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DYM Chapter 367

Ye Mo had just dodged the explosion of this torpedo when he felt the threat once again, and Ye Mo did not even think about moving sideways.

With a “boom”, another torpedo exploded at the place where he was standing just now. He was attacked twice in a row, which made Ye Mo greatly annoyed. Although his divine sense could not sweep the submarine’s position yet, he could feel it from the current.

Ye Mo had never been one to fight back, and the two water mines made him completely furious. Ye Mo quickly felt his way towards the submarine’s location along the direction the torpedoes came from.

Although the power of the flying sword was greatly affected at the bottom of the sea, it was enough to deal with this submarine.

“The speed of the flying sword, even in the water, was not comparable to a mere torpedo, and when Ye Mo avoided another torpedo, the flying sword had already cut through the shell of the submarine.

Once the submarine was cut, the soldiers inside would be in danger. Ye Mo didn’t care whether the soldiers inside were dead or alive.

Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief, it was finally quiet, he was just looking for a place to rest. He was attacked for no reason, even though he had finished off this submarine, Ye Mo was still not very comfortable in his heart.

However, when Ye Mo was about to surface, he realised that there were still a few cruisers above the water. It turned out that this was a squad of ships, Ye Mo shook his head, he had no interest in continuing to put this cruiser out but he also knew that the news of his discovery must have gotten out, as long as it took longer, maybe he would be surrounded.

Although Ye Mo was not afraid of a siege, this kind of battle without any meaning, he simply did not like it. One had no loot, and the second had no meaning. If it wasn’t for that submarine that kept wanting his life just now, he wouldn’t even bother to pay attention to that submarine.

Since he didn’t want to fight this fleet of sea cruisers, Ye Mo could only swiftly weave through the seabed. After two hours, Ye Mo flew out at a desolate sea, and although his true essence was drained, he immediately stepped onto his flying sword and quickly rushed to San Francisco. Ye Mo was afraid that if he continued to stay at this sea, it would lead to a bigger dispute.

Meanwhile, the US Pacific Navy headquarters received an urgent military message that a fleet of cruisers had spotted an unidentified flying object, suspected to be aliens. The news was quickly forwarded to the highest military branch of the Pentagon, and the White House reacted in the first instance by immediately issuing orders for reinforcements.

Ye Mo was right in thinking that a large number of US naval forces had already gathered at the place where he and the submarine were fighting. The US White House issued a Level 1 Battle Notice and simultaneously notified the world that an UFO had been spotted over the North Pacific Ocean.

Even the US Navy fought the UFO and lost one nuclear-powered attack submarine, the USS Seafish, number sspeng, force, with no survivors among the soldiers inside the submarine. The UFOs found at the same time also disappeared, suspected to be an alien invasion.

Compared to other bidding conferences, the efficiency of Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals’ bidding conference is obviously much higher. Only two hours had pa*sed and the winning company had already been finalised. Unlike other tenders, it took a month or even several months from the time of bidding to the time of winning the tender.

Faced with the imminent announcement of the winning company, it could be said that there were no companies who participated in the tender that were not nervous.

“Light snow, I feel that the Asian region’s bid winner is not necessarily ‘Far North Pharmaceuticals’ Have you noticed that “Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals, the president of Yu is not very fond of Yuan Qibin. That Yuan thinks he’s a great man. ……” Li Mu Mei quietly whispered in Ning Qingxue’s ear.

Just at this time, Wu Qiang but walked to the ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals, in front of the location, took out an envelope and put it in front of Ning Qingxue and said, “General Ning, sorry, although I now entered the ‘Far North Pharmaceuticals’ but I also have no choice, this is our General Yuan to give you ……”

“Wu Qiang, I can’t afford to be addressed as General Manager Ning, please take your things and move aside.” Ning Qingxue said coldly.

Li Mumei coldly snorted and said, “Wu Qiang you traitor, you still have the face to come and talk, get lost.”

“But Mr. Ning, Mr. Yuan is also for ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical, good, he wants to invite you to …… tonight,” not daring to answer Li Mumei’s words, Wu Qiang seemed to have something to say after he finished his own words.

Not waiting for Wu Qiang’s words to finish, Ning Qingxue stood up with a slap on the table, threw the envelope on top of the table, and coldly said to Yuan Qibin who was not far away: “The surnamed Yuan, put away your nasty thoughts. Even if I can’t get married for the rest of my life, I can’t look at scum like you. You are wrong to use the winning bid to threaten me Ning Qingxue, not to mention that you ‘Far North Pharmaceutical, may not win the bid, even if you do, so what?

The company’s newest product is a new product that will be announced soon, and it is the time when all the people are most uncertain and anxious. With the current plight of Feiyao Pharmaceutical, he might agree to his proposal.

He was wrong about Ning Qingxue’s extreme personality, which he could not understand. He couldn’t have imagined that Ning Qingxue would slap the table and rise up on such an important occasion, which made him greatly humiliated.

There were almost seven to eight hundred people in this venue, and many companies were represented by two people. When Ning Qingxue slapped the table, it attracted almost all the people present. Originally, the companies that came to bid for the contract were all trembling, fearing that they would upset Luo Yue Pharmaceutical.

In this way, even if Feiyao Pharmaceutical is strong, it will not win the bid, not to mention that Feiyao Pharmaceutical is originally a third-rate pharmaceutical company. Several companies close to Feiyao Pharmaceuticals moved further away, fearing that Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals would think they were in cahoots with Feiyao Pharmaceuticals.

The company’s hopes for winning the bid were very small, and now it’s just a matter of letting a little bit of that hope disappear.

“I’m sorry, dad.” Ning Qingxue said as she sat down and looked at Ning Zhongfei. She was annoyed with this pestering Yuan Qibin, to the point of disgust.

Ning Zhongfei smiled faintly, “There’s nothing to be sorry about, although papa likes the medicine industry, but if I don’t do medicine and do something else, I, Ning Zhongfei, don’t necessarily fail.”

“That’s right, Qing Xue, don’t give this kind of scoundrel a good name.” Li Mumei immediately helped out and said.

Yuan Qibin’s face turned blue with anger, he didn’t expect Ning Qingxue to be so disrespectful, how could he, the young chairman of China’s No. 1 Pharmaceutical Group, put up with this?

“**, even if I don’t kill you, I’m a son of a b*tch.” Yuan Qibin gritted his teeth with hatred, he had already decided to fix ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical, to death, even if Ning Qingxue’s family changed to another industry, he, Yuan Qibin, would definitely not let them go.

Yu Miaotong took a strange look at Ning Qingxue, thinking that although the boss’s wife was pretty, she didn’t seem to have a small temper. Could it be that she has some kind of grudge with the ‘Far North Group?

When Ning Zhongfei saw Yu Miaotong looking over, he hurriedly stood up and said, “Sorry, Mr. Yu, I’ve disturbed everyone just now.”

Yu Miaotong smiled faintly, “Mr. Ning, please sit down, it’s no big deal.”

After saying that, Yu Miaotong turned back to Han Chai and asked, “What is the result of Yang Laojiu’s investigation? Why hasn’t the report come through by now?”

Hearing Yu Miaotong’s question, Han then hurriedly said, “Ninth Uncle has already returned, he just didn’t come in to report because the bidding conference was in progress.”

“Call him over.” Only a short while after Yu Miaotong said that, Yang Jiu was called over by Han Zai, and he came in from the back of the hall.

Yang Jiu knew what Yu Miaotong had called him for, and without waiting for Yu Miaotong to ask, he took the initiative to say, “Mr. Yu, I have investigated clearly. The young chairman of ‘Far North Pharmaceutical Group, Far Qi Bin, because Kai coveted Ning …… Ning young milk’s beauty ……”

Yang Jiu thought for half a day but did not find how he should address Ning Qingxue, and finally had to come up with the title of Ning young milk. Yu Miaotong gave him a white look, “Yang Laojiu, you still think this is ancient times, get straight to the point.”

“Yes, go… Sheep Nine immediately told them all about how Yuan Qibin had fallen for Ning Qingxue, and then how he had set up all sorts of business obstacles for ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical, forcing Ning Qingxue to give in.

“The company’s main business is the development of a new business model for the company. It’s a pity that you met me, Yu Miaotong. If I don’t send you to the eighteenth level of hell, my years in the underworld will have been in vain.

Yu Miaotong was so ruthless that she once again returned to her ruthlessness of the past.

When she followed Wu Xuemin to take control of Tiejiang, she had heard and seen too much. If Wu Xuemin had not died, she would still be the big sister of the triads. If a mere Yuan Qibin dared to be so arrogant, there would be no good thing if he ran into her hands, Yu Miaotong.

With Ning Qingxue’s slap on the table, and now Yu Miaotong’s slap on the table as well, all the people in the meeting room were attracted once again.

Almost everyone in the room looked at Yu Miaotong strangely, did she just do it because she was not satisfied with Ning Qingxue’s actions? Or was it because of something else? How come the ones who like to slap the table are all beautiful women?