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DYM Chapter 366

Compared to Ye Mo’s nervousness, Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’s bidding conference was just as tense.

With a mature style, Yu Miaotong stood up and said with a joyful smile, “First of all, on behalf of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, I would like to thank the many pharmaceutical counterparts around the world for coming to this bidding conference of our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Thank you!”

After a burst of applause, Yu Miaotong continued, “Because of our chairman’s opinion, the four pharmaceutical companies originally set for the tender have now been changed to three, one each from Asia, Europe, America and Africa ……”

As soon as Yu Miaotong’s words fell, the representatives of the pharmaceutical companies in the Asian region immediately got noisy, this instantly took away one, which was equivalent to reducing their hopes by double.

After the noise from below had died down a little, Yu Miaotong smiled and continued, “Please don’t worry, although we have reduced the number of bidders by one, we have also increased the scope of rights of the winning bidders. Every successful bidder has the right to sign up twenty downstream partners, except for the African region. All downstream companies selected as partners by the winning bidders will also enjoy the same profits from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ products.”

Yu Miaotong’s words once again caused a kind of firestorm, which meant that the winning bidders were even more favourable than ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, they held the partnership quota of twenty pharmaceutical companies in their hands. Almost all the companies were staring at the winning bidder, and the atmosphere was once again heated.

At this moment, a representative of a pharmaceutical company stood up and asked, “May I ask Mr. Yu, if it is a downstream partner company, what kind of treatment will it enjoy?”

Yu Miaotong said with a faint smile, “This time, as long as the successful bidders and the downstream partner enterprises selected by the successful bidders will enjoy a free copy of the herb purification technology materials provided by my ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and they can also purchase herb purification machines at my ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. ‘s herb purification machines. I won’t go into the preciousness of our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical”s herb purification technology materials, I think everyone is well aware of it ……”

With these words from Yu Miaotong, the scene once again stirred up.

The means and process of making the ‘Beauty Pill’ had not been deciphered by any expert or technical department up to now, and although someone had already analyzed the general composition of the medicine, no one could produce it. Nor does anyone know why the ‘Beauty Pill’ can be made without the slightest impurity, which is already a conundrum. Of course, the key point of this problem is the purification of medicinal ingredients, and now ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ has even released the technical information of the purification of medicinal ingredients for free, which can’t even cause a sensation.

If you get the information on the purification technology, even if you can’t enjoy the profits of the ‘Beauty Pill’, you can still make the rest of your company’s herbs purified greatly.

Of course, Yu Miaotong understood the mindset of these people, if she wasn’t from ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, she wouldn’t understand why ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ would provide this kind of technical information, isn’t this letting people dig their own corners? But now of course she wouldn’t think so, providing technical information on the purification of medicinal herbs only allowed ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to put its main focus on the final production, instead of putting its time on wasting the purification of medicinal herbs.

“Everyone, please be quiet for a moment. Firstly, many of the herb purification technical information that I, ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, provide to each family are different kinds of herbs, if such purification information is found to be circulated in your company, then your company will lose the opportunity to work with my ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ forever. Secondly, later on, our company will also release some hard-to-find herbs, and as long as any of the pharmaceutical companies present can find one of them, they can directly become a partner company of the winning company and be provided with double kinds of herb purification technology information by us.” Yu Miaotong added.

As soon as Yu Miaotong’s words left her mouth, someone immediately raised a question, “What happens if two or more kinds of herbs are found?”

“If so, your company will directly become a partner of my ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, and of course if you find ten or more of such ingredients, then my ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ will directly establish the production of ‘Beauty Pill’ plant and provide technical guidance.” Yu Miaotong said without hesitation.

Silence fell on the scene, it turned out that every company had an opportunity, many companies that were more proficient in herb acquisition were already wondering how they could find the ten herbs that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ needed. The company was already thinking about how they could find the ten types of herbs that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ needed, and set up a production plant for ‘Beauty Pills’.

It was just that everyone also knew from Mr. Yu’s mouth that finding the ten herbs needed by ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ seemed to be very uncomplicated, even difficult.

“May I ask Mr. Yu, do we have the opportunity to participate directly in the sale of ‘Beauty Pill’ and the rest of your company’s products?” A foreigner asked in a very non-fluent Chinese language.

Yu Miaotong smiled and said, “Of course, all companies that work with the winning bidder will have the opportunity to sell our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ products, and the sales volume will be calculated based on the amount of purified herbs provided by your company. In other words, the downstream partner company is directly responsible to the winning bidder, and the more herbs you purify, the more sales volume you will receive. To put it plainly, it’s a barter, using your purified herbs in exchange for sales of ‘Beauty Pills’ or the rest of the products.”

“Then may I ask Mr. Yu, if we get the opportunity to sell ‘Beauty Pills’ and ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is also selling them, our price will definitely not be as competitive as ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical ‘ is competitive, wouldn’t this mean that our ‘Beauty Pills’ won’t sell?” The person who asked the question obviously asked it against his will, “Will the ‘Beauty Pills’ not sell?

But Yu Miaotong still replied, “There is no question of it not selling, from a theoretical point of view, the profit is definitely more than a hundred times, even if the price of our ‘Beauty Pills ‘ price drops to ten thousand a bottle, this still has a large amount of profit in it.”

After saying that, Yu Miaotong looked at the merchants discussing with each other below and continued, “Now, please ask the companies who want to bid to place your bids on top of the table and we will come over to collect them right away.”

When the a*sistant went up to collect the bids, Yu Miaotong’s eyes had already swept over to ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’. The first time she saw Ning Qingxue, she couldn’t help but be greatly shocked at how beautiful she was. Even if she ate ‘beauty pills’ every day, it would be impossible to get this kind of skin from her.

Yu Miaotong was proud that she was a beauty even if time was set back ten years, but in front of Ning Qingxue, she realised that even if she was set back twenty years, she was still not considered a beauty. People really can’t be compared, no wonder Ye Mo would take her as his wife, she really has a good eye.

The bids were quickly collected and Yu Miaotong handed them to Zang Jia Yan, then said: “Now, please ask the representatives of the companies who have questions to express your queries, and also if your company has something special, you can express it too. We will soon send out information on some of the rare herbs our company needs.”

However, Yuan Qibin immediately said, “Mr. Yu, I am Yuan Qibin of the ‘Yuan Bei Pharmaceutical Group’ and I am really in awe of the fact that your company can develop such an excellent product as the ‘Nourishing Face Pill’. Since our company was established, we have been dedicated to finding breakthroughs from within Chinese herbs. After years of research, we have not come up empty-handed with the ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’, which is well known at home and abroad. If we can cooperate with ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, the technical information and parameters of ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’ will be our welcome gift.”

As soon as Yuan Qibin’s words fell, the scene suddenly looked sideways. Although the profits of ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’ were far less than ‘Nourishing Face Pill’, as long as one was in the pharmaceutical industry, there was no one who did not know about ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’, which gave ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ has brought huge profits. I didn’t expect Yuan Qibin’s boldness to be so great that he even directly took out the ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’, which instantly deflated many Asian pharmaceutical companies.

Yu Miaotong smiled faintly, “Yuan Shao Dong is really bold, but our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ is capable of developing any product. Your company’s ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’ is good, but we don’t care about it yet. We seek cooperation with companies not on the size of their scale, but to find the most suitable company to work with.”

Yu Miaotong’s words were unforgiving, and Yuan Qibin’s face turned ugly as he patted the horse’s leg. He took the initiative to show his goodwill, one of the meanings of his words indicated that their ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ was the real giant, and the second indicated that cooperating with ‘Far North Pharmaceutical’ would be beneficial to ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. There were only benefits, not any disadvantages. He did not expect that his good intentions of being the number one pharmaceutical company in China would be rejected without hesitation.

Although Yuan Qibin’s face looked embarra*sed, the other pharmaceutical representatives were happy. They did not expect ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ to be so bold as to reject the technical information of ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’ outright, which would be very difficult for any pharmaceutical group to refuse. This was very difficult for any pharmaceutical group to refuse. Moreover, from what Mr. Yu said, it seemed that any company had a chance to win the bid, and it was not necessary for the company to be big to have hope.

However, after thinking about it, it is also true that Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’s own ‘Beauty Pills’ are in short supply, so where is the need for ‘Jiu Xin An Oral Liquid’?

When Li Mu Mei saw Yuan Qibin being defeated, she became happy and said quietly to Ning Qingxue, “Qingxue, this Yu is really cute, if she were a man, I would marry him right away. This Yuan is really hateful, I didn’t expect a hot face to stick to a cold a*s, good, I like it.”

Ning Qingxue also felt a burst of pleasure, she had long been uncomfortable with this Yuan Qibin, but she could not help that her company was so small that people could kick her ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ out of the game with a word.

“I do feel that our bids are too simple.” Ning Zhongfei saw that other companies had stacks and stacks of bids, and only theirs was simple, with only a mere few sheets of paper.

“Dad, we didn’t intend to win the bid either, we’ll see who wins the bid later and we’ll go for the downstream bid. It’s just that we didn’t expect the two companies in Asia to be compressed into one, which is not good news for us.” Ning Qingxue immediately replied.

Li Mumei, however, said with hatred, “I didn’t expect Wu Qiang to switch to the ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group’ after resigning from our company, this person is really shameless. This Yuan Qibin deliberately brought Wu Qiang to the tender meeting, clearly humiliating us. Old Tang came too, but he’s okay, he just went into ‘Xianlin Pharmaceutical’.”

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “People go up high, water flows down low, there’s nothing to say about that.”