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DYM Chapter 357

“You, you actually know about the existence of the Inner Concealment (Hidden) Sect?” Fei Lok stared at Ye Mo with a shocked expression, she really couldn’t believe it, after she finished she subconsciously looked around carefully before she said in a low voice: “Senior sister Lok Hustle even dared to tell you this, you guys, you guys ……”

Obviously, she already thought that the relationship between Lok Hustle and Ye Mo had even gone beyond that last barrier.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, not bothering to refute Luo Fei’s words, and asked directly, “If you find the entrance to the small world, how do you guys usually get in and out?”

“I’m surprised that Senior Sister Lok Hustle didn’t tell you about this?” Fei Lu was even more surprised, since Lu Hustle was willing to tell Ye Mo that she came from the Hidden Sect, why would she hide this?

Ye Mo said indifferently “Although I knew a general idea, I didn’t ask carefully. But you are different, you owe me, so I hope you can tell me this.”

A sourness immediately rose in Fei’s heart, he could have asked Lu Hustle about the matter, but he had to ask himself, it was clear that he cared about Lu Hustle’s thoughts on whether he was willing to answer, but did not value his own thoughts at all.

Seeing the hesitant look on Fei Lu’s face, Ye Mo coldly smiled, “I saved you for this matter, but if you are not willing to answer I don’t bother to force you, even if it is just a good thing I did by the way.”

After saying that Ye Mo turned around and left, he was really a bit reluctant to force to ask such a poor woman. He believed that even if Fei Lu didn’t say a word, he could still find the entrance to the small world, besides, Fei Lu had hinted at something.

“I’ll tell you, I almost lost my life, so I don’t care about anything else there. But you mustn’t take a chance to find the entrance to the small world, and don’t try to offend the people of the Inner Concealment Sect, that’s a sure way to die.

In the deepest part of the Sea of Clouds in the Transverse Mountain Range, there is a natural seven-star formation, which is said to be seven huge mountain peaks. As for how this formation was formed, I don’t know. But the location of the heavenly pivot of this seven-star formation is the entrance to the small world. It’s just that this entrance seems to change of its own accord every once in a while.” Fei Lok looked at Ye Mo about to turn around and said resolutely.

“Then how did you get in and out?” Although what Fay Lok said was quite a bit more detailed than Lok Hustle, Ye Mo still hadn’t figured it out.

A trace of determination appeared in Fei Lu’s eyes as she slowly said, “I heard that every fifty years, the boundary between the small world and the outside will loosen once, and some people will come out from inside the small world to experience or search for something outside. But there are only fifty places available each time they come out. Our sect has used the places out of the boundary several times in order to send the three of us this time. All of them are led by Ascended Seniors, and if anyone among us is found to have broken the rules, they will be killed immediately, and will even be implicated in the sect.”

Although he was firm when he said it, after he finished, Fay Lok’s eyes were a little backward.

“So that means that people from your Inner Hidden Sect are not allowed to come out whenever and wherever they want? And they can’t just do whatever they want outside either?” Ye Mo asked somewhat strangely, according to his guess, the two people from Taiyi that Xu Wei and Light Snow met last time should be the ones who came out together this time.

Fei Lok nodded and said, “Yes, the time must come before someone sends them out, but because the time they can come out each time is three years, of course the person who comes out can also go in in less than three years, but cannot come out again. We are theoretically not allowed to do anything to the people outside when we come out, but there are still some people who kill innocents indiscriminately, and in their view there is no difference between human life outside and a mole. And, and …… it’s true that no one cares, as long as you don’t harm the interests of the Inner Hidden Sect, how much bad stuff you do outside, none of that will matter.”

“It’s the same no one cares if you are killed by others outside, right? And the Inner Hidden Sect doesn’t allow people who come out to do naughty things outside, it just means that things that damage the Inner Hidden Sect are only naughty things, nothing else counts, is that right?” Ye Mo continued to ask.

“Yes, but for some big sects, such as the Inner Hidden Three Sects, sects like them, core disciples coming out are protected by people, usually with experts by their side, so as long as they don’t do anything that damages the Hidden Sect, it doesn’t matter what they do. Moreover, some of the experts in the Hidden Sect will also look for geniuses outside who are suitable for cultivating ancient martial arts and take them into the Hidden Sect at this opportunity, but after they go in, they will never be able to come out again, unless those who go in get the same opportunity as us after fifty years.” Fei Lok said with a nod.

Ye Mo seemed to understand somewhat what the Hidden Sect meant, and he asked again, “If you people from the Inner Hidden Sect never go back after coming out for training, can you stay outside without anything?”

Fay Lok shook her head and said somewhat gloomily, “No, once we stay outside, unless we die, if we don’t go back when the time comes, we will immediately be killed or have problems with ourselves, and we will even involve the division.”

“But that Qi Yulin said he would find a quiet place to live with you for the rest of his life, and you still believe him? Besides, whether you are dead or alive, how will the people inside know, the world outside is so big.” Ye Mo looked at Fay Lok strangely and asked, he even suspected that this Fay Lok was lying.

Fei Luo lowered her head and said, “Because he is a core disciple of the Kun Qian Sect, one of the three sects of the Hidden Sect, and one of the law enforcement elders is from the Kun Qian Sect, he has asked his uncle to remove the hidden danger inside us, so we can stay outside and not go back. I just didn’t expect that he would ……”

Fei Lu did not say anything further, but Ye Mo slightly sighed, this Fei Lu did not have some taste of deceiving herself in it, she just wished it was true. In fact, Qi Yulin’s uncle simply did not remove that hidden danger, or rather did not have the ability to remove it. The only thing that Qi Yulin’s uncle did was probably just to put ‘concentric compulsion’ inside Fay’s body. Poor woman is still under the illusion that Qi Yulin did this to her because of the later scriptures.

Seemingly knowing what Ye Mo was thinking, Fei Lu did not bother to explain, but continued, “All of our disciples who came out of the Hidden Sect had a kind of internal qi ban placed on their bodies. Once they overstay their welcome, their internal qi will immediately explode and eventually explode and kill them.”

“So although the internal qi ban in your body has been removed, you are worried that when the law enforcement elders in the Hidden Sect know your location and want to come and arrest you, they will drag the people around you with them, right?”

Fei Lok nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Give me your hand.” Ye Mo, however, was a bit puzzled, he had come into contact with Lok Fei, but he had never felt any internal qi ban on Lok Fei ah, could it be that the person who placed the internal qi ban was too much higher in cultivation than himself?

It seemed to know what Ye Mo was going to do, or that he was no longer a simple young girl. Without the slightest squirm, Fay Lok extended her wrist.

Ye Mo grabbed Fay Lok’s wrist, and three strands of true essence rushed into Fay Lok’s meridians along three acupuncture points on Fay Lok’s Shen Xiao Tai Yuan and Guan Nei. The reason why he chose three places to search at the same time was because when Ye Mo grabbed Fay Lok just now, he only found the compulsions in her body and did not find any internal qi prohibitions.

Moreover, she had made contact with Fei Fei and did not find it either. If he were to search carefully, then he would have to search all the meridian points of his body, which was obviously inconvenient for Fay Lok. Therefore, Ye Mo chose to search the three wrist meridians at the same time, which was time-consuming and laborious, but not inconvenient, and he wouldn’t miss anything.

Fay Lok felt three hot, thin streams pa*sing through several acupuncture points on her wrists and slowly flowing throughout her body, with a tingling and rolling sensation. This feeling made her uncomfortable, yet she somewhat enjoyed the strange heat in her meridians, yet inwardly she was deeply shocked that Ye Mo’s internal qi cultivation was too powerful.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo did find a stream of true qi, if any, which was completely different from the one Fay Lok cultivated, or rather not inside her at all. It was obvious that this true qi was in a dormant state, and it was so strong that once it exploded, not to mention a Xuan level cultivated martial artist, even a mid Earth level martial artist would not be spared in the slightest.

Perhaps this true qi was the kind of internal qi prohibition that Fay Lok was talking about.

Ye Mo pondered for a moment and put down Fay’s wrist, he didn’t try to dispel this true qi, he wasn’t completely sure that the person who placed this internal qi ban was an expert.

Seeing Fay Lok looking at himself with a nervous face, Ye Mo said indifferently, “Do you believe that the internal qi ban in your body has been dispelled by Qi Yulin’s uncle?”

Fay Lok’s eyes dimmed up, but she immediately shook her head, “Before he kicked out that kick, I believed him, but after that kick, I knew that everything was just wishful thinking on my part. I even suspected that his uncle had not helped me dispel the ban, but had placed something in my body to track me.”

Ye Mo sneered, “You are not too stupid, there is a ‘concentric compulsion’ in your body that I have already exorcised, just now I did find a different internal qi in your body than the one you cultivated yourself, the power is so strong that it can completely turn you into flying ashes, only I am not completely sure of exorcising it. Because if you don’t control it well, you will die immediately.”

Fei Lok immediately said, “I don’t care to die, even if I die now I don’t care. I have no way out now, so if you are willing to help me try, then feel free to do so. If it is difficult for you, and I am grateful for that, I will find a place to face it alone by myself.”

After saying that, her eyes were surprisingly free of the kind of uncertainty she had just felt, being so deceived by someone she liked and still trusting him so much, perhaps she felt it was better to live than to die.

Ye Mo hesitantly looked at Fay Lok, if she was not willing to say where the Inner Concealment Sect was just now, he would have left now without hesitation. But this woman seemed to be very smart, or perhaps she knew her character somewhat, and actually took the initiative to say where the Inner Concealment Sect was without the slightest a*surance from herself, which made Ye Mo hesitate.