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DYM Chapter 382

Ye Mo stared coldly at Suo Ren: “Why can’t I kill you?”

Suo Ren hurriedly said, “Your mother-in-law is now in my hands, if you kill me, your mother-in-law will undoubtedly si.”

Ye Mo frowned for a moment, although he was sure that there was no such coincidence, but Ning Zhongfei was indeed in San Francisco in the United States a few days ago, what if this thing was true.

Leaving behind Soren, Ye Mo asked in a cold voice, “Where is she?”

“I can tell you right away, but you must guarantee my safety.” Suo Ren said without the slightest hesitation, he knew that now was his only chance to save his life.

“That won’t be necessary.” Ye Mo didn’t even think about it, he lifted his finger and pointed it above Suo Ren’s eyebrow mouth, he wouldn’t talk to such a person about half, he had too many ways to make this guy tell the truth.

A trace of confusion appeared in Suo Ren’s eyes, but Ye Mo then asked, “Tell me all the things you know about my mother-in-law.”

Suo Ren said blankly, “Ning Zhongfei and Lan Taro, on behalf of ‘Fei Taro Pharmaceutical, want to cooperate with the American ‘ckg Pharmaceutical,. I know about this matter because I have a friend in ‘thang Pharmaceuticals. Because you are so well known in China, I was about to investigate your information in detail, but I just hadn’t finished my investigation completely when you came here. It’s just that ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical, Ning Qingxue is your wife, as well as Ning Zhongfei and Lan Taro are your father-in-law and mother-in-law I still know about the mouth”

Ye Mo frowned and asked, “So where is Blue Taro now?”

Suo Ren instantly replied, “I don’t know, I just heard that after they left ‘ckk Pharmaceuticals, they were nowhere to be found. I didn’t do anything to her, I just went along with it in a temporary crisis. Said it to save my life.”

“Oh, in that case, just get the hell down.” Ye Mo reached out and picked up Suo Ren and threw him down, and in his heart, he couldn’t help but admire this short and skinny guy for coming up with a means to save his life in a short period of time, he couldn’t help but say that it was a skill of his.

Suo Ren had come to his senses in the air and looked at the bloody scene at the bottom of the pot, a hint of despair flashed across his eyes.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, the gang disciples in here were probably all killed by him, the rest were just some gang servants, it didn’t matter if they were killed or not. All in all this visit was still rewarding, he could say that he had directly destroyed the ‘Grey Alliance’ and made a fortune.

Even if there were still some people left in the Grey Alliance, they would not be able to make much of a splash. In addition, the ‘Grey Alliance’ has offended so many people over the years, it is possible that if he leaves before, the ‘Grey Alliance’ will be wiped out behind him.

Not to mention others, even the one surnamed Zhu of the ‘Hongwu Gang’, Ye Mo didn’t believe that he couldn’t grasp this opportunity. If this opportunity could not be grasped, the Hongwu Gang would not be alive today.

A dozen fireballs were thrown down, turning this ‘beast fighting pot’ into a sea of fire, before Ye Mo left the place.

It looked like in order to find Sister Yan, he still had to go to the ‘Yue Gang’ who got the bracelet, but the guy who got the bracelet had already been killed by Tong Zhu, so that was one less clue.

Although Ye Mo learnt that there was nothing wrong with Blue Taro, but after all, Blue Taro was also considered his mother-in-law, and since she was also in San Francisco and had been informed by So Ren, there was nothing to ask about her whereabouts. There had been a lot of mob activity here recently, and it would be bad if she fell into their hands.

Although this was very unlikely, but since he was here, what was the harm in asking?

When Ye Mo returned to the ‘Ming Yu Pavilion’, Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu were already anxiously waiting. In case something happened to their new boss, Ye, they would definitely be finished too.

Only when they saw Ye Mo come in did they breathe a sigh of relief. Old He knew that Shi Kai Gen had defected to Ye Mo, he no longer acted in that calm state where everything was out of his mind, and showed the same respect to Ye Mo.

”Ming Yu Pavilion, the small upstairs, Ye Mo summoned Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu over and asked:,, “Grey Alliance, it’s over, you don’t need to worry. Now what I want to ask is, there is a ‘cgk pharmaceutical here, do you guys know about it?”

Although Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu knew that since Ye Mo had returned, it meant that the ‘Grey Alliance, was finished, but they were still shocked to hear this news. Now that Ye Mo asked about something else, Shi Kai Gen immediately nodded and said, “Yes, I know about this pharmaceutical company, it’s a sizeable pharmaceutical company in San Francisco, the location of the company is in the eastern suburbs, but their office building is in one of the most prosperous places, Inner Bay.”

Ye Mo nodded and said, “I have an acquaintance called Blue Taro, who had business negotiations with ‘cgk Pharmaceuticals, Inc. not too long ago, and it seems that they didn’t come to an end. You guys go and see where she is now, just find out where she is and don’t try to alarm her.”

After sending Shi Kaigan and Tong Zhu away, Ye Mo walked into the bustling Chinatown for the first time. He felt that the busiest place in San Francisco should be here, except that almost all the TVs inside the bars and leisure places were showing almost the same piece of news, which was that there was an unknown alien invasion of the United States, and that the whole country needed to mobilize and pull the alarm as soon as the alien invasion was detected.

It must be said that the American people do have a strong sense of apprehension, and because of the capture of a black shadow, and the fact that the black shadow had taken out a submarine, this sense of apprehension immediately became real.

Only after wandering around for less than an hour, Ye Mo’s impromptu mobile phone purchase came with a call from Shi Kai Gen, saying that he had a situation to report and was now waiting for him at ‘Ming Yu Pavilion.

When Ye Mo returned to ‘Ming Yu Pavilion,’ not only had Shi Kai Gen returned, but also Tong Zhu, and also brought back two people, one of whom was a Chinese, not yet thirty years old, with very sharp eyes and an unusually tough appearance, and a faint killing aura on his body, he knew from a glance that he was not a simple character. It was just that his cultivation level was slightly lower, at best, he was only at the early Yellow level. In other words, he was only just starting out in ancient martial arts.

The other person was a white man with a medium build and a quick eye roll but the difference was that he was tied up.

“Brother Ye, this is the ‘Tang Gang,’ the gang leader, Wen Leji. He learned that big brother was looking for Blue Taro and specially kidnapped Fei to come here.” Seeing Ye Mo come in, Shi Kai Gen hurriedly introduced him.

Ye Mo gave Wen Leji a somewhat puzzled look, what he wanted to ask was news of Blue Taro, why did he kidnap a foreigner to come over?

When Wen Leji saw Ye Mo looking over, he hurriedly went forward and cupped his fist and saluted, “Senior Ye, I have heard so much about you, but unfortunately I have not had the chance to meet you.

Today, it is surprising that I, Wen Leji, have been allowed to meet senior, please allow me to follow senior, as Shi Kai Gen does.”

Ye Mo frowned and said, “It’s not like I’m going to stay here to be, why are you following me?”

Immediately, Wen Leji said firmly, “If senior goes back to Huaxia, I am willing to follow senior, if senior is willing for me to stay and fight for senior, I am willing to stay here.”

Ye Mo looked at Wen Leji coldly and said, “You are very scheming, you know I don’t care about this fart of a place, so you want to lend my hand to take the position? Do you know that I can kill you just by raising my hand?”

Cold sweat seeped out from Wen Le Ji’s forehead and he immediately said, “Everything I said is true, because I swore that if someone could kill Kishen, I would willingly work as a cow and horse for the rest of my life. If senior kills Kishen, he will be my benefactor. I, Wen Leji, will henceforth change my name to Peng Leji.”

Ye Mo suddenly asked, “What kind of person are you to Peng Hanwen?”

Peng Leji smiled miserably, “I am Peng Hanwen’s only son, back when my father founded the ‘Hanwen Gang’, I was only a few years old. My father was afraid that if he set up the gang, my mother and sister and I would be involved, so he sent my mother and sister and me to another city in the United States. I don’t know if there was another reason for my father to do this, but it was true.

One night, more than ten years ago, my sister and I were playing hide-and-seek at home, hiding in a large closet, but I fell asleep because my sister hadn’t found me for a long time. When I woke up and found my mother and sister and the nanny all lying in a pool of blood, I was frozen.”

Ye Mo sighed, “Sit down and tell me.”

Peng Leji nodded and continued, “I soon knew that an enemy had come to my door because nothing was missing from the house. I didn’t call the police, I knew my family wouldn’t live to call the police and I wanted revenge. I knew my dad was in Chinatown and I made my way to San Francisco overnight. Once I arrived, it became completely clear to me that my father’s old brothers in the gang saved me and aided me in forming the ‘Tang Gang” I, the ‘Tang Gang, had only one purpose, to kill Kitson, destroy the ‘Grey Alliance and avenge my family. ”

Peng Leji said here after seemingly a long breath, then looked at Ye Mo before his voice slowed down and said:, “Hongwu Gang, many brothers are ‘Hanwen Gang, so senior in the ‘Hongwu Gang, do things, I immediately knew. When I found out that senior had gone to the ‘Grey Alliance’, I was very ji excited and kept sending people to ask for information, and soon I got the news that the ‘Grey Alliance’ had been destroyed. I then wanted to look for senior to thank him for his kindness, without him I might not be able to avenge this in my lifetime.”

After saying that Peng Leji was about to kneel down, Ye Mo stopped him and pointed at the white man and asked, “What about him?”

But Shi Kai Gen said, “Master Le Ji Gang knew that Tong Zhu and I had gone with Big Brother, so he knew about me and Zhu as soon as we came out. After learning of Brother Ye’s orders, he immediately kidnapped this guy and came to join Brother Ye.”