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DYM Chapter 371

Just by looking at the hou of the stack of dollars, I could tell that it was at least 10,000. 10,000 dollars for a question, this young man was just too rich. Looking at him he didn’t seem to be dressed very well.

“The bracelet was transferred from me to Lao He, you don’t have to embarra*s Lao He, just ask me if you have anything.” A somewhat low voice rang out at the door.

The person who came in was a middle-aged man with a wound on the side of his sun xué, it looked as if it was from a bullet, although it was now blocked by his hair, Ye Mo could see it with a sweep of his divine sense. If the bullet was just a little bit off, the middle-aged man would be finished.

The middle-aged man’s palms were full of calluses, he didn’t know what he did, but Ye Mo knew from the slight shā qi he carried that this man had shāned people, and there was more than one, this was a somewhat ruthless character.

Even if he was ruthless, in Ye Mo’s eyes, he was just a floating cloud. Ye Mo said indifferently, “Tell me where this bracelet came from, and this money is yours.”

The middle-aged man smiled coldly and took the money without hesitation before saying, “The bracelet was commissioned by a friend of mine in Mei Prefectural to help me out shou, this friend had some difficulties, so he mài the only bracelet that was worth something on him.”

“Take me to see this friend of yours.” Ye Mo said indifferently.

The middle-aged man suddenly smiled faintly, “You asked me where the bracelet came from, I have already told you, sorry, I can’t help with anything else.”

After saying this, a dagger suddenly appeared in this middle-aged man’s hand, the dagger was as easy as a spinning huā in his hand.

Ye Mo glanced at the dagger in the middle-aged man’s hand before saying, “Here’s another ten thousand dollars for you, lead the way.”

The middle-aged man shook his head, “I won’t lead the way for you, going to find the owner of the bracelet will only do you harm, not good, San Francisco is not a fun place to be, brother.” After saying these words, the dagger in this man’s hand even brought out a shadow of light out of thin air.

“That’s my business, no need for you to cāo, just lead the way directly.” Ye Mo’s tone became somewhat colder, seemingly oblivious to the man who could bring the dagger out of the shadow of light.

“What if I don’t want to?” The middle-aged man also heard the shift in Ye Mo’s tone, and his tone turned equally raw.

“I think you will be willing.” Ye Mo smiled faintly and suddenly took out a hand qiāng and pointed it at this middle-aged man. This hand qiāng was still given to him by Han Zai Xing, and it really had no use to Ye Mo, but was only used to threaten people. If he wanted to shān people, there was no need for a hand qiāng.

The middle-aged man stared at the hand qiāng in Ye Mo’s hand and suddenly his face changed dramatically. He was silent for a moment and surprisingly stopped refuting Ye Mo, instead he put away the dagger, then nodded and said, “Okay, I will lead the way, but before I do, I want to talk to you alone.”

Ye Mo looked at the middle-aged man somewhat strangely, thinking to himself that judging from the man’s eyes and the action of taking out the dagger, he shouldn’t have given in so easily, so why did he give in so easily?

However, Ye Mo still reminded: “You don’t need to take out your dagger if you put it away, and you don’t need to take out the hand qiāng you have on you as well, otherwise, my hand qiāng will easily go off. As for talking alone? Originally I had no interest whatsoever, since you like it, let’s find a place to fade.”

The middle-aged man seemed not to see Ye Mo’s hand qiāng in general, and turned to the shopkeeper and said, “Lao He, I’ll use your loft.”

Old He nodded and did not say anything, but picked up the threadbare ancient book again, then put on his gla*ses, his whole mind seemed to be xi drawn in again. It was as if nothing had just happened, nor had anyone taken out their hand qiāng.

The pavilion of ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’ was not large, but it was very clear. The middle-aged man, who had obviously come over often, opened the door directly and waited for Ye Mo to enter before closing the guys again.

He suddenly appeared a hand qiāng in his hand before Ye Mo had a chance to sit down, and as the hand qiāng appeared, a bullet was actually shot directly at Ye Mo’s wrist which was holding the qiāng.

Ye Mo had been threatened by many people with qiāng, and had seen the speed of many people firing qiāng, but he had never seen such speed as this middle-aged man taking qiāng and firing it, the process before and after was not even half a second, or it was simply beyond any reaction time.

With such a short time and such a short distance, it could be said that no one could have dodged this bullet.

Except for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t need to dodge this bullet, the hand qiāng in his hand had already disappeared, and in its place, two heeled fingers were holding a golden sè bullet.

“You ……” The middle-aged man found that Ye Mo had actually caught the bullet he shot with just two fingers, and his face no longer fǎ kept his original calmness, but showed a shocked expression.

As soon as Ye Mo used two fingers, the bullet immediately turned into a small ‘v’ before he coldly stared at the middle-aged man and said, “This is the first and last time, if you dare to fire a qiāng again, I will immediately turn you into a si man. If you hadn’t hit my wrist just now, you would have been a si man by now.”

“Who the hell are you?” The middle-aged man finally sobered up from his shock and asked in a still somewhat trembling tone. He had seen too many experts, but never had he seen an expert like Ye Mo, who could catch a bullet with his bare hands, or with two fingers. And still from such a short distance, he could even deform the bullet with two fingers.

This was not something that shocked him, this was beyond his thinking, it was shock or panic.

Ye Mo said coldly, “It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters now is that I am asking you, not you asking me.”

The middle-aged man wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and put away the qiāng in his hand. he was not afraid of si, but was shocked by Ye Mo’s amazing tactics.

“My name is Shi Kai Gen, I have a nickname called ‘cǎo on the fly’, senior, if you have anything to say, just ask.” After being appalled, the middle-aged man’s eyes showed respect, in his opinion where would Ye Mo need qiāng to shā him? just empty hand would be a matter of minutes and seconds. He was a legendary Huá Xia ancient martial arts practitioner.

“I don’t have anything to ask, as for who you are, I’m not interested in the slightest. I just need you to take me to meet the owner of this bracelet.” Ye Mo said indifferently.

Shi Kai Gen laughed bitterly helplessly, if another person dared to speak to him like this, he would have slapped him long ago, but he didn’t dare to do so to Ye Mo.

After carefully making a cup of tea for Ye Mo, Shi Kai Gen said, “In San Francisco, there are many gangs in the Chinatown area, we huá people generally belong to two gangs, the ‘Tang Gang’ and the ‘Hongwu Gang’. Apart from that there are also the ‘Yue Gang’, the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’ and the ‘San Francisco Gang’ in the US mainland, and so on.”

Ye Mo didn’t interrupt Shi Kai Gen, he knew that since Shi Kai Gen was going to say these gangs, it meant that the bracelet had something to do with this. However, he had heard of the ‘Yue Gang’, it seemed that there was also a ‘Yue Gang’ that was eventually picked by him when he was in the liu snake.

“More than twenty years ago, there was a huáxia man called péng Hanwen who smuggled himself into San Francisco in the United States. There was a woman who came with him at the time, only that woman was seriously injured. At that time, there were more gangs in San Francisco and the US government did not regulate them well, so there was a Jiāng Lake feud almost every day. In order to survive, péng Hanwen formed the ‘Hanwen Gang’, xi taking in a large number of huá people brothers. As time shifted the ‘Hanwen Gang’ grew stronger and stronger, and the brothers in the gang called that woman Sister Yan.” Shi Kaigen continued.

When Ye Mo heard this, he had a feeling that the woman who had come with péng Hanwen was probably related to him, otherwise Shi Kai Gen might not have said this.

As expected, Shi Kailigan continued, “Ten years later “Hanwen Gang” was already synonymous with power in San Francisco, and ordinary small gangs didn’t dare to mess with the ‘Hanwen Gang’ at all. But it was at this time that the Hanwyn Gang had a problem. The boss of the ‘Grey Alliance’ in Southeast Asia, Kyson, once saw the woman that Hanwyn had brought to the US, and not only did he disagree, but he was immediately furious. As a result, the two gangs fought, and the Hanwyn Gang was not afraid of the Grey Alliance, but because of a traitor, Péng Hanwyn was secretly shāned and the Hanwyn Gang was torn apart. ”

Ye Mo frowned, how could Keeson, as a gang leader in Southeast Asia, crossè with the ‘Hanwen Gang’ in San Francisco because of a woman, or even a firefight? It was definitely not that simple.

However, Shi Kaigan went on to say, “After the Han Wen Gang split up, Sister Yan was also lost, but it is said that she was not taken away by Keeson. Later on, the surviving brothers of the ‘Han Wen Gang’ set up the ‘Tang Gang’ and the ‘Hong Wu Gang’ in Chinatown one after another, which were actually the predecessors of the ‘ Han Wen Gang’. I have a friend in the ‘Hongwu Gang’ and he strongly invited me to join them, that bracelet was the one he asked someone to mài, and he had told me that this bracelet was once worn by someone watching Sister Yan.”

“Since it was Sister Yan’s thing, why did you mài it off?” Ye Mo asked in disbelief.

However, Shi Kaigen shook his head and said, “In fact, Sister Yan was not liked by the brothers in the gang at that time “Hanwen Gang’ can be said to have been over miè because of her. So it was said that Sister Yan’s stuff was not regarded as heavy. Of course, the main thing was that the ‘Hanwen Gang’ was about to have a big firefight with the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’ and the ‘Yue Gang’ was said to be helping ‘Yamaguchi Gang’, ài had that bracelet, and it was just to raise money.”

“Where is that friend of yours now?” Ye Mo immediately asked.

Shi Kaigen immediately said, “Their hall is inside a private residence on a street in Chinatown, although I know the general location, I don’t know the exact location, but if senior wants to see him, it’s easy, I can make an appointment to see him tomorrow.”

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “I want to see him now, you take me there right away.”