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DYM Chapter 330

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “I don’t know about Jueyun Temple, what happened to this temple?”

Li Mumei, however, said mysteriously, “Now there is a new temple in Luocang called Jueyun Temple, and outside the temple there is a couplet ‘The clouds are deep and I don’t know where, and I wake up in this temple’. It means that if you have any doubts or questions, you can go to this temple to burn incense and worship Buddha. I’ve heard that it’s very spiritual and the internet is all the rage right now. I’ve heard that the presiding officer of Jueyun Temple is called Wuming, a very capable monk, so why don’t we also go to this Jueyun Temple and burn incense, just think of it as a trip.”

Ning Qingxue asked suspiciously, “A newly built temple would be very hot? It’s not like some internet pusher is deliberately hyping it up again, is it?”

Li Mu Mei shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but I heard that the temple was built in Luocang because an old monk inside the temple said he attained the Way in Luocang.”

Ning Qingxue said dispensably, “In that case, let’s go and have a look, Luocang is also very close to Yuzhou, so let’s take a break.”


Luo Cang.

Compared to a year ago, it seems to be a lot more prosperous, and many people say that the prosperity is attributed to one of the temples, the ‘Jueyun Temple’. Ever since the ‘Jueyun Temple’ settled in Luocang a few months ago, the number of tourists coming here has increased dramatically.

When Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei arrived at Luocang, they had indeed found it to be very prosperous. It was even no less busy than Yuzhou, which was a big city.

The Jueyun Temple was just as popular as Li Mumei had said, and even busier than Li Mumei had said. When Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei came over, they also had to queue up to burn incense.

Although Jueyun Temple had only been built for half a year, a street of magic incense and candles had already formed in the area outside the temple. It was bustling with activity and most of the visitors who came to burn incense would ask for incense here and then enter the temple to ask about their troublesome matters or to make some wishes. Lin always takes a few magic items here when he leaves to keep safe.

After Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei both finished inviting incense, the queue of incense-burning tourists had already been lined up all the way to the temple gates, and the queue had even extended outside. In an era when queue jumping was the norm, it was surprising that no one here had bothered to jump the queue, and even chanted with a pious attitude.

Could this place really be so spiritual? Ning Qingxue looked at so many people queuing up to burn incense and had some doubts.

An old monk with a broom pa*sed by Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei and suddenly stopped.

Ning Qingxue was a little surprised as she looked at this old monk, who was in his seventies, but looked very spirited. He gave Ning Qingxue a look, but closed his eyes.

There seemed to be many monks in Jueyun Temple, but not many were as old as this seventy-year-old monk still holding a broom. Just as Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei wondered what the old monk was up to, the old monk suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Old monk Wukwang, the two monks can come in with the old monk to burn incense without queuing.”

Li Mu Mei stared warily at Monk Woguang, everyone else was lining up to burn incense, why should they be able to enter without queuing up? Light Snow was stunning in appearance, there couldn’t be any ghosts in this old monk, could there?

The monk seemed to not notice Li Mu Mei’s gaze in general, and after he finished, he actually turned around and left.

Ning Qingxue pulled Li Mumei, “Let’s go and have a look, the queue here will take more than an hour, let’s go with this master and have a look.”

Li Mumei looked at the long queue and said that it might not be possible to get to them in an hour or so, this was just a bit too many people. Besides, this monk was so old, he shouldn’t have any bad intentions.

The old monk led the two of them to a meditation room at the end. Inside the room there was only a portrait of a bodhisattva, and neither Ning Qingxue nor Li Mumei could recognize which bodhisattva the portrait actually belonged to.

“Master Wuguang, didn’t you say you would bring us in to burn incense? Why have you brought us here?” Li Mu Mei became even more wary.

Monk Woguang, however, put down his broom and said ‘Amitabha Buddha’. Then however, he said to Ning Qingxue, “This monk is related to one of my enlightened masters, so I would like to solve this monk’s confusion. But before I can solve this benefactor’s confusion, I want to take a look at a necklace magic weapon on this benefactor’s body.”

Ning Qingxue grabbed the necklace in confusion and said, “Master Wukong, are you talking about this necklace?”

“Amitabha Buddha.” Monk Woguang once again said Amitabha Buddha, then continued, “This monk, there is no need to take down the necklace, the old monk has confirmed it. Well, this monk can tell us what you have come to Jueyun Temple for that you need to solve?”

Ning Qingxue looked at Monk Woguang in amazement and uncertainty, how did he know he had something to solve his confusion and not come to burn incense?

Li Mu Mei also saw that the old monk seemed to have some real skills, so she jacked in before Ning Qingxue could speak, “A few months ago, Qingxue fell into a coma due to an accident, and when she woke up, she had lost a year’s worth of memory, but all the tests at the hospital were normal. May I ask Master Wuguang if that memory can be restored?”

Ning Qingxue immediately added, “Yes, I’ve looked up some information about memory loss and most of them still remember bits and pieces, but how come I don’t remember anything? And, and ……”

Monk Wuguang sat on top of a futon and listened to the two, but did not answer, but said, “This monk, can you tell me where this necklace of yours came from?”

Ning Qingxue frowned and said, “I just can’t remember where this necklace came from, if I could remember it, I wouldn’t need to come and ask you.”

“Has Master Shih cultivated ancient martial arts?” After asking, Monk Woguang shook his own head, even if Ning Qingxue practiced ancient martial arts, at such a young age, what could she cultivate? Let alone do that.

Seeing Woguang shake his own head after asking, Ning Qingxue asked strangely, “Master Woguang, I haven’t cultivated ancient martial arts, just what does my memory have to do with cultivating ancient martial arts?”

Instead, Wukwang nodded and said, “Master Shih has no idea, human memories do have a kind of blurred existence after they are lost due to external forces. That is, you will have a kind of impression of what you used to remember more profoundly, and it is likely that this memory will slowly return to you as time lengthens. But this is not absolute, there are several other kinds of amnesia that cannot be recovered nor can you remember any traces of them.”

Ning Qingxue said doubtfully, “But I don’t feel anything at all, if it wasn’t for the people around me telling me, I wouldn’t even know that I have lost my memory. And I’ve checked many European and American medical experts’ discourses on memory loss on the internet, even if you can’t remember it yourself, but things that stick out will still have a familiar impression as long as people around you keep bringing them up, there shouldn’t be anything that doesn’t stick out at all.”

“Amitabha Buddha,” Monk Woguang, however, inexplicably called out a Buddhist hymn before saying seriously, “The son does not speak strange words, this second one I should not even talk to the monk, just because the monk has a necklace made by the hand of a senior, and the workmanship of this necklace is ten times better than the one I met more than that, so I thought I should tell the giver.”

“What? Master Gokwang, you say this necklace was made by one of your seniors? Who is that senior of yours?” Ning Qingxue asked in surprise, she saw that Monk Woguang was at least seventy years old, wouldn’t his predecessor be over a hundred years old.

But Woguang did not answer Ning Qingxue’s words, but said to himself, “China is a vast country with a deep civilisation, far from the barbarians.”

Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei froze, they could not imagine that Woguang, an old monk who looked kind-hearted, would say that foreigners were barbarians. It was true that people could not look like each other, wasn’t a monk supposed to be fraternal? I didn’t expect him to have such a side.

Woguang did not seem to care about his tone in the slightest, but said to himself, “When one has cultivated ancient martial arts to a certain level, or even cultivated internal qi, and has a relatively high level of internal qi cultivation. At the time of sudden death consciousness, he will take the initiative to wrap the most precious part of his soul and memories with his own internal qi. This part of memory will be reflected in his next life. Although it cannot be fully remembered, there are some vague shadows.

Of course, this presupposes that no one can interfere. However, if one does not die and wakes up, then this part of memory wrapped up before the endangerment will not be remembered and will even be slowly lost, and the case of the alchemist is very much like this scenario.”

Ning Qingxue stayed for a moment before asking, somewhat bewildered, “But I’ve never learnt any ancient martial arts, and I don’t even know what internal qi is, so how could I have wrapped up my soul memory?”

Wuguang nodded, “Amitabha Buddha, not to mention that the monk doesn’t know ancient martial arts, even if he cultivated ancient martial arts to an extremely advanced level, he wouldn’t be able to do such a move of wrapping up memories. I have only heard of it, because such a move not only has requirements for ancient martial arts cultivation, but also has strict requirements for the martial arts practitioner’s techniques, and there are no more techniques that can wrap memories into reincarnation, I thought. It is only that the case of the alchemist is very much like this example that the old ca*sock speaks up.”

“Then Master Wukwang, if this is the case, how should I recover my memories?” Although Ning Qingxue knew that she would not be in this situation, she still could not help but ask.

Wukwang said, “Unless one cultivates this technique again, at least to the level of cultivation that one had at the moment before losing one’s memory, then one’s memory will automatically return and one’s cultivation will be stacked, but there is also the possibility that one still won’t be able to remember anything, just ……”

Woguang hesitated for a long time, but did not continue, but said, “The two monks please, the old ca*sock has to do his homework.” After saying that, he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei looked at each other in confusion before standing up and saluting Woguang and retreating out. The two came out, still puzzled, as what this old monk said was a little too esoteric, or a little too superstitious.