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DYM Chapter 390

“Sorry, there are no private rooms left.” The welcoming lady felt embarra*sed by Ye Mo’s request for a secluded private room.

Ye Mo casually looked around, this club was open to the public, so the layout was somewhat similar to a bar, but the tone was unknowingly more upscale than a bar to what extent. Once Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through, he knew that not only were there private rooms here, but there were quite a few of them, and there were even many high cla*s private rooms.

However, Ye Mo was only here to say a few words, and since this private room was not given to them, it meant that his gold card was of a lower grade, so Ye Mo did not care and said, “Since there are no private rooms left, just get us two cups of coffee outside.”

Watching Ye Mo and Shi Xiu walk towards a corner of the hall, the welcome lady was finally relieved. What she feared most was the kind of person who held a low grade gold card and then thought that I was the best in the world.

The coffee was quickly brought over, and Ye Mo waved his hand for the waiter to move out of the way before asking Shi Xiu, “Tell me, what’s going on? I looked for you a few times before graduation, but I couldn’t find you. It said that something happened to your family, and those things have been going on for so long, and they still haven’t been taken care of?”

Shi Xiu was silent for a long time before he sighed and said, “Ye Mo, if you were still in the Ye family, maybe you could still help me some, what’s the use of talking about this now, hey, those are all in the past …….”

Ye Mo picked up his coffee and took a sip, then said, “Shi Xiu, if you consider me a friend, then tell me what happened, if you don’t, how do I know if I can help you?”

When Shi Xiu heard Ye Mo’s words, his eyes were a little red, ever since he came out of school, one after another, no one had ever said that they considered him a friend, but today he actually heard the word friend again.

“Ye Mo, looking at you, I can tell that you are so much better than me, at least you are no longer under the influence of Yan Yan.

“Shi Xiu finished his cup of coffee in one gulp, his eyes got a little confused.

Soon he said to himself, “My dad is the mayor of Cha-Chi town, so I said I had somewhere to go after I graduated because of my dad. After graduation, my dad got me to work as a section clerk in the town committee office of Cha-Chi town. Although it was a section clerk, it was not bad because it was a town government office, and then because I made some achievements, and because of my dad’s connections, I was promoted to the deputy section level after half a year.”

Ye Mo frowned, although he didn’t understand the officialdom in China, but to be promoted to deputy section in half a year after graduating, this speed seemed a bit fast. It would be fine if there was someone to hold up, once there was no one to hold up, this kind of thing could very well be a two-edged sword.

It’s just that Shi Xiu’s dad is only the mayor of a noon town, and if it were a town under the county level, this mayor would only be a section level. A section-level cadre with the ability to promote his freshly graduated son to a level equivalent to that of a deputy town mayor? Or if he didn’t have the brains to do so, how did his father become the town mayor?

“Was it your father or someone else who promoted you to become a deputy section?” Ye Mo suddenly asked out loud.

Shi Xiu looked at Ye Mo in surprise, he only understood this matter later, but Ye Mo asked about this matter right out of his mouth, so it could be seen that although Ye Mo was not above the officialdom, his political awareness seemed to be higher than him.

Shi Xiu clenched his fist and said, “It wasn’t my father, it was a deputy mayor who didn’t see eye to eye with my father. At that time, because I was credited with directing the rescue of property during the flood, the deputy mayor proposed that I become a deputy mayor in charge of water resources, but my father rejected it on the spot. However, the mayor also volunteered to say that if I was not promoted for my merits, it would affect the motivation of other section members. In the end, I became a deputy section of the town committee office.

At that time, my father also thought that I had made meritorious achievements, and that I would not avoid my relatives if I was promoted. Besides, he also thought that this was a sign that the deputy mayor was befriending him, because my father was about to take another step up and be promoted to the deputy division level.”

Ye Mo sighed and said to himself, “This officialdom is really one step of trouble at a time. Throughout the ages, it’s all the same.

“But when I was promoted to deputy division level on the front foot, the county was immediately alarmed behind me, and someone immediately came to investigate my father’s style of work. Those people from the county’s disciplinary committee, one by one like hungry wolves, rushed to my home and found all kinds of evidence of my father’s bribery, and even collected a large amount of cash and letters at my home. That night, my father was taken away by the Discipline Inspection Commission.”

Speaking of this, Shi Xiu’s eyes were red and his fists squeezed tighter, “My mother was already bedridden at that time, and with this incident, she never woke up again.”

“Did your father really have those bribes?” Ye Mo asked.

Shi Xiu shook his head, “My father never took bribes, if he did, my mother wouldn’t have been sick for years without the money to go to a big hospital for an operation. And all that so-called evidence is just some trumped up stuff. What was even more ridiculous was that the newspaper in which the cash was wrapped was the evening paper of the same day, and one of the people who came to testify against the bribe said that he had used this very newspaper to wrap the money and give it to my father a few months ago. I was so angry that I wanted to rush up and theorise, but my father stopped me.” Even Ye Mo was saddened to hear Shi Xiu’s words, it was too dark in there.

“After my mother left, news soon came that my father had committed suicide by fearing for his life. I knew that my father was not guilty, let alone committed suicide in fear of sin, but I couldn’t even see my father one last time. I knew I was useless and that I might never be able to avenge my parents. After I was removed from everything, I returned home and Yun Yun became my only spiritual support, but today, she’s gone too.” Shi Xiu’s eyes were completely red, as if he was a wounded and hungry wolf.

Ye Mo fell silent, it was not that he did not want to persuade Shi Xiu, but he did not know how to persuade him, if he could, he wanted Shi Xiu to stop getting involved in the officialdom, but he knew that some revenge had to be avenged by Shi Xiu himself. If he couldn’t get involved in officialdom, he might never be able to take revenge.

Although it would be easy for him to help Shi Xiu take revenge, he did not want Shi Xiu to be left with regrets.

“When Yun Yun and I met, I was still a small section clerk in the office, but Yun Yun Yun never minded me at that time. She was also very good to my mother and always took care of her. At that time I didn’t go to school for a long time because my mum was sick, but Yun Yun was always there for me, she looked after my mum and made me go to school. I couldn’t believe she was like that, I couldn’t believe it, she wasn’t a woman who liked money. But, but …….” Shi Xiu finally couldn’t hold back his tears and sobbed lowly.

“Shi Xiu, do you want to take revenge?” Ye Mo suddenly interjected and said.

“Revenge?” Shi Xiu lifted his head and looked at Ye Mo in surprise, “Do you know that I’m going to jail soon? What’s the point of talking about revenge?”

Ye Mo asked in a somewhat strange manner, “Jail? Haven’t you already been revoked from your position? Why do you still need to go to jail?”

Shi Xiu sighed, “After my dad was taken away, I borrowed money all around trying to find some connections to get my dad out, but I spent a lot of money and my dad ended up walking away. A lot of that money was interest money, and my house back home has been sold, but it’s not nearly enough to pay it back, and the court has informed me that if I don’t pay it back in another week, I’ll be locked up.”

“How much money do you still owe?” Ye Mo sighed in his heart, he thought that Shi Xiu’s borrowed money was likely to be backstabbed as well. Those loan sharks knew Shi Xiu’s background and were still willing to lend him money, if there wasn’t something fishy in between, what Ye Mo said would not be believed.

“The principal amount is more than 200,000, but with the interest it’s already 500,000.” Shi Xiu said somewhat gloomily.

Even Ye Mo was angry and slapped the table, “What interest is so high?”

“Boss Huang, why are there so many flies in this clubhouse of yours now. Anyone can come in and slap the table and smash the bench?” A voice with an odd tone came from two young men who had just walked into the clubhouse. Beside them, there was a middle-aged man carefully accompanying them. The young man walking in front was also followed by two bodyguards, and at a glance this young man was not a simple master.

Hearing the young man’s words, the middle-aged man who was carefully accompanying him said with a smile, “Young Qiu, you should go into the private room first, why bother with such petty tricks.”

“Does Boss Huang mean I’m bored with idleness?” The reproachful year called Qiu Shao’s face sank and immediately became somewhat unpleasant.

“No, no, I’ll let them go right away. Lest it affects your mood, Qiu Shao.” When this boss Huang heard Qiu Shao’s words, his face immediately became a little nervous.

After saying this and seeing Qiu Shao’s sullen face and not saying anything, Boss Huang hurriedly nudged his mouth to the two security guards next to him.

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, it looked like he was not in Yanjing, the number of people who knew him was getting smaller and smaller, even an inexplicable guy dared to come and drive him away.

However, Shi Xiu pulled Ye Mo and said: ”That man did it on purpose, I know the person following behind that young Qiu. The deputy mayor who harmed my father is his eldest uncle, his name is Dong Jie and he is a student of Yanjing University. He must have seen me and then deliberately tried to pick a fight. And that young Qiu is very uncomplicated, Ye Mo, why don’t we go first.”

Ye Mo drifted off, he said how there were still guys who were so arrogant that this kind of guy ‘what business is it of his if someone else slaps the table, he also wants to come over and meddle. It turned out that he was deliberately looking for a fight.

“You two go out, you are not welcome here.” As soon as Shi Xiu’s words fell, the two security guards arrived in front of Ye Mo.

“Get out.” Ye Mo coldly stared at the two security guards, “If you don’t get lost within three breaths, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“D*mn it, shame on you.” One of the security guards drew out the electric baton on his waist and was about to smash down on Ye Mo.

“Don’t hit …….” In the distance, Wang Yan saw that something had happened on Ye Mo’s side and hastily called out, and people were already rushing over.