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DYM Chapter 376

Zhu Hongsheng looked at Ye Mo dumbfoundedly, if he hadn’t seen the corpses all over the ground, he would have thought that he had just been blinded. Obviously, he was not dazzled. The ‘clanking, clanking, clanking sound was the sound of Ye Mo using his sword to block the bullets.

Zhu Hongsheng had seen many experts in his life and even thought that he was already standing at the top of the experts, but now he realised that he had not even entered the door. And this young man in front of him was the real expert, or maybe he didn’t belong to an expert anymore, he simply couldn’t be considered an ordinary human being. What kind of person could have cultivated ancient martial arts to the level he had? There was absolutely no way.

All the way through, two dozen slashes, more than twenty ‘grey alliance, ponies without survivors, this kind of hand tea ……

Thinking about this, Zhu Hongsheng no longer dare to think about it, the cold sweat on his back brushed out, simply can not be contained. I dare say that people come to the ‘Hongwu gang, the hall is not at all bold, but people have never looked at his ‘Hongwu gang, in the eyes. If the man in front of him wanted to exterminate his ‘Hongwu Gang’, at most he would just walk around among his brothers, just like he did just now.

The cold sweat on Zhu Hongsheng’s back grew and eventually soaked through his clothes, but he didn’t even dare to move, just staring at Ye Mo in shock.

If there was any regret, no one had as much regret as he did at this moment, having just turned down Huang Mei’s advice and the chance to befriend this young man. Huang Mei, it was true that he had suffered a great loss just this once by not listening to her.

Shi Kaigen looked at the bloody scene in front of him, his eyes were not scared, but ji moved, his choice was really right. I didn’t expect Ye to be so powerful, Shi Kaigen was shaking just as much, he was shaking with ji, he even thought of the big scene he was about to face.

“Senior Ye ……” It was only after a long time that Zhu Hong Sheng stood up warily, he actually wanted to recruit this young man in front of him, this thought was just too ridiculous now that he thought about it.

Ye Mo coldly glanced at Zhu Hongsheng and said indifferently, “Tell us all about the disappearance of Sister Yan back then, don’t leave out a single word.”

Zhu Hongsheng was just about to speak when Luo Xing hurriedly walked in, only to see an extremely bizarre scene, more than twenty corpses on the ground and a white foreigner standing dumbly among the corpses. He immediately knew that something had happened here, only to look at his brothers who were also a little dazed, and the gang leader who seemed to be unharmed, before he settled down a little.

The scene was bloody, but he had been in the black for over thirty years, what scene had he not seen.

“John Jay?” Luo Xing almost screamed out, he did not expect that the person standing in the middle of the bloody ground was actually one of the ‘Grey Alliance’s’ Gun and Blade Duo, “Three Breath Flying Daggers”, John Jay.

Luo Xing was an old man, and when he saw Ye Mo standing calmly on the side, he immediately guessed that the scene probably had something to do with this Mr. Ye. He immediately took out a plastic sealed photo, walked up a few steps and handed it to Ye Mo and said: ”Mr. Ye, this is the photo you asked for, I have brought it over.

Ye Mo nodded, took the photo and handed it over with a few stacks of dollars, “This is your payment, thank you. ”

“Ah ……” Luo Xing looked at the stack of dollars in surprise, there were at least around 40,000 or 50,000, save the photos, that’s 40,000 or 50,000 dollars of payment, this, this is simply ……

Ye Mo, however, smiled slightly: “This is what you deserve, there is no need to refuse to say goodbye.”

“In that case, thank you Mr. Ye.” Luo Xing was no longer polite and took the money away. He happened to be short of money recently, and he didn’t expect so much to come at once.

Ye Mo picked up the photo, on it was a very clean and serene woman, only in her thirties at most, with eyebrows as good as a crescent moon. The only thing was that there was a hint of sadness in her eyebrows, which added to the sadness at first glance.

Zhu Hongsheng, who had planned to speak, could only wait on the side because of Luo Xing’s interruption, and now when he saw Ye Mo put away the photo and looked over, he immediately said, “Back then, the ‘Hanwen Gang, was suddenly attacked by the ‘Grey Alliance,’ and Brother Peng was a*sa*sinated. Before Brother Peng died, he sent one of his brothers from the gang to protect Sister Yan, but later when Sister Yan disappeared, I found out that the brother had been killed, and Sister Yan’s whereabouts were unknown after that, and was never heard from again.”

Ye Mo swept the people of the ‘Hongwu Gang’ in all directions and slowly said, “Who else knows more about what happened back then, please come forward.

After a long time, no one came forward, Ye Mo sighed, it looked like Sister Yan was really unpopular in the ‘Hanwen Gang’ back then, if she was well loved by the brothers in the gang, then surely no one would have gone looking for Sister Yan’s whereabouts afterwards.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo no longer had the idea of staying in the ‘Hanwen Gang, and he said to Shi Kai Gen, “Let’s go. ”

“Brother Ye, where are we going now?” Shi Kaigen asked in a hurry.

“Of course we are going to the ‘Grey Alliance’ I am going to see if that old guy called Keeson, is already dead.” Ye Mo said icily, Keeson still didn’t know that he and his ‘Grey Alliance, had been sentenced to death by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo reached out and the dagger that had nailed John Jay had appeared in Ye Mo’s hand. The dagger that John Jay had stuck in the back of his foot was pulled out by Ye Mo, and he immediately returned to normal, except that he no longer had the same dominance and arrogance that he had when he first arrived.

Instead, his face was pale as he looked at Ye Mo, and he was even shaking a little. He had never met a truly formidable expert since his debut, and all those who others thought were truly formidable had been killed by him, including his master.

But now he realised how ridiculous his original eyesight was, in front of Ye Mo, he was simply not even considered trash.

“Senior Ye, junior John Jie is willing to take senior as his master and never betray for life, and is willing to be his master’s pawn.” To everyone’s surprise, John Jay actually knelt down on the spot and asked Ye Mo to accept him as his disciple.

It had to be said that this white foreigner’s Chinese language could not be more authentic, nor could it be said that this guy’s skin hou could not be more hou.

All the people froze, no one expected John Jay to come up with this, nor did anyone expect John Jay to have the slightest regard for how many people Ye Mo had just killed of them.

Others thought that John Jie was cheeky, but John Jie did not think so. He had the impression that Chinese people just loved to save face, and as long as you gave them face, anything was fine. They can even tighten their belts and give you what they have, because the Chinese have such a ‘good,’ tradition.

John Jay had studied Chinese history and he knew that back then there was an emperor called Yang Guang who would immediately bestow a multitude of gold, silver and jewellery whenever those foreigners came to address him as Long Live. The next few emperors slept roughly the same, and by the time of the Qing dynasty, it seemed that this culture was even more prevalent.

Because the Chinese people just like to help others, as long as people say, “You are really good. It was the same with the Chinese master of the flying dagger stance that he worshipped at the beginning, when he was only slightly respectful to him, he accepted himself as his disciple.

So he was now very sure that Ye Mo would accept him as his disciple because he had knelt down to the Chinese for the first time, and in his opinion, this was the most respectful of the Chinese.

Ye Mo shook his head, he had seen skin hou’s, but this was the first time he had seen someone like John Jay’s skin hou. Without even thinking, it was a wind blade that went over, and one of John Jay’s arms fell down without a sound.

“I’ll count to three, if you don’t stand up and take me to the ‘Grey Alliance’ your second arm will be gone.” Ye Mo finished icily and immediately started counting.

John Jay was frozen, the truth seemed to be a little different from what he thought, the man in front of him didn’t seem to care about his deference, he didn’t even bother to answer before he chopped off one of his arms. The strange thing was that there was not much blood coming out of his arm.

John Jay’s body was shaking more and more, it looked like he had been a bit wrong, if this man in front of him was going to take him as his disciple, he certainly wouldn’t have cut his arm.

Without waiting for the page to shout to three, John Jay, immediately got up.

“np, np, np…, senior don’t shout, I’ll take you there.” John Jie in a hurry, English with Chinese came up together, where still dare to look at the broken arm on the ground, rushed out the door and go.

Shi Kai Gen walked to the door and said to Tong Zhu, “Zhu, if you want to go with me, I begged big brother to take you one.”

He and Tongzhu were as close as brothers in Chinatown, and now that he was going to follow Ye Mo, of course he had to ask Tongzhu.

Tongzhu had long been envious of Shi Kai Gen’s opportunity, and he had seen Ye Mo fuming with his own eyes, so where would he not be willing to do so. Immediately, he nodded his head and replied, “I am willing, willing …….”

Ye Mo didn’t wait for Shi Kai Gen to say anything before saying, “In that case, let’s go together.”

Tongzhu looked back at Zhu Hongsheng, who immediately said, “Since senior Ye has asked, you should go together. ”

If ordinary people dared to take the ‘Hongwu Gang,’ people away in front of him, he would immediately order them and kill them all, but in front of Ye Mo, Zhu Hongsheng didn’t even dare to raise his voice a little, let alone speak against Ye Mo’s words.

As he watched Ye Mo and the others leave the underground hall, Zhu Hongsheng’s face immediately turned gloomy. He didn’t expect to meet such a powerful person today, if that Ye Mo ever looked at him with displeasure, he could kill him at any time.

“Brother Sheng, that senior Ye went to kick the ‘Grey Alliance,’ in front of him, does it mean that the ‘Grey Alliance,’ the number one gang in Southeast Asia in San Francisco, is about to disappear? Does it mean that other gangs’ opportunities have come?” One of the ponies next to Zhu Hongsheng was quick to see the key point of the matter immediately.

Zhu Hongsheng’s spirit immediately shook when he heard this, yes, the man surnamed Ye went to find trouble with the ‘Grey Alliance’.

Thinking of this, Zhu Hongsheng immediately called out, “Immediately go and inform Huang Mei to come over, say that I have an important matter to discuss.”