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DYM Chapter 377

Soon a ponyboy rushed out to call Huang Mei, but soon afterwards this ponyboy ran in and said to Zhu Hongsheng, somewhat disoriented, “Sister Mei has already left, she just took some simple luggage and left San Francisco, as for where she is going, we don’t know yet.”

“What? Huang Mei has actually left?” Zhu Hongsheng stood up abruptly and said in some disbelief, and only after a long time did he sit down in a dishevelled manner.

“Brother Sheng, it’s not too long now for Sister Mei to leave, I think if we go to the airport is it possible to stop her?” The junior who had just spoken to Zhu Hongsheng immediately offered his advice.

Zhu Hongsheng shook his head, “I know Huang Mei’s personality, if she wants to leave, even if we go to intercept her, it’s impossible to stop her. Hey, I was really wrong this time, a great opportunity has actually slipped through my hands, I am so upset ……”

Zhu Hongsheng has a sentence yet to say, perhaps he lost the biggest is not this opportunity, but the loss of Huang Mei’s support, never this moment, he felt Huang Mei’s importance to him to. This woman is average looking, but she has a delicate heart, and now he thinks of the reason why the Hongwu Gang is where it is today, and a big reason is because of Huang Mei’s planning.


At the same time, at the tender meeting of Yanjing’s ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, Ning Qingxue was facing some hesitation in her cousin’s request, she did not want to agree to let ‘Ning’s Pharmaceutical’ join ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’. She did not want to agree to let ‘Ning’s Pharmaceutical’ join ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’ as a downstream company, but the person who came to say that was her cousin Ning Yang.

The company’s main business is the production of the newest products. ‘ downstream enterprises.”

Ning Yang nodded and said, “Alright, I will go and talk to big brother, it’s not Qing Xue’s fault, it’s because they went too far at that time, they simply didn’t put Qing Xue’s lifelong happiness at heart, hey ……”

Ning Qingxue nodded and said, “Cousin, if you get tired of staying in the Ning family, come to my ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical’, there will always be a place for you here.”

Watching Ning Yang leave, Li Mumei looked at the representatives of ‘Ning’s Pharmaceutical’ and hummed with some disdain, “If I had known this, why would I have done it in the first place, what a rat’s eye. Qingxue, in fact, the Ning family has asked Yang to come over for other purposes, with the Ning family’s ability, they wouldn’t be able to beg you for a mere downstream cooperation target, they should want to repair their original relationship with you.”

Ning Qingxue nodded, she guessed that the Ning family should have this in mind, but did not see it as clearly as Mumei did. Li Mumei knew some friends in Yanjing, and knew some hints about Ye Mo’s current reputation in Yanjing ow. And few people spoke about Ye Mo to Ning Qingxue, and even Lan Taro did not allow anyone to mention Ye Mo. It was just that no matter what the purpose of Ning’s family’s visit was, but for Ning Qingxue, since it was water that had been spilled, how could it be taken back?

“Mumei, I want to go to Ninghai, is it okay to leave the matter here to you and dad?” Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of Ye Mo, originally she had wanted to go after Mumei had talked about her previous affairs before, but she was only delayed because of the bidding conference in Yanjing.

She wanted to go to Ninghai to ask Xu Wei and Su Jingwen.

“Light Snow, you go over there, the following is easy enough. Mumei and I can do it over, there are times not to leave regrets, your mother’s words are not always in the right, it’s better to do as well as you think.” Ning Zhongfei walked over, he could feel the change in his daughter, his original mentality that he thought there was some truth in what Lan Taro said too was already wavering.

Ning Qingxue gave a hint, then said, “Dad, Mr. Yu said that you have a good relationship with their boss, and that’s why you let us win the bid for ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’. Dad, do you know their boss?”

Ning Zhongfei shook his head in confusion and said, “I don’t know them, if I knew the boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, I wouldn’t have gotten into such a mess.”

“Uncle, but Mr. Yu of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ said that we won the bid because their boss named us, so how could you not know them?” Li Mumei immediately interjected.

Ning Zhongfei asked in a daze, “Is there such a thing? I don’t know any of their bosses. By the way, did you ask their boss what his surname was?”

“I asked, but Mr. Yu said mysteriously that their boss would always come to our company, so he didn’t say. Anyway, their boss is very mysterious. By the way, Qing Xue, I always feel that Mr. Yu is not treating you the same way, it seems that he is not treating a cooperative manufacturer, but a leader in general. Even a little more respectful than to uncle, is this my guess really right ah?” Li Mumei still voiced out the worry in his heart.

Ning Zhongfei pondered for a moment, nodded and said, “What Mumei said is not at all without merit, Light Snow is so good looking, it is normal for someone to secretly like her, just that since he has done so, why does this old boss still want to use my name as an excuse? Could it be him, but, he is too young.”

“Daddy, who are you talking about?” Ning Qingxue immediately asked.

Ning Zhongfei replied, “It’s the young man I met yesterday, ah, I even gave him a bracelet, Mu Mei said he was a liar, and I didn’t see him here afterwards, so I thought he was a liar too. But, apart from him, I really can’t think of anyone else who is most worthy of suspicion.”

“Uncle, that man said he was also a pharmaceutical company, right?” Li Mumei said.

Ning Zhongfei nodded, “He said that the bracelet was related to him, so I gave it to him, and then he bought me a cup of coffee, and then he said that he was also here for the tender, and I ……”

“Wait ……,” Li Mumei interrupted Ning Zhongfei’s words.

“What’s wrong?” Ning Zhongfei asked, puzzled.

“Uncle, say that last sentence you said again.” Li Mumei suddenly said.

Ning Zhongfei said again, “He said he was also here to participate in the tender ah, he also encouraged me to bid, and said he knew ……”

“Right, that’s the line, when we said it in the morning, I thought uncle had said it wrong, or that he had said it wrong. Now it seems he is the boss of that ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, people are here to bid, he is here to tender, doesn’t this mean he is representing ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’?” Li Mumei said with conviction.

“Right, I just said it, how could he say the wrong thing on this. So he’s the boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, so young, I was a bit suspicious when Mumei said he was a liar, that young man doesn’t look like a liar at all, so he’s the boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, I’m really honoured. ” Ning Zhongfei said with a sudden realization, his eyes were filled with joy.

However, Ning Qingxue shook her head and said, “Dad, I don’t feel that this is right. That young man only met you in pa*sing, even if you thanked him for the encouragement and introduction and gave him a bracelet. But how could he, the president of such a big company, give you the Asian bidder’s bracelet just because of this? A boss of a successful company should not link this personal friendship with the development of the company.”

Li Mumei nodded and said, “In fact, this is exactly what I want to say, Qingxue, I think you should be careful, it is likely that it is still related to you.”

Ning Zhongfei said slowly, “No matter what, if I want to make Qingxue suffer, I would rather not have this bidder.”

Ning Qingxue said, “Let’s not talk about this, after time, things will always reveal themselves. Lou Cui Fei will be coming to our company soon, Mumei, ask her more about it. I’m going to Ninghai for a trip, maybe I’ll go back soon.”

Even Yu Miaotong had not expected that she had just sent someone to help Ning Qingxue, even with some protection, but Ning Qingxue had gone to Ninghai alone in the blink of an eye.


It wasn’t that Ning Qingxue suddenly wanted to go to Ninghai to search for memories. After talking to Li Mumei, she wanted to go to Ninghai to ask Xu Wei, and also to see what kind of place she had been living in for a few months, and why she was so attached to Ye Mo in Mumei’s mouth.

She felt very incredulous, but she knew that Li Mumei would not lie to her. And if Li Mumei was telling lies, her mother shouldn’t have stopped herself from thinking of other ways to recover her memories.

Although she knew it was absurd, deep inside she surprisingly had a vague feeling that what Mumei said was true. Mumei said that Ye Mo had changed, becoming nothing like the original uninformed fop young master. If she hadn’t later gone and secretly asked Woguang again, to reach the kind of memory-wrapped ancient martial arts cultivation that Master Woguang said would be almost impossible to achieve in her lifetime, she would have chosen to believe that she had really wrapped her memories before she died.

Not to mention that she hadn’t trained in ancient martial arts, even if she had learned some during the period of her memory loss, it would be impossible to reach that kind of height in a mere year’s time.

Ning Qingxue had checked, and this one courtyard in Ninghai really did belong to her property. Just as Li Mumei had said, she had indeed purchased this house after her marriage to Ye Mo.


Back at Ning Hai’s small courtyard, Ning Qingxue took out the key Li Mumei gave her and opened the courtyard door. The inside of the courtyard was somewhat desolate, and at a glance it was clear that no one had lived there for a long time. All the flowers on the flowerbeds had died, and only one small plant was still drooping in the middle of the flowerbed, seemingly resisting tenaciously.

Ning Qingxue suddenly felt her heart suddenly ache again when she saw that little gra*s, a very natural physiological phenomenon that made her a little disoriented. She moved closer to the flower bed and subconsciously reached out to touch the dying gra*s, suddenly feeling a sense of pleasure, as if the gra*s was telling her something from the past.

The leaves of the little gra*s were silver in the middle, except that there was a red mark in the middle of the silver.