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DYM Chapter 356

But Ye Mo immediately became a bit worried again, Lok Hustle’s elder sister would not do anything to Lok Hustle, but the two of them were together, what if Lok Hustle found out that the “Our Luo Sutra” was on her elder sister’s body?

Ye Mo could be sure that once the “Our Scripture” was discovered by Lok Hustle to be on her Eldest Sister’s body, then she would probably be silenced, just don’t know if her Eldest Sister would be able to do it.

Ye Mo sighed, the three people who were like sisters had ended up in this state. And the origin was a mere copy of the “Our Luo Sutra”. He looked at Fay Lok with some sympathy and said slowly, “Do you have someone you suspect?”

Fay Lok hesitated for a long time, but shook her head, even if she had doubted her Eldest Sister, she would not have said such things.

A trace of bright red blood ran down Fay Lok’s leg, and only then did Ye Mo notice that Fay Lok’s situation was not as optimistic as it appeared on the surface. Her face could not be seen because of too much disguise material, but from the sweat seeping from her forehead, she knew that her situation was not optimistic.

“You had a miscarriage?” Ye Mo frowned before he realised the seriousness of the matter. After hearing Fay Lok’s words, he no longer had any desire to kill her, but even only sympathy. She probably had too little contact with people in the small world, so as soon as she came out, she was caught in the net of the poised and intentional Qi Yulin.

Ye Mo shook his head and said to himself that this woman was also sad enough, she was pregnant with that man’s seed and had to be chased by that man, and in the end the child in her belly was still kicked off by that man. No wonder she told Qi Yulin that she didn’t care about her life, but what she did care about was probably the child in her belly.

He was reminded of the saying, ‘Men are afraid of entering the wrong profession, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man’. A man can take advantage of a woman who loves him deeply, but even if he is good, he is not a partner he can trust for life.

Fay clenched her teeth and didn’t say a word, just held tightly to the small of her back. She had given so much for that man, but that man didn’t believe a word she said. Even when he was chasing her all the way, her heart was already dead.

Ye Mo took out a ‘Lotus Life Pill’ and put it directly into Fay Lok’s mouth “The Lotus Life Pill’ instantly melted in her mouth and turned into endless vitality that instantly nourished Fay Lok’s body. She raised her head in amazement and glanced at Ye Mo “When the ‘Lotus Life Dan’ entered her body, she felt that this dan was definitely not simple. She didn’t expect that he would be willing to give her this kind of pill, while she was the one who had a*sa*sinated her senior sister.

Ye Mo took out several bottles of clear water, slightly heated this water with true essence and placed it in front of Fay Lok, and took some towels and threw them to her and said, “Take care of it yourself, I’ll wait for you in front.”

When Faye Lok saw several bottles of clear water and towels, her heart was even more astonished, she had clearly seen that Ye Mo didn’t have any bag or anything else on him just now, where did this water come from? This person was too mysterious. Compared to these, this hot water was nothing, because as long as one cultivated internal qi, there was nothing to make the water hot if they wanted to.

It was just that when she came back to her senses, Ye Mo had already walked far away.

Ye Mo shook his head, knowing that his heart had gone soft. This Luo Fei’s encounter was just a little too miserable, not to mention being cheated and chased by the man she liked, but also being used by her own elder sister completely. Even if she was allowed to go back, she wouldn’t dare to go back.

Ye Mo sat on top of a rock on Mount Dahong, he was waiting for Fay. She owed herself a favor, and now that she had to ask her something, she wouldn’t refuse, right?

Falling Fay was really slow, Ye Mo waited for an hour but didn’t see her come over. But Ye Mo’s divine sense was not good enough to check it out, she was after all a maiden not. However, Ye Mo would not worry about any accidents, his ‘Lotus Life Dan’ could bring back the dead even if it was ten times more serious, not to mention that it was just a miscarriage.

He was so bored that he took out his phone and prepared to call the Zang family Yan. The first step of his plan was already up, and as long as he continued to work hard, a business empire in the pharmaceutical world would not be a problem.

As long as he became the number one commercial empire, then he believed that he could scavenge for any spiritual medicine that was available on the earth.

It was only when Ye Mo took out his phone that he remembered that his phone also needed to be charged, even if his phone had a long standby time, the electricity would still run out.

Ye Mo put down the phone with some disappointment, and he already saw Fay Lok walking over. Ye Mo stood up, Fay Lok had already removed her disguise and her whole person had become completely different. This was a very beautiful woman, with a pair of willow leaf eyebrows that were fiercely durable, although her face was slightly worse than Su Jingwen’s, but the gongfu she cultivated made her aura seem even more noble.

Ye Mo suddenly thought with a wicked sense of fun, if she went to the ‘Yingge World’ as a princess in this state again, I wonder if it would cause the whole Yuzhou to go crazy.

The ‘Lotus Life Dan’ was indeed good, now not only could it not be seen at all that she had experienced anything, but even her face was a little rosy. It was just that her eyes still held a hint of sadness and loss, which was a great contrast to her face. Seeing that her body had been cleaned up, Ye Mo was a little impressed that this bit of water could make this woman seem like she had taken a bath, women were truly incredible creatures.

He suddenly remembered Luo Ying, back in the desert, he had given a small pool of clear water to Luo Ying. At that time, it seemed that Luo Ying had also used that bit of water to wash herself as if she was a clear fairy, spotlessly clean.

Luo Ying, a trace of longing flashed in Ye Mo’s eyes, he had been searching for months, but there was not the slightest news of Luo Ying.

Fei Luo walked up to Ye Mo and gave a respectful salute before saying, “Although I don’t know senior’s name, thank you so much for saving my life. I know senior stays here and must have something to ask Fei Lu, Fei Lu knows everything.”

Ye Mo secretly praised this woman for being really smart, knowing that she had something to ask her, then he waved his hand and said, “No need to call me senior, Lu Hustle and I are friends, Lu Hustle calls me big brother Ye, you can call me the same, it’s fine to call me Ye Mo as well.”

When she heard Lu Hustle, Lu Fei’s eyes were once again a little lost in thought, only a moment later she reacted, she looked at the mobile phone in Ye Mo’s hand that had no electricity, knowing that Ye Mo had just put it down after not getting through on the phone, she took out her own mobile phone and handed it over and said, “Brother Ye, this is my mobile phone, you can use mine.”

Ye Mo was not polite, took the phone in Fay Lok’s hand and called Zang Jia Yan directly.

When he heard that the call was from Ye Mo, Zang Jiayan was very ji excited in his heart, he didn’t expect that he had only admired Ye Mo’s person and came to the Flowing Snake with Ye Mo on impulse. But within a short period of time, he had made such a huge achievement. The bosses and chairmen of countless companies had personally come to Flowing Serpent for no other reason than to meet him, Zang Jiayan.

Zang Jiayan gave a detailed account of the operation of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, but the medicinal herbs that Ye Mo had explained to collect were not many, and even rare medicinal herbs were not even collected, which made Ye Mo quite disappointed.

The good thing is that Zang Jia Yan also seems to have sensed this problem, so the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is going to hold a public bidding event in Yanjing two days later to look for a partner. According to the plan of Zang Jiayan and Xu Ping, they would look for four partners around the world, and these partners would provide some medicinal materials for the production of ‘Beauty Pill’, and then help ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ collect the medicinal materials that Ye Mo had explained.

Of course, all the companies that cooperated with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ could then find their own downstream partner companies, so that the mission of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was released to the world.

Ye Mo was quite satisfied with this solution and told Zang Jia Yan that he would leave his phone on outside these days. He could tell him anytime if there was a problem, and if he had time, he might go to Yanjing.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Mo handed the phone to Fay Lok.

Faye Lok took the phone and looked at Ye Mo with some surprise and said, “You are the big boss behind ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, “No need to talk so mysteriously, the reason why I didn’t show up is because I have other things to do, but it’s good that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is mine. I didn’t expect someone like you to care about these things.”

A struggle flashed in Fay Lok’s eyes, as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, nothing came out.

Ye Mo saw the look in Fay Lok’s eyes and then said, “Just say what you have to say, if I hadn’t saved you, you would have been dead, what else is there to hesitate about.”

Ye Mo’s words were very straightforward, without any euphemistic tone, but in her ears Fay felt that Ye Mo was right, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo saving her, she was really already dead, where was the chance to speak.

Thinking of this she bit her lips and said, “I don’t have any place to go now, that ‘Beauty Pill’ I heard is very good, and I really want to buy it, but I don’t have any money. Originally, after I found out that you are the boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, I somewhat wanted to go to your company. But then I thought, I can’t go to your company, so ……”

“Oh, why?” Ye Mo asked suspiciously.

Fei Fei was silent for a moment and said, “Because my origins are mysterious, that Qi Yulin and I are from the same place, and his status is more noble than mine. Now that he has disappeared outside, the first thing the people inside are going to do is to find me. Besides, because of the matter of the Luo Sutra, I might be the one that numerous people will be looking for, and once word of the matter gets out, everyone else will think that the Luo Sutra is in my possession.

If I am caught alone, I will just die. But once I join your company, it will drag your company down with it. Besides, even if there is no such thing, as long as I don’t go back by then, they might still find me and kill me without hesitation.”

So that’s how it is, Ye Mo smiled lightly, “What’s the mystery, it’s just an inner hidden sect. Involving my company? Although I didn’t agree to you joining my company, it wasn’t because I was afraid of being dragged into it. I, Ye Mo, really don’t care about those hidden sects of yours, just forget about not messing with me, if I do, I hold a grudge.”