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DYM Chapter 340

A struggle appeared in Ren Kill’s eyes, but that was only for a moment, and he soon fell into a daze again and said, “I have a compulsion king, and whenever something happens to my compulsion king, all the compulsions I put down will turn against their hosts and fly back.”

It was so simple? Ye Mo once again saw the struggle in Ren Kill’s eyes and was secretly surprised at his cultivation level, he stepped up his speed and asked, “Are you the leader of the “Earth Furies,****?”

“No, the “Earth Fury, organization was founded by Shakichi, after I came, Shakichi was put under my compulsion, specifically to work for me.” Ren Kill answered quickly this time.

However, Ye Mo did not expect that the “Earth Fury”, which had such a global reputation, was actually a puppet organization. Since there was no need to hesitate, Ye Mo reached out and took out a dark green orb from Ren Kill’s body, inside the orb was a dormant compulsion, the essence and vitality of this compulsion was far stronger than the compulsions Ye Mo had originally destroyed.

Ren Kill also came to his senses completely, and when he saw Ye Mo holding the King of Companions, his face immediately changed. He knew that he had no chance of survival, and his heart was filled with resentment.

He did not expect that an existence that he thought could be destroyed with a wave of his hand would end up destroying him. There was not even the slightest room for escape, and a deep resentment appeared in his eyes.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered the matter of the Combined School and asked immediately on his feet, “I got the “Scarlet Sun Lake, did you guys notify the Hidden Sect? How did you inform them?”

Seemingly knowing that he could not escape death even if he said so, Ren killed shut his mouth, but secretly cut his heart veins.

As soon as Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through him, he knew what Ren killed was doing, that he wanted to kill himself and keep his soul. Without thinking, he immediately sent a fireball over, and the fireball immediately surrounded Ren Kill.

He had already put Ye Mo in the most dangerous position, but he didn’t expect that he could see through his own soul preservation, was this a human being?

“I won’t let you go even if I’m a ghost ……,” came Ren killed’s last hiss from the fire ball.

Ye Mo said coldly, “You don’t have the chance to be a ghost, but you won’t go to death yet, you can stay inside the fire ball for a while.”

If he was given another chance to offend the entire Hidden Sect, he would not offend Ye Mo. His eyes slowly dissipated and he pa*sed out.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the compulsion king in your hand. If you destroy a compulsion king like this, you will be a bit reluctant to do so.

Although reluctant, but Ye Mo still a ball of fire to wrap this dark green orb, he knows, even if he kept this compulsion king he has no way to continue to raise it. Ye Mo knew nothing about raising parasites.

The compulsion king struggled in the dark green orb, but it was stopped by Ye Mo’s fire ball, so it was futile to struggle. After a dozen breaths, the king finally stopped struggling and was burnt to ashes by Ye Mo’s true fire, along with the dark green orb.

At the same time, in dozens of places around the world, all the “Earth Fury” killers who were infested with the parasite were devoured by the parasite. These people turned into corpses with no blood on their faces in a very short time. These compulsions, which had devoured their hosts, quickly took to the sky and disappeared.

Ye Mo sat on the island, where there were constant compulsions flying in, Ye Mo knew that this was because Ren Kill had not died yet.

When the day dawned, Ye Mo had already burned all the companions, looking at the dying Ren kill, once again a fireball flew over, the long-unconscious Ren kill completely disappeared from this world.

The phenomenon of the parasites eating people soon became a mystery and quickly spread around the world.

But at the same time as the compulsions were rebounding, a pale man was sitting on the floor in a basement in Temple House, Hong Kong, using his energy to resist the rebound of the compulsions inside him.

He is the original head of the Earth Fury,****, Shakichi. Unlike the others, Shakichi knew from the beginning to the end that he had become the feed for the King of Companions. As soon as the time comes, he will become a tool for Ren Kao’s practice.

But knowing is one thing, avoiding it is another. He also understood that if the Compulsion King, Ren Kill, did not still need his effectiveness, he would have been eaten down to the last scrap of bone long ago.

The moment the Compulsion King’s villa was destroyed today, he knew that his chance had come. The Compulsion King had been killing people for years, but this time he had finally kicked the bucket, and the people who came had actually destroyed the Compulsion King’s villa. He waited for this opportunity, and at the same time he learned that Ren Kill’s villa had been destroyed, he brought two a*sa*sins who had been under the compulsion to enter the basement.

Although Shakichi was controlled by Ren Kill’s compulsions, with some of his past contacts, his news was too much better than Ren Kill who was self-conscious about cultivating and enjoying himself.

Since he came to the “Earth Fury,” the **** is completely different from before, and has even become a tool for killing and revenge.

So Shakichi wanted to do everything possible to help the “Earth Fury, looking for strong enemies, just for the sake of the enemies to kill the door. This time when he messed with Ye Mo, he was not optimistic about Ye Mo as he was too young, but when he investigated some of his details, he started to expect more from Ye Mo, and sure enough, Ye Mo killed several experts of the Combined School in Lianpu in a row. This surprised Shakichi so much that he completely concealed Ye Mo’s true abilities with the aim of making Ren kill to anger Ye Mo.

As expected things developed very quickly, even Shakichi did not expect Ye Mo to move so fast, even in the morning he got the news that Ye Mo was in Chunan, in the evening Ye Mo had already killed his way to Hong Kong.

Shakichi entered the basement with his two a*sa*sins, he knew that Ren Kill had an underground pa*sage to escape, but how to enter the pa*sage, even he did not know. Just when he thought that Ye Mo could not help Ren Kill, the two a*sa*sins he had brought to the basement, unexpectedly started to be reversed by the compulsion. This surprised Shakichi abnormally, and he knew that this backlash would only happen if Ye Mo restrained Ren Kill and killed his compulsion king.

Therefore, at the same time as the compulsions revolted, Shakichi began to resist the revolting of the compulsions within himself. For more than ten years, he had been searching all the time for a way to resist the backlash of the compulsions, and finally he had come up with a solution, the method of body mutilation.

Shakichi forced the compulsion to his arm, then without hesitation, he chopped off his arm, quickly entered the iron room and closed the iron door. Sure enough the companions inside him could not find Shakichi after eating the essence blood of his arm, and like the other companions they all flew away.

Although Shakichi broke his arm, but forced out the compulsion, he was already extremely happy in his heart, no longer dared to stay in the basement of the temple Pu, hurriedly packed up and fled without a trace.

The moment Su Jingwen put away the talisman, she remembered what had happened to her before she left. She had left because she had been too angry with Xie Yuyi and had been thinking about Ye Mo and her cousin, and only then did she remember that she seemed to have heard with Ye Mo earlier that someone was going to a*sa*sinate her, and she burst into a cold sweat of fear.

Since those people wanted to a*sa*sinate her, it meant that they would definitely not let Ye Mo go, so what would happen to Ye Mo? But in a blink of an eye Su Jingwen snapped out of it, she felt like she was a bit jumpy just now. If Ye Mo had something going on, how would he come here to deliver the fireball talisman to her? Moreover, with Ye Mo’s ability, since he knew that someone was going to a*sa*sinate him, he must have a way.

Although she thought of all this, Su Jingwen still felt a little guilty in her heart, she had left in anger earlier and hadn’t even bothered to care about Ye Mo’s situation. She just didn’t know if Ye Mo would come back again.

Su Jingwen sat in the car and waited for a long time, but she did not see Ye Mo’s figure, she was a little disappointed as she started the car. At this moment she was in a somewhat bad mood, not for any other reason, it was because of the matter of her cousin Xie Yuzheng, the cousin she grew up with had now become so rude that she barely knew him. Was that still the cousin who was always there to help her in everything? What her cousin said today was too much for her to accept.

Su Jingwen shook her head and tried her best to put these things aside and stop thinking about them. She knew that no matter how Ye Mo handled the matter of the killer, it was inappropriate for her to stay outside. Thinking of this, Su Jingwen no longer hesitated, but quickly drove home.

Su Jingwen returned home, but saw her cousin Xie Yuzheng sitting inside the living room talking with her mother. Her face immediately sank.

Seeing Su Jingwen come back, Su Jingwen’s mother, Mu An, immediately said with a smile, “Little Wen, your cousin has been waiting for you for a long time, saying that he is looking for you for something.”

Su Jingwen rubbed her forehead and said in a somewhat flat tone, “Mom, I’m a bit unwell today, I’m going to rest.” After saying that, she actually didn’t even look at Xie Yuzheng and turned around to leave.

Mu An looked at her daughter strangely, although her daughter had always been somewhat unhappy about her and Xie Yeweng’s affairs, she had never been like this today. It was because Jingwen never spoke to Xie Yeweng with such a scowl, it was just that although Mu An wanted Jingwen and Xie Yeweng to be together, her daughter’s thoughts were still very important in her heart.

“Jingwen, what happened today was my fault, I came here specifically to apologise to you, please forgive me, I’m sorry.” Seeing this, Xie Yeweng took the initiative to stand up and apologize to Su Jingwen, not only was his tone sincere, but his attitude was also very serious and earnest.

“Little Wen ……” Mu An under the dissection only feel that his daughter is not some little temper, even if there is something wrong with Yuyi striving, but he has come to the door to apologize so sincerely, there is what can not be said openly.

Su Jingwen coldly glanced at Xie Yeweng, “You pointed at me and called me a shameless woman, what do you want to apologize to me for? Please leave, from now on I don’t have you as a relative.

Good thing we’re not really relatives either, let’s not bring out all that spin, Xie Yeweng, please.”

When Mu An heard Su Jingwen’s words, her face immediately sank as well, no matter what had happened between the two, who was Xie Yeweng to say that his daughter was shameless.