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DYM Chapter 386

Although not the oldest gang in San Francisco, the Vietcong is definitely one of the oldest and has a very deep history.

Back then, when the Hanwyn Gang was strong, the Vietcong had to survive in the cracks. When the Hanwyn Gang was destroyed, the Yue Gang and the Yamaguchi Gang gained a lot of territory and grew rapidly. Today, the Yue Gang has become the only gang here after the Grey Alliance.

The ‘Hongwu Gang’ of the ambitious Zhu Hong Sheng was already far behind the ‘Yue Gang’ and the ‘Tang Gang’, which was influenced by its geographical and financial resources, was even further behind.

At this time

The leader of the Viet Gang is called Kim Siu Nam, a senior officer in the Vietnamese military who was wanted by the Viet Gang and fled to the United States because he had openly provoked his superior and killed the woman he loved, and then formed the Viet Gang.

This man, Jin Zhaonan, however, was not comparable to the ambitious Zhu Hongsheng, and he already knew when Ye Mo entered the ‘Hongwu Gang,’ lair under the leadership of Shen Weiju. Moreover, he also knew about Ye Mo’s killing of more than twenty people from the ‘Grey Alliance’ and even taking away the ‘Three Breath Flying Daggers’, John Jay.

There was no telling what Zhu Hongsheng should think in his heart when he learnt that his own squad had been beaten to death by someone else’s intelligence agency.

At this time, Jin Zhaonan even knew about the ‘Grey Alliance, being destroyed by someone. He guessed that Ye Mo’s next stop would be their ‘Yue Gang’ for no other reason than that Ye Mo wanted to find out the whereabouts of Sister Yan, whose bracelet was snatched from the hands of the ‘Yue Gang’.

Although Jin Zhaonan believed that the ‘Yue Gang’ was not inferior to anyone in the Chinatown area, he was not so arrogant that he could exterminate the ‘Grey Alliance’ at any time. Therefore, when he learned that Ye Mo had exterminated the ‘Grey Alliance,’ Jin Zhaonan’s face was ugly, and he believed that it wouldn’t be long before Ye Mo could come to his lair.

“Xiao Xi, what do you mean?” Jin Zhaonan was tempted to retreat, but was reluctant He thought inside his subconscious that the reason why Ye Mo could exterminate the ‘Grey Alliance’ certainly had something to do with his good skills, but a big reason was still that Kishen had taken the enemy lightly. If they had been prepared and Ye Mo had arrived, they would have immediately surrounded him with heavy firepower, and he believed that it would have been difficult for Ye Mo to fly.

Ersi’s full name was Li Ersi, and Jin Zhaonan came to San Francisco from Vietnam together then formed a gang together and fought the world together, it can be said that Li Bu Xi was Jin Zhaonan’s most powerful person.

When Li Xiao Xi saw Jin Zhaonan ask about it, he pondered for a moment before saying: “We don’t know this person Ye Mo, but he could easily kill the twenty or so people John Jay brought with him and simply restrained John Jay, so it is clear that this person has real skills. Whether or not it’s a person like Keeson’s light enemy we must be most cautious in dealing with. But as you say, this man is as good as he can be, could he not survive if we surrounded him and strafed him with our guns?”

“Ersi you mean we fight?” Jin Zhaonan’s eye brows jumped, he also agreed with this opinion, he just always felt something was wrong, that’s why he asked Li’erxi.

Li Erxi nodded solemnly, then said, “I have two suggestions first, we, the ‘Yue Gang, immediately exit San Francisco as far as we can, this Ye Mo since we can’t figure him out, we’ll avoid him. Secondly, we will just plagiarize him, as soon as he enters our ‘Yue Gang,’ ambush circle, we will immediately concentrate our firepower and open fire without talking any nonsense to him, I think even if he is powerful, he will not be able to dodge so many firepower attacks at the same time unless he can fly.”

Jin Zhaonan clenched his fist at Li’erxi’s words and viciously smashed it in the air, “Let’s do it, I don’t believe he Ye Mo can really fly. We’ve been operating in San Francisco for decades, I’m not willing to let it go just like that. Erci, you gather all the brothers in the gang and we’ll do this.”

At this moment, at the ‘Tang Gang,’ lair, at a very simple private house loft, Ye Mo was sitting at the top, and Peng Leji and Shi Kai Gen and Tong Zhu, were sitting on either side.

“Brother Ye, should we kill our way to Jin Zhaonan’s lair now?” Shi Kaigen had known Ye Mo for the longest time, so he asked directly.

Ye Mo shook his head, “If we all leave after this incident, it doesn’t matter if we kill now, it’s just that after this incident, a few of you will have to stay for now, so it’s not advisable to kill at the door immediately now. Le Ji, what do you think?”

Seeing that Ye Mo asked, Peng Leji hastily owed his body and replied, “Brother Ye, what I mean is to wait for the night time before making the move. Tonight, the ‘Yamaguchi Gang, and the ‘Hongwu Gang, had a firefight, and many people know about it. I don’t believe that the police have not noticed anything about this matter so far. If we go and destroy the ‘Yue Gang’ at night when the two gangs are in a firefight, there should be no one to disturb the mouth Moreover, after the two gangs are in a firefight and we destroy the ‘Yue Gang’ then here in San Francisco, we ‘ Tang Gang, will soon grow up.”

Ye Mo nodded his head, this Peng Leji still had a brain and thought the same as he thought. Although it would be a simple matter for him to destroy the ‘Yamaguchi Gang, but for the ‘Tang Gang, to grow, we must then destroy the ‘Hongwu Gang” and the ‘Tang Gang’ and the The ‘Hongwu Gang’ was originally split from the same gang, so if they were exterminated straight away like this, I’m afraid it would cause a lot of discontent.

“It’s settled, I’ll go to the ‘Yue Gang’ at night and wait for the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’ and the ‘Hongwu Gang’ to fight, then Loki will just bring people to accept the territory. There’s also the ‘Yue Gang, and the ‘Grey Alliance,’ territory to take over as well.”

Although accepting the territories of several major gangs at the same time was nothing to Ye Mo, but Peng Leji was so excited that he could imagine the future San Francisco “Tang Gang” dominating the city.

The ‘Yue Gang’s lair was located near a pier in San Francisco, in a relatively remote location. Ye Mo believed that the news of his extermination of the ‘Grey Alliance’ had already reached the ‘Yue Gang’.

So as soon as Ye Mo arrived here, his divine sense immediately spotted the ambush. Although there was no Keeson’s handiwork, these people even had rocket launchers out, so it was evident that as soon as Ye Mo entered the ambush circle, these attacks would immediately come crashing down on him.

Even if it was Ye Mo himself, facing the bombardment of so many light and heavy weapons, he was not sure that he could get out of it for sure. Keeson faced him and wanted to play a game, but looking at the ‘Yue Gang, these people’s stance, they would definitely strike immediately at the drop of a hat.

“It’s already here, and it’s now about two hundred and fifty metres from our encirclement.” In the distance, Jin Zhaonan was staring at Ye Mo on top of the monitor with Li’erxi.

“Huh, he turned around and walked away, did he find out something? Should we make a move now?” Li’erxi surprisingly noticed that Ye Mo turned around and left, eventually walking further and further away.

Jin Zhaonan’s face changed a few times before he finally said with some reluctance, “Don’t make a move now, the most you can do now is to get him injured, you shouldn’t be able to kill him and alert the snake. Wait and see.”

Ye Mo didn’t go far, he certainly knew that as soon as he arrived in this vicinity, his whole action was under the surveillance of others.

Turning back to a turning place, Ye Mo immediately just did a stealth spell and then quickly turned back. With the fastest speed, he killed all the ‘Yue Gang, gang disciples who were ambushed nearby.

A few minutes later, Ye Mo reappeared in the sight of Jin Zhaonan and Li’erxi.

“He’s back again, and has entered the range where he can attack.” Li Xiaoxi immediately became ji.

Jin Zhaonan was in the same ji mood, he thought that if he killed Ye Mo today, then the remaining ‘Tang Gang’ would not be enough to worry about after the ‘Hongwu Gang’ and the ‘Yamaguchi Gang’ that had merged tonight.

“Fire.” Jin Zhaonan gave the order and also raised the gun in his hand.

There was no sound of gunfire or explosion as expected, and the panicked Jin Zhaonan was about to fire when he realised that the gun in his hand had disappeared. And in front of him and Li’erxi was standing a sneering young man.

“You are Ye Mo ……” Li Erxi’s heart had already sunk to the bottom, he knew that Ye Mo should not be killed so easily, but he still underestimated Ye Mo.

Ye Mo grabbed the rifle in his hand and reached out to trigger it, the steel gun in his hand bent into a U as if it was a noodle.

“I am Ye Mo.” Ye Mo dropped the bent rifle in his hand, kicked Li’erxi away and sat himself down.

Jin Zhaonan suddenly saw blood flowing from the two sides where he had ambushed his own men, he pointed at Ye Mo in shock and said, “Ye Mo, what have you done to my men? How dare you kill so many of my men, you ……”

Ye Mo looked at Jin Zhaonan as if he was looking at an idiot, “You mean to say that I have too much guts? Shouldn’t I kill your people? Or am I saying that I should carry my own head to you?”

Li Erxi stopped the blue-headed Jin Zhaonan, he knew that Jin Zhaonan was different from Kishen, these people who were killed by Ye Mo were his brothers brought out from the army, every one of them was his life blood, now that they were killed by Ye Mo, it was strange that he was not angry to the extreme.

However, Jin Zhaonan was obviously overwhelmed with anger, even if he was more angry, the man in front of him was someone who could take his life at any time.

“Ye Mo, I know we underestimated you, and now you have also killed my ‘Yue Gang, numerous brothers, what do you want before you can spare the two of us, make a price.” Li’erxi said calmly, just whether his heart was as calm as the surface, only he himself knew.

After hearing Li Xiaoxi’s words, Jin Zhaonan also gradually calmed down, he understood his situation, at this moment, Ye Mo wanted to kill him as if he was a chicken.

He regretted, he regretted that he didn’t listen to Li’er Xi’s first advice, he should have abandoned everything here right then and there, and then take his brothers far away from San Francisco. How could a man who could destroy the ‘Grey Alliance’ with his bare hands be so easy to take out? He, Jin Zhaonan, had taken things too much for granted.