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DYM Chapter 383

Peng Leji immediately said, “Senior, Feier is cgk Pharmaceutical, the main representative responsible for negotiating with ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical,’. If something happened to Blue Taro, it must have something to do with this guy, so I just kidnapped him here.”

Ye Mo said somewhat speechlessly, “Who said something had happened to Blue Taro? I just wanted to ask what her current location was, and maybe I wanted to go and talk to her. It’s not like I said something had happened to her.”

Seeing that he had misunderstood Ye Mo’s meaning, Peng Le Ji was also greatly flustered and asked with some confusion, “Senior Ye, Fei is the most famous human trafficker in the San Francisco underground, although he is very glamorous on the surface, being a sales manager of a big company. But this man secretly does nothing but evil and has done countless bad things. Although others don’t know about this, no one in the several triads in Chinatown knows about it. Because he has the ‘Grey Alliance,’ Soren as his backstage, so he is still at large even now.”

Ye Mo suddenly realized, thinking that the friend of that cgk pharmaceutical, that So Ren said was such a guy, did he dare to really make a move against Blue Taro?

Thinking of this Ye Mo’s face immediately sank as he said with some chill, “I don’t know yet if something is wrong with Blue Taro, Master Peng, ask this guy for me now if he knows the whereabouts of Blue Taro. If he really dares to lay a hand on Blue Taro, kill him immediately.”

“Yes, I dare not take the title of gang master, if senior doesn’t mind just call me Le Ji.” Peng Leji said hastily and humbly.

Ye Mo nodded, “Good, in that case you are also the same as Fei and Pillar.”

Hearing that Ye Mo had agreed to his request, Peng Leji secretly resolved not to let Ye Mo down. He turned to Fei and gave him a jabbering and occasional threats.

Although Feier had been a human trafficker for a long time, he could not withstand Peng Leji’s intimidation and anger, and soon explained about the blue taro.

After hearing Peng Leji’s explanation, Ye Mo was somewhat speechless. Although Feier was a human trafficker, not everyone would sell and it also depended on whether it was safe or not. He had no intention of kidnapping Blue Taro.

But he was approached by Blue Taro, who met with him again while Ning was away in the US.

And this time Blue Taro took out a bank card for US$100,000, she wanted to use the bribe on this Yankee.

He accepted the card and promised to help Blue Taro find a new company to work with, so that Blue Taro would not be in a hurry.

He was really planning to introduce a small company to Blue Taro, so that Blue Taro would be able to get by.

But at this point in time, Cgk Pharmaceuticals learned that Feiyao Pharmaceuticals had won the Asian bid and immediately wanted to negotiate with Feiyao Pharmaceuticals for a new half. This kind of thing of course fell on Feier’s head, Feier is really worried.

If this kind of thing is exposed, he will definitely have no good consequences, but as soon as Blue Taro learns that their company has won the bid, this kind of thing will definitely be exposed. Not only would he lose his job, but he would also face jail time.

As a last resort, Fei has no choice but to put Blue Taro under house arrest. The two of them are the same.

By this point, Feier was really planning to sell Blue Taro so he found a human trafficking organization called ‘Five Continents, and sold Blue Taro to them directly.

Hearing this, Ye Mo’s voice became icy cold as he looked coldly at Feier, “‘Five Continents, where is the place how to joint?”

After Peng Leji asked the ‘Five Continents, how to joint and the nest clearly, Ye Mo did not hesitate to pa*s a fireball, just now Fei who was still talking turned into a ball of fire in the blink of an eye a moment later, only a few dust floated down nothing could be seen.

This was the first time that Ye Mo sent out a fireball in front of several people, even Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu, who had seen Ye Mo’s skills, were shocked and dumbfounded, not to mention Peng Le Ji, who saw Ye Mo for the first time.

Only then did they realise that they were far from understanding Ye Mo, what they had seen was only a part of Ye Mo’s ability, or rather no one had been able to force out his full ability yet.

“I’m going to the ‘Five Continents’ right away… Fei and Pillar will follow Leji’s side first, and find the ‘Five Continents,’ lair first.” When Ye Mo thought of the human trafficking organisation taking Blue Taro captive, his heart just felt uncomfortable.

Blue Taro, however, was not suffering much now, she was inside a spacious and luxurious room at this moment, and there were even a few ** waiting on her. This is very disconcerting to her, and she certainly knows now that she has been tricked by Fell.

Although she didn’t know what it meant that she had been trafficked and served like this, Blue Taro knew that she was definitely not in a good position now.

She regretted her ignorance; her husband, Ning Zhongfei, had been running the original business, and later her daughter had helped out when she was older. It was only after the family arrived in Yuzhou that she realised the hardships of doing business.

Seeing her Shanhao’s ‘Feiyao Pharmaceuticals, in the logic of ‘Yuanbei Pharmaceuticals,’ ri increasingly in decline, she was also anxious in her heart.

This time, she came to the United States to cooperate with ‘cgk’ pharmaceuticals, but was unhesitatingly rejected by others, which made Lan Yao feel very desperate. Looking at her husband’s worried and anxious face, Blue Taro was determined to do something for ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’.

She stayed in the US alone, just to negotiate with ‘ugk Pharmaceuticals’ through Feier, once again. But to her surprise, she had given a bribe to this Fair, and this guy was so greedy that he had betrayed her. She was even bought into the hands of this trafficker, and if she hadn’t suddenly reported that she was the boss of ‘ugk Pharmaceuticals’ when a black man was about to rape her, she would have been spoiled by now.

But Blue Taro was surprised when someone kicked the black man who tried to insult her out of the way after she announced that she was the boss of Feiyao Pharmaceuticals, and even took out a gun and shot the black man outright.

Although the scene was as bloody as Blue Taro had ever seen before, Blue Taro was grateful from the bottom of her heart to the man who shot the black man to help her.

The man who shot the black man was one of the leaders of the place, and she was soon treated differently, as she was not only invited out of the crowd of trafficked persons, but also had all her belongings returned to her, so to speak, except for the $100,000 card and the mobile phone.

Not to mention that they had invited her to this luxurious place to live, eat and be pampered, but no matter how good the conditions were, they could not stop her from going home.

If she had known that Feiyao Pharmaceuticals would win the bid, how could she have come to the United States to negotiate with a company like Di K Pharmaceuticals? If she had to ask for cooperation, it would have been ‘cbi Pharmaceuticals’.

But what Blue Taro doesn’t understand is, could it be that ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’ reputation has become so loud now? Just winning a bid, even these human traffickers didn’t dare to make a move against her?

In fact, the one who was suffering the most now was not someone else, but ‘Five Continents, the boss of this human trafficker organization, who had just bought Blue Taro out.

Although ‘Five Continents’ is now a human trafficking organization, they are definitely not living to be a simple human trafficker. Because the boss of ‘Five Continents’ is a Chinese, he also has a name, Shakichi, and he even has only one arm.

‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals, not to mention just a mere bidder in Asia, even if they were the bidder of the whole world, he would not put it in his eyes.

However, this ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical, the boss, happened to have another identity, she was the mother-in-law of that god of killing, Ye Mo.

Ren Killing’s greatness was clear to Shakichi. He has seen many powerful ancient martial arts practitioners who tried to challenge Ren Killing end up with no bones left in their bodies. Moreover, Shakichi also knew that Ren Kill’s way of practicing was to use other people’s lives to pile up his own cultivation.

When Ren Kill wanted to kill Ye Mo, he sent killers everywhere. But Ren Killing’s actions angered Ye Mo and he came to Hong Kong from Chun An in a very short time. Even now Shakichi does not know how Ye Mo came to Hong Kong in the first place.

And Ren killed such a ruthless man, not only was he killed by Ye Mo, but he took over his own ‘Earth Demon’ organisation, and apart from himself who escaped by breaking his arm, none of them escaped. And even Ren Kill’s lair, Ye Mo seemed to have gone to collect some of it.

Later on, Shakichi even went to Hong Kong to investigate, Ren Killing was indeed too si, compared to Ren Killing “South Green, and ‘Iron River, and even ‘Amphibian Gang, simply not enough to look at. All of them have provoked Ye Mo, and all of them have invariably disappeared in the long history, or become faded.

If there was one person in this world that he, Shakichi, did not want to offend, or did not dare to offend, it was definitely Ye Mo.

He did not think that Ye Mo could not find his way here, and he was certain that if Ye Mo wanted to kill himself, it would be difficult to escape even if he hid to the ends of the earth si.

Shakichi’s fled far away to the United States and he organised a human trafficking business, trying to use this business to store up the first bucket of gold. Then he was ready to make a comeback and set up a new **** business. But this business had only just made some name for itself when it offended Ye Mo, a ruthless man, which made Shakichi not only annoyed, but also worried.

So after learning that the person captured was Blue Taro, Shakichi immediately made a decision to immediately feed Blue Taro good food and drink and immediately send someone to capture Fell.

The men who went to capture Fell returned quickly with the news that Fell had disappeared, which made Shakichi’s heart even more worried. If he didn’t come up with a solution immediately, he would be finished. If he waited for Ye Mo to find him, perhaps he would be finished for life, and it would be a waste of effort for him to rack his brains to escape from Ren Killer in the first place.