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DYM Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

Ning Qingxue listened to Ye Mo’s mouthful of light snow, while she herself was holding Ye Mo’s arm, at that moment, she even wondered if she was really Ye Mo’s wife already, how could that feeling be so sudden?

She remembered that day when she and Ye Mo wore pajamas and let Li Mu Mei take pictures, she seemed to be a bit into the scene, at the thought of that day, Ning Qingxue hurriedly pulled her hand out of Ye Mo’s arm, her heart was still pounding. Every time she came into contact with Ye Mo, she found herself unable to maintain that bashful and pretentious demeanour, but naturally enjoyed that feeling.

There seemed to be something in Ye Mo that she wanted to pursue, it seemed to be a serenity and longing that was beyond words, yet somewhat ethereal. It drew her to be the moth that flung itself to the flame, and she could only keep reminding herself of what kind of person Ye Mo was.

Zhou Lei looked at Ye Mo’s dashing ease, as well as Ning Qingxue’s bird-like manner, and that faint shyness on her face, and couldn’t help but wonder even more in her heart, could it be that she really fell in love with Ye Mo, and then the two got married out of love, and not because of anything else?

“Let’s go.” Ye Mo saw that Zhou Lei was still walking away, he immediately said, he didn’t have any good feelings towards this gossipy woman who liked to pry into other people’s **.

The three of them walked out of the small courtyard with their own thoughts, not far from where they lived was a relatively large restaurant called ‘Splendid Cuisine’, which was still a starred restaurant. Ning Qingxue didn’t want to run too far, so she pointed at ‘Brilliant Cuisine’ and said to Ye Mo, “Ye Mo, I think this ‘Brilliant Cuisine’ is good, let’s go here.”

“No, things are too expensive here ……” Before Ye Mo could finish his words, Ning Qingxue got a little angry.

“Ye Mo, what are you keeping so much money for? Go to this restaurant to eat a meal at most is only a thousand or so dollars, you that …… “Ning Qingxue is not to love face, but Ye Mo keep half a million, her cla*smate came to go to a restaurant to eat a meal also catty, although this cla*smate she also look uncomfortable, after all, is also a cla*smate is not. At least she is also a member of the Ning family, this Ye Mo is also too shabby for her.

Zhou Lei looked at Ye Mo with some surprise, it was the first time she met someone who was so calculating over a meal. The first time she had met someone who was so calculating over a meal was in front of her wife’s cla*smate, but it seemed that Ning Qingxue’s attachment to him was not fake.

Seeing that Ning Qingxue was going to say something else, Ye Mo was furious in his heart, but he was not a small chicken, and knew that if he got angry now, he guessed that Ning Qingxue’s performance with him would be in vain. Moreover, he would soon leave Ninghai, so there was really no need to argue with a woman.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly said, “Alright, listen to you, let’s go here for dinner today.” That was what he said, but he was depressed in his heart, he only had more than three thousand yuan in his pocket now, and all this money came from his blood sales. Even though that blood was not donated, it was still going to be released for nothing, but using the money from his blood sales to treat a woman he didn’t like much to dinner was not pleasant in his heart.

Ye Mo had already decided that after this time, and in a few days, he would immediately leave Ninghai. As for Ning Qingxue’s matter, he had already helped enough, he had to find a peaceful place to grow his ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’. He now deeply understood that people like him, who were gra*sroots, would be at the mercy of others if they did not have a certain amount of strength.

The meal was quite enjoyable, Zhou Lei did not get what she wanted, and she could see that Ye Mo’s and Ning Qingxue’s views on spending did not seem to be the same. However, judging from how calculating Ye Mo was about money, she was more than a little sure that Ye Mo was really living with Ning Qingxue. From the fact that Ye Mo paid with cash instead of swiping his card, she could tell that Ye Mo didn’t seem to be living a very wealthy life.

The one who was most upset was Ye Mo, the meal had cost him more than three thousand yuan, that is, even the five or ten yuan he had on him had been taken out. If it wasn’t for Ning Qingxue’s special order of a 2,000 yuan bottle of red wine, the meal wouldn’t have cost so much. Although the red wine was all drunk by him, he was still not happy about it.

He knew that Ning Qingxue had done it on purpose, giving a frozen card and being so arrogant, at that moment Ye Mo almost smashed the card to her again and told her to go and withdraw the money herself. Well, I can’t afford to feed you, I can afford to let up, no wonder others say that poor people must be hated, isn’t this Ning Qingxue the kind of person.

After finishing the meal, Zhou Lei did not stay on and chose to say goodbye instead. Perhaps she was a bit bored when she saw Ye Mo paying with five or ten dollars, which was showing her that she had no money or something.

When Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo went back, they were no longer as cordial as when they arrived. Ning Qingxue didn’t want to pay attention to Ye Mo, she felt that Ye Mo was really a bit embarra*sed of her today, although she didn’t care about this, but Ye Mo had a card and didn’t swipe it, instead he took out five or ten dollars to pay the bill. It was true that she had ordered the red wine on purpose, but in the end, he was still the one who drank it.

Ye Mo likewise did not want to talk, the evening meal had cost him over three thousand dollars, and now he only had twenty dollars in his pocket.

For the next few days, if Ye Mo didn’t go out and find work, he wouldn’t even have anything to eat. Maybe he would really have to sell blood in order to eat, but it was absolutely impossible for him to really sell blood for food, he hadn’t gotten so badly off, and he still had more than a hundred pieces of change inside his small medicine box. Although the price of his own blood donation was the same as others, Ye Mo thought that his blood must be of better quality than others’, and he felt a loss at this price.

Ning Qingxue’s feeling was most obvious because the food Ye Mo cooked was getting simpler and simpler. Although she was not particular about food, she still looked down on a cheap person like Ye Mo.

That night, Ye Mo went out with his small medical kit on his back, he did not expect to let him go out early to set up his night stall after Ning Qingxue arrived. Originally he thought that after helping that old man with his ‘Purple Jiao’ poisoning, he wouldn’t have to come out to set up a stall, but he didn’t expect to end up on this path.

However, to Ye Mo’s disappointment, he set up his stall in the lively and busy Ningdu District Pedestrian Street for two days and did not receive a single business. He even got kicked out once by the city police, which made him very depressed.

Ningda Ye Mo had rarely gone there anymore, firstly he didn’t want to see that Yun Bing, and secondly there was nothing left for him to learn by going to Ningda. He wanted to take a few pills he had made for Shi Xiu, but Shi Xiu had taken a week off because of something at home.

Although Ning Qingxue basically didn’t talk to Ye Mo in the past few days, she still saw what Ye Mo had done. Her father had called her and told her not to worry. Even if he, Ning Zhongfei, was kicked out of the Ning family, he would not sell his daughter out, let alone that demon from the Song family.

Her father’s words gave Ning Qingxue some comfort in her heart. Moreover, her parents had already rushed to Yanjing to have a showdown with the Ning family, and no matter what the outcome was, her parents would come to Ninghai the day after tomorrow to take her away.

Ning Qingxue looked at a jar of boiled medicine that Ye Mo had left in the aisle, as well as that cooker of his, and the contempt she felt for him suddenly faded a little in her heart. What did he have to do with himself? This was a complete deal, he had given him half a million, so the money was his, whether he was willing to spend it or not was his business, so why be disappointed for such a person?

Having thought this through, Ning Qingxue seemed to be in a slightly better mood. Even though he was stingy, he still bought some food back every day and cooked it, after all. Ye Mo went out again with a small box on his back, and Xu Wei hadn’t returned yet. I don’t know if it was because Xu Wei and Ye Mo were living together, but Ning Qingxue tried not to face Xu Wei.

Whether it was true or not, after all, she and Ye Mo were still considered a couple, and her husband slept in the woman’s house next door every day, which meant that they were a fake couple, and she didn’t want to face that woman.

When she thought of leaving this place the day after tomorrow and perhaps not coming back for the rest of her life, a faint melancholy inexplicably rose up in Ning Qingxue, she knew that this mood was not because of Ye Mo, but for other reasons. Ning Qingxue walked out of the courtyard for the first time, perhaps she wanted to see what kind of place she had lived in for more than twenty days.

Mingdu Pedestrian Street was perhaps the most lively place in Ningdu District at night, and Ning Qingxue had already walked to the pedestrian street without realising it.

The lively lights and greenery, all kinds of snacks and gadgets were everywhere, and there were many stalls set up by the roadside by small vendors.

The golden cakes at one of the stalls were baked to a tempting golden colour and looked steaming hot. Ning Qingxue, who had never eaten roadside snacks, could not resist the temptation and spent two yuan to buy a piece of golden cake. A light bite was a little sticky, but the texture was very good.

“Come and take a look at Le, an ancestral remedy that cures all diseases. Headache and fever, external and internal injuries, rheumatism and myopia …… only what you can’t think of, nothing I can’t cure ……” This shouting voice made Ning Qingxue almost laugh, this person’s tone was what disease he could cure.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked up at this person selling dog skin plasters and froze. Wasn’t this Ye Mo? Although he was wearing sungla*ses and a duck-bill hat, Ning Qingxue still recognised it was him at a glance. Besides, he had that iconic little box beside him. Ning Qingxue had never known what was inside that box, but now she knew, it turned out to be a small medicine box


Chapter 34

Ning Qingxue sighed, although 500,000 yuan wasn’t too much, it should already be quite a lot for Ye Mo, he actually wasn’t satisfied and had to come out and cheat people. I can’t believe that you can cure any disease, if you are really that good, why do you need a hospital.

“The city police are here ……” I don’t know who called out.

Many of the vendors immediately packed up their things and started to flee. Ning Qingxue stared at Ye Mo, and sure enough Ye Mo also helplessly put away his small medicine box, but instead of fleeing in a hurry like the other vendors, he slowly walked away carrying the medicine box on his back.

Although she didn’t see Ye Mo flee, but watching Ye Mo slinking away in the dust, Ning Qingxue still had a feeling of pleasure, let you cheat.

When Ning Qingxue returned to the courtyard, Ye Mo had already returned, he gave Ning Qingxue a glance and did not say anything. Ning Qingxue of course didn’t pay any attention to this person, she was thinking, when she left the day after tomorrow, should she remind that Xu Wei and tell her what kind of person Ye Mo was?

The business hadn’t been made and he had been kicked out by the city police, Ye Mo was already bored with his time in Ninghai and he wanted to leave. As for the matter of Ning Qingxue, he would help himself up to this point. Tomorrow, he would say hello to her, and he would leave, over at Ning University, he didn’t even have to go, but he still had to leave a letter to Shi Xiu.

When Xu Wei had fallen asleep, Ye Mo began to continue his cultivation.


“Young Wen, there’s still half an hour to go to Ninghai, what’s the first place to go?” A BMW SUV was speeding towards Ninghai from the Ning Feng Expressway at a very fast speed. At this moment, the driver was asking a young man of less than thirty years old who was sitting on the back seat.

This young man had a somewhat white face, a pair of eagle eyes, a long face and meticulously combed hair. Hearing the driver’s words, the young man took out a cigarette and a big man sitting next to him hastily took out a lighter and lit it.

“Ah Fat, the matter I asked you to do, has been taken care of, right?” The youth took a puff of his cigarette and said.

“Yes, don’t worry, Young Man, I did a very clean job.” The strong man immediately replied.

The youth took another drag of his cigarette and after a moment of silence, he continued, “We came from Hefeng to keep the old man and the Ning family from getting suspicious. If we stay in Ninghai for one night as originally planned, there might still be a change of heart. We might as well just go and take that woman away, and save me from thinking about it all the time. Insensitive b*tch, this time I will make her understand what it means to regret.”

The young man, who had a calm face, said that the veins in his hands were rippling, and with a lift of his hand he threw away the cigarette he had only taken two puffs of.

The strong man called Ah Fat hastily picked up the cigarette and threw it out of the window.

“That wastrel is called Ye Mo, right?” The young man gradually relaxed after throwing the cigarette. There had never been anyone who dared to reject him, Song Shaowen. I never thought that a mere Ning Qingxue would dare to reject him, Song Shaowen. This was not enough, she had even married another man and was even living together, was this not a slap in the face of his Young Master Song? If he, Song Shaowen, could bear this anger, he would not be Song Shaowen.

If the Song family’s master had not stopped him, he would have come to Ninghai a long time ago. This time he had tumbled to He Feng, and only then did he come back to kill Ninghai.

“Yes, young Wen, that scum is called Ye Mo. The two do sleep together, I’ve seen some pictures on small websites, and they seem to be in love.” The driver said in a hurry.

Song Shaowen, who had already calmed down, once again turned iron blue and said coldly, “I must make this Ye Mo open his eyes to see how I slept with that b*tch. Then …… Ye Mo is it, just take it away, isn’t there a cliff at Yan Ning Expressway, break his limbs and throw him down. Dare to grab a woman with me Song Shaowen, still a bit young.”


It was already one o’clock in the morning, Ye Mo had run his true qi for exactly one large circumference day and twelve small circumference days, he was no longer ready to continue cultivating. He was leaving tomorrow, and he wanted to find a place to sleep for a while. The stone slab next to the flower bed was the place where he usually slept after cultivation.

Ye Mo had just laid down when an iron hook hooked the courtyard wall and three figures quickly climbed up the wall and jumped into the backyard.

Although Song Shaowen looked a little pale, his movement over the wall was actually swift.

“This is where that scum Ye Mo lives, right? Which room is he sleeping in with that b*tch Ning Qingxue?” Song Shaowen, whose face was white, immediately asked as soon as he landed.

“It’s the place where Ye Mo lives fine, but it’s not the scum.” An abrupt reply, the first half of the sentence Song Shaowen hadn’t reacted, but after that he immediately turned to stare at the answering Ye Mo.

Only a moment later did his face appear shocked as he asked, “Who are you?”

At the same time, the two people who were following Song Shaowen also saw Ye Mo and were both staring at him with some shock and wariness in their eyes.

“I am Ye Mo. Do you want to find me, or my wife?” Ye Mo said indifferently.

“You are Ye Mo? Wang Shuan, Ah Fa, break his legs. I want to see what’s so different about this scum that he can make that b*tch willingly sleep with him” Before Song Shaowen could say anything, he found that his wrist had been grabbed by an iron-hard palm.

“You can fight if you want, but I want to crush your hand first. If you don’t believe me, just try it.” Ye Mo didn’t want to fight here, lest he disturb Xu Wei, he already knew that these people should be here to find Ning Qingxue, but Xu Wei was innocent.

As soon as they saw Song Shaowen’s appearance, Wang Boat and Ah Fat immediately knew that their young Wen had fallen into this man’s hands and both stopped moving on.

“What’s your name, say it, trash.” Ye Mo’s hand used a little strength and Song Shaowen almost screamed out, cold sweat sprouted from his forehead.

“I’m Song Shaowen, a member of the Song family in Yanjing. I’m not here for you, I’m here to find Ning Qingxue. You let me go immediately or your Ye family …… or you, Ye Mo, will die without a burial place.” Song Shaowen originally wanted to say what about the Ye family, but then he seemed to remember that the Ye family, like his Song family, was also one of the five great families in the capital and did not fear his Song family at all, so he changed his tone and said Ye Mo directly.

“Oh, so that’s how it is, but then again, that whatever family of yours is a pile of rubbish in my eyes, I haven’t put it in my eyes. Ning Qingxue is my wife and you still dare to come looking for it, are you deaf or are you blind?” At this point Ye Mo’s hand once again used a little bit of force and Song Shaowen finally couldn’t help but groan out.

“Ye Mo, let’s talk, don’t make a move yet.” Wang Ship saw that something was wrong and immediately said.

“You guys drove here, right?” Ye Mo asked an unrelated matter.

“Yes.” Wang Ship replied somewhat helplessly, he didn’t understand why Ye Mo was asking such an irrelevant matter.

Ye Mo nodded his head and said, “In that case, let’s go out and negotiate.” Ye Mo was thinking of leaving, and since these guys drove here, it was just right to take him away and save him the fare.

Seeing that Ye Mo was willing to go out to negotiate, Song Shaowen and his two followers were of course willing, they had originally held on to the certainty that nothing could go wrong, but they did not expect Ye Mo to be so skilled, completely out of their expectation, so much so that this matter became a bit beyond their control.

What surprised Song Shaowen was that Ye Mo actually let go of Song Shaowen’s wrist and stared at the three of them instead.

Song Shaowen and his two followers looked at each other and nodded their heads. Saying that Ye Mo was a wastrel, he was indeed a bit bad in the head.

The strong man called Ah Fat went up to the courtyard wall first and jumped out, followed by Ye Mo, Song Shaowen and Wang Ship jumped down after Ye Mo.

As soon as Song Shaowen jumped down, he was ready to ask Ah Fat and Wang Boat to do it at the same time, but before he could land, the scene in front of him made his mouth open wide again.