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DYM Chapter 331

Lok Hustle looked at the haunted building where she had lived for over a week and was surprisingly a little reluctant to leave. Although it had been just one week, she had experienced a lot. It seemed that in the two years she had been in Chun’an, she had not experienced as much as she had in this one week.

“What are you still thinking about? Let’s go.” Ye Mo looked at Lok Hustle, who was still a bit stuck, and interrupted her thoughts.

Lok Hustle came back to her senses, nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

“Lok Hustle, do you know where Qi Yang Mountain is located?” Although Ye Mo didn’t know where Qi Yang Mountain was, he believed that there were too many people who knew about Qi Yang Mountain, so he could just ask. Just like he originally didn’t know where Shennongjia was either, he would know if he looked it up on the internet.

Lok Hustle shook his head and looked at Ye Mo strangely, “I don’t know, Brother Ye, could it be that you don’t know the place you’re going to yourself? I’ve been in Chun’an for two years, although I don’t go out much, but I’ve heard of many famous mountains and rivers in China, I really haven’t heard of any Qi Yang Mountain, I thought it was a place I hadn’t been to yesterday.”

Ye Mo’s heart twitched, he couldn’t have been tricked by Si Hong, but at that time, Si Hong’s tone and attitude, there was no way he could have tricked him.

Because at that time, he had to talk to his sister Ye Ling, and surprisingly, he didn’t care that he didn’t know about Qi Yang Mountain. Or since there was the name of the mountain, just ask someone and they would definitely know it, just like the Immeasurable Mountain in general.

“It doesn’t matter, we’ll find out later if we ask someone else. Since the Hidden Sect can exist, it must be a famous mountain, there won’t be no one who knows about it.” Although Lok Hustle didn’t know, Ye Mo a*sumed that Lok Hustle had also been outside for a short time.

But then Ye Mo and Lok Hustle both asked numerous people and even checked on the internet, but not a single person knew about Qi Yang Mountain.

The two of them asked, “Brother Ye, is it possible that that person has lied to you? I’ve heard of many famous mountains, the Five Mountains, Wudang, Emei and so on, but I really haven’t heard of Qi Yang Mountain.”

Ye Mo was also not sure and said, “I don’t think that person would lie to me, but from what we asked, there really isn’t a mountain called Qi Yang Mountain, which is indeed strange.”

If he wanted to know where Mount Qi Yang was, Ye Mo could also go to Yanjing and ask Tanjiao and Luan Qingfeng but Ye Mo did not want to do that. One these two would not necessarily speak willingly, and also Ye Mo did not want to see that self-righteous Tanjiao again. Even if Ye Mo didn’t ask the two Tam Jiao, he thought that Zhang Zhihui should know about this matter, so he could just ask Zhang Zhihui when the time came.

“Brother Ye, where are you planning to go now?” When Lok Hustle looked at Ye Mo’s expression, he knew that Qi Yang Mountain was no longer available to go.

“I want to go to Ninghai for a trip, and then I’ll find an old friend to ask where Qiyang Mountain really is.” When his plan was interrupted, Ye Mo was also a little uncomfortable in his heart. In his opinion, Si Hong had already destroyed his own dantian, so how could he possibly lie to him on this matter?

If it was just one person, Ye Mo would definitely set foot on his flying sword and head directly to Ninghai. But now he had brought a fallen clamour with him and it was too much of a show to fly with a sword in broad daylight, and with his current true essence it would be hard to fly to Ninghai with a fallen clamour.

Although he knew that Ye Mo could fly with his sword, Lu Hustle did not ask him why he wanted to take a plane to Ninghai. Since Ye Mo had chosen to fly there, he must have had his reasons.

Although the Chun’an Airport was small, there were more people flowing through it, and the periphery of the airport was already being expanded.

Although it was morning when Ye Mo and Lok Hustle walked into Chun An Airport, the airport was not cold. The number of tourists coming and going had gradually increased.

“Brother Ye, what are you looking at?” Lok Hustle followed closely behind Ye Mo and saw that Ye Mo noticed a middle-aged woman reading a pictorial outside the airport as soon as he entered.

Ye Mo smiled slightly, “Lu Hustle have you seen that woman staring at the pictorials at the publicity window?

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“Do you feel that this person is familiar?” Ye Mo continued to ask.

The woman shook her head strangely, “I’ve never seen this person before, and I don’t feel any familiarity.” Saying that, but Lok Hustle still looked at the middle-aged woman carefully, and indeed she was not familiar.

“I reckon you should know her, that person is either your Eldest Sister or your Second Sister because she has disguised herself.” Ye Mo said with certainty because he felt a similar aura on this woman as he did on Lok Hustle which meant that they cultivated the same technique all the way.

Lok Hustle showed a shocked expression and before she could say anything, the middle-aged woman suddenly turned around and looked over, looking like she had noticed Lok Hustle watching her.

The moment she saw Lok Hustle, she instantly revealed a look of surprise, but immediately this look turned into anxiety. Although this eye movement was very stealthy, it still fell on Ye Mo’s eyes and made it even more certain that this woman and Lok Hustle were related.

However, after this woman saw Lok Hustle, Favour immediately turned back again, then turned around and left.

Lu Hustle had no time to speak to Ye Mo and immediately followed her, she was already sure that this person was her Eldest Sister Lu Yue, whose eyes she recognized at first glance.

Ye Mo, however, did not follow him, he paid attention to the surroundings to make sure there was no one following him, before he stood to the side and waited for Lu Hustle. He was sure that the woman should be Luo Rui’s elder sister, and that Luo Rui had already recognized her. If it was her second senior sister, Lok Hustle would definitely have had to hesitate for a moment, or even ask herself before she would have gone over.

The woman walked to a secluded corner, looked around for a while, then waited until Lok Hustle came over, pulled Lok Hustle over and immediately asked nervously, “Lok Hustle, you really have a lot of nerve, you dare to appear at the airport without any cover, do you not want to live anymore?”

“Eldest sister, is it really you?” Although she didn’t say anything, she had been worried about her Eldest Sister in her heart, and now that she saw her, she was of course overjoyed.

Lu Yue was also relieved, she had been worrying about Lu Hustle, and now that she saw her, she was also relieved. However, she immediately pulled Lok Hustle and asked, “Lok Hustle, who is that man next to you? You mustn’t be like Lok Hustle ah, if Master knows that the three of us came out ** two, she will be sad si.”

Lok Hustle blushed and immediately said, “Big Sister, what are you talking about, Big Brother Ye is not the kind of person you think he is, he is very nice. Moreover, big brother Ye has saved me several times, it was the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ that saved you last time, it was also given by big brother Ye.”

“What kind of person is he? How dare he have such a precious elixir? And why did he save you? It’s definitely not good for a man to be attentive to a woman, Lok Hustle, you must not trust men.” Lok Yue immediately said warily.

“Eldest Sister, you’re really, it’s even the ‘Our Root Sutra’ that Brother Ye helped to find, how can you say that about him.

Although I don’t know if men are good, but Big Brother Ye is definitely a good person.” Lok Hustle immediately said in objection.

Lok Yue looked at Lok Hustle in amazement and said for a long time, “Lok Hustle, you have never refuted my words before, and now you have already refuted me twice over that what’s-his-name Brother Ye, is that Brother Ye’s really that good?”

Lok Hustle rubbed the corners of her clothes with some embarra*sment and said, “Eldest Sister, I, I really don’t know how to tell you. Anyway, I just believe him, he’s not a bad person, and it was also Big Brother Ye who recognized you just now.”

“What? You weren’t the one who recognised me just now? He actually has this kind of ability, could it be that he has seen me before?” Lok Yue immediately became even more alert.

Suddenly thinking of something in general, Lu Yue once again said guardedly, “Lu Hustle, you said that big brother Ye helped you find the Our Luo Sutra? And he also recognized me, could it be him who appeared outside the Ying Hua Guan that night? Lu Hustle, you are still too young, don’t trust the words of strangers.”

The more she thought about it, the more it looked like maybe the one surnamed Ye had followed Lu Hustle to the ‘Ying Hua Guan’ and then posed as Lu Need to steal the ‘Our Sutra’. In the end, he even pretended to be with Lok Hustle, purely to deceive Lok Hustle.

“Eldest Sister, don’t think nonsense, Big Brother Ye is not such a person, not to mention one copy of the ‘Luo Luo Sutra’, even eleven thousand copies of the ‘Luo Luo Sutra’ would not have any value in Big Brother Ye’s eyes. Big Sister, I beg you not to say anything bad about Big Brother Ye, he is really a good man, the best one I have ever met.” In her eagerness, Lok Hustle went so far as to paraphrase Senior Sister’s words, even using men, but after she finished she seemed to realise that something was wrong and blushed once again.

From the bottom of her heart, Lok Hustle did not want any misunderstanding to arise between her Eldest Sister and Big Brother Ye, Eldest Sister was the person she respected the most apart from her Master, while Big Brother Ye was the one person she admired the most, and had saved her several times and treated her so well. Besides, that ‘Our Scripture’ was not even in Big Brother Ye’s mind. Big Brother Ye had even casually given her the incomparably precious ‘Accompanying Qi Pill’, so how could he care about a ‘Our Scripture’?

Moreover, Big Brother Ye himself said that the ‘Our Luo Sutra’ was worthless now, what was really valuable were the two golden pieces of paper, and those two pieces of paper were given to him, so how could he still be interested in the ‘Our Luo Sutra’, but he could not say this to Big Sister. This made Lok Hustle feel a tinge of regret for the first time, as she had deceived Eldest Sister for Ye Mo’s sake.

“Alas ……” Lu Yue sighed but didn’t say anything else, she could already tell that this junior sister already worshipped that big brother Ye to her bones, so it was futile for her to say anything else. But she still hoped from the bottom of her heart that the one who stole the “Our Luo Sutra” and wanted to cause her and Lok Hustle si land was someone else, even that big brother Ye, and not her own junior sister Lok Need.

“Have you been with that big brother Ye these days?” Lok Yue asked casually, she could see that her senior sister was still a virgin, which meant that they should not have done anything over the top yet.