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DYM Chapter 339

After Ren Kill hit the wall, he unexpectedly disappeared in a very short period of time. Ye Mo didn’t have time to check where Ren Kill had gone because he sensed danger in that instant.

The cloud of dark light hit Ye Mo’s eyes and a destructive aura erupted, and Ye Mo did not hesitate to step onto his flying sword and take to the air.

“Boom”, almost at the same time as Ye Mo flew out, a violent explosion rang out, the villa which was luxurious and beautiful just a moment ago was turned into ruins with this explosion.

Ye Mo stood in mid-air and looked at the still collapsing wall below, he was shocked by the violent explosion.

He didn’t expect the Compulsion King to have such a killer technique, if only he had been a little bit slower just now, he would have been seriously injured even if he wasn’t blown to pieces.

What a sharp killing tactic, Ye Mo looked at the villa that was still billowing with thick smoke, no one inside could have survived.

This is definitely not an ancient martial arts technique, nor is it a cultivation technique. The explosion caused by this black light is definitely an instantaneous bomb made by a technological means. This kind of black light is somewhat like a laser. Ye Mo is sure that this kind of bomb is not just for him, even if a late Qi cultivator meets it, he will not be able to eat it.

In the distance, the sound of a fire engine was already heard, Ye Mo’s face sank, he knew that since this compulsion king had used this tactic, it meant that he was not dead at all, if he had to die, there was no need for him to hit the wall.

If he hadn’t cut off one of his arms with that sword just now, he might have retreated with his whole body unharmed, so I guess this green-clothed compulsion king didn’t expect him to suddenly strike.

The reason why Ye Mo didn’t kill him immediately was because he wanted to uproot the whole “Earth Fury”, he definitely wouldn’t just kill the Compulsion King alone, since he had come he had to kill them all. It was just that he didn’t expect this King of Companions to have this kind of tactics.

However, even if he had such means, Ye Mo would not be afraid, his divine sense had already swept out. Sure enough, a few moments later, Ye Mo found a thousand deep pits behind the wall that had just been knocked down by the man in green.

The pit was very deep and well designed, Ye Mo took a rough look at it and found it to be over a hundred metres deep. The design of the machine should be that once you hit the wall you fall down the deep pit, and once someone falls, there is immediately a net to catch the fallen person to the very bottom, and then there should be a fast moving vehicle at the very bottom. Through a path under the ground, Ye Mo could see

Although Ye Mo did not see this transport now, he was sure that this Tong Wang tool had been driven away by the Compulsion King.

Knowing the route the Compulsion King had taken to escape, Ye Mo did not jump down the tunnel, but stood in the air thinking of a way out. There was no way he could just drill into the tunnel, the tunnel was developed by the Compulsion King if he put one or two more bombs underneath like the one he just did, even if he could escape with his life, he would definitely be seriously injured.

Ye Mo was just about to leave the place when the fire engine had already come over.

“Boom ……” There was another loud bang, an explosion once again not far from the place where the meeting gathered here, the explosion came from under the ground and set off a huge wave of air toppling a nearby building once again.

The first time I saw the man, I was so happy. If he had followed the explosion, he would not have been able to escape in any case. This person can dig out such a long tunnel underground here, it can be seen that not only is his financial power is quite terrifying amazing, but also his energy is not ordinary big.

Generally in a busy city like this, apart from the government, who else would dare to dig a tunnel underground, even this long? However, since the pa*sage had been exposed and exploded, it was estimated that another group of a*sholes would be involved.

Ye Mo no longer cared about this, he stealthily took out another compulsion directly, made a divine sense mark, then released the compulsion and immediately followed it.

Inside a private manor dozens of miles away from the Compulsion King’s bombed villa, Ren Kill’s face was pale as he walked out of a lift that rose up from the ground.

Only he had broken an arm by now, but he still had a sense of gratitude in his heart that he had survived the robbery. His setup over the years had finally worked, if he didn’t have an underground escape route, he would have been killed by Ye Mo at this point.

“Ye Mo, I swear I won’t be a man until I kill you!” Ren killed repeated these two words icily, his eyes were full of killing intent.

He did not expect Ye Mo to be as terrifying as this, and he did not have the slightest room to resist under him. Although he still had means to use, Ren killed did not think he could beat Ye Mo.

He didn’t even think that last blow could blow him up, if Ye Mo was so simply blown up, then he wouldn’t be so difficult to deal with. But if it did blow up, then it would be best. Even if that blow didn’t kill Ye Mo, Ren Kill reckoned that Ye Mo wouldn’t suffer well, or at least be injured.

No matter what happened to Ye Mo, he would definitely not let Ye Mo go this time. When his arm recovered, he would give Ye Mo the blow of a lifetime. Just deep inside his heart, he still shaped Ye Mo to follow the underground pa*sage and then be blown to death underground.

“Compulsion King ……” As soon as Ren killed walked out of the lift, a man immediately came over and knelt down on one knee with a respectful expression. As for the Compulsion King’s one hand having been broken, he didn’t seem to see it in the slightest.

“Prepare the helicopter immediately, I want to leave here immediately.” Ren Kill said coldly.

“Yes.” The man replied and turned to leave as fast as he could, and not too long after, the roaring sound of the helicopter was heard from the empty playground outside.

Ye Mo followed the companions and wandered around for half a day finally surprisingly entering a private manor, Ye Mo had just entered the private manor when he saw a helicopter flying up. Ye Mo casually collected the parasite and directly stepped on the flying sword to follow the helicopter.

The helicopter landed on an island in the South China Sea, which was Ren Kill’s private property. This island was Ren killed’s private property. It was entirely his place for cultivation and holiday, and now that he had taken refuge, of course his first choice was to come to this island.

Ren Killing stepped out of the helicopter, his broken arm had stopped bleeding and the medicine he used for his injuries was made of first-cla*s herbs. It was just that this time he was wounded like never before, which made him furious, no matter if Ye Mo was blown up just now or not, he would not let go of his plan to slaughter and kill.

“Ye Mo, I, Ren Kill, swear here today that I, Ren Kill ……, will not kill everyone around you” Before Ren Kill could finish his oath, he was interrupted by a voice.

“What do you Ren Kill intend to do?” Ye Mo’s cold voice rang out right next to Ren Kill.

Ren killed turned around like he had seen a ghost and looked at the sudden appearance of Ye Mo, he was completely dumbfounded. Regardless of whether Ye Mo knew about this private island of his, even if he did, how did he get here? And so quickly? He himself had just come by helicopter, could he not fly?

“You …… are you a human being or a ghost ……” Ye Mo’s sudden taming was really beyond Ren Kill’s perception, he couldn’t imagine that a big living person could come from Hong Kong to this island in the South China Sea in the blink of an eye .

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. How come you are so scared when you see me in the blink of an eye? I’m the one who sent you to my door for revenge.”

Ren Kill’s heart immediately sank to the bottom, he already knew that Ye Mo had really come, and that his skills were once again beyond his thinking. He now didn’t understand how Ye Mo had come, but he knew that he no longer had any chance.

“How will you be willing to spare my life? As long as you ask, what I can do, I, Ren Kill, will willingly work as an ox or a horse.” Ren Kill instantly recognised the form and knelt down without hesitation.

It had never been others who knelt to him, this was the first time he had knelt to others, and in order to live, not to mention kneeling, he was willing to do anything more. He lowered his head, and his eyes showed anxiety, worry and expectation. He had already seen Ye Mo’s back, and his men had already taken out a submachine gun inside the helicopter and were about to aim it at Ye Mo’s back.

At this moment, Ren’s heart was beating wildly, he did not dare to reveal his thoughts, he only wished to shoot quickly. His heart, which had sunk to the bottom, once again had a glimmer of hope.

Ye Mo didn’t even look at him, he casually threw out a fireball.

“Boom” once again there was a loud sound and his helicopter, along with the man who was still aiming at Ye Mo, all turned into a ball of flames and shot up into the sky.

Ren killed looked at the fire that exploded several meters away, even that scorching heat had already burnt his hair, but his heart was once again getting colder and colder.

Ye Mo didn’t seem to see the helicopter burning and even exploding not far behind him, and he wasn’t even affected in the slightest. Instead, he looked at Ren Kill and said indifferently, “I would never let a mad dog go out and bite someone again, I won’t be at peace until you die, although to me, you are just a mole.”

Looking at Ren Kill, who was still kneeling on the ground with his head bowed, Ye Mo smiled lightly, “If you can tell me how to uproot your “Earth Fury, maybe I will let you find a decent way to die.”

“I will fight with you.” Ren Kill suddenly rose up and a soft axe flashed out from his waist with a cold killing aura, heading straight for Ye Mo’s lower dantian.

Ye Mo had seen soft whips, soft swords, and even soft knives, but this was the first time he had met a soft axe. It was surprising that it was so flexible, but even if Ren killed with a broken hand, even if he was flexible, he would not be able to sneak up on Ye Mo.

With a wave of Ye Mo’s hand, Ren killed’s other arm fell to the ground again, and the soft axe was kicked back by Ye Mo, which really hit Ren killed’s thigh, cutting off one of his legs as if it was tofu.

Taking a step forward, Ye Mo slapped his palm on the top of Ren killed’s head and coldly shouted, “Tell me, what do you have to do if I want to destroy the whole Earth Destroyer?”