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DYM Chapter 370

Ye Mo bypa*sed this patrol fleet and somewhat wearily flew again for over an hour before he saw land, knowing that after this detour he must have strayed a good distance from the original route he had booked. Now he didn’t have any coordinates in hand, and he couldn’t understand a word the locals said.

Ye Mo found a place with few people and landed. His true essence had been consumed too much and he could only find a place to recover. Perhaps he was in a bit of a hurry when he arrived, Ye Mo only now realised that he didn’t have any dollars or any documents here.

The place was very empty and Ye Mo waited for half a day but did not wait for a single person to ask for directions. Just when Ye Mo was about to go to a place with more people to ask, a fast-driving SUV caught Ye Mo’s attention.

The buggy was normal, but what was not normal was that all five people in the buggy, including the driver, had pistols. Moreover, the back compartment of this SUV had been modified, and the compartment was empty inside.

The main reason why Ye Mo decided to follow the buggy was that there were a few Chinese characters inside the buggy’s compartment, ‘I want to take revenge’, but these characters were very small.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that the buggy was parked in a hidden place not far from a shop. Apart from the driver, the other four people walked into the two shops not far away.

He was going to ask how far San Francisco was from here and then see what these four people wanted. However, just as he walked in, an obese policeman saw Ye Mo and instantly showed a wary look as he walked over.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately spotted the policeman and couldn’t help but frown, if this policeman asked him where he came from, he would have to do something. This policeman was really eggheaded, instead of asking the two black people, he came to have a go at him.

“The fat policeman immediately looked back and saw that two black men were robbing another shop nearby. The one shouting for help was the shop owner, who was currently being held hostage by a black mugger.

Not caring about Ye Mo, the obese policeman immediately pulled out his pistol and rushed over. Ye Mo shook his head, he knew that there were two accomplices in the same shop he was in, he didn’t expect that these few black people had made such a big commotion just to rob the shop.

If he had known this, he wouldn’t have bothered to follow them at all. He saw the Chinese characters inside the carriage and thought that these people had guys who knew Chinese.

Just as Ye Mo was about to walk away, a black man closed in on him. Immediately, Ye Mo knew that this man was looking for a hostage and immediately stopped moving, but in his mind he was thinking that it would be good to get a free lead.

Sure enough the black robbers took control of Ye Mo at once, while the other man knocked out the shopkeeper and started looking for something. What was strange to Ye Mo was that the black robbers threw those change everywhere, weren’t these people here to rob? How come they didn’t even want the money?

Soon Ye Mo knew that these people were not here to rob, but to look for something in this shop, as to what they were looking for he did not know. However, from the fact that these four people were rummaging around in two shops in a row, Ye Mo guessed that these people should only know that things were inside the shops, but not which shop they were in.

When Ye Mo looked at the sturdy and fit shopkeeper, he finally understood why the thugs wanted to take him hostage. Although Ye Mo looked to be about 5’8″, he was still dwarfed by the 5’9” shopkeeper, who was also covered in flesh.

The distant sound of a police car was already faintly heard and two more policemen came running to support him. A call came from another shop, presumably having already won, and the two black men holding Ye Mo hostage soon rushed out of the shop with him.

The four thugs chose Ye Mo and the other shopkeeper as hostages and rushed onto the SUV parked next to them and quickly started the car.

Figuring that there was no more room to sit in the front of the car, the two black men took Ye Mo and the other hostage into a modified sealed compartment in the back.

By the time the police car came over, the robbery squad had disappeared without a trace. Ye Mo noticed that one of the robbery squad had an extra black case in his hand, guessing that case was the thing they were looking for. Immediately after that, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in and it was full of packets of white powder.

So it was drug trafficking? Ye Mo immediately understood that these five people were a group of drug dealers. They just didn’t know how their drugs were hidden inside the shop, or maybe they knew that other drug dealers had hidden their stuff in the shop, so they had come to eat them in black.

The SUV was going very fast and it only took a moment to blend in with the traffic. Another half hour later, the SUV entered an open road.

The bearded black man in front of the car called out, then the car slowed down, and soon the black man who was escorting the two hostages, threw the shopkeeper of the shop out of the car.

The two black men came to still Ye Mo again, Ye Mo grabbed the two black men backwards, shattered their heart veins and threw them straight to the outside of the car. The three men in front heard the sound behind them and thought that Ye Mo had also been thrown out, without even looking back, they immediately turned into a side road and drove the car up.

An hour later, the SUV stopped at a private villa and the two blacks in front and the driver stepped out. Ye Mo thought in his heart that these guys had travelled a long way to commit their crimes, but he didn’t know if they were drug dealers, or blackmailers, or those who took advantage of small gains.

When the bearded black man saw Ye Mo, he was stunned and immediately shouted out in a gibberish voice.

Ye Mo couldn’t understand what the guy was shouting at all, probably asking who are you or something like that. He walked straight forward and picked up the bearded man, “Take me to find someone who understands human language.”

The two black men next to him immediately drew their pistols, but Ye Mo didn’t even look at them, he just went over with two fireballs, and the two black men were turned into flying ashes in a flash.

The bearded man looked at Ye Mo with a shocked face, he muttered something without knowing what he said, his black face was full of fear and shock. However, although he couldn’t understand Ye Mo’s words, he did roughly guess them and hurriedly pointed his finger inside the room with a lot of gibberish.

The bearded man brought Ye Mo to an airtight basement and opened the door, Ye Mo found several boxes inside. Ye Mo muttered in his heart, he had to find someone who knew Chinese to ask what this place was, what was this guy doing bringing him here?

Ye Mo walked to a suitcase and opened it, it was full of dollars, this suitcase was more than a million I think, these robbers were really rich. Ye Mo ignored the bearded man’s shock and directly took the box of dollars inside his ring. He didn’t have any dollars right now, so this box of dollars was a blessing in disguise.

The bearded man almost even dropped his eyes as he watched Ye Mo turn the box of dollars into nothing. Ye Mo opened a few other boxes, they were all simple guns and ammunition, Ye Mo really wasn’t interested in these things, and the guns didn’t look very good, Ye Mo wasn’t even interested in putting them away.

Just when Ye Mo was about to ask the bearded man where San Francisco was, he saw a pair of maps. The map was hanging on the wall and it was obvious that it was a map of the whole United States.

Ye Mo searched along the seashore for half a day before he found the location of San Francisco. As soon as he pulled the bearded man over, he pointed at his feet and asked, “What is this place?”

Although he couldn’t understand Ye Mo’s words, this time the bearded man did guess, and he pointed his finger at a location in Daly City.

It dawned on Ye Mo that he had come to Daley City, and although it was not far from San Francisco, it was still some distance away.

Knowing the direction he was going, Ye Mo no longer had the intention of leaving the bearded man behind, and casually turned the bearded man into dust and ashes. Then he found a cleaner place to cultivate for a few hours before stepping onto his flying sword and heading directly for San Francisco.

In the streets of Anza, San Francisco, an abrupt figure appeared. Of course it was Ye Mo who had just arrived, and as soon as he landed he immediately hailed a taxi.

Ye Mo couldn’t understand a word the taxi driver said, so he could only try to say, “I’m going to Chinatown.”

“Man.” The driver made a gesture to get in.

Ye Mo’s heart was pleased, he didn’t expect this guy to understand his words.

As if to make Ye Mo understand that he didn’t understand Chinese, this driver said with extremely non-standard pronunciation, “I just know a few common Chinese words.”

But Ye Mo didn’t care anymore, as long as he found Chinatown, he was already all set. There must be people in Chinatown who understood Chinese, right? He didn’t believe that Chinatown was also full of foreigners.

An hour later, Ye Mo stood at the entrance of the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’ in Chinatown, because of the time difference, it was only in the afternoon when Ye Mo arrived here.

Ye Mo walked into the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’, which was decorated somewhat like some old shops in China, and an old man in his fifties wearing a pair of gla*ses was holding an ancient book and looking at it intently.

“May I ask what you want?” A fellow in the shop, who was in his twenties, saw Ye Mo walk in and immediately asked politely.

Ye Mo swept a glance at the various antiques on top of the counter, as well as some decorative items with Chinese characteristics, before realising that this bracelet that Ning Zhongfei had given him was already considered a good item in this shop.

“This bracelet was sold by you here, right?” Ye Mo took out the bracelet that Ning Zhongfei had given him and handed it to the little, guy.

The little guy took the bracelet and immediately replied, “Not bad, it was sold from my side, it’s only been a few days? Is there something wrong with it? Grandpa ……”

The old man who was reading a book also put down the book in his hand and walked over, he took the bracelet in the boy’s hand and looked at it several times before nodding and saying, “Yes, this bracelet was sold from my side, may I ask if you have any questions?”

Ye Mo faintly! I just want to ask where did this bracelet come from?”

“This ……” the old man wearing gla*ses removed his gla*ses and said with some difficulty. Asking about the origin of goods was always a big taboo, and the fact that Ye Mo asked about the origin of this bracelet without the slightest scruple made him feel a little embarra*sed.

Ye Mo took out a stack of dollars, estimated to be another! million, and casually placed it on top of the counter: “Boss, this is the payment for your answer, take it.