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DYM Chapter 399

Hearing the reward, the scene fell silent once again, what kind of person was Ye Mo and what would his reward be? Money, or something else?

Ye Mo swept a glance at the people inside the venue, then said indifferently, “Although everyone is learning martial arts, however I think many people should know that there is no end to martial arts, right? In fact, a Yellow level martial artist is the true entry level martial artist, but when I look at everyone here, there are only three people who are truly Yellow level martial artists. Many people know that only by practising ancient martial arts can they advance to the Yellow level martial artist. But Ancient Martial Arts are generally not pa*sed on, and even if they are, it’s just as useless if you don’t know the cultivation method.”

When Ye Mo said this, the scene immediately erupted. Ye Mo became even more mysterious in everyone’s mind, he could actually tell how each person’s cultivation level was, this was simply too terrifying.

They just didn’t know which ones had reached the yellow level, only that Ye Mo didn’t point it out, and no one dared to ask.

Although ancient martial arts were only legends, many of the people present still knew that only martial artists who had truly entered the yellow level could be considered to have learnt martial arts. And how difficult it was for a Yellow level martial artist, most of the people knew. The gangs that had Yellow-ranked martial artists were invariably big gangs.

The smarter ones were already thinking, could it be that Ye Mo’s reward had something to do with ancient martial arts?

Ye Mo swept a glance at the crowd present, then took out a bottle of elixir and placed it on top of the table and said, “This elixir is called ‘Peiyuan Dan’ whether you have learnt Ancient Martial Arts or not, this one elixir will immediately help you to advance to Yellow Grade Martial Artist, if you are already a Yellow Grade Martial Artist, this elixir will allow you to upgrade at least another a notch, that is, advancing to Xuan level is not impossible ……”

“Boom”, the whole dam field suddenly boiled over, there was actually an elixir that directly allowed people to advance to the Yellow level martial artist. This was simply too tempting, too heaven defying. As for the Xuan level, it was simply ignored, as few people knew what constituted the Xuan level, and so had no concept of it.

But Tielanshan knew, so his heart was even more appalled. In the beginning, the Idle Daoist was Xuan level, and as a result, even ‘Nan Qing, didn’t dare to mess with him, so of course he knew the terror of Xuan level martial artists.

No one in the Daoist world didn’t know about ancient martial arts, but it was one thing to know about it, but it was another thing to be able to reach that level, which was only found in the legendary Hidden Sect. Even if one learns Ancient Martial Arts, one may not be able to advance to the Yellow level, but today someone took out a pill and said that one could advance directly to the Yellow level.

Once he advanced to the Yellow level, even if he didn’t have a gang, he would be able to walk around.

If this pill wasn’t in front of Ye Mo, someone would have come and grabbed it.

Although the scene coaxed, there were still people who couldn’t contain their inner desire. A small gang brother who saw Ye Mo for the first time could no longer control his inner greed, he rushed out of his seat and reached out towards the bottle in front of Ye Mo and grabbed it.

In his mind, even if Ye Mo was powerful, he could definitely grab it when Ye Mo was caught off guard, and when he did, he would immediately rush out and drive away, even if it meant escaping from Hong Kong immediately.

Surprisingly, someone grabbed something in front of senior Ye, those who knew Ye Mo was powerful froze, there was still someone who was so desperate?

Ye Mo snorted coldly, he couldn’t imagine that there were really such desperate people. Ye Mo raised his hand and gave a slap, the man who grabbed the vial was knocked to a corner by Ye Mo, before he could reflect again, Ye Mo sent another fireball flying over.

In the blink of an eye, the big brother of the small gang was wailing in the middle of the fireball, but he couldn’t die for a while.

Everyone present looked at the scene in front of them in horror, if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, all of them would have thought it was a movie.

A human-sized ball of fire was burning around a man, who was still wailing inside the ball of fire, but his mouth could only be seen, but no sound could be heard.

The scene was so quiet that even a pin could be heard on the ground. Half a day later the fireball disappeared, and the man surrounded by it left nothing behind except a few pieces of soot on the ground.

Only then did all the people react to who they were facing, and this senior Ye was not so easy to call. ”Peiyuan Dan, it is precious, but even if it is precious, it is not as precious as a small life.

Ye Mo swept the remaining people, then said coldly, “This is the first time, I will let it go like this, if there is a second time for this kind of thing, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

What he wanted was to establish his authority, these people were like a scattered sand, although there were quite a few people who came here, there were not necessarily many who really knew he was powerful and served him.

Cold sweat broke out behind all the people, at this moment they realised how bad this senior Ye was to talk to. Turning a man into dust or forgetting about it, what would have happened if he hadn’t forgotten about it? Moreover, this senior Ye was a bit too powerful, he could turn a person into a fireball with his hand, could it be that ancient martial arts cultivation to a profound level could still be like this?

Ye Mo swept the ravenous meeting hall before saying in a light voice: “If anyone can provide the answers to the questions I asked just now to my satisfaction, I can give you a ‘Peiyuan Dan’ Even if all ten people’s findings satisfy me, I can give out ten, no matter what your level, I can allow you to advance.”

With a “boom”, the venue once again burst into flames, and all the people had already forgotten about the ungrateful guy who had just been burnt to death by Ye Mo, and were looking forward to the good fortune that would come to them. Some of them already hated to go back immediately and with all their power they had to investigate the details of that flight.

“Senior, if the two people investigate with the same answer, how will they be rewarded?” Someone at the scene immediately asked.

Ye Mo glanced at him and slowly said, “Whoever’s investigation is more careful and more useful to me is the one I need to mouth well, this is the end of today’s meeting, the investigation time will be based on one day, we will gather here again at this time tomorrow, whoever’s information is useful, I will half-break it myself. If any of you dare to make a moth, I don’t mind making you follow the footsteps of the ‘Earth Furies’ and completely disappear from this world.”

At the end of the sentence Ye Mo’s voice became colder and colder, he knew that these people needed to be deterred, it was useless to reason with them, only a comparison of fists was the right thing to do. He could only give a day’s time, he couldn’t afford to drag it out after that.

Ye Mo’s words once again caused cold sweat to break out on the backs of all the people, “The Earth Fury was really destroyed by senior Ye. The first time I saw it, I was a little bit of a nuisance.

The original people who wanted to play some small tricks, also immediately rested their minds, what joke, in front of senior Ye such ruthless people play tricks, how many lives will not go away?

After Ye Mo announced that the meeting was adjourned, all the people left one after another, all wanting to find the information Ye Mo needed eagerly. Ye Mo himself wouldn’t be idle, he also wanted to go to the airport to see exactly what was going on.

The Mid-Levels Villa in Clearwater Bay was one of the few most luxurious villas in Hong Kong, and Ye Mo had come here to meet Mo Kang.

Although Mo Kang was the one he treated, Mo Kang was a good person, and he had given a lot of help with the establishment of his own new company. He even dropped a few hundred million into it, and Ye Mo had always been grateful. This time, when he came to Hong Kong to investigate the situation and had spare time, he stopped by to see Mo Kang.

The first time Ye Mo came to help Mo Kang with his illness, the Mid-Levels Villa could be said to be heavily guarded, with a guard at three steps and a sentry at five steps. However, when Ye Mo came here again today, he felt very cold, even a little too cold, as he walked one to the front of the villa and did not meet a single person who blocked him.

However, Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept inside the villa, more than twenty uniformly dressed bodyguards were currently kneeling on the big lawn in front of the villa. All had their heads bowed, obviously forced by someone.

Was there something wrong with Mo Kang? These people were all helping him guard the villa, why did he have to do this?

When Ye Mo walked in, he immediately knew that these bodyguards had had their acupuncture points sealed and that several hours had pa*sed.

Mo Kang and Mo Ping were sitting honestly in the living room of the villa with their heads hanging down, while some nannies and servants were standing in the backyard with trepidation, none of them dared to move without permission.

In front of Mo Kang and Mo Ping sat a man and a woman, the woman Ye Mo surprisingly knew because she had some hard lines at the corners of her eyes and gave Ye Mo a deep impression, her name was Xia Qiangwei. He had met this woman last time when he came to help Mo Kang see a doctor, and he had taught her a lesson at that time.

Xia Qiangwei was the sister of the one Mo Kang liked, Xia Rou, and at that time he told Mo Kang not to show his recovery in front of Xia Qiangwei, just what was she doing here again today?

The other man, however, Ye Mo did not know, but Ye Mo could tell that this man had a late Yellow level cultivation upon entering his eyes. This man was not bad looking and extremely tall, but his eyebrows showed signs of a serious lack of sleep, and he knew at a glance that he was a guy who had overindulged.

Could it be that these two men were responsible for all these people in the Mo family? Ye Mo thought and immediately crossed into the house.

Ye Mo’s entry immediately startled the four people inside the house, and all four of them looked up towards Ye Mo at the same time.

“Doctor Ye, why are you here.” Mo Kang and Mo Ping both called out at the same time and both stood up.

“It’s you?” Xia Qiangwei also stood up and looked at Ye Mo with a wary and angry face, the memory of when Ye Mo kicked her and cracked her bones was still fresh in her mind to this day.

Ye Mo swept his cold eyes at Xia Qiangwei, then walked towards Mo Kang and asked, “Brother Mo, what is going on?”

Mo Kang looked at Xia Qiangwei and the man next to her with some fear, then said nervously, “Doctor Ye, this is a little personal matter of mine, you go back first, when my side of the matter is over, I will go forward to visit you.”

If it was usual for Ye Mo to come here, Mo Kang couldn’t be more happy, but not today.