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DYM Chapter 381

Keeson smiled sinisterly while pressing the remote control in his hand, several iron cages all opened automatically, and the lions and leopards and tigers that had been imprisoned and starved for a long time all rushed out and charged directly at Ye Mo and John Jay.

When Keeson saw Ye Mo kick a leopard away with a single kick, he immediately shouted, “Shoot me first to shoot that Chinese guy’s leg off.”

Over a hundred men fired at the same time, all hitting one range and splashing a shower of sparks, but Ye Mo was already gone.

At this moment, Ye Mo had already leapt to where the ‘Grey Alliance, gang members were standing, picking up these men who were shooting with great speed, one by one, they all closed their acupuncture points and remained down.

Ye Mo’s words were extremely fast, and it was only when he came over in a circle and threw all of the hundred or so ‘Grey Alliance, gang members to the bottom of the pot that Kitson reacted. He immediately knew that this surname Ye’s ability far exceeded his estimation, even too much more than his estimation, this ‘Fighting Beast Pot, the pot had no way to keep him.

The bottom of the ‘Beast Fighting Cauldron’ was filled with miserable shouting sounds, mixed with the hissing of wild beasts, which made people’s hearts and souls split.

Keeson’s only thought was to get out of here quickly, and as fast as he walked, Soeren was even faster than him, only just as the two stood up, they saw Ye Mo standing in front of them.

“Mr Ye ……” Keeson had a mind to say a few words of courtesy, but he didn’t know what the words of courtesy were in Chinese, as he should. He had been able to live very nourishingly until today because he had never put himself in danger.

But today, it was clear that he had been foolproofly prepared, but he had missed. The man in front of him was moving beyond human limits, what kind of man could leap dozens of metres and even throw his men into the ‘fighting pot’ in such a short time?

If he had the chance to do it again, Kitson would rather abandon his beautiful manor and go as far as he could rather than face Ye Mo. This man was not a human being, he was a devil, or maybe he had a slight chance against the devil, but he simply didn’t have the slightest chance against a human being.

“You are Kishen?” Ye Mo looked at this guy in front of him, who had been running the San Francisco for many years, and didn’t expect him to be as scared as he was when facing death.

“Yes, yes, honorable Mr. Ye, I have money, I have a lot of money, I’ll give it all to you just spare me ……” Keeson was incoherent as he tried to express his meaning.

“Oh, where is your money?” Ye Mo asked in a light tone, if there was a lot of cash, he didn’t mind taking it away, he was short of money.

When Keeson saw that Ye Mo was interested in his money, he immediately came to life and immediately said to Soeren, “Explain to Mr. Ye quickly.”

However, Soeren raised his pale thin face and said slowly, “Keeson’s money is all above the stock market he has six listed companies and five shopping malls, but none of these things can be turned into money directly, they need to be sold before they can be cashed in. But if all of a sudden this a*sets under Keeson’s name are cashed in at once, it will definitely attract the attention of the FBI, so that not only will you not get the money, you will also get into trouble.”

“Soren, you you how to talk like that ……” Keeson knew as soon as he heard it that Soren was not speaking for him but saying that he could not get his money now, and since he could not get it, then his own little life would be played out.

Ye Mo looked at Kishen and said, “So, you don’t have any money?”

“Yes, there is, I still have $50 million inside my bank account.” Keeson no longer dared to ask Soeren to translate for him.

Ye Mo took out his own bank card and threw it in front of Keeson’s face and said, “Use your fastest speed and transfer all your money into this, or I won’t have that much patience.”

“Okay, okay …… but after transferring the money I ……” Kishen asked with some hesitation before he took out his phone to transfer the money. All he needed was for Ye Mo to promise to spare his life, and as long as Ye Mo agreed to spare his life, he was willing to do anything.

Ye Mo said coldly, “Don’t challenge my patience, I don’t have that much time to wait for you, if you don’t want to forget it I’m going to throw you down.”

“I’ll transfer, transfer ……” Keeson no longer dared to nag picked up his phone and started transferring money, at this time he didn’t dare to have any thoughts, he knew that the man in front of him was true to his word.

The first thing you can do is to look at the miserable state of affairs below. The gangsters who were thrown down by Ye Mo were all unable to stand up and could only look up and crawl. But in the blink of an eye, a quarter of them had been bitten to death by those three beasts, the scene was as bloody as it could be.

Suo Ren looked at Keeson who was busy transferring money, a trace of sneer appeared on his pale face, he knew that even if Keeson finished transferring the money, Ye Mo would not let him go. He had already seen the harsh killing spirit in Ye Mo’s eyes, and he would not leave any of them alive.

But at this moment, he was just as shocked deep inside, he had seen many experts, but this was the first time he had met an expert like Ye Mo. He saw with his own eyes that Ye Mo flew up as if he was green smoke, and at that moment he thought his eyes were blurred. He knew that in front of such an expert, any fluke should not be thought of, it would be seeking death.

If it was anyone else, he would have thought of several escape ideas, but facing Ye Mo, a feeling of powerlessness actually rose in his heart. This young man was too terrifying, he was still a few dozen meters away from himself and could see that he was a traitor to the ‘Hanwen Gang,’.

“It’s already turned.” Keeson curtly handed Ye Mo’s bank card to him with both hands.

Ye Mo took the bank card and lifted up Keeson and said, “Since it’s already done, you should go down.”

“No, how can you not speak ……” Keeson couldn’t say the words behind him, he had already been thrown down by Ye Mo and fell into the middle of the corpses filled with blood.

He was dying and couldn’t figure out that John Jay had told him about the character of the Chinese and that it was indeed the same after all the years he had dealt with them. Usually if he bowed down to the Chinese and then showed some respect, or even took out all he had and gave it to them, they would go soft and then spare his life, but the truth was that he had just transferred his money to this young man named Ye and he was thrown down.

At this moment he still had a regretful thought about why he had built this ‘fighting pot, ah. He could never have imagined that one day he would be fighting the beasts in this, too, and that he would be the main character inside this pot.

Suo Ren did not dare to look at the bloody scene inside the ‘Beast Fighting Pot’, he blushed and withdrew his gaze, desperately thinking of how he could escape with his life.

Ye Mo looked at Suo Ren indifferently and said, “You are very smart, tell us how you betrayed the ‘Hanwen Gang’ in the first place, and the whereabouts of Sister Yan.”

Suo Ren’s lips trembled, he hesitated for a long time before saying, “I just want a life.”

Ye Mo said coldly, “You are not qualified to bargain with me, I have the same means to make you talk if you don’t. In my eyes, you are not even a mole.

“You are the Ye Mo who exterminated the ‘Earth Fury,**** aren’t you?” Suo Ren suddenly popped up with an irrelevant sentence.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “Not bad, you are indeed very smart to even know such things. But even if you know, so what?”

“It really is you, I should have thought of it a long time ago, I’m stupid ……” Suo Ren muttered half a day, but did not answer Ye Mo’s question.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, “Since you don’t want to say, then don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“Wait a minute.” Suo Ren suddenly raised his hand very calmly and said.

When he saw Ye Mo stop moving, Suo Ren said to himself, “When I first saw Sister Yan, I realised that Sister Yan was the person of my dreams. Therefore, I joined the ‘Hanwen Gang’ without hesitation. “For more than ten years, I have bled and sweated for the ‘Hanwen Gang’ without any regret, just because of Sister Yan.”

After saying a few words, Suo Ren completely calmed down, and then continued, “If it went on like this, perhaps nothing would have happened, but one day, I just couldn’t bear the torment of my inner thoughts. I found Sister Yan and then exported my confession to her.”

Suo Ren paused, seemingly remembering the events of that year, and after a moment he shook his head and continued, “But I didn’t expect that my confession would be overheard by the gang master, Peng Hanwen. The gang master showed no mercy and imposed the gang’s ‘three knives and six holes’ punishment on me, saying that I had the audacity to molest Sister Yan. I knew that Sister Yan was the goddess in the gang master’s heart, and no one could get close to her.”

After saying that Soeren stacked up his trouser legs and sure enough there were six scars on his legs.

“This punishment made me disappointed in the ‘Hanwen Gang’, I betrayed the ‘Hanwen Gang’ and defected to the ‘Grey Alliance’ I helped the ‘Grey Alliance, with the sole aim of getting Kishen to give me Sister Yan.” There was a hint of fondness and reminiscence in Soren’s eyes, and even some madness.

“But I didn’t find Sister Yan afterwards, I don’t know where she went. Although I suspected that Sister Yan had been killed by Kitson, I didn’t have the slightest proof. Every moment, I live in this torment, I’m not tormented because I betrayed the ‘Hanwyn Gang, I’m tormented because I harmed Sister Yan.” After saying that Soeren fell silent.

“What reason does Kishen have to kill Sister Yan?” Ye Mo asked out loud.

However, Suo Ren said grimly, “I suspect that Kishen was trying to fix my mind so that I wouldn’t have the slightest distraction to make plans for his ‘Grey Alliance,’. That’s why he killed Yan, because he was afraid that once Yan was alive and with me, I would turn against him after a long time. Of course, whether Sister Yan was killed or not, this is just my guess.”

Ye Mo looked at Suo Ren with cold eyes, “Since you can’t provide a bit better information, then you can go down and be a companion to your old boss.”

After saying that, Ye Mo picked up Suo Ren and was about to throw him out of the ‘beast fighting room, Suo Ren was so scared that he hurriedly shouted, “Ye Mo, you can’t kill me…””