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DYM Chapter 361

Ning Zhongfei put down the phone with some concern, his and his wife’s trip to the United States was without any performance, if the company was not at the end of its rope, they would never have stayed in the United States for several days when others had no intention to cooperate at all. The Ning couple, who were almost in desperate straits, heard the news of the tender for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ at this time, which gave them a ray of hope.

Although they knew full well that their company had no hope of being successful in the tender, they were thinking the same as Ning Qingxue, if they could reach a downstream cooperation with a company that was put up for tender, then it would be a huge success for ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’.

“Who are you?” Ning Zhongfei stopped his jumbled thoughts and looked at Ye Mo who was standing in front of him with a smile on his face. Ye Mo suddenly stopped in front of him, if he wasn’t on the street, surrounded by pedestrians everywhere, and suddenly stopped by this young man, he would have thought he had met a robber.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “This …… buddy, can I borrow a step to talk? I have a few things to ask a buddy.” Originally, he was going to change his name, but when it came to his mouth, Ye Mo still called out buddy.

Ning Zhongfei looked strangely at this young man who had suddenly invited him, with some caution in his eyes. However, Ning Zhongfei had travelled north and south for many years and had seen all kinds of people, yet he did not see any malice in Ye Mo’s eyes.

“Excuse me, what do you want from me? I don’t seem to know you.” Ning Zhongfei replied hesitantly.

Ye Mo, however, had to say, “It’s like this, just now when you opened your bag to put your phone inside, I saw a bracelet in your bag, and because this bracelet has something to do with me, I want to ask you to go to the ‘Shangdao Coffee’ in front to talk about it.”

Although there were many people at the Shangdao Coffee in front of him, Ning Zhongfei did not hesitate to refuse.

The young man in front of him said that he had just instantly seen the contents of his bag when he opened it, which made him a little suspicious. Not to mention that it was difficult to see the inside of the bag from the outside, or even invisible, and even if he had scanned and seen it, how would he know it was a bracelet that had something to do with him? Besides, what was the point of looking at one’s bag on this street for no reason?

Ye Mo knew that he was a bit abrupt, of course he didn’t see it with his eyes, but he swept it with his divine sense, but of course he couldn’t say such things. Now hearing Ning Zhongfei’s refusal, he had to take out his own bracelet and hand it to Ning Zhongfei and said: “Friend, what I said is true, I really saw a bracelet inside my friend’s bag just now that is the same as mine, and this bracelet is really important to me, if my friend doesn’t mind, I would love to know where this bracelet came from.

Ning Zhongfei took Ye Mo’s bracelet with suspicion, and with a casual glance, he knew that what Ye Mo said was true, because the bracelet Ye Mo handed him was exactly the same as the one he had bought in America. He had just gotten off the plane and hadn’t even found a place to stay, there was no way Ye Mo could have copied an identical bracelet so quickly to deceive him, and as soon as he got this bracelet in his hand, he knew it had a certain history, it was simply not something that could be copied.

Although he didn’t know why Ye Mo’s eyes were so good, he also understood that Ye Mo was not an ordinary person at all, how could an ordinary person have such swift and sharp observation skills?

“In that case, please do.” Although somewhat reluctant, Ning Zhongfei still agreed to Ye Mo’s request.

Ye Mo and Ning Zhongfei found a place to sit down, and looking at Ning Zhongfei who was still a bit distracted, Ye Mo was about to take the initiative to ask, when Ning Zhongfei had already come back to his senses. He took out the bracelet he had in his bag and handed it to Ye Mo, “I bought this in America, look at it yourself.”

This bracelet was purchased by Ning Zhongfei for US$8,000, although his pharmaceutical company was already in the doldrums, this amount of money was still not in his eyes.

Ye Mo compared the two bracelets and they were indeed identical. Together with his sister Tang Beiwei’s bracelet, there were already three identical bracelets.

Ye Mo put down the bracelet, looked at Ning Zhongfei who was a bit lost in thought and asked, “May I ask where you got this bracelet from?”

Ning Zhongfei picked up his coffee as if he was drinking water and finished it in one gulp, then said, “I bought this from Chinatown in the United States because I felt this bracelet was good, so I bought it back. Have you compared it, is it the same as yours?”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, this bracelet of mine was left behind by my mother, I would like to ask my friend to tell me exactly where you bought this bracelet from, and also I would like to pay double the price to buy this bracelet of yours back, I wonder if my friend is willing to make it happen?”

This bracelet was originally bought by Ning Zhongfei unintentionally, and after buying it, he threw it in his bag and was going to bring it back to Ning Qingxue, so he didn’t pay much attention to it. Now that Ye Mo offered to take this bracelet, if he hadn’t seen the bracelet in Ye Mo’s hand, he would have refused without hesitation, but after looking at the bracelet in Ye Mo’s hand, he knew that what Ye Mo said should be true, to stop someone’s family search for the sake of a bracelet was a bit immoral.

Ning Zhongfei said without hesitation, “In that case, you can take the bracelet, just give it to me at the original price. I bought it back at the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’ in Chinatown, so when you go to America in the future, you can stop by and ask for it.”

For a mere few thousand dollars, Ning Zhongfei didn’t care much.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, this Ning Zhongfei was a good person. At least in Ye Mo’s opinion, he was a lot nicer to talk to than Ning Qingxue’s mother, Lan Taro.

He had the intention to help Ning Zhongfei a bit and casually said, “So many thanks buddy, this time I came to attend the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ bidding conference, I didn’t expect to find this bracelet, I really can’t thank you enough. Please give me your card number and I will have someone credit the money to your card now.”

“Are you also here to attend the ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ bidding conference? Emotional question: which pharmaceutical company are you from?” Speaking of which, Ye Mo’s words were most concerning to Ning Zhongfei.

Ye Mo hesitated to tell Ning Zhongfei that he was Ye Mo, but once he thought of how Lan Taro and Ning Qingxue treated him, he had to sigh and say, “My company has only been established for just a year, but I have some confidence in this bidding conference.”

Originally, when he heard that Ye Mo’s company had only been established for about a year, Ning Zhongfei was a little discouraged, but after hearing Ye Mo’s later words, he immediately knew that Ye Mo must have some access. Of course the doorway he thought was not that Ye Mo’s company could be tendered by ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, but rather he thought that Ye Mo could just find some downstream business within the companies that were tendered by ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’.

Thinking about his own company, he couldn’t help but sigh, “Actually, if my company hadn’t offended the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’, we would have been able to find a winning company to seek some cooperation in this tender, but now, alas… …”

“How did you offend ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’? I thought they were a very good pharmaceutical company? I heard that there’s a high chance of winning the bid this time.” Ye Mo had heard this from Zang Jia Yan’s mouth, but now that Ning Zhongfei had said this, he was a bit puzzled.

No matter what, ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’, as a third-rate pharmaceutical company in China, should not take the initiative to offend a giant like ‘Far North Pharmaceutical’.

Ning Zhongfei sighed and did not say anything. He didn’t know that ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ was the company with the most hope of winning the bid, but the more they would win the bid now, the worse it would be for ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’.

Ye Mo saw that Ning Zhongfei did not say anything, and knew that he did not want to talk about these things, even the sentence that offended the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ just now was unintentionally said.

Ye Mo thought of another company ‘Lianfeng Pharmaceutical’ that was raised by the Zang family Yan, and immediately said: “Actually, I just have some connection with ‘Lianfeng Pharmaceutical’, even if you have offended ‘ Maybe if I talk to the person in charge of ‘Lotus Peak Pharmaceuticals’, your company might be able to cooperate with ‘Lotus Peak Pharmaceuticals’ as well. ”

“What? You’re really familiar with the people from ‘Lotus Peak Pharmaceuticals’? This is really great, my name is Ning Zhongfei, I haven’t asked for your surname yet.” Ning Zhongfei immediately stood up with ji, not thinking to ask Ye Mo’s name until now.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Brother Ning doesn’t need to rush, tell me first how you got into trouble with the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’? Maybe I can even help out.”

Ye Mo’s original intention was to let Zang Jia Yan talk and make up if the conflict between the two sides was not too big, after all, his ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ had some status now wasn’t it.

Ning Zhongfei sighed again and sat down, forgetting to even continue to ask Ye Mo’s name and instead said:, “Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’s young chairman, Yuan Qibin, was rejected for inviting my daughter, Qing Xue, to the Huaxia Pharmaceutical Expo six months ago. Later, his father directly asked someone to tell me that his son liked Qingxue and hoped that the two families would tie the knot, a matter that I refused, and I didn’t even tell my daughter about this matter.”

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, he dared to hit Ning Qingxue’s attention, although Qingxue had now forgotten what happened between her and himself, nominally she was still his wife. This Yuan Qibin looked like he had failed to hit on his idea and was planning to use the company’s name to retaliate, what a good dog’s guts.

Even if the company went bankrupt, I wouldn’t let her marry someone she didn’t like, not to mention that she still had a marriage contract. After that incident, the Far North Pharmaceutical Group started to acquire our ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’, but my pharmaceutical company was not yet listed, so they had no way to buy shares to acquire it, and the written offer was rejected by Light Snow. Later, basically whenever a company cooperated with our ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’, they would intervene and stop other companies from cooperating with us.”

Ye Mo felt a pang of anger in his heart, although it wasn’t enough to immediately go and kill Yuan Qibin, but this company had already been sent to hell by him. However, he felt a great deal of goodwill towards Ning Zhongfei, he didn’t expect Ning Zhongfei to remember that Ning Qingxue and himself were already married.