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DYM Chapter 328

“Ah ……” Lok Hustle was stunned for a moment before saying with some hesitation, “But, but that ghost is too powerful, Master said I have spirit eyes, I can’t even see it, and I was hurt by it. I think, I think, should we not go up there ……”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “Fine, then you can wait here for me until I go up and catch the ghost and then come back down.”

“I’d better go up with you, one more person is always more powerful.” Lok Hustle immediately changed her mind and said, if Ye Mo wasn’t still here, she really didn’t want to come back, it was true that she wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but invisible ghosts were another matter, and that ghost didn’t even seem to be afraid of the peach wood sword.

“Don’t worry, I’ve probably guessed what it was, I’m just going to make sure, if I’m not wrong, that ghost has already gone, I’m just going inside the lift to take another look.” Ye Mo smiled and rea*sured Lok Hustle.

He had really guessed what that thing was, after reading Nie Shuang Shuang’s letter, Ye Mo guessed that that thing was most likely the pet Chaos that Nie Shuang Shuang had once kept.

Because Chaos could disguise itself, it could also disguise itself inside the lift to be the same colour as the lift and then attach itself to a corner of the lift, that is, the human eye would not be able to see it at all. So his divine sense swept through several times without finding this thing, and then after reading Nie Shuang Shuang’s letter, he suddenly thought of this chaos. It seemed that when he had once checked the lift, there was a slightly raised piece in the lift that he hadn’t noticed, but now that he thought about it, it should be that thing.

Ye Mo was just going to confirm it now. As to why Chaos had come to this place, Ye Mo reckoned that it had something to do with the woman in red that he had killed. Nie Shuang Shuang did not cultivate the September View’s gongfu, while the woman in red cultivated the September View’s gongfu, so when Chaos’ cultivation deepened, Nie Shuang Shuang could not control Chaos and let it escape alone.

The fleeing Chaos wanted to eat Yin souls, and since the woman in red was here, Yin energy must be extremely strong here. Having attracted Chaos, it is possible that the woman in red even tried to subdue this Chaos, and it all ended up staying here. Of course there is also the possibility that Chaos came first and the woman in red came later, and that the woman in red was drawn here by Chaos. Either way, there was a connection with the September View.

“Brother Ye, did you really guess what that was? Was it not a Yin spirit?” Lok Hustle asked in amazement.

“No, but this thing is much scarier than a Yin Soul, it’s even more ghostly than a ghost.” Ye Mo nodded and said, if this chaos was really the same as what Nie Shuang Shuang said, then it was indeed too scary.

Nie Shuang Shuang wasn’t afraid of things that could be seen, but was afraid of things that couldn’t be seen, although now Ye Mo said this, it was still a bit worried, but followed closely behind Ye Mo, she was afraid that if she wasn’t careful, that thing would scurry out from the side.

The lift stopped at the eighth floor, and Ye Mo and Lok Hustle stepped into the lift. After Ye Mo pressed the button for the twelfth floor, he paid attention to the steel plates around the lift.

Sure enough he once again found some faint gloomy cold aura next to the button, Ye Mo knew that this should be where the thing had attached itself to, because the thing hadn’t been gone for long, so there was still a hint of gloomy cold aura above the lift.

“Did you find it?” When Lok Hustle asked, the lift had already stopped at the twelfth floor. But she was obviously very nervous, and even unknowingly one hand had grabbed the corner of Ye Mo’s coat.

“Well,” Ye Mo said as he stepped out of the lift and nodded, “Yes, it’s been found, but that thing should be gone. It’s a very malevolent animal, this animal specializes in feeding on Yin and filth, and has a murderous nature. There was originally a ghost creature here, and after the ghost creature was exterminated by me, it couldn’t stay anymore, and I guess it left yesterday.”

Lok Hustle seemed to understand somewhat and asked, “Exterminated by you? One day I was pushed out of the stairs on the ninth floor by a very powerful ghostly creature, did you exterminate that ghostly creature? No wonder I didn’t see it when I went up afterwards.”

Ye Mo leapt up from the twelfth floor to the top of the building, feeling the breeze blowing once again and feeling some emotions in his heart. He had only been here for just over a year, not even two years, but so much had happened in the past year and a half.

Falling Hustle heard that it was a creature that could disguise itself, and her mind was put at ease as she leapt up to the roof after Ye Mo, watching him stand silent at the edge of the building. Then she walked up next to Ye Mo and asked, “Brother Ye, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about ……” Ye Mo hesitated for a moment before he suddenly said, “Lok Hustle, if one day you really like a man, will you forget about his because of memory loss?”

“Ah.” Lok Hustle was a little caught off guard, her face rose a little red and she immediately said, “Brother Ye, what are you talking nonsense about, I am a monk, how would I suddenly fall in love with a man.”

Ye Mo subconsciously nodded, “It’s also true, you’re a monk, I’m the one who asked abruptly.”

Looking at the distant starry sky and the appending lights, Ye Mo seemed a little bewildered.

Looking at Ye Mo’s forlorn face and slightly baffled eyes, Lok Hustle also stopped speaking and stood on the roof of the twelfth floor like Ye Mo looking at the appending lights in the distance. After a long time, she found that Ye Mo was still standing still in that position, she said with some concern, “Brother Ye, have you lost your love? Although I don’t know much about these things, I have seen many students who have fallen out of love in my two years at school. They seem to be very sad, well, it seems like some of them are like you.”

“Lost love?” Ye Mo muttered and repeated, did he fall out of love? Then he shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Ye Mo suddenly remembered something and looked at Lok Hustle and asked, “By the way, you said you were a monk, what is your sect?”

Lok Hustle hesitated for a moment, but did not hide, “My sect is called Cihang Jingzhai, a sect that has a long history in China.”

“Cihang Jingzhai? Why is it somewhat familiar?” After Ye Mo repeated, he immediately recalled the last time he saw one called ‘Lianhang Jingzhai’ at the auction and wondered if there was a connection.

However, Lok Hustle said leisurely, “If you hear this name is familiar it is quite normal, because a long time ago ‘Cihang Jingzhai’ was outside and did not enter the small world. It was only a few hundred years ago that the sect entered the small world I heard, and I’m not too sure about the details, that ‘Our Luo Sutra’ is a very important textbook that our sect left outside.”

Ye Mo nodded and fell silent, not bothering to ask any more questions. He didn’t care much about these matters, and he believed that although there were still ones that could threaten him, there were definitely not many more.

Seeing Ye Mo fall into silence again, but Lok Hustle asked, “Brother Ye, I know you must be an amazing person, what is your ideal to do?”

“Ideal?” Ye Mo frowned, the ideal was of course to bring Luo Ying to live a long life and be together forever. Or even to ascend into immortality, but he already knew now that this was an extravagant hope. Although he had set up a company and was ready to gather genius and wealth to give him and Luo Ying cultivation, he also knew that even if he could cultivate to Foundation Establishment, it would be considered heavenly luck.

What about Luo Ying, and then there was Light Snow? If he hadn’t met Light Snow or hadn’t had any encounter with her, he wouldn’t have been so hung up on her. But now, even if he had found Luo Ying and then got together with her, could he really let go of Ning Qingxue completely in his heart? It was surprisingly difficult for him to let go. Perhaps, his own state of mind still had to be improved.

It was only after a long time that Ye Mo slowly breathed out, “My ideal is difficult to achieve.”

Lok Hustle gave Ye Mo a somewhat sympathetic look, although she didn’t know what Ye Mo’s ideal was, it was definitely somewhat related to the girl who had lost her memory as originally mentioned. She sighed and said, “Big brother Ye, in fact, there are times when you should not think too much. I used to cultivate inside the sect and was very innocent, but now that I’ve come to the red dust, I realise that there are so many incredible things out there.

I think, I think if our sifu and sisters were still inside, my second sis would definitely not have done that kind of thing, she was cheated, definitely cheated ……”

After saying a few words and then talking about the second senior sister, Lok Hustle’s mood dropped once again.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “If your second senior sister was really like what you think, she wouldn’t have been cheated. Forget it, you should stop thinking about your second senior sister, you haven’t talked about your ideals.”

Lok Hustle said leisurely, “Once my ideal was to try hard to cultivate and also to cultivate to the highest Xiantian. That day when I was standing on the top of this building, it suddenly occurred to me that it would be great if I could fly one day. Perhaps this is my ideal, and I think my ideal will never be realised because I know it is impossible. So, Brother Ye, ideal and reality are two different things, and if you can’t achieve it, it’s good to think about it often, just like now, I’m standing here as if I’ve already flown, and my heart is much freer.”

Ye Mo shook his head, “Lok Hustle, your ideal may be achievable, but mine is really unattainable.”

“You mean flying in a plane? I’ve been on a plane too, but that feeling is no different from riding in a car, I don’t like flying like that.” Lok Hustle shook his head and said.

“Let’s not talk about that, I’m going to Qi Yang Mountain, why don’t you come with me.” Ye Mo put aside those messy thoughts and looked up and said.

“Of course, from now on, Brother Ye, I will follow you to whatever place you want to go and do.” Lok Hustle said without hesitation, she couldn’t live here alone without her elder sister by her side.

Ye Mo, however, shook his head and didn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong? Big Brother Ye.” Seeing Ye Mo shaking his head, Lok Hustle immediately asked.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “I said this don’t say it casually, if I jump off a building, will you jump with me? So ……”

“Of course, if big brother Ye you jump, I will jump with you, but I know that big brother Ye you won’t ……” Before the words of Lok Hustle fell, Ye Mo had already jumped down to the twelfth floor.

“Ah ……” Lok Hustle’s brain went blank, she didn’t expect Ye Mo to really jump down, she thought Ye Mo was joking with her.