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DYM Chapter 327

After a few moments of crying, she said, “Senior sister woke up later and said that the pills I gave her were very good and she was feeling much better, so there should be no more problems. But then she said that she wanted to come and go separately from me. She said that I should go to Luo Cang to join her in a year’s time, and that the two of us should not have any contact between then, and that she had thrown away my mobile phone and hers.”

Ye Mo suddenly had an epiphany and he looked at Lok Hustle and said, “Can you show me the injury on your back?”

“Ah ……” Falling Hustle stopped crying and stared at Ye Mo with a shocked face, to see the injury on her back, didn’t she have to take off her top?

Ye Mo also felt that this seemed a bit inappropriate after he finished speaking, he subconsciously did not even think about the inconvenience inside, because he really did not have any thoughts about the loli general Lok Hustle.

“Uh, since it’s inconvenient, forget it.” Ye Mo hastily remedied the situation.

Lok Hustle shook her head, “There’s nothing inconvenient, Brother Ye, I trust you. You see my injury must be for another reason, let me show you ……”

After saying this, Lok Hustle had already taken off her blouse, and there was indeed a red palm mark on the top of her white and bare jade-like back. Ye Mo face is slightly hot, although there is no idea, but see Lok Hustle after taking off the blouse, but still can see from the armpit in the bra under the semicircle shape, and the can hold a thin waist.

The faint virgin body fragrance coming from Lok Hustle’s body made Ye Mo’s throat a little dry, so he hurriedly said, “It’s already done.”

And by now, Lok Hustle was already blushing a little, but her clothes had just been put on when Ye Mo asked again, “What else did your Eldest Sister say?”

Lok Hustle came back to her senses and said with some sobbing again, “I said what to do now that Second Senior Sister hasn’t come over yet? Eldest Sister was silent for a long time before saying that Second Sister was very resourceful nothing should happen to her. She told me to leave Chun’an immediately, and not to show myself, not to look for her, and not to return to the sect. Also don’t trust anyone, even Eldest Sister said that even she herself told me not to trust. Brother Ye, why do you have to be like this?”

Ye Mo had already understood, he sighed and said, “When you first arrived at ‘Ying Hua Guan’, did you say that you had already gotten the ‘Our Luo Sutra’ after seeing your second senior sister?”

Lok Hustle was not a fool, and when Ye Mo just casually asked, she was instantly frozen, but immediately turned red and said, “Brother Ye, you doubt my second senior sister? She is definitely not this kind of person, we are like sisters, I am sure she is not this kind of person ……”

Before she finished her words, Lok Hustle stopped herself. She had already understood that it wasn’t Ye Mo who was doubting her second senior sister, but rather, the elder sister was also doubting the second senior sister, only that the elder sister was unwilling to accept this fact. Only then did she say not to believe even her own words, which meant that Second Senior Sister’s words told Lok Hustle not to believe them.

This is because Senior Sister is unwilling to accept this fact, and she is not completely sure that it is Second Sister who did this, so she said this to Lok Hustle.

There was a sudden look of extreme sadness and disappointment in Lok Hustle’s eyes, and she was even more unwilling to accept the fact that Second Sister wanted to kill her and Eldest Sister. She could only murmur, “No, it’s not true.”

Ye Mo sneered, “I don’t know if it’s true, your Second Senior Sister went to look for your Eldest Senior Sister, that is outside the ‘Ying Hua Guan’, how could she have disappeared. Also I’m sure your second senior sister wasn’t going to find your elder sister as soon as you arrived, but because she said she was going to find your elder sister after you told her that the ‘Our Luo Sutra’ had been found by you, right? Also, do you know what the wound on your back is? It’s a handprint, the handprint of a woman.”

Lok Hustle could no longer bear the sadness inside her, tears snapped down, she couldn’t imagine that her second sister, who had always been like a brother, would set her up. She even wanted to kill her, to know that several senior sisters used to depend on each other, why was this?

Ye Mo, however, did not care in the slightest about Lok Hustle’s state, but said to himself, “It was because your elder sister guessed it that she decisively wanted you to go. She even carried you out a dozen miles away and then let you escape on your own. If it wasn’t for that ‘Lotus Life Pill’ your Eldest Sister would already be dead, that’s for sure.”

“But why did Eldest Sister still separate from me if she was saved?” Lok Hustle sobbed, she really didn’t want to know that all this was true now.

“Because she has been marked on her body, and by staying with you, she can only bring you down with her. Moreover, if you hadn’t suddenly advanced to the peak of the early Xuan level, that slap would have killed you. So, the person who a*sa*sinated you knew your cultivation level and knew that this slap could definitely kill you, but she did not expect that you had advanced to the Xuan level and that this slap would not kill you, which was completely unexpected.

So within this person’s calculation, you and your Eldest Sister had all been killed, it was just your cultivation and the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ that made things appear unexpected.” Ye Mo said indifferently, as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Lok Hustle was already smart and perceptive, now after Ye Mo reminded her, the back and forth all connected, and it was really as Ye Mo said. She was dumbfounded, but soon she once again pulled Ye Mo’s arm in panic, “Brother Ye, save my Eldest Sister, I know you are a capable person, she has been marked, what can we do?”

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “Lok Hustle, you don’t need to rush, the reason why your Eldest Sister was marked is because she knew that the sword of the person who a*sa*sinated her was poisoned on it. Then the person who a*sa*sinated her could find your Eldest Sister according to the toxin on the sword. But he didn’t count on my ‘Lotus Life Dan’. As long as my ‘Lotus Life Dan’ can save it, ordinary poison is a floating cloud to it. It will dissolve the poison in a very short time, so you don’t have to worry about your Eldest Sister, your Second Sister definitely won’t be able to find her.”

Lok Hustle’s hanging heart was once again relieved, and when she thought of her second senior sister’s ruthlessness, she couldn’t help but cry out again.

Ye Mo, however, didn’t bother to persuade Lu Hustle, he was sad that it was a pity that the golden piece of paper. It had fallen to Lok Hustle’s second senior sister, so he didn’t know who she was in cahoots with.

“You don’t need to cry, your second senior sister will definitely be looking for you everywhere when she can’t find you and your elder sister’s corpse later, so you’d better think about how to avoid your second senior sister’s pursuit.” Ye Mo glanced at Lok Hustle and then said, “How dare you come back here, I’m sure it won’t take long for your Second Senior Sister to find this place.”

Lok Hustle rubbed his eyes and said, “I think I wouldn’t dare to go to the school even more besides here, and I don’t know a single person after leaving Chun An. I only know you alone, and Ziyun, who is an ordinary person, and I would be doing her a disservice by going to her, so I can only come here to wait for you. I had thought that if you didn’t come back, I would go to the Flowing Serpent to find Brother Xu, I had nowhere else to go.”

Ye Mo suddenly thought, no, ah, if the second sister of Lok Hustle was looking for Lok Hustle, then wouldn’t this location have been found a long time ago? Couldn’t something have changed again in the middle?

He looked at Lok Hustle and said, “Since you’re back, why don’t you go back to your room and come to my side?”

The door to the room was open, and I hesitated for half a day before saying, “That staircase goes up automatically, and I didn’t dare to stay in my room alone, so I hid by your bed, and I wanted to wait for you to come back ……”

After saying that, Lok Hustle gave Ye Mo a somewhat worried glance, and finding that Ye Mo did not blame her, her heart was relieved and she immediately rummaged around Ye Mo’s bed, and soon she fished out a yellowish piece of paper from under the pillow and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This is what I took down from that upper collection of our Luo Sutra, let me give it to you.”

Ye Mo was surprised to receive the yellowish piece of paper, he didn’t expect that Lok Hustle had taken it down first, and even hid it under his pillow. He immediately burned the yellow piece of paper on the outside, and it did reveal a golden piece of paper once again.

Ye Mo held the piece of paper for half a day before he said to Lok Hustle, “I’m really grateful to you this time, Lok Hustle.”

Seeing Ye Mo happy, Lok Hustle finally showed some smiles, she felt that this matter was the best thing she had done right. The first thing she did after she got the Our Luo Sutra was to send the piece of paper to Ye Mo’s room before she went to see her two senior sisters.

“You saved my elder sister’s life, this is something that I should do.” Seeing that Ye Mo was genuinely happy, Lok Hustle’s sad mood was finally a little better.

“Mm.” Ye Mo looked at the golden piece of paper repeatedly, took out a piece of cloth again and carefully wrapped the golden piece of paper and put it away in his ring, then said, “Not bad, you have really helped me this time, well, since you don’t have anywhere to go, you can follow me for now. When I finish the matter at hand, I will send you back to the sect.”

“But if they really did it, and we go back, aren’t they waiting for us to send them to the door? Eldest Sister told me never to go back. And, and ……” said Lok Hustle with some hesitation.

Ye Mo smiled proudly, “Others he can stop, but I, Ye Mo, can’t stop anyone yet if I want to go somewhere. Tonight after I get to know the things here, tomorrow you will go with me to Qi Yang Mountain Shadow Cliff Valley and then I will send you back.”

Lok Hustle shook his head and said, “I don’t want to, even if you can send me back, Brother Ye, I still have to find my Eldest Sister, otherwise I won’t feel at ease. And why go to Qi Yang Mountain Shadow Cliff Valley?”

“Of course I’m going to exterminate the Hopewell School, how about that? If you’re scared, just wait for me here.” Ye Mo said with a smile, he knew that Lok Hustle would definitely not dare to wait for him here alone.

Sure enough, Lok Hustle said, “I’m not staying here, I’m going with you to Qi Yang Mountain Shadow Cliff Valley, I’m also at Xuan level cultivation now, so maybe I can also help you out some.”

“Alright, in that case, let’s go upstairs first.” Ye Mo nodded his head and said.

“And go upstairs for what?” Lok Hustle immediately showed a wary expression.

Ye Mo smiled blandly, “To exterminate the ghosts, of course.”