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DYM Chapter 365

“Dad, who are you looking for? Is it Eldest Uncle and the others?” Ning Qingxue asked with some confusion when she saw that her father had been looking for something inside the hall. She had also seen that Yanjing ‘Ning’s Pharmaceutical’ had come to bid as well, which was why she a*sumed that it was them that her father was looking for.

“Hey, eldest uncle? I don’t know the kind of brother who would push my daughter inside the fire.” Ning Zhongfei laughed sarcastically.

After laughing, Ning Zhongfei rubbed his eyes again, which hadn’t slept well last night, and said, “I met a very nice young man inside the Shangdao coffee shop yesterday, and he said that their company would also be coming over to bid for the project today, or he made me feel confident again to bid yesterday. I was looking for him and I don’t think I saw him.”

“Uncle, they should be coming over to bid, not to tender. Just look at the sign behind each company’s landing place, they’re that one company, huh?” Li Mumei jacked in and said.

Ning Zhongfei patted his head, “He seemed to be talking about bidding at the time, maybe I misheard him. Look at me, I forgot to ask what their company was called, and I forgot to ask him what his name was. I even gave him a bracelet at the time, which I bought for eight thousand dollars in America.”

“Hmph, I think it’s possible that it might be a con man.” Li Mumei, however, grunted.

Ning Zhongfei suddenly froze, right, was that man really a fraud? But it didn’t seem like it, he had a bracelet exactly like the one he had bought, how could there be such a coincidence in the world? But the truth was that he had given him his own bracelet without asking for money.

Seeming to see a hint of her father’s chagrin, Ning Qingxue nevertheless asked, “Dad, didn’t you say that you were firm in your confidence to come to the bid and that it was that man who gave you a boost? A few thousand dollars can be exchanged for a confidence, it’s not bad at all.”

Ning Zhongfei knew that his daughter was telling him not to lose his fighting spirit before bidding, and when he thought about it, it was only a few thousand dollars.

“Aigoo, Mr. Ning, you came over to bid in person, my father is not as diligent as you. But I see that your ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’ has a lot of hope, the line-up is even stronger than our ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’. To be honest, I really want to work with ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’. It’s just that there are some things that are too regrettable.” Yuan Qibin got rid of the reporters and came in front of Ning Zhongfei’s few people, with a clear derision in his tone.

Li Mumei, however, said coldly, “Don’t bother Far Shao Dong, we have nothing to do with your ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ whether we succeed or not.”

Yuan Qibin stared at Ning Qingxue, a beautiful face that had haunted his dreams countless times. Now that it appeared in front of him, his heart was even more strangely tickled. He found that when he saw Ning Qingxue, she was even more beautiful than the Ning Qingxue he had imagined. He had seen many beautiful women, but he had never seen a beauty as perfect as Ning Qingxue, except for Ning Qingxue.

Yuan Qibin smiled lightly, seemingly not taking Li Mumei’s words to heart, but said, “Mr. Ning, actually I really want to cooperate with ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’, if ……”

“Director Yuan, please do, we need to discuss things. A lot of reporters are still waiting for you, no need to waste time with me.” Ning Qingxue coldly interrupted Yuan Qibin’s words.

Yuan Qibin collected his smile,,, “Although the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ is not large, it can still say a few words. I think the situation of ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ might not be very good recently, otherwise, it wouldn’t have come to this bidding conference which obviously doesn’t have any chance, why do you have to turn people away?”

“Farmer, you are not welcome here. Whether my ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ is good or bad, you don’t need to worry about it.” Ning Qingxue’s voice became increasingly icy cold.

Far Qi Bin looked at the clear and beautiful Ning Qingxue, and his heart grew more and more impatient. He secretly made up his mind that this woman would cost him a lot of money to get his hands on.

Seemingly hearing that Ning Qingxue’s side was a bit loud and one of them was Yuan Qibin of the ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceutical Group’, many reporters immediately flocked over again.

“Huh, Qingxue, your company has also come to bid?” A female reporter exclaimed with some surprise.

Ning Qingxue looked at this female reporter, she knew who this female reporter was, her name was Xiao Lei, a very famous young female reporter in Yanjing. But the two of them weren’t familiar with each other at all, so why did she look like she was familiar with her?

“By the way, last time I also met your husband Ye Mo once in Yanjing, how are you guys doing ……” Xiao Lei finished, then she felt that she shouldn’t have said that. How could she bring up Ye Mo for no reason and ask that kind of thing, this was really. The two of them are not very good, so isn’t it a bad idea to ask now? But the words had been said, but there was no way to take them back.

Unexpectedly, Ning Qingxue smiled lightly and said, “We’re fine, thank you for your concern.”

“You’re already married?” Yuan Qibin immediately frowned greatly, for him this matter was really bad. After hearing this, he didn’t even think about it and asked.

Ning Qingxue snorted coldly and said indifferently, “Director Yuan, please, what does it matter to you whether I am married or not?” After saying that, she no longer bothered to pay attention to Yuan Qibin.

Yuan Qibin looked at Ning Qingxue, a very strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth as he understood the subtlety of it in a twinkling of an eye.

To him Ning Qingxue was something he had to get his hands on, whether she was married or not. He had inquired about Ning Qingxue because her father, Ning Zhongfei, had broken away from the Ning family on his own and set up ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’ in Yuzhou because he did not see eye to eye with the Ning family. And the Ning Qingxue in front of him was obviously still a young girl, where was there any trace of being married?

With his experience of being among ten thousand flowers, he could see it with a sweep of his eyes.

The affair between Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo, and also because of Song Shaowen’s affair, although it made some waves in Yanjing at that time, it was quickly blocked out under the Song family’s hand. Apart from those inside the circle, few others knew about it, so although Yuan Qibin was the crown prince of the number one pharmaceutical company in China, he was just as unaware of it.

Although the Yuan family was not bad, they were not good enough to be compared to the five great families of China, or even too far behind, or they had not yet set foot in that circle.

Although Ning Qingxue had lost some of her memories, she had been making decisions about a company for a long time, and her ability to read people’s minds was no worse than anyone else’s. Although Xiao Lei remembered the past as soon as she said it, she still felt that something was wrong from the two words Xiao Lei said about Ye Mo.

Xiao Lei was tall and had good skin, and as a beautiful journalist in China, she had good innate conditions. She was not very familiar with Xiao Lei in the past, could it be that she had crossed paths with her because of Ye Mo as well? Thinking of this Ning Qingxue wanted to make an appointment with Xiao Lei afterwards and ask her about the exact situation.

“The bidding conference will start soon, please invite the bidding companies to enter the venue, reporters will wait outside, after the bidding conference, the winning company will hold a press conference.” A nice female voice inside the radio began to announce the entrance, Yuan Qibin glanced at Ning Qingxue with some reluctance before turning around and leaving.


The reason why Ye Mo had prepared a kayak was because he was afraid that with his current true essence he wouldn’t be able to last the flight to San Francisco in one breath. Although his true essence was already quite a bit more muddy than it was back then, San Francisco was simply too far from Yanjing, nearly 10,000 kilometres, which was about five times the distance of Hong Kong.

He did not want to lose his true essence in the middle of the journey and fall into the North Pacific Ocean to drink water. Although he could rest as well as stop his flying sword in the air, Ye Mo was not willing to do so. He felt that it was dangerous to rest in the air. With his current level, he could not dash higher into the sky, and in case he was swept by the Yankee radar and shot at as an alien, even he could not stand it.

So he had to spend as little time in the air as possible and go slightly faster. In order not to attract the attention of the military, Ye Mo deliberately chose to leave in the evening.

After two hours, Ye Mo opened his inflatable kayak and landed on top of the Pacific Ocean. Although his true essence was mostly depleted, it was still possible if he wanted to continue flying. Another reason why he stopped was that Ye Mo felt as if he was being watched. He knew that his current divine sense range was not comparable to the advanced radar system, and his divine sense range was only a little less than three hundred metres.

Ye Mo estimated that he had already travelled nearly three quarters of the way with this flight, and he would reach San Francisco in half an hour at most. Although he didn’t use his fastest speed, Ye Mo felt that this speed was already several times faster than a plane.

Ye Mo landed on top of the inflatable kayak and his divine sense was released, there was no sign of anything, the whole Pacific Ocean was silent. But he just felt a little uneasy, he knew that this was already under the control of the United States, once the US** side found out, it would be really hard to please his own cultivation. Not to mention with his true essence greatly depleted.

Not to mention that he was still entering the middle stage of Qi training for the first time now, even if he was already in the late stage of Qi training, he would definitely still be overwhelmed in the face of the Yanks’ high technology.

Although he did not find any danger, his long years of cultivation had given him a sense of alertness.

Ye Mo had just stood on top of the kayak when a feeling of extreme danger came over him. Without even thinking, he immediately flew into the sea and then moved away from the kayak.

Just as Ye Mo flew into the sea, a torpedo hit the kayak at an extremely fast speed, sending up a huge wave, followed by an amazing explosion, and the kayak disappeared without a trace. Ye Mo was secretly shocked, this would have been really dangerous if he hadn’t been able to dodge it in time. This thing was not a bullet or anything, his body strength was definitely not at the point where he could resist a torpedo explosion hard enough.

He didn’t expect his guess to come true, and then Ye Mo’s heart burst into flames. He was a walker, even if you use radar to see an unidentified flying object in the sky, but you can’t just kill it without asking, this Yankee is too abominable.