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DYM Chapter 342

When Ye Mo woke up again, he felt that the through qi here had collapsed, and only then did he stand up with some regret. He felt that his cultivation level had gone up another level, although he was still at the fourth level of Qi cultivation, but if he were to step on his flying sword and fly to Hong Kong from Ninghai now, he would definitely not have a situation where his true qi would not continue anymore.

A burst of hunger came and Ye Mo was startled in his heart. Normally, he would not have eaten anything at all for two or three days, and now he was hungry, which meant that it had been at least three days.

Once he thought of the few days he had delayed, Ye Mo no longer dared to delay and immediately stepped onto his flying sword and headed straight to Ninghai.

Ye Mo had just arrived at Ninghai’ Taste Immortal when he saw Yang Jiu and Han Zai who were still guarding not far away.

Yang Jiu and the two had already been waiting anxiously, Ye Mo said that he would return the next day or even the same night, but now it was already the fourth day and Ye Mo still had not come to the two of them. Although it was already four days, the two of them still had not left Ninghai.

Although he didn’t know what was the reason why Ye Mo hadn’t come back by now, but Yang Jiu had some premonition that ”Earth Fury, something should be wrong. He knew how domineering the ‘Earth Fury’ was, and since he and Han Chai hadn’t replied to messages for a few days, if the ‘Earth Fury’ was still the same, it must have found Ninghai long ago. The fact that the ‘Earth Fury’ had not found him by now meant that something was wrong.

This was also the reason why Yang Jiu and Han Zai hadn’t left.

So as soon as Ye Mo came back, Yang Jiu and Han Zai, who were guarding the entrance of the ‘Taste Immortal, saw them and immediately welcomed them.

After some conversation, Ye Mo realised that he had actually braked the cultivation for four days, no wonder he was hungry.

“Senior that one surnamed Xie I have already dealt with, he wanted to secretly deal with you and Miss Su Jing Chang, we caught him in the act, now I don’t know if we should kill him?” Yang Jiu was in awe of Ye Mo, he knew that Ye Mo had gone to destroy the ‘Earth Furies’. Now that Ye Mo had returned, although he didn’t dare to ask what the result was but he had many avenues and knew some clues, plus his own previous guess of Sun, Yang Jiu immediately knew that something was really wrong with the ‘Earth Fury,’.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said: “That person you guys just go and deal with it, if you can extort some money out, all the better, but even if you extort some money, you can’t let this kid get away with too much, it doesn’t matter if he wants that little life or not. After this is over, you guys go to my second brother Xu Ping at once in Flowing Snake, I already have some people developing a new company in Flowing Snake. There is room for you to develop there, and after I finish taking care of some things, I will also go to Flowing Serpent. As for the ‘Earth Furies, you guys don’t need to worry about that, I’ve already uprooted them.”

Yang Jiu and Han Zai looked at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, the ‘Earth Fury’ had really been destroyed by the ‘Earth Fury’. It had only been a few days since he uprooted such a large **** organization, so Ye Mo seemed even more mysterious in their hearts.

After arranging for Yang Jiu and Han Zai, Ye Mo did not go to Su Jing Chang, he went directly to Xuan Jiang, he had another goal of going to the Hop School.

But to Ye Mo’s disappointment, the people of the Zhang family in Xuanjiang didn’t know about Zhang Zhihui at all When he found the Zhang family’s family head, he realised that only the Zhang family head knew about the existence of Zhang Zhihui. Instead, the Zhang family’s family head told Ye Mo that Zhang Zhihui had not come back for a long time and had not contacted them.

Ye Mo counted the time, after he had arranged for Zhang Zhihui to destroy the Broken Fist Hall, there was no news of Zhang Zhihui.

After putting down the matter of Zhang Zhihui, Ye Mo headed to the Immeasurable Mountain Since the ‘Earth Furies, had been destroyed by him, he was going to pick up his sister, Tang Beiwei.

The Immeasurable Mountain was still the same, with many tourists coming and the various attractions still bustling with activity.

However, Ye Mo now knew that this Immeasurable Mountain was far from being as simple as it appeared. There was no telling how many hidden sects and clans were hidden within it.

Ye Mo arrived at the location where he entered the Jing Yi Gate and stood on top of the platform but suddenly noticed that the iron cable leading to the Jing Yi Gate under the cliff had disappeared.

Someone had cut the iron rope? Immediately, Ye Mo’s heart was astonished. This could not be done by the Jing Yi Sect because although the Hidden Sect did not enter the world, any Hidden Sect would have some dealings with the outside world and they had some needs that they had to trade back from the outside world.

If his sister Tang Beiwei wasn’t here, Ye Mo wouldn’t be so nervous, but he had to be nervous because his sister Tang Beiwei was here.

Ye Mo immediately stepped onto his flying sword and arrived at the opposite side of the cliff, and quickly dug into the cliff pa*sage leading to the Jing Yi Gate. After exiting the pa*sageway, facing the curved and endless path, Ye Mo only took a few minutes to already finish it. At the end of the path was the foot of the Jing Yi Sect, he quickly arrived at the entrance to the courtyard of the Jing Yi Sect and his divine sense swept in.

Tang Beiwei, however, was tending to the ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’ in the backyard where she lived with a look of concern, as if there was nothing that could make her remove it from the plant.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, it was good that nothing had happened to Beiwei. The place where Tang Beiwei lives should not be too bad, it looks like Jing Xian did not treat his sister badly.

Ye Mo lived quickly and crossed into the courtyard where his sister lived and called out, “Bei Wei

Tang Beiwei suddenly turned around and immediately saw Ye Mo. Without thinking, she put down the shovel she was holding to loosen the soil and ran over to pull Ye Mo’s arm, saying with a face full of surprise, “Brother, you’re here.”

Ye Mo patted Tang Beiwei’s shoulder somewhat apologetically, but didn’t know how he should talk to her about it.

“What’s wrong? Brother.” Tang Beiwei seemed to sense Ye Mo’s hesitation, and she asked out eagerly, with a bad feeling in her heart.

“Beiwei, I’m sorry, brother went a little late. Your mother she has already gone ……” Ye Mo took out Tang Qin’s urn and handed it to Tang Beiwei, although he knew that this would only make Tang Beiwei more sad, yet he didn’t know how he should go about it with Tang Beiwei.

Tang Beiwei let go of Ye Mo’s hand and accepted the urn he handed her with some disbelief, unable to say a word for a long time. Although Tang Qin was not her biological mother, in Tang Beiwei’s heart, there was no one who could replace Tang Qin’s position, Tang Qin was her mother.

But her mother had been taken to Yanjing, and it was only a short time ago that she returned with an urn. She couldn’t believe it. Her mother had gone to enjoy happiness, not to die, so why was this happening? Why? Tang Beiwei was frozen in place.

Ever since she was a child, her mother had pulled her into adulthood with her thin shoulders, never letting anything stop her from loving her daughter. Whether it was wind and rain, or snow and ice, her mother always pushed the cart to shelter her from the wind and rain.

But today, her daughter has just grown up, and her mother has not yet enjoyed the blessing of leaving like this.

“Mom is good”,” Tang Beiwei dumbly sticked at Tang Qin’s urn, and only after a long time did she let out a painful cry, kneeling white on the ground, tears falling like rain.

Ye Mo silently looked at Tang Beiwei who was crying bitterly, he did not try to persuade, he knew that now Tang Beiwei needed to cry out her inner sorrow.

After a long time, Tang Beiwei’s voice was a little hoarse before Ye Mo picked up Tang Beiwei, “Beiwei, Auntie has already gone, she definitely doesn’t want you to be like this, find a place to bury your mother.”

Tang Beiwei sobbed and looked at Ye Mo, then suddenly hugged him again and let out a loud cry.

Fortunately, she still had a brother, if she didn’t even have a brother and her mother was gone, she would have no one left and would be living alone in this world. That would be the end of life.

Outside the courtyard of Jing Yi Gate, under a pine, Tang Beiwei reverently buried her mother’s ashes. A line was engraved on the tablet in front of the tomb, “Tomb of loving mother Tang Qin, established by unfilial daughter Tang Beiwei!”

All this was done by Tang Beiwei alone, and Ye Mo did not interfere. It was only after Beiwei had done all of this that Ye Mo accompanied Tang Beiwei to kneel in front of the tomb and kowtow a few times.

“Beiwei, come out with me, I’ll take you to my company.” Ye Mo saw that after Tang Beiwei had buried her mother, her mood was getting lower and lower, he wanted to take Tang Beiwei out for a break.

Tang Beiwei shook her head, “Brother, I don’t want to leave for now. The people here are very nice to me and I like the life here. Mum just left, I still want to stay here to keep her company for some time.”

“Beiwei, you ……” Ye Mo didn’t expect Tang Beiwei to want to stay at the Jing Yi Sect, how could Beiwei be patient when this place was so closed?

Tang Beiwei walked next to Ye Mo and held his arm before she slowly said, “Brother, I have no family left now except you. I know you are going out to find sister-in-law Luo Ying, so I might as well stay here and wait for you. When you find sister-in-law Luo Ying, bring her along to see me.”

After saying that, there was silence for a long time before Tang Beiwei continued to say quietly, “Brother, there are times when I really wish I wasn’t your sister, if I wasn’t your sister, I would have married you and gone with you to look for sister-in-law Luo Ying.”

In her heart, Tang Beiwei knew very well that even if she went out with Ye Mo, she would still be living alone. Ye Mo was going out to look for sister-in-law Luo Ying, there was no way he would stay at home. Besides, she was already used to being here, with her mother gone, she liked the calm and peaceful life here.

Ye Mo rubbed Tang Beiwei’s hair and said, “Don’t talk nonsense, let’s go to the place where you live first.”

“Well, brother, the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ you gave me last time has blossomed again.” Tang Beiwei seemed to have gotten over her grief and had some blood on her face.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Well, I’ve seen it, you’ve done a good job of taking care of Shuo, thank you, Bei Wei. Also your cultivation is not bad, after all, the Fury has already entered the first layer, in the future there is still to continue to work hard, this time I will teach you well before I go.”

Tang Beiwei but shook her head, “Brother, I don’t like you to say thank you to me mouth also, I know to work hard. Huh, brother, I remembered, how did you get into this?”