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DYM Chapter 391

“Boom boom…,” Wang Yan’s shout was obviously not seen by the two security guards, and two muffled sounds had come through.

It was just strange that it was clearly the two security guards who did the work, but it was the same two security guards who were beaten out. The two security guards who had drawn their electric batons to do it were actually thrown as far as they could at this point, falling at the feet of that Qiu young man, unable to get up again.

Wang Yan and her husband froze and tried to go over, but were immediately pulled by an acquaintance next to them, “Wang Yan, you don’t want to be nice, the one being beaten is from the Qiu family, you…, Chuan”

Wang Yan seemed to understand only then, and hesitantly stopped in her tracks. Her eyes showed a desperate struggle, she knew she just couldn’t change anything by going over there, but if she didn’t, she felt a little condemned by her conscience.

She knew her friend was right, the man in front of her was someone they could not afford to offend. Not only could they not afford to offend him, but there were not many people in Yanjing who could afford to offend Qiu Shao.

Boss Huang looked at the two security guards who had been kicked next to him with astonishment, from the position of the young man drinking coffee to here, it was several metres away, ordinary people could never kick over.

He was not a rookie, how could an ordinary person just kick his security guards so far away? It was evident that the young man just now was definitely not simple. But he also knew that Qiu Shao was even more uncomplicated, in the spirit of not wanting to offend anyone, Boss Huang’s heart was secretly screaming.

“D*mn it, go up and drag that b*****d over.” Qiu Shao’s face sank as he ruthlessly said to the two bodyguards around him. He had just come to Yanjing from a small place, and during this time, he had found the Qiu family brand to be so good that he had long since developed the character of Lao Zi being number one in the world, so where would he put Ye Mo, who couldn’t even call a private room, in his eyes.

The two bodyguards secretly shook their heads in their hearts, but they had to come up even though their master had given the order. These two bodyguards were much stronger than that security guard just now, but in front of Ye Mo, they were still kicked away and did not even touch the corner of Ye Mo’s clothes.

Although he knew that Young Qiu’s identity was remarkable, Boss Huang did not call for further help. He had been through the jianghu for a long time, so of course he knew that a poor man was rich in martial arts, and someone who could train such a skill as Ye Mo was definitely not simple.

Looking at the two bodyguards who were knocked down, this young Qiu seemed to know that he had run into a tough fight, he reached out and pointed at Ye Mo, “If you have the guts, just sit still.”

With that, he took out his phone, looking like he was ready to call for help.

Ye Mo stood up, he walked up to this Qiu young man and raised his hand and slapped him. This slap hit Qiu’s ear, in addition to several teeth being spat out by Qiu, one of his ears was also bleeding, it was obvious that this ear was already ruined.

The young Qiu was knocked to the ground by Ye Mo’s slap, and he was immediately confused, his eyes showed shock, he couldn’t imagine that someone in Yanjing would really dare to hit him like that, and hit him so hard. He could not get up now.

Ye Mo looked at Dong Jie, who was still standing to the side in panic, and similarly slapped him over, Dong Jie followed in Qiu Shao’s footsteps and flung himself at the door of the club, only feeling a buzzing sound ringing in his head, unable to remember anything else.

Looking at Ye Mo’s return, Shi Xiu grabbed Ye Mo in a panic: “Let’s hurry, how are you going to fight that man ……”

“Oh, he’s still special can’t he?” Ye Mo, however, sat down again.

Shi Xiu looked around and knew that he just couldn’t leave now, he sighed and said, “That young Qiu is a member of the Qiu family, do you know the Yanjing Qiu family?”

Ye Mo shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

He had heard of the Li, Zhang, Song, Ye and Qiao families being the five great families of Yanjing, or even the Qin, Han, Ning, Ou, Zhuo families and so on, but he had never heard of any Qiu family.

Shi Xiu took a worried glance at Qiu Shao, who was still lying on the ground, before saying, “You should know about the Five Great Families of China, right, you were also from the Ye Family back then. I heard that the Ye family, the Song family, and the Qiao family ended up in decline because they offended a powerful figure. The Song family simply disappeared from Yanjing, while the Ye family and the Qiao family also kept a low profile. It is also said that the Qiao family also gradually faded out of the upper echelons of Yanjing, slowly shifting to business. And the two latest families to supplement the Song and Qiao families are the emerging Qiu and Dai families.”

“How do you know all this?” Ye Mo really didn’t know that Yanjing’s Qiu and Dai families would replace the Song and Qiao families and become members of the new Five Great Families. However, the rumours could not necessarily be believed, at least Ye Mo did not feel that the Ye family had declined, but just acted in a more low-key manner. Although Ye Shaofeng was not very old, he acted in a very low-key and old-fashioned manner.

Shi Xiu’s eyes showed a trace of hurt as he lowered his head and said, “It was Yun Yun who told me that I owed a huge debt and had no way to stay in Chats. I was forced into debt every day, then Yun Yun let me come to Yanjing, she studied while working outside, I also found a job, originally I wanted to try to pay the money back and then live a good life with Yun Yun just like that, but, can go ……”

Seeming to know that now is not the time to think about these things, Shi Xiu quickly came back to his senses again, he said to Ye Mo cautiously, “That Qiu young man should be called Qiu Zhi Zhe, he also studies at Yan University, he is arrogant and does not have any city spirit. So Dong Jie easily kissed his a*s and followed his lead as a dog. Just because of his family background, no one dared to do anything to him either. I heard that he has a brother called Qiu Zhixue that person is very powerful, I also heard it from Yun Yun.

Just as Shi Xiu said this, the police car outside had already sounded, and several police officers quickly rushed in and quickly surrounded Ye Mo and Shi Xiu. During this period of time when the police came, Boss Huang had not called anyone to move Ye Mo again.

“Are you the one who beat up people?” A middle-aged policeman walked up to Ye Mo and asked him sternly.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, but I was acting in self-defence, my friend and I were sitting here and someone wanted to come and make a move on me first, so I acted in self-defence.”

A young policeman looked at Qiu Shao who was still giving first aid, took out his hand to be, walked up to Ye Mo and was just about to speak when he heard someone behind him say, “Out of the way guys I’ll take this man away.”

Hearing this voice, the two policemen hurriedly moved aside, and a man of about thirty years old came up behind them, and it seemed that this was the man who had just spoken.

“You have a lot of guts, you dare to beat up people in Yanjing and beat up Qiu Zhizhe so badly. I can only say that you have a lot of guts. Do you know who Qiu Zhizhe’s brother is?” The man walked up to Ye Mo and said indifferently.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said to Shi Xiu, “Shi Xiu, there are too many dogs here, let’s go.”

After saying that Ye Mo looked at the man again, “What does it matter to me if it’s a mule or a horse? Let me give you a warning, if you don’t let go, don’t blame me for beating you up together.”

“You’re arrogant today I’ll take you away, I’ll see how powerful you are.” The man was about to strike after he finished speaking.

“Hu Peng, stop it.” An abrupt voice came, a middle-aged man with the top of his head half bald ran over in a hurry and reached out to stop the man, he walked up to Ye Mo and said politely, “Young Mo, I really didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Ye Mo looked the balding man up and down for a moment and asked in a somewhat strange manner, “Who are you? I don’t seem to know you.”

The bald man was not the least bit embarra*sed that Ye Mo did not know him, but continued to smile and said, “My name is Wu Ze once met Younger Mo once at Old Mr. Ji Beichen’s charity auction in Yanjing, so I know each other.”

When Wu Ze saw Ye Mo, his heart was in shock what kind of person Ye Mo was, no one here knew as well as he did. His reliance was on the Li family and he was the one who followed Li Qiu Yang of the Li family to that party at the beginning. He had no chance to speak to Ye Mo and when Ye Mo directly taught Song Yi, the first son of the Song family, a lesson, and even slapped his face so loudly that the Song family did not even dare to let out a fart.

In the end, the Song family was also uprooted by Ye Mo from Yanjing because they wanted to take revenge on Ye Mo. He knew in his heart that don’t look at Ye Mo’s harmless appearance he would have kicked the emerging Qiu family out of Yanjing, it would have been a breeze. He called out to Hu Peng is equivalent to saving Hu Peng, who is also an official who was transferred down with him this time. One he saved Hu Peng for a bit, the second also wanted to make friends with a high ranking person like Ye Mo.

Ye Mo remembered that time he went to that party with Zhang Diao, and later went to save his sister Ye Ling without attending the auction.

“Division Wu, what is your intention en?” Hu Peng saw that Wu Ze, who had come with him to the ‘Wutong Club, to celebrate, did not help himself, but helped this unknown young man instead. But he didn’t immediately turn his face, he had been a secretary for many years, and this time he was transferred down to a local official, also on behalf of the Qiu family. And Wu Ze’s backer had always been someone from the Li family, so on the surface the two were still cordial, but in reality they represented two families with different interests.

But Hu Peng’s years of experience as a secretary understood that since Wu Ze wanted to help this young man, it meant that he must not be an ordinary person, even if he was a member of the Qiu family, but he would not do anything that he did not figure out.

“There’s no intention to be gracious, it’s just that young Mo is someone I respect, if Secretary Hu wants to make a move, don’t blame me for being ungracious.” Wu Ze did not show any mercy at all.

He had known Ye Mo’s character and knew that Ye Mo hated people who were two-faced, in fact, he could have said it in a different euphemistic way, but then, it might not be as impressive in Ye Mo’s heart. Since he had already mentioned Hu Peng once, and Hu Peng did not have the awareness, don’t blame him for being ungracious.

“Wu Ze, what kind of words are you saying? I, Hu Peng, would like to see how you can be ungracious.” Hu Peng, who had already eased down because of Wu Ze’s attitude, was once again ji angered by Wu Ze’s sharp words.

It was not a matter of his face, it meant that the Qiu family’s face was swept away by Wu Ze. However, he did not try to move Ye Mo again, he had been in the officialdom for many years, and now looking at Wu Ze’s respectful attitude towards Ye Mo, he would not try to move Ye Mo again until he was clear.

Wu Ze smiled coldly and was about to speak when at this time two more people came and pulled Wu Ze and Hu Peng apart.

Wu Ze glanced at Hu Peng and stopped paying attention to him, instead he turned to Ye Mo and said cautiously, “Young Mo, this time I was transferred down to Xitong County in He Feng City, I was gathering with a few friends for a while, I didn’t expect to meet Young Mo, if Young Mo doesn’t mind, you can come and sit in our private room.”

Ye Mo was about to refuse, but Shi Xiu suddenly said, “Xitong County?”