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DYM Chapter 35-36

Chapter 35

This was because he saw Ye Mo with one foot on Ah Fat’s chest and was staring coldly at him and Wang Shuan. He couldn’t understand how Ye Mo had subdued Ah Fa in such a short time, Ah Fa was his number one fighter. But Song Shaowen had no way to think about it anymore, because before he could even hit the ground and react, Ye Mo was flying up with another kick.

With two “clicks”, Song Shaowen’s leg bones had been broken by Ye Mo’s kick, and with an “ah”, Song Shaowen’s cold sweat immediately fell. Wang Shuan’s body chilled as he stared at Ye Mo’s kick that almost flew up, what kind of person was he? The movement was actually so terrifying? An iron plate, an absolute iron plate.

“Take the car on the road.” Ye Mo’s gaze made Wang Shuan winced and actually dared not resist, walking away first. What made him feel even more numb was that Ye Mo actually carried one in one hand, picking up Song Shaowen and Ah Fa to follow him.

Song Shaowen almost fainted from the pain. If he had the chance again, he would rather be pointed at and scolded by others than to mess with Ye Mo, the devil. Other people said that he, Song Shaowen, was a devil, but Song Shaowen already understood that the real devil was this Ye Mo who was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger.

When he tortured people, he at least had thoughts in his heart and some expression on his face, but Ye Mo kicked and broke his leg bone as simply as if he had stepped on an ant, without even blinking his eyes, let alone his expression.

The car was not far away, only a few hundred metres or less, and the roads that Song Shaowen and his men chose were all remote paths in order to keep people from noticing them. Plus it was after two o’clock at night, and not a single person was met on the road, so several people got into the BMW SUV.

Ye Mo threw Song Shaowen and Ah Fat in the back seat and collected the cash from several people before saying to Wang Fun who was sitting in the driver’s seat, “Drive to Guilin.”

Guilin was located at the junction of China and several small countries, where the mountains were crisscrossed and sparsely populated. It was very suitable for Ye Mo to cultivate, and besides, it was him who had killed Song Shaowen that was known, and it would be much harder to catch him around Guilin.

“What, to Guilin?” Wang Shuan shouted out in surprise. Guilin was nearly ten thousand miles away from Ninghai, how could he drive there?

“Cut the crap, drive.” Ye Mo’s order made Wang Boat swallow the words that were coming out of his mouth, so he had to quickly start the BMW and soon disappeared into the Ninghai city limits.

After driving for an hour or so, Ye Mo suddenly remembered that his small medical kit was still left in the aisle of the house, if he had to go back to get it now, it would probably be misty. It was just some soup and pills, a letter and some odds and ends.

Not only was Song Shaowen holding his anger, but Ah Fat and Wang Shuan were also feeling stuffy inside. It was always them who taught others a lesson, but today not only were they taught a lesson by an otherwise invalid, Ye Mo, but they also had their money and belongings taken away from them.

“Young Mo, it’s my fault for offending you this time, Song Shaowen, but you know the energy of my Song family, if anything happens to me, you won’t be able to get away even if you run far away. However, if you are willing to spare me, Song Shaowen, I will not treat you badly, not only ……” Song Shaowen began to soften and beg for mercy, he felt that Ye Mo was a ruthless character, even more ruthless than him.

But before he could finish his words, “pop, pop” was two slaps, Ye Mo hit Song Shaowen two slaps, only then slowly said: “Less bullsh*t in front of Laozi, your Song family does not mess with me, even if it messes with Laozi, I will remove your Song family from Yanjing, I Ye Mo is true to his word. But maybe you won’t be able to see it anymore.”

“You ……” Song Shaowen spat out two teeth and trembled. I don’t know if he was trembling with anger or fear. However, this time Song Shaowen was really scared to death, from Ye Mo’s words, it seemed that he wanted his life, although he believed that Ye Mo wouldn’t dare, but after all, he only had one life to live. If regrets were useful, Song Shaowen would have already carried them a million times.

Another hour or so pa*sed, Ye Mo looked at this section of the highway which was built on top of a high mountain, his heart moved, it was about to be dawn, if he got the car off the cliff here, it would probably be the most suitable. Of course he would not really want this car to take him to Guilin, that would simply be an act of seeking death.

Just as he thought of this, Ye Mo saw a camera far in front of him, Ye Mo suddenly lowered himself and pulled the steering wheel.

Wang Shuan, who was originally thinking of how to inform the police, did not even think that Ye Mo actually crouched down and suddenly turned his steering wheel.

The car made a big turn without any warning and went straight off the highway, falling off the cliff.

The moment Ye Mo rushed down the cliff, he kicked open the car door and floated to the cliff wall with a Royal Wind Technique. The Royal Wind Technique could not be used until the third level of Qi training, and now Ye Mo was still at the second level of Qi training, so it was a bit of a struggle to use it, but it was enough for him to escape.

The buggy flew down the cliff, and not long afterwards there was a loud “boom” and a cloud of fire. Ye Mo was relieved, he was wondering if he would have to light the fire if the car didn’t burn up, but he didn’t expect the car to be so obedient and burn up automatically.

Ye Mo carefully bypa*sed the camera and entered the mountain forest, and soon disappeared into the night.


When Ning Qingxue got up in the morning, Xu Wei had already gone to work, but what made her wonder was that Ye Mo didn’t buy her breakfast. Moreover, she did not see Ye Mo’s figure either. In her heart, she looked down on Ye Mo even more. Last time, she just brought her cla*smates to have a meal, but as a result, not only did the food become worse, but even the breakfast was not available now. Even though he spent an extra two thousand dollars on a bottle of red wine, the wine was still drunk by him.

Luckily, she was leaving tomorrow, otherwise every time she saw Ye Mo, she had an unspeakable feeling of revulsion in her heart. There are times when one really can’t rely on first impressions, and other people’s comments will definitely not be uncalled for.

But to Ning Qingxue’s disappointment, she still did not see Ye Mo at noon. Suddenly, she was alerted to the fact that she seemed to be relying on Ye Mo a little too much, could it be that she could not go to dinner without Ye Mo coming back?

Since there was no one from the Song family to bother her recently, Ning Qingxue had a much easier time. Moreover, she was about to leave Yanjing with her parents, which made her heart feel even more comfortable.

After lunch, Ning Qingxue went to look at Ye Mo’s flowerbeds, which seemed to have been unmanaged for more than ten days, and some of the flowers and plants had even died. However, Ning Qingxue noticed that the gra*s that had been the focus of Ye Mo’s care, with the silvery centre of its leaves, had disappeared.

Ning Qingxue suddenly felt a little annoyed and was just about to make a phone call to Li Mumei when her phone rang.

“Qingxue, let me tell you a great news, do you know, last night at four o’clock, Song Shaowen’s car crashed into the cliff near the Fengjin Expressway’s seven lane cliff, the car Song Shaowen and his two followers all died. Now you are relaxed, no one will bother you anymore, I will come to pick you up tomorrow morning ……” Li Mu Mei’s surprised voice came, making Ning Qingxue feel like she was in a dream.

It took her a long time to put down the phone, still in disbelief that the demon in her dream was dead and she was relieved.

Ning Qingxue breathed a long sigh of relief and her first action was to run into the house and take out her marriage certificate with Ye Mo, so that she could go for a divorce with Ye Mo when he returned.

The afternoon was one of the longest for Ning Qingxue. Ye Mo, who was originally always back early to cook dinner, had not returned by 8pm. Instead, it was Xu Wei who came back from work.

The first time Xu Wei came back from work, she saw Ning Qingxue not in her room, but standing outside the door waiting, but not seeing Ye Mo.

“Are you Xu Wei?” Ning Qingxue asked with some hesitation.


Chapter 36

Xu Wei nodded and said, “Yes, did Ye Mo tell you that? But I don’t know your name yet?”

“My name is Ning Qingxue, I would like to ask, do you know where Ye Mo has gone? How come he hasn’t returned by now today?” In Ning Qingxue’s opinion, Ye Mo and Xu Wei lived together, so if Ye Mo had gone somewhere, Xu Wei must know about it.

“Ye Mo? I haven’t seen him for two days, isn’t he with you?” Xu Wei said with some surprise. In her heart, she was thinking, “How can you ask me when your own boyfriend is missing?

“With me?” Ning Qingxue was as surprised as Xu Wei, she sensed something different, as if things were a little different from what she had thought.

After another look at Xu Wei’s expression, Ning Qingxue had to say, “You’re his girlfriend, doesn’t he live with you?”

When she heard Ning Qingxue’s words, Xu Wei’s face turned red and she became a bit annoyed, but when she faced such a beautiful and obviously unusual woman like Ning Qingxue, she could not get angry directly, but she said coldly, “When am I his girlfriend, this is really strange, you live in the same room with him every day and still say I am his girlfriend, this is too outrageous. ”

“What? Ye Mo doesn’t live on your side every night?” Ning Qingxue asked in astonishment.

Seeming to see that Ning Qingxue wasn’t deliberately lying, Xu Wei replied, “He and I are just renting a landlord’s house, and the two of us aren’t actually very familiar with each other. Could it be that he doesn’t live with you?”

Ning Qingxue already knew that she must have misunderstood Ye Mo, but if Ye Mo wasn’t living with her, and wasn’t living with Xu Wei, where would he be living? It should be a hotel, he was kind of rich now.

“Oh, he should be staying in a hotel, I just don’t know where he went today for the day.” Ning Qingxue thought about how she seemed to have misunderstood Ye Mo a little, and was a little uncomfortable.

“Staying in a hotel? Impossible, I get up every morning before six o’clock, every morning he is in the courtyard ……” Xu Wei braked the topic in time, she said this is not pointing out that Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue live together, since Ning Qingxue herself is not willing to admit it, why point it out.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Ning Qingxue, of course, understood Xu Wei’s thoughts and hastily stopped Xu Wei and said awkwardly, “Sorry, Xu Wei, I really don’t live with him, but how can he be in the courtyard every morning at five or six o’clock?”

The original heart some amusement Xu Wei, see Ning Qingxue really does not seem to be lying, frowned heart said this is also too bizarre point, this simply makes people think a little chill, is Ye Mo is …… she dare not think further.

Suddenly thought of what like, Xu Wei suddenly said: “The landlord installed a camera in the front and back of the yard, monitoring the computer placed inside the warehouse, I will take you to see.”

When Ning Qingxue heard that there were cameras, she hurriedly followed Xu Wei into the warehouse full of goods, which was actually in the corner of the living room, Ning Qingxue had lived here for so long, but really did not know that there was a warehouse here. There was indeed a monitoring computer inside, but it was covered in dust and the monitor was powered off.

The two of them turned on the monitor and there were indeed two surveillance screens, one facing the front door of the yard and another at the back of the yard. The landlord seemed to have been more careful.

When they opened the nearest monitor screen, the one opposite the gate recorded a picture of Ye Mo going out every day in the morning, and not at night.

But when the two men pulled the screen to the back, they immediately spotted Ye Mo who had been sitting under a tree at night. Apart from occasionally sleeping on the green stone slab under the rain shelter for a few hours, he spent most of his time leaning against the tree, with just a green stone underneath.

“He’s never slept against the tree?” Ning Qingxue and Xu Wei looked up in shock at the same time, glancing at each other.

Xu Wei suddenly thought of what to do on a rainy day. Xu Wei thought of it, and Ning Qingxue thought of it at the same time; a week ago, there was another day when it was pouring rain. They hurriedly flipped the date to the day it rained, but what shocked them was that on the rainy day Ye Mo was still sitting under the big tree. It just seemed that those rains seemed to form a curtain around Ye Mo, and the two couldn’t see very well, and thought it was a problem with the camera, but an hour later, Ye Mo left the big tree, but slept on the green stone slab.

Xu Wei was a sensual girl, and when she looked at the fact that Ye Mo actually had no place to stay, her heart turned a little against Ning Qingxue, and tears fell from her eyes, but in her heart she was thinking how pitiful Ye Mo was. This woman is just a bit prettier, but she can’t treat Ye Mo like this, fox spirit.

After wiping her tears, Xu Wei swept a glance at Ning Qingxue, she no longer wanted to be with this woman, turned around and walked out of the warehouse without saying anything.

Xu Wei walked out of the warehouse, Ning Qingxue knew that Xu Wei’s hostility towards her, she also felt it, but at this moment she was still staring at Ye Mo who was sleeping on the green stone slab, her heart suddenly hurt a little, but not the sad feeling Xu Wei had.

He had so much money, why didn’t he go to a hotel and spend the night alone under the tree? Besides, if he was under a tree, he should have taken shelter under the eaves when it rained, right? The only reason she came to Ye Mo’s place was to stay in a room with him.

Just now Xu Wei was crying a little bit with pearly tears, Ning Qingxue felt her heart was a little hard. She just felt that Ye Mo was too much of a miser, and although she felt bad in her heart, she remembered the saying, ‘A poor man must be hated’. She did not know that Ye Mo thought the same of her.

Sighing, Ning Qingxue secretly thought, could it be that he was so frugal just because he was living too poorly in the first place? Although she was somewhat touched by the fact that Ye Mo had given up his room to her, it was more because she felt that Ye Mo was looking at the half a million dollars.

The camera was flipped by Ning Qingxue in directly to last night, when Ye Mo still sat under the big tree for half the night, and at one o’clock, he slept on top of the green stone slab.

But the next shot almost made Ning Qingxue scream out loud.

Song Shaowen had actually sneaked in over the wall, and two of his followers had come in too. Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered Li Mumei’s phone call in the afternoon, hadn’t Song Shaowen died? Why was he here last night?

Thinking of this Ning Qingxue only felt a tingling in her scalp, but the image behind her made her understand completely. Ye Mo, who was sleeping on the green stone slab, spoke a few words with Song Shaowen and then Song Shaowen and his two followers took Ye Mo away. The scene behind them restored calm.

The conversation between Ye Mo and Song Shaowen’s few men could not be heard.

Ning Qingxue had already understood that it looked like Ye Mo and Song Shaowen and the others didn’t know what they had reached and actually left just like that. According to him, since Song Shaowen had come here and hadn’t taken her captive, how could he just leave in peace like that? What had happened in the end?

Song Shaowen had actually found his way here, it was so crazy, thinking about it Ning Qingxue felt scared, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo, what would have been the consequences? She didn’t dare to think about it.

Song Shaowen’s car had fallen off the cliff, was Ye Mo alright? Ning Qingxue could no longer hold back her nervousness and picked up the phone to call Li Mumei.

“Mumei, you said that all three of Song Shaowen’s people were dead, were there any remaining people in the car?” This was what Ning Qingxue wanted to know the most, although Ye Mo had taken 500,000 yuan from her, but if Ye Mo had given his life away because of this money, she, Ning Qingxue, would not be able to bear it. Besides, these people were still here because of her, and Ye Mo was just an innocent person involved.

“No, what’s wrong? It was the three of them in the car, and the forensic doctor has identified them. Now the Song family is in some chaos, Qing Xue, don’t think too much, I’ll come and keep you company tomorrow.” Li Mumei said comfortingly.

After hanging up the phone, Ning Qingxue was still a little uneasy in her heart, this video must not be known to others no matter what. Thinking of this, Ning Qingxue hurriedly brought her mobile hard drive over and copied this video away, then deleted the one inside her computer again, which made her feel a little more at ease.

However, if the Song family knew that Song Shaowen had come to Ninghai, if they investigated, this video could still be restored. She was already sure that Song Shaowen’s death should have something to do with Ye Mo. However, Song Shaowen’s car had crashed into the cliff near the Fengjin Expressway’s Seven Lane Cliff, so the Song family should not be able to investigate themselves here.