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DYM Chapter 387

He regretted that he hadn’t listened to Learsy’s first piece of advice; he should have abandoned everything here at once and taken his brothers far away from San Francisco. How could a man who could destroy the ‘Grey Alliance’ with his bare hands be so easy to take out? He, Jin Zhaonan, had taken things too much for granted.

But there was no medicine for regret now, it was already too late. Only what Erci said was practical, and staying alive was the main thing. If there was no life left, what would he use to avenge his brother in the future?

Jin Zhaonan completely calmed down, only then did he truly realise how terrifying Ye Mo was.

“Tell me any news about the ‘Hanwen Gang, Sister Yan back then, and I will see if I can keep you all alive based on the information.” Ye Mo said indifferently.

“I can give away all of my ‘Yue Gang’s, years of property.” Jin Zhaonan, who had calmed down, jacked in and said.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “You think that I would care about your ‘Yue Gang’s’ little bit of money to me, it’s too easy to ask for money. You have one minute to speak up, or you won’t have a chance.”

Not waiting for Ye Mo to say more, but Li Erxi said directly, “More than ten years ago, the “Grey Alliance, fire merged the ‘Hanwen Gang” at that time about our ‘Yue Gang’ only that our gang was too small in power at that time and did not dare to resist. We were too small to resist, so we could only send ten brothers to help. Two of them did meet Sister Yan, but the Han Wen Gang who was protecting her killed one of our brothers and the other one escaped.

I heard later that the bracelet you were looking for was snatched from the hands of one of my ‘Yue Gang’ men, so it seems that the bracelet was snatched from Sister Yan’s hands by another member of my ‘Yue Gang’. Moreover, he didn’t say anything about getting the bracelet at that time.”

Jin Zhaonan hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes, that was what happened at that time. Because Sister Yan wasn’t someone important either, although she disappeared, no one bothered to investigate.”

Ye Mo knew at a glance that these two were not lying, and it looked like what they knew was also very limited. He came to the United States to investigate the news of the bracelet, and when he arrived here, he actually disappeared there.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo was a little depressed in his heart and raised his hand to destroy the ‘Yue Gang, the last two bosses.

The next day, the biggest news in San Francisco, USA was that the San Francisco mafia had a firefight and the police struck hard, several gangs disappeared overnight and gave the people a clear sky.

Of course, this is only the official story, while the reality is that because the ‘Grey Alliance, and the ‘Viet Gang, in Southeast Asia were exterminated by Ye Mo. And the ‘Yamaguchi Gang, when they had a firefight with the ‘Hongwu Gang, both were defeated and were wiped out by the police, and finally the ‘Tang Gang, was the only one.

Although there were many small gangs, few of them dared to go to the mouth of the ‘Tang Gang’ to snatch something from them.

At this moment, Ning Qingxue was sitting on the plane to San Francisco, her eyebrows locked. The ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceuticals’ had just raised their eyebrows, but here came the news that their mother was unreachable. To her, the most important thing was the safety of her parents, and then the development of the company.

If something were to happen to her mother, the development of Feiyao Pharmaceuticals would not be as good as she wanted it to be. So when she learnt that her mother had been lost in the United States, Ning took the first opportunity to transfer from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

It took more than ten hours to fly from Hong Kong to the United States, and Ning Qingxue rubbed her forehead, trying hard to relax herself.

She took out a fireball talisman and placed it in her palm, looking at it carefully. The fireball talisman looked to be a rather delicately made piece of hard red paper. It was something she had told Tang Beiwei that she was going out for a few days, and Tang Beiwei had insisted on stuffing it into her hand. Tang Beiwei had given her a dozen of them, and she was not good enough to take Tang Beiwei’s enthusiasm, so she took them and put them casually in her bag at her side.

If there was no Su Jingwen in front of her, when Ning Qingxue saw Tang Beiwei take out the fireball talisman, she would have thought that there was something wrong with Tang Beiwei. But because Su Jingwen had already proven the existence of the defensive magic weapon, she no longer dared to think that the fireball talisman was something useless.

As Ning Qingxue was carefully observing the fireball talisman, two ordinary men walked past her, looking as if they should be

to go to the bathroom. However, when these two men walked past Ning Qingxue, Ning Qingxue suddenly felt a little chill on her necklace.

In the past, Ning Qingxue would not have taken it seriously, but now she already knew that her necklace was a defensive magic weapon. This defensive magic weapon suddenly became cold, which made her a little wary. She subconsciously glanced at the two men walking past her, and at this exact moment, one of them turned back and met Ning Qingxue’s gaze as she looked over, and this man immediately turned back to let Ning Qingxue’s gaze pa*s.

These two men were not right, and Ning Qingxue immediately reacted

Ning Qingxue immediately stood up, she wanted to go and report the suspicious situation she had found. Only just as Ning Qingxue stood up, the middle-aged woman beside her suddenly took out a pistol and pointed it at her, saying softly, “Miss Ning, you’d better not move, because my pistol doesn’t listen very well.”

By now Ning Qingxue had completely understood that these people were targeting her, so she slowly sat down and stared coldly at the middle-aged woman next to her and said, “Who are you people? What exactly do you want to do?”

“That’s not for you to worry about, just remember that you are now under our control. But we’re not hijackers, we’re here to invite Miss Ning to be our guest.” The woman smiled blandly, the gun in her hand already gone.

Perhaps in her opinion, dealing with a weak woman like Ning Qingxue, using a gun was really degrading.

Ning Qingxue Bu did not feel much nervousness, but said coldly, “Tell me who told you to come, if you are not willing to say, I can immediately resist.”

The woman smiled gently, “It doesn’t matter if I tell you, but telling you isn’t because I’m afraid you’ll resist. For you will soon meet that man, whose surname is Yuan, and who made you ungrateful and offended Young Master Yuan?”

“So it’s this scum.” Ning Qingxue sneered, she didn’t expect Yuan Qibin to be so bold as to openly send someone to kidnap her on top of the plane.

hThe two men who had walked past just now did not come over, but Ning Qingxue reckoned that these two men must be staring at themselves not far away.

Seeing Ning Qingxue quiet down, this woman next to Ning Qingxue didn’t say anything more, their mission was to keep Ning Qingxue looking in America and then wait for Yuan Qibin’s arrival.

“All the people are not allowed to move, we will only hijack the plane, not kill anyone. But if there are those who don’t have eyes and dare to provoke our bottom line, don’t blame us for not being polite.” Two able-bodied men with guns suddenly rushed out and pointed the guns in their hands at the pa*sengers on either side.

Ning Qingxue froze for a moment, had Yuan Qibin gone mad? Even if he had more power, would he dare to hijack the plane? Was he not afraid of dragging the Yuan family into the abyss?

Ning Qingxue subconsciously glanced at the woman staring at her next to her, only to find that she was just as surprised. Immediately, Ning Qingxue knew that these hijackers and the people sent by Yuan Qibin were not in cahoots, and should have coincidentally boarded the same flight.

Although Ning Qingxue was calm, not all of them were as calm as she was, and an obese man immediately screamed out in alarm. He rushed out of his seat and ran to the back without a second thought.

“The man who had just been running fell to the ground with a loud bang, blood pouring from the back of his head.

There was silence on the plane, even the cries of the children were muffled by the adults.

The sound of sobbing came out in low, suppressed tones, making it all the more frightening to hear. The plane suddenly shook violently and most of the people turned pale.

“There were two more gunshots, and a feeling of weightlessness came over.

It was over, the plane should have crashed. The cabin, which had been unbelievably silent just a moment ago, was once again annoyed; a crash was also a death sentence and no one could remain calm.

The two white men who had just stood up were immediately hit by bullets. As these two men fell, the two hijackers with the guns once again shouted in a stern voice, “All men sit down immediately, if anyone else dares to disobey, shoot them down immediately.”