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DYM Chapter 385

There was a moment of silence on the phone, and only after the silence did a slightly old voice come through again, “Bin’er, although the Yuan family is a family that started out in business and has the number one pharmaceutical enterprise in China, the bottom line is far less than the several major families in China. There are many things that are not necessarily known to us. The Song and Ye families are no better than before, but who can know if they are deliberately showing weakness? So you should never underestimate any of the great families of China. Even if it’s the Ning family, you can’t go underestimating it.”

“Father, then isn’t it true that I will …… this time,” Yuan Qibin’s tone became a little lower, but it was still respectful.

“Haha ……,” a harsh laugh inside the phone, “Although my Yuan family can’t compare to those big families, it’s not something that any small fish or shrimp can bully. If that trash Ye Mo hadn’t disappeared yet, I might still have been concerned about the Ye family, but now with the detached Ning Zhongfei, and a thuggish enterprise ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’, they want to ride on my Yuan family’s head, they are still a bit too young.”

There was always a hint of surprise in Yuan Qibin’s tone, “Father, what do you mean?”

“I have already arranged for good people to go and act for Flowing Snake, you just stay in Yanjing for the time being and make more friends with the sons of the great families. As for that Ning Qingxue, don’t worry, I will immediately send someone to take the same flight to America with her.” The voice on the phone was slightly old, but overbearing.


The first time she walked down the street, she confirmed that she was indeed free, that there was no one to control her, and that she could even go to the police station right away.

But of course Blue Taro would not choose to go to the police, because this is America, not China. The first thing she did was to find a public phone and call her husband, Ning Zhongfei.

He told her to come back immediately and cancelled his plans to go to the United States.

He told her that she had lost her mobile phone and was using a public phone.

The first thing Ning Zhongfei did was to immediately call his daughter Ning Qingxue, but all he got was the news that her phone was switched off. Ning Zhongfei immediately guessed that his daughter had probably gone to the United States, but he was unable to contact not only his daughter but also his wife, Lan Taro.

The fact that his daughter’s mobile phone was switched off meant that she was probably still on the plane at the moment, so he could only wait until she got off the plane before calling her. Ning Zhongfei put the phone down with some chagrin, if he had known this he would not have called his daughter, so as not to make her so nervous.


It was only when he got the news from his men that Blue Taro had called home to report that she was safe that Shakichi calmed down a little. As long as Ye Mo learns that Blue Taro is safe and sound, he won’t come to America, and if he doesn’t come to America, he won’t find his way to his head.

No sooner had Shakichi settled down than one of his men hurriedly came to report that Peng Leji, the leader of the ‘Tang Gang’ of ‘Chinatown’, had arrived.

What Shakichi feared was only Ye Mo, he was not afraid of anyone else, even if Keeson came. Although his strength was still far inferior to Keeson’s, Keeson could not kill him yet if he wanted to, and if he made him angry, he might even kill Keeson first.

As for the other gangs, Shakichi didn’t even care about them. Where would he even care about a mere Peng Leji of the ‘Tang Gang’? He didn’t even care why Wen Leji had even changed his surname.

But no matter whether it was Wen Leji or Peng Leji, he was still the leader of a gang, so it would be bad if he just refused to see him.

“Please ask Master Peng to come in.” Although Peng Leji was a gang master, he was not yet qualified to be greeted by Shakichi. Back then when the ‘Earth Furies’ were known worldwide, he, Shakichi, dared not belittle anyone.

“There’s no need to invite, I’m already in.” As a clear voice came, two people had already walked in.

Pang Le Ji, a person whom Shakichi certainly knew. Since he wanted to land here and make his first bucket of money, he certainly wouldn’t be ignorant of some of the main leaders of the gangs.

However, he found that the person who spoke was not Peng Leji, but a young man in front of Peng Leji, and as the leader of the ‘Tang Gang’, Peng Leji was actually walking behind this young man, and even as much as three steps behind.

“You ……” Shakichi just wanted to ask who this young man was, but as soon as he looked at this young man, he rushed up as if his butt was on fire.

, “Shakichi of the Five Continents’, pay my respects to senior Ye Mo.” Shakichi knelt down on one knee and was performing the greatest salute to Ye Mo. Others didn’t know how powerful Ye Mo was, but he couldn’t be clearer. Although this young man looked harmless on the surface, Shakichi was all too aware of his decisive killing power.

Although he had never met Ye Mo, he had investigated Ye Mo very carefully, and he had several photos of Ye Mo. So at this moment, when he saw Ye Mo’s face clearly, how could he not know that this person was Ye Mo.

Although he was worried that Ye Mo would come looking for him, he also knew that Ye Mo was very powerful and acted unnoticed. But he also did not expect that Ye Mo would come to the United States so quickly and find his lair under the leadership of the ‘Tang Gang’ leader.

And it was only a few hours since he sent Blue Taro away. Although Shakichi was on one knee, the cold sweat on his back was uncontrollable, seeping out like rain. Ye Mo had come too quickly.

Not only was Peng Leji somewhat frozen, but Ye Mo also looked at Shakichi with some confusion.

Of course Peng Leji knew that his identity was not yet as famous as this boss of ‘Five Continents’, although the boss of ‘Five Continents’ had not been here for long, his name had already been made. There were a few small gangs that didn’t have eyes to drive out ‘Five Continents’, but they all disappeared overnight.

I don’t know if Kishen of the ‘Grey Alliance’ didn’t care about such petty gains or if he was also jealous of ‘Five Continents’ and surprisingly never made a move. It was just that he could not have imagined that the ‘Five Continents’ boss, whose strength was not weak, would make a knee-bending move today.

“You know me?” Ye Mo looked at Shakichi, who only had one arm, and asked indifferently.

Shakichi hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, I am Shakichi, the former leader of the ‘Earth Fury’ organization, when senior killed that piker Ren Kill, I was lucky to escape with my life, so Shakichi is thankful to senior in this life.”

As for whether it was gratitude or fear, perhaps only Shakichi himself would know.

Hearing Shakichi’s words, Peng Leji’s heart was even more shocked, he had never thought that Shakichi was actually the boss of the ‘Earth Furies’. There were many rumors about the disappearance of the ‘Earth Fury’ in this world, but there was no definite voice saying that the ‘Earth Fury’ was killed by Ye Mo, now Peng Leji finally knew, it turned out that the giants of the world who made the world tremble in fear ‘Earth Fury’**** had actually been exterminated by Ye Mo.

Only then did he realize that he still seemed to have underestimated this newly defected Ye. Although ‘Five Continents’ was not very loud, but Peng Leji was sure that as long as others knew that the boss of ‘Five Continents’ was ‘Earth Fury’s’ Shakichi, no one would dare to hit attention of the ‘Five Continents’.

Ye Mo nodded, ”No wonder two of the companions I exterminated at the beginning had insufficient essence blood. I think two of them should have escaped, I just didn’t expect one of the ones who escaped to be the boss of the ‘Earth Furies’.”

“Please forgive senior Ye, my enmity with Ren Kill is as deep as the sea, I only have a feeling of ji for senior, no disrespect whatsoever.” Shakichi said hurriedly, not caring that his back was already drenched in cold sweat. He didn’t expect the ‘Earth Furies’ to have one other person besides him who had also escaped.

Ye Mo waved his hand, “No need to speak so loudly, it was your ability that you could escape at that time. For those who come to trouble me, Ye Mo, I will never give him a second chance. Today I am not here to ask you about this matter, I think since you know that I am Ye Mo, then you should have investigated me very carefully, with your Shakichi skills, it should not be difficult to guess the purpose of my visit this time.”

“Yes, senior Ye, I understand. Yesterday, my men were so confused that they misheard a man called Fell and brought Chief Lan from his hand to my territory. Fortunately, it was only when Chief Lan gave his name that I woke up in time and did not let Chief Lan suffer any aggravation.

I had already killed a few of the unsuspecting guys who had brought Mr. Blue in, as well as a black man who tried to make a move on him. And I tried to take out that Fell, only unfortunately, Fell had disappeared.” Shakichi immediately replied in fear, and what he recounted was as true as possible without a single addition or deletion.

Ye Mo nodded, since Shakichi recognized Blue Taro’s identity, he believed that he wouldn’t dare to do anything to Blue Taro.

Seeing Ye Mo nod, Shakichi secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and continued, “A few hours ago, I had already sent General Blue away and sent two people to secretly protect her, I believe General Blue should have arrived at the airport by now.”

Ye Mo’s phone happened to ring at that moment, Ye Mo picked up the phone, it was Shi Kaigan calling, saying that he had already seen Lan Taro at the airport and hadn’t suffered too much damage.

Ye Mo hung up the phone and said to Shakichi, “Get up, you did a good job on this matter, I kind of owe you a favor.”

Shakichi stood up in surprise, he didn’t expect Ye Mo to be so nice, not only did he not take the opportunity to clean him up, he even took the initiative to say he owed him a favour. Forget about other favours, Ye Mo’s favour was not an ordinary one. Thinking of this, Shakichi Ji said, “Senior Ye, this is what I should do, senior’s words are too much.”

Ye Mo waved his hand, “No need, in the future I can help you with one thing within my ability, I’ll leave first.”

“Senior, junior Shakichi dares to ask senior to use his meal before leaving.” Of course, Shakichi knew that the opportunity was rare and hurriedly made a sound to retain him.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “I don’t like places that sell human beings.” After saying that, Ye Mo turned around with Peng Leji and left.