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DYM Chapter 380

John Jie led Ye Mo to the entrance of the ‘Hongwu Gang’, Ye Mo turned back to Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu and said, “You don’t need to go over together, now the two of you just go to the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion and wait for me, I will be back soon. ”

John Jie looked at the seven or eight cars parked at the entrance, he was the only one who came out now, and he had a broken arm. He even had a feeling that if he took this Chinese man named Ye to the ‘Grey Alliance’ then he would not be far from death.

But he knew that if he did not take this man with him, then he would be dead now. With Ye Mo’s terrifying hands, he no longer had any hope that anyone else could save him from this man.

Seeing John Jay’s hesitation, Ye Mo said coldly, “If you hesitate for half a second more, I will immediately make you disappear, I just don’t believe I can’t find someone to take me to your lair.”

“Don’t, I’ll drive now ……” John Jay wouldn’t think for a second that Ye Mo was threatening him, Ye Mo’s killing spree he had just seen clearly.

Although he only had one hand, John Jay drove the car very smoothly as usual. An hour later, the car pulled up outside an empty private estate.

Without going inside, just by looking outside, Ye Mo knew that the ‘Grey Alliance’s, lair was many times more glorious than the ‘Hongwu Gang’.

Although Ye Mo’s divine sense was already over two hundred meters, his divine sense could only see a corner of this manor.

Ye Mo withdrew his divine sense and found that the gate of this manor was already open. A black boy ran over and after bending down and saluting Ye Mo and Johnson, he said a few words in a jabber.

“Senior, Keeson is already waiting for you, he’s here to lead the way.” Knowing that Ye Mo couldn’t understand, John Jay hurriedly translated.

Ye Mo’s heart twitched and he immediately sneered. That Zhu Hongsheng was ambitious, he had just killed some in the ‘Hongwu Gang, and this only survivor, John Jie, was still in his hands, but in the blink of an eye, people still knew about it. If there were no traitors in the ‘Hongwu Gang’, Ye Mo would not believe it.

The ‘Hongwu Gang, in this kid’s hands, would have been a matter of being destroyed sooner or later.

Walking inside, Ye Mo realized what luxury was, the huge swimming pool here, and not just one, there were several bamboo groves. And there were football fields and even golf courses.

There were huge lawns one after another, and a small airport with a few helicopters parked on top. Ye Mo secretly thought to himself, how much money did this Kishen have to make to get such a scale.

The United States was indeed a strange place, for a triad lord with such a fortune to live so comfortably.

Seeing this, Ye Mo couldn’t help but feel admiration for the American practice, where private property is sacrosanct, whether it’s a broken bowl for a beggar or a private estate for a mob lord. Because they are all equal, there is only one condition, you get what you get, no one else has got a handle on you.

It’s impossible for Kitson to have no leverage on the US government after all these years of being black, but since he’s still living free, it means he has his way. Or maybe any leverage he was held on was no big deal and had no wild heckling effect on him.

The three of them walked for two or three hundred metres when a semi-circular building appeared in front of them, and Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept in.

The semi-circular building was like a gymnasium, only much smaller than a gymnasium, and the layout inside was very peculiar.

It was surprisingly like the bottom of a pot, with individual seats only above twenty metres, while the twenty or so metres that sloped down below this were not only made of smooth and incomparable metal, but also seemed to have a hint of electric light on them.

There was a layer of insulator on top of the twenty meters, and only on top of this insulator were the seats, but at this moment, all the seats around were already occupied by a person holding a firearm.

Ye Mo understood as soon as he saw it, so he wanted to get himself in and then tie his hands.

What a vicious way, and this way, not to mention Ye Mo, even a Xiantian expert would find it hard to escape.

He even suspected that the bottom of the pot on the ground was made of metal, and if he stood on it, he would not be able to stand once the electricity was applied. Moreover, there were several cages at the bottom of the pot, in which, apart from a lion, there were two leopards and a tiger.

Ye Mo was sure that this building was not prepared for him. As to why Kishen had prepared this building, he did not know. But since he was here he would not be afraid. If he was at the third level of Qi training, Ye Mo would definitely not have entered this, although at the third level of Qi training, this place would not necessarily be able to trap him, but Ye Mo was not a person who liked to put himself in danger.

And now that he was already in the middle stage of Qi cultivation, with a cultivation level of four, where would he be afraid of a mere electric house.

With a movement of Ye Mo’s divine sense, the flying sword had appeared at the bottom of his feet, holding Ye Mo up as he followed John Jay into the house.

Just as Ye Mo and John Jay both walked into the house, the door on the outside of the circular building ‘boomed,’ and fell to the ground, and the door was shut dead.

However, Ye Mo noticed John Jay, who had been a little nervous on his face when he came in just now, as if he was expecting something.

Sure enough John Jay rushed straight to the corner of the bottom of the pot as soon as he came in, and then kept stepping on the ground there with his horns. Ye Mo coldly watched John Jay’s movements, he knew that the place where John Jay went must be a sinking organ that could save John Jay.

But after stepping on it for half a day without any reaction, John Jay’s face, which had a glimmer of hope, immediately became more fearful as he shouted at the top.

“John, you brought people to the door privately and even broke your own hand that was sending out the flying daggers, do you still want to live?” A cold voice came down from the top.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept up this person, who was around sixty years old, but very well maintained and looked to be less than fifty years old. Immediately, Ye Mo knew that this person was Keeson.

Keeson’s Chinese was far less fluent than John Jay’s, but he could barely speak a few words. He looked at Ye Mo with an expressionless face and said, “It says you are very powerful, two dozen people didn’t last a few minutes in your hands, so today I purposely used my ‘fighting pot to give you a taste of it.”

Keeson’s pronunciation was very inaccurate, but Ye Mo roughly guessed something. Keeson seemed to know that his Chinese was not very authentic, so he looked at the short, thin man next to him and said, “You come and explain to Mr. Ye.”

The short, thin man immediately said, “This room is for us to fight beasts if we don’t see eye to eye, later you will fight the beasts inside the cage in here, only if you kill these beasts will you live a little longer, of course we are all watching the show and our watching will not end until after you are dead.”

“You are very powerful, but no one dares to fight me Keeson, and all who fight me Keeson die, no matter what he is, no matter what position he is in.” Although Keeson’s words were imposing, they seemed flat when the translation was turned out, but his expression was indeed flat too, which showed that he believed in his words.

Keeson looked at Ye Mo and shook his head, “You Chinese are always self-righteous, you came to my land alone like this, and so did that Zhu Hongsheng. He doesn’t know that it’s just a matter of minutes before I destroy him, he Zhu Hongsheng just sleeps with a few women at night, I know all about it. He is far worse than Peng Hanwen back then, even if it was Peng Hanwen I would have simply destroyed him without exerting my full strength.”

Ye Mo’s expression was always calm, and only when Keeson finished asking did he say indifferently, “What was the reason you destroyed the ‘Hanwen Gang back then? And do you know the whereabouts of Sister Yan.”

Keeson laughed, “So many questions at the end of your life, but I like your character. That’s character. I’d go to war with another gang over a woman, he’d have to be out of his mind to think that. As for that Yan, let me tell you, I only had a sideways glance at her from afar, and as for what she looked like, I never knew. Even less so now.”

After saying that Keeson gave Ye Mo a contemptuous glance, “Good son, now the game time begins.”

Sure enough, Ye Mo understood that his guess was not wrong, this Keeson was not at war against the ‘Hanwen Gang, because of Sister Yan, he was at war because of other reasons, or he directly wanted to annex the ‘Hanwen Gang”

Ye Mo’s divine sense suddenly found a strange expression flashing in the eyes of the short, thin man next to Keeson, something like regret, and something like nostalgia.

Ye Mo’s heart moved and immediately asked again, “Before the game starts, I have one more question for you.”

Keeson held a remote control thing and pointed at Ye Mo, “Seeing as you are about to give me a great show, I will allow you to ask one more question.”

“Okay, who is that guy beside you who is helping you translate?” Ye Mo asked, pointing at the short, thin man.

Kitson laughed, “My staff officer, Soren, is from the ‘Hanwen Gang, over here.

” This sentence Keeson did not let anyone translate, but said directly.

“Soren, you are the guy who was betrayed by the ‘Hanwen Gang, back then, right?” Ye Mo looked at the short, thin man and said, his tone already filled with killing intent.

Suo Ren’s face immediately changed greatly, although some people guessed that he was the one who betrayed the ‘Hanwen Gang’ brothers back then, but those people had all died, and in recent years he had stayed away from home and acted very low-key, this person surnamed Ye in front of him could even guess it, he was simply too demonic.

In fact, how did he know that Ye Mo had divine sense to see his change of expression, and Ye Mo now also knew that the ‘Hanwen Gang, was destroyed because of the betrayal of someone inside, so connecting the dots, he made a casual guess. He didn’t expect his guess to be right, and as soon as he saw Suo Ren’s face change drastically, he knew his guess was correct.