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DYM Chapter 362

Ning Zhongfei seemed to have realized that he had been a little too jittery when he said this, and sat down again in some dismay.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Zhongfei, who no longer had the slightest temper, and knew in his heart that he had probably hit too many walls recently. He could only say: “Brother Ning, there must be a way before the car reaches the mountain, why should you care? For tomorrow’s bidding conference, and the day after, your company will bid directly. Although the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ is also going to bid, but there is no stipulation that the winning bid has to be theirs.”

Ning Zhongfei laughed bitterly, “I’ll be most fortunate as long as I get a place within the downstream partner company.” After saying that, he shook his head, although just now Ye Mo said that he could help him speak inside ‘Lotus Peak Pharmaceutical’, but such a quota must be very precious, how would a person who met in person take the initiative to give such a precious quota to someone else?

The company is not small, but at best, it can only occupy the top ten positions in Asia, far from the ‘Far North Pharmaceuticals’. ‘.

As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew that Ning Zhongfei didn’t have much fighting spirit and immediately spoke up to persuade him, “Brother Ning, everyone can bid at the bidding conference, if Brother Ning just cares about an underling cooperation business, he might have missed an opportunity. I suggest that you give it a try. How can you know if it will work or not if you don’t try? If you don’t, you won’t have any regrets, right?”

Ning Zhongfei’s eyes lit up when he heard this, right, this bidding conference did not say that it must be ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceutical’, and ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ also did not say the criteria for bidding, who said that they ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical Who is to say that Feiyao Pharmaceuticals will not be able to do so? The company’s main goal was to get the best possible price for its products.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Fine, I’ll give it a go with all my might. Thank you so much, brother.”

After saying that, Ning Zhongfei turned around and left, he was going to put the tender together again overnight. He, Ning Zhongfei, had also experienced the storms, how could it be that when one reached middle age, one tended to lose one’s fighting spirit instead?

Ye Mo laughed bitterly, well, now he was calling Ning Qingxue’s old man a brother, what kind of thing was this? But he still called out, “Wait, brother Ning, tell me your bank account number, I’ll call you back.”

Ning Zhongfei’s cheerful voice came out, “A few thousand dollars is nothing, today’s coffee is on you. I’ll go back and prepare the tender. Whether it’s successful or not, I’ll come back to you after the bidding conference. If it doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll need your help for future business.”

After saying that, the man was already out of the ‘Upper Island Cafe’ hall, he actually believed in Ye Mo’s words without hesitation.

Ye Mo helplessly sat down, he didn’t know if Ning Zhongfei had seen him before, but the current Ning Zhongfei obviously didn’t know him Ye Mo at all, Ye Mo shook his head picked up the charger and plugged it into the socket next to him, and called Zang Jia Yan.

“Mr. Ye, yes, this is Zang Jiayan.” Ye Mo had just left and called again, Zang Jiayan felt a little strange, but he knew Ye Mo must have something, if there was nothing he would rarely call.

“Brother Zang, there is a ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ in the bidding conference, I have investigated this pharmaceutical group, it is very poor, give me a direct cut. I’ve done some research and it’s very poor. Ning Zhongfei, the president of ‘Feiyao Pharmaceuticals’, is a good person and has the ability, as for the downstream partners, just leave it to them.” Ye Mo was not a person who put great matters first, in his opinion, it was the same no matter who collected the medicinal herbs. Since his old husband had a heart, why not leave it to his old husband.

The fact that Yuan Qibin of the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ dared to hit Light Snow made him greatly annoyed, if he didn’t want to visit the United States, he would want to go teach that Yuan Qibin a lesson right now.

“Yes, I understand. Also Mr. Yu has already put 10 million into your card.” Of course Zhai Jia Yan wouldn’t bother to refute Ye Mo’s intention, it was of course Ye Mo’s call on which pharmaceutical group to choose to cooperate with. He had forgotten to talk to Ye Mo about the money he had poured in, and now he just mentioned it casually.

Seeing that Zang Jiayan hung up the phone, Yu Miaotong gave Zang Jiayan a strange look and said, “Chief Zang, didn’t the boss just leave? Why is he calling again.”

“President Ye told us to ignore that ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ and give the quota directly to ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’, and that Asia only needs ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical ‘ one is fine. He said he went to investigate that ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ and that Mr Ye disliked the company.” Hidden Jia Yan immediately replied.

Yu Miaotong said somewhat strangely, “General Manager Ye usually doesn’t care about such trivial matters at all, just now here, he didn’t bother about it either, so he suddenly thought of this matter? Besides, it is absolutely impossible for him to investigate the Far North Pharmaceutical Group, which is the number one pharmaceutical group in Asia, but I guess he doesn’t even care about it. Yang Laojiu, what are you laughing at? Give an honest explanation.”

Yu Miaotong suddenly saw Yang Jiu who was snickering on the side and immediately spoke out in reproach.

Sheep Jiu and Han Zai had recently lived a comfortable life, without any worries and with a ridiculously high salary, these two guys had long ago bought housing in Flowing Snake first. If they were allowed to live that kind of killer life again now, it would be better to kill them.

So not only did they respect Ye Mo exceptionally, they also respected Zang Jia Yan and Yu Miaotong along with him. It was just that he couldn’t help but sneer at Yu Miaotong’s words just now, and he didn’t expect to be discovered by this shrewd old woman.

Others didn’t know why Ye Mo was looking after ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’, but he knew it all too well. He had investigated ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ for an unknown number of times, and Ning Qingxue was also among his a*sa*sination targets in the first place.

“General Yu, actually, actually I just laughed unintentionally, that ……” Where did Yang Jiu dare to expose Ye Mo’s thoughts, he was instantly secretly annoyed that he hadn’t even controlled it.

Yu Miaotong said as if nothing had happened, “Oh, since you don’t say it then forget it, that Yang Laojiu ah, you take a plane back to the flowing snake this afternoon, it’s good to have Han Chai here. There’s no more holidays for the next quarter either, you’ll need to work overtime.”

“Uh, don’t …… Mr. Yu, this, this I say still can’t.” Yang Jiu’s heart has long been secretly screaming, so easy to come out for a trip, and also such a scenic trip, this turn of events will be sent back, beaten to death he will not do it. He and Fang Nan had fought for a long time for this trip, so how could he be willing to go back?

Besides, every quarterly holiday is their happiest day, so how can this holiday be taken away from them?

However, Yu Miaotong said indifferently, “Oh, what are you going to say, if not, I’ll go shopping instead.”

Yang Jiu dared not hesitate any longer and hurriedly said, “That general manager of ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’, Ning Qingxue, is the boss’s wife and has already received a marriage certificate. Later because of some things the two had some disagreement, so, so ……”

Yang Jiu said these words with difficulty, but his heart was drumming, wondering if Ye Mo would take him to task if he knew that he was the one who said this.

“So that’s how it is ……” Zang Jia Yan and Yu Miaotong looked at each other before it dawned on them.

If Ning Qingxue was Ye Mo’s wife, then the future chairman of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was Ning Qingxue ah, this future chairman personally came to bid, even if they gave ten thousand reasons, Zang Jia Yan and Yu Miaotong wouldn’t dare to take it lightly.

“Yang Laojiu, tell us why General Manager Ye is so uncomfortable with ‘Far North Pharmaceuticals’?” Yu Miaotong immediately grasped the crux of the matter.

Yang Jiu wiped his forehead and said with some sweat, “This, I really don’t know.”

Yang Jiu didn’t lie to see, ever since he washed his hands and followed Ye Mo, he stopped investigating these matters, where would he be clear that Ye Mo didn’t like the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical’.

“Oh, actually, you can know this. If you really don’t know, I can only tell Mr. Ye what you just said, and I said that if you hadn’t said it, we all wouldn’t have known about it.” Yu Miaotong said indifferently as she picked up a cup of tea.

Yang Jiu looked at this woman who was not at all visible on the surface and cursed in his heart, but he could only say with a bitter face, “This, give me some time, I can find out right away.”

Looking at Yang Jiu’s bitter face as she went out, the few people inside the room laughed out loud.

The people were all happy as they watched Yang Jiu get defeated under Yu Miaotong, and it was Han Zai who also felt that Uncle Jiu didn’t have much swagger today.

If there was one person who didn’t laugh, it was Fei Lu. Not only did Fei Lu not laugh, but her heart was very heavy. She didn’t expect that Ye Mo had gotten married and looked like he was still taking care of his wife, she just didn’t know what the reason was and was temporarily a bit separated from his wife.

If Ye Mo had gotten married, then what about Lok Hustle? Was his own guess wrong? Or was Lok Hustle simply not the person Ye Mo liked? But if one’s guess was wrong, how could Lok Fei have even told him about the Inner Hidden Sect? Ye Mo could even remove the inner qi ban, which meant that he must have removed Lok Hustle’s ban now as well. If Lu Hustle was out there alone, wouldn’t he be even more miserable than his original self?

Although she didn’t know why Fei Lu was depressed, but what kind of person was Yu Miaotong, her ability to read people’s words was far from Fei Lu’s.

Other people did not know what the most important piece of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was, they even thought it was production and sales, but Yu Miaotong knew that the most important thing about ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ was not these, but collecting medicinal herbs and finding new ones, especially some of the medicinal herbs provided by Ye Mo. The most important thing for the company was not to collect herbs, but to find new ones, especially some of the herbs provided by Ye Mo.

Since Ye Mo had invited Fay to manage the most important part of the company, it meant that Fay was a very important person, and Yu Miaotong definitely did not dare to take this kind of person lightly.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Yanjing is one of the most prosperous metropolises in China, I haven’t visited it yet, since it’s so hard to come here, I must go and have a look.”

Fay looked at Yu Miaotong in disbelief, speaking of which, Mr. Yu was still her top boss, but the first time they met, this top boss seemed to be intent on getting close to her in general.