Ying to bring to me before I left, I didn’t have any money on me at that time, so that 20,000 yuan helped me a lot. There is also the fact that I rarely return to Yanjing in the future, so if there is something, you can ask Zhang Stubborn for help.”

Ye Mo was really impressed, when he first woke up, he didn’t even have money for food. If Wang Ying hadn’t brought over 20,000 yuan, he would have really struggled.

Without this money, it was impossible for him to advance to the first level of Qi cultivation, and if he couldn’t advance to the first level of Qi cultivation, he couldn’t sell talismans, and if he couldn’t sell talismans, he wouldn’t have an economic source. So this 20,000 yuan of Ye Zifeng’s money was the basis for Ye Mo to survive when he first came to this world.

Ye Ling’s eyes reddened as she listened, she tried everything to protect Ye Mo, and even made it a point to loathe Ye Mo in order to keep people from knowing, even going so far as to outwardly fall out with her second brother Ye Zifeng. She didn’t have much money to begin with, and surprisingly, all of it was cheated away by her rival. If Ye Mo hadn’t returned to Yanjing in time, she didn’t know how far she would have fallen. Now when she thought of Ye Mo being alone in Ninghai back then, not even having food to eat, she couldn’t help but feel sad in her heart, she was really too naive back then.

When Ye Mo saw Ye Ling’s expression, he knew what she was thinking in her heart, then he held Ye Ling’s hand and said, “Lingzi you don’t need to blame yourself, your intentions were good, it was only because you had no social experience that you were taken advantage of, think twice before you do anything in the future, listen to Zi Feng more.”

“Mmm ……” At this time, Ye Ling was with Ye Mo and Ye Zifeng, her heart surprisingly welled up with a long-lost feeling. It was a feeling of home, having a family, to have a home.

Ye Zifeng froze for a moment and said, “Big brother, I did ask Wang Ying to bring money many times, but at that time I didn’t have much money of my own. The ones I brought were all a thousand or two thousand, I never brought twenty thousand at a time.”

Ye Mo was also a bit surprised, this money was not brought to him by Zi Feng, who else would be kind enough to bring money for him to use besides Ye Zi Feng and Ye Ling?

“Brother, could it be that Wang Ying likes you and she secretly gave it to you herself?” Ye Ling suddenly said.

Ye Mo laughed bitterly and patted Ye Ling’s head, “Don’t be so gossipy, okay, it would be weird if Wang Ying would like me.” He remembered the stammering Wang Ying back then, this woman was heartless and could say anything in front of him. If she really liked herself, she would never have said that the twenty thousand yuan was brought to him by Zi Feng, but would have simply said that she gave it to him herself.

“I’ll ask her about it when the time comes, Zifeng you get more rest, I’m leaving Yanjing tonight and may not be back until some time later. As for Lingzi’s necklace and your bracelet, I’ll help you refine them later.” Ye Mo saw the necklace above Ye Ling’s neck that no longer had a luster and knew that although the necklace could defend, it couldn’t block a single move and half a move from an earth level expert.

Just after Ye Mo said this, the compound of the Ye family seemed to be buzzing with activity. The Ye family compound, which was incomparably cold not long ago, was actually constantly visited by people. Although he didn’t know who these people were, Ye Mo knew that these should all be the power circles in Yanjing. These people’s ears were really sharp, he had just taught the Hopewell School and Tanjiao a lesson here, and these people had gotten the news.

“Zhang Stubborn is coming over, Ye Ling, go and open the door.” Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept outside the door to see Zhang Stubborn’s arrival.

Ye Ling opened the door and indeed saw Zhang Stubborn standing at the door with a strange expression on his face.

“Ye Mo, are you really a Xiantian? Surprisingly, even Old Tam is not your opponent, you are simply ……” Zhang Stubborn looked at Ye Ling and Ye Zifeng who were staring at him in amazement, and somewhat embarra*sed, he stopped the conversation and rubbed his head.

Ye Mo, however, smiled and said, “Innate? Actually, I’m really not very clear myself, but that’s okay. Zhang stubborn, in the future, if I am not in Yanjing, I will have to bother you more about Ye Ling and Zifeng.”

Zhang Stubborn immediately patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry, as long as I, Zhang Stubborn, am here, I won’t let anyone bully Ye Ling and Zifeng.”

Ye Mo nodded and took out a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’ and handed it to Zhang Stubborn, “This pill will at least allow you to advance from the current early Xuan level to the late Xuan level. If you take it at the late Xuan level, it will allow you to advance to the Earth level.”

Zhang Stubborn grabbed the elixir in Ye Mo’s hand like a treasure and looked at it for a long time before saying in awe, “It is surprisingly so powerful, could it be a legendary spirit elixir?”

Now that he knew that Ye Mo might be a Xiantian expert, he was even less likely to doubt what Ye Mo had taken out.

A spiritual elixir? Ye Mo almost laughed out loud “Accompanying Qi Dan’ can even be said to be the lowest grade of pills in cultivation in the entire cultivation world, to be described as a Spirit Dan, if this were to get out, it would be ridiculous for others to lose their teeth.

Zhang Stubborn suddenly looked at the communicator on his waist, then said, “I have to go back, I will come back later and go drinking with you.”

However, Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I’m leaving Yanjing in a while, so you can say hello to Elder Han for me. Tell Han Lao that I will help him find the stuff. By the way, what about the woman that Han Yan brought back last time?”

Ye Mo was asking about Wen Dong, as he had left immediately after saving her last time and hadn’t asked until today.

Zhang Stubborn hurriedly said, “She’s fine, she’ll be fine soon, that snow lotus seed is really good, but old brother you are really good at what you do, you can actually use the snow lotus seed to save people. After the girl called Wen Dong got well, she left with Feng Tian who came to visit her. I don’t know exactly where they went, but Han Yan should know that she was the one who sent the two away.”

Only after hearing that Wen Dong was already fine did Ye Mo put his heart down. As for where he had gone, Ye Mo didn’t have the heart to care about it. He did it because Wen Dong was very righteous enough to not reveal his news even when he was forced to die in the first place, which made him decide to save Wen Dong’s life.

Ye Ling had the heart to ask Ye Mo about Light Snow, but she couldn’t ask when Zhang Stubborn was here just now. Now that Zhang Stubborn had left, she immediately asked, “Brother, how is Sister Qingxue doing now? Have you been to see her?”

Ye Mo originally did not want to think about Light Snow, but now that Ye Ling asked, her heart was a little gloomy. Yes, how is she now?

“What’s wrong? Brother, is there something going on between you and Sister Qingxue?” Ye Ling did not know about Ning Qingxue’s memory loss, and when she saw Ye Mo’s somewhat silent expression, she immediately asked.

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, when things are done over here, I will go and see her.”

The attentive Ye Ling still saw that Ye Mo really had something on his mind, but since her brother had said so, she couldn’t ask any more, so she could only say, “Well, can I go and see Sister Qingxue?”

Ye Mo immediately waved his hand and said, “No need, you should not leave Yanjing recently, wait until I come back.” At this time, it would be safest for Ye Ling to stay in Yanjing instead.


After helping Ye Ling and Zi Feng repair their protective magic weapons, Ye Mo left the Ye family compound. Although he was well-known in the top echelons of Yanjing, he was really not very familiar with Yanjing. Just now he had asked his sister Ye Ling and knew that Wang Ying worked at her family’s company. While the address of the company was above Jintang Road, so Ye Mo came to Jintang Road, apart from thanking Wang Ying, he also wanted to ask who brought him the 20,000 yuan back then.

When Ye Mo walked to Jintang Road, he found a bar at the busy intersection, and the name of the bar was ‘Drunken Eye Bar’. The reason why Ye Mo noticed the bar was because he felt that it was somewhat familiar and he seemed to have been here before.

Ye Mo quickly remembered that he had indeed been to this bar before, when he was in Yanjing, Nie Shuang Shuang had asked him to come to this bar. Moreover, Nie Shuang Shuang had killed two people in this bar, and even Ye Mo had interrupted her while she was undressing. In the end, he even forced this woman to take a poisonous oath that she would not have bad intentions towards Ye Ling.

It was just the words ‘I’m still a virgin’ that Nie Shuang Shuang said when she was leaving, and Ye Mo hadn’t understood what was going on until now. He didn’t know why Nie Shuang Shuang had said that, but he felt that Nie Shuang Shuang’s bizarre actions were very much like Nie Wu Bian, who he had killed back then, and the woman in red in Chun’an. They all had one thing in common: they were bizarre, vicious and poisonous.

Ye Mo shook his head, but the woman called Nie Shuang Shuang had kept her word and didn’t lay a hand on Ye Ling. When he pa*sed by the ‘Drunken Eye Bar’, his divine sense casually swept in, but he was surprised to find that Nie Shuang Shuang was sitting inside the ‘Drunken Eye Bar’.

The seat she was even sitting in was the same one she had sat in when she was dating him before, and looking at her, it seemed like she had been sitting there for a long time.

What was this woman doing sitting here? If one were to say that she had only met him twice before she fell in love with him and was now here reminiscing about coming here. Ye Mo would not believe it no matter what, he had seen with his own eyes how evil this woman was, and how calmly she killed people as if she was stepping on ants.

There was also her ‘I’m still a virgin’ remark, although Ye Mo didn’t believe that Nie Shuang Shuang was a virgin, he couldn’t figure out why Nie Shuang Shuang had said that.

Huh? Ye Mo unexpectedly found that the cold, cold, evil aura on Nie Shuang Shuang’s body was gone? Moreover, her internal breath was now unstable and her face was pale, clearly a case of serious internal injuries.

This woman was so badly injured that she didn’t go to heal her wounds and hid here to drink? Ye Mo was instantly surprised in his heart, and why did she change her cultivation technique? If she hadn’t changed her cultivation technique, why was the aura on her body completely different from the kind of aura she had last time?

Ye Mo suspected that Nie Shuangshuang was also a disciple of the September View when he saw Nie Wubian, but now that he saw her again, he found that the cold aura on her body had disappeared, which was indeed suspicious.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go in and ask if this woman was a disciple of the September View, a ruthless expression appeared on Nie Shuang Shuang’s face and she stood up haughtily.

Ye Mo watched Nie Shuang Shuang leave the ‘Drunken Eye Bar’ and without thinking, he immediately followed her, he wanted to see what this woman wanted.