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DYM Chapter 343

“Master Ye, Beiwei’s words happen to be what I want to ask as well.” Jing Xian appeared in front of Ye Mo and Tang Beiwei without a sound.

Ye Mo was only paying attention to talking to Tang Beiwei just now and surprisingly did not notice Jing Xian’s arrival. Even so, Ye Mo had great admiration for this old Daoist nun. If he could arrive without a sound under his senses, he was not a simple person, that was remarkable even if he did not care.

“Master.” Tang Beiwei hurriedly went forward and bent down to salute.

Ye Mo looked at Tang Beiwei a little strangely, had Beiwei worshipped Jing Xian as his master? Why didn’t he tell him.

Seeming to see Ye Mo’s surprise, Jing Xian said lightly, “I instructed Bei Wei a few times when she was cultivating, and the technique Bei Wei cultivated was very unusual. I didn’t dare to accept her as a disciple, only that Beiwei insisted on worshiping me as her master.”

Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on and hurriedly saluted as well and said, “Thank you senior Jing Xian for accepting Bei Wei, Ye Mo hereby pays his respects.”

Although he said this, Ye Mo was a little worried in his heart, he was afraid if Tang Beiwei’s cultivation technique would be recognized by Jing Xian. Once his cultivation technique was seen through, it would be a heavenly event.

When Jing Xian heard Ye Mo’s words, she hastily put her hands together and said, “Ye Shih-ji has spoken too highly, Jing Xian does not dare. I see that this time around, the monk has come further than the last time in terms of cultivation, congratulations.”

“Brother, I’m sorry, I haven’t come to tell you, Master has instructed me on some acupuncture points and the direction of meridians to run, the rest I have cultivated alone. Master said that it is not appropriate for me to practice the Jing Sect gongfu, so I just need to continue to practice the gongfu I am practicing now.” Tang Beiwei said in a hurry.

Ye Mo, however, breathed a sigh of relief, although Tang Beiwei’s words were somewhat disrespectful to her master, but she had not revealed her cultivation technique in order to explain to herself in a hurry, which was why she said this. Although he put his heart down, Ye Mo still wanted to write another ancient martial cultivation method for Tang Beiwei before he left, so that once someone asked about it, he would let her bring out the ancient martial cultivation method.

Seeing Ye Mo nod, Tang Beiwei immediately said, “Brother, you haven’t said how you came over?”

Knowing that Jing Xian was also waiting for his answer, Ye Mo nodded and said, “I saw that iron rope break, and I jumped over.”

Tang Beiwei was fine with it, she knew her brother had many strange skills. But Jing Xian was incomparably shocked in her heart, jumping over? How could she not believe that, but Ye Mo must have come from the original way, otherwise, how would he know that the iron rope had broken? It was just that Ye Mo didn’t jump over, so how did he come over?

“Senior Jingxian, please also tell me how that iron rope broke?” Ye Mo still asked, if his sister wasn’t here just forget about it, but now that Tang Beiwei was here, he had to find out about it. He didn’t want his sister to be in the slightest danger.

Jing Xian glanced at Ye Mo, although she knew that Ye Mo was not telling the truth, she still did not go after him, but said: “Jing Xi had surprisingly agreed to Susu and Bian Chao’s marriage before, and had also accepted the bride price from the point cang in private. Originally, my Jing Yi Sect had no knowledge of these matters, but a few days ago, the Immeasurable Point Cang Sect came to my Jing Sect to welcome Susu. Only to find out that Susu had already left the Jing Yi Sect, and the person from the Point Cang was immediately furious.”

Ye Mo hadn’t finished listening, his anger agreed to come up as well, although Jing Xi had already been killed by him, but the people from the Point Cang even dared to hit Luo Ying. Luo Ying, that was his scales of rebellion, how dare Dim Cang come to move.

Jing Xian, however, sighed and continued, “Because Senior Sister Jing Xi was no longer there, our Jing Yi Clan was unable to reply to the people from Dim Cang, and in the end, we angered the people from Dim Cang who came and injured Senior Sister Jing Ci. If it wasn’t for Beiwei, the point cang however would not have stopped there.”

Tang Beiwei looked at her master in surprise and said, “Master, I didn’t do anything ah, I don’t know what happened either ah? I just heard Uncle Jing Hui say that the iron rope was broken, and although I knew that my brother could come over, I didn’t know by what means my brother came over. How does this matter have anything to do with me again?”

Jing Xian looked at Tang Beiwei with some apology and said, “I’m sorry Beiwei, I didn’t tell you about this matter because I was afraid you would be worried. After Dim Cang injured Jing Ci, he originally wanted to make a fuss, but the young master of Dim Cang, Bian Chao, saw Bei Wei and was instantly amazed. Immediately, the object shifted to Bei Wei and they asked her to marry Bian Chao of Dim Cang instead of Susu. Bian Chao was about to take Bei Wei away then, but I stopped them. I told them that even if they wanted to welcome Bei Wei, they would have to wait for Bei Wei’s brother to arrive in a few days.

But they then said that I had a point, that they were a sect that wanted to save face and had to marry openly, so they went back and prepared the bride-price, and that they would come again in three days’ time. As for the bride-price last time, when Susu returns, they will still come over for a trip.”

“Master ……” Tang Beiwei looked at her master in shock, she subconsciously grabbed Ye Mo’s arm, but in her heart she was thinking, if her brother didn’t come, was Master going to marry herself into that whatever in Point Cang?

Ye Mo’s face was ugly, although he didn’t know what Jing Xian meant, he would never allow his sister to be forcibly married off by someone else.

Jing Xian glanced at Ye Mo and said again, “I was at a loss as to what to do when Master Ye came over. I don’t dare to make the decision on this matter, although I also want to send Beiwei away secretly, but once this matter is known by the point cang. Not only will Beiwei have nowhere to escape, but also my Jing Sect will be destroyed, and your Ye family will cease to exist.”

“Brother ……,” Tang Beiwei tightly grabbed Ye Mo’s arm and cried out with some worry. Although she knew that her brother was powerful, but even the Jing Yi Sect was so worried about the Point Cang Sect, she didn’t dare to guess whether her brother was a rival of the Point Cang Sect.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face was very sullen and his murderous intent was exposed. Jing Xian said worriedly, “The Point Cang is different from the Jing Rest, one of their random elders is an earth level cultivator. Moreover, the Point Cang belongs to one of the six sects of the Hidden Sect, and although they are ranked last, their strength is far from what our Jing Yi Sect can compare to.”

Ye Mo’s face soothed a little, he knew that he couldn’t blame Jing Xian for this matter, there was really nothing Jing Xian could do. Thinking of this, Ye Mo nodded, “Senior Jing Xian, thank you for taking care of Bei Wei. A mere point cang is not something I have put in my eyes, I could have crippled the Hop School and not cared about the point cang clan.”

When Jing Xian heard Ye Mo’s words, she froze a little, Ye Mo had crippled the Hop School, how could this be said? They, the Jing Yi Clan, were not in the world right now and didn’t know anything that had only happened in the outside world. They didn’t even know about what was sent out by the Hopewell School.

It was only after a long time that Jing Xian asked with some hesitation, “Master Ye, are you sure it was the Hopping School? The Hopping Stream is one of the six sects of the Hidden Sect, ranking even above the Point Cang, ah.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “They tried to plot against my ‘Scarlet Coral’ and came to ambush my people, but I killed them all. Later on, these people also tried to go to the Yanjing Ye family to cause trouble, and I also killed them all. By the way, senior Jing Xian, I was thinking of going to the lair of the Hop School to take a look, I just don’t know where their lair is, I wonder if senior Jing Xian knows.”

Jing Xian was shocked, and only after a long time did she reply, “Sorry, I don’t know either, besides, even if I did, I couldn’t tell Master Ye, this is the rule of the Hidden Sect.”

Although he guessed that this was the result, Ye Mo was still a little disappointed. Ye Mo took his sister Tang Beiwei’s hand to bid farewell to Jing Xian and returned to his sister’s residence.

Once he returned to Tang Beiwei’s residence, Ye Mo asked, “Beiwei, tell me, the cultivation method I taught you, you didn’t tell anyone else, did you?”

Tang Beiwei immediately said, “No, brother, I know that what you taught me must be different from what they cultivate, I wouldn’t be that stupid. My master only felt that the speed at which I gathered internal qi was somewhat rapid, so that’s why she judged that the gong method I was practicing was good. And she has never asked me about my gong methods, she has only instructed me in areas I don’t understand.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “That’s good, you must not tell anyone what you cultivate, I’m going to stay here for a while and I will write a set of martial cultivation methods for you. If anyone asks, you will tell people about this set of ancient martial cultivation methods.”

“Brother, you’re really going to stay here for a while.” Tang Beiwei’s originally low mood became expectant because Ye Mo was going to stay here for a while.

Ye Mo said with a hmph, “That sect in Point Cang, how dare they hit your sister-in-law and you, I will make them disappear. And I will also stay here with you for a while and guide you in your cultivation. And that ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’, you’ve raised it well, I have a section of ‘Purple Heart Vine’ here, I need you to help me plant it up too, that’s the food for our cultivation in the future, we mustn’t be sloppy.”

“I know, brother.” Tang Beiwei immediately replied, if it wasn’t for the loss of her mother and the discomfort in her heart. Now that Ye Mo was with her, she would have been happy to let Ye Mo take her around.

Tang Beiwei hesitated for a moment, but still asked, “Brother, when that iron rope broke, I was worried if you would be able to come over. Then I thought that you could definitely come over. It’s just that although you did come over, I still want to know, how exactly did you come over? Did it take a lot of time?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “It only took me a few seconds, because I flew over.”

Tang Beiwei’s mouth opened wide as she stared at Ye Mo for a long time before she froze and said, “Brother, did you really spend a few seconds and fly over?”

If someone else had said it, she would have long ago filtered it out as nonsense, but what Ye Mo said, Tang Beiwei believed it unconditionally because she believed in her brother. Every single thing that Ye Mo had done was something she had never dared to imagine before.

Looking at Tang Beiwei, whose face was still a little sad, Ye Mo stroked her hair again, although it looked like Tang Beiwei was already very mature, she was actually still too young. Before she met herself, she had suffered too much, and soon after she met herself, she lost her mother, which was indeed a bit too cruel for her.

“Beiwei, at night brother will take you to fly.” Ye Mo could see the yearning in Tang Beiwei’s eyes.