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DYM Chapter 398

“It’s really you?” Ning Zhongfei looked at Ye Mo standing in front of him in surprise, he didn’t expect that the person he met that day was really Ye Mo.

Once Lan Taro took a look at her husband’s tone and demeanor, she immediately knew that the Ye Mo in front of her was the young man her husband said he had met. Moreover, looking at the situation, it was likely that their ‘Flying Taro Pharmaceutical, could win the bid was also related to him.

“I’m sorry, uncle, thank you for the bracelet.” At this moment, Ye Mo was too embarra*sed to call Ning Zhongfei Brother Ning, he was his old man, so it was not very hou to call him brother.

“So you are Ye Mo, I was saying who helped me. By the way, I think you helped our company win the bid last time, right?” Ning Zhongfei didn’t expect that the person he met last time was really Ye Mo, this young man was very good, why did his wife stop his daughter from being with him? Once he thought of his daughter, Ning Zhongfei’s expression once again darkened, what had been an extremely good thing had become bad because of his daughter’s disappearance.

“What’s happened?” Ye Mo noticed that Lan Taro’s eyes were as red and swollen as Li Mumei’s, and Ning Zhongfei’s expression was also strange, without the slightest joy of winning the bid.

Ning Fengfei sighed and didn’t say anything.

Lan Taro’s eyes were red, and he thought of his daughter’s disappearance, and could not say anything. Li Mumei was on the side, and hurriedly told the cause and effect of the incident.

“What? Light Snow has disappeared? Or did it go missing together with the airliner? What the hell is going on here?” Ye Mo’s face immediately turned pale.

“Because Light Snow learned that something happened to me in America, so she immediately rushed to America and something happened in the middle of the journey.” Blue Taro wiped her eyes and said. She was relieved that Light Snow had a place in Ye Mo’s heart, but there were things done that it was too late to regret.

The first thing he did was to go to the place where the accident happened, but he couldn’t do it in front of Blue Taro, so he said, “You were fine at that time, didn’t you call Qing Xue after they let you out?”

Blue Taro was stunned and said subconsciously, “I did, but Qing Xue was already on the plane. How did you know I was okay? You knew they released me? Did you help with the American thing?”

Blue Taro immediately responded, if it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s help, how could she have gotten out so quickly?

Ye Mo waved his hand, “These are all secondary, you guys take care of the company’s affairs and leave it to me to find Light Snow.”

“I’m sorry Ye Mo, it was me as a mother who did a bad job in the past, I apologize to you.” Blue Taro stood up and said to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had already left the room, and it was too late to even answer Lan Taro. To him, things had already happened and apologizing was all secondary.

“Brother, how could you make our company the king of the bidding?” Looking at Ye Mo’s already fast disappearing back Ning Zhongfei hurriedly asked after him.

Ye Mo had already gone out of sight, and even if he had heard it, he would not have come back to answer Ning Zhongfei specifically for this question.

Blue Taro wanted to give Ning Zhongfei a blank look, calling his son-in-law his brother, Ning Zhongfei was the first person to do so, but she was not in the mood to care about that but worried about whether Ye Mo could find his daughter and how Ye Mo would go about finding her. He wouldn’t charter a plane to go there, would he?

Blue Taro didn’t answer Ning Zhongfei, but someone else did, Lok Leak who had just walked over looked at Ye Mo’s disappearing back and said with a secret sigh, “Because he’s our ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’ boss do you think he has a way to make your company the bidder?”

Lok Leak could see from Ye Mo’s hurried back how much he cared about Ning Qing Xue and wondered what his junior sister really thought, Ning Qing Xue was such an outstanding person that even his own junior sister couldn’t say that she was definitely better than her.

“What? He’s the old boss of ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical,’?” Ning Zhongfei, Li Mumei, and Lan Taro all shouted out almost simultaneously, this answer was too surprising.

But it was also because of this answer that they all understood why ‘Feiyao Pharmaceutical’, which did not have the slightest bit of competition, had become the bidder of Asia, and it turned out that the bidder was their son-in-law.

With such a powerful son-in-law, it was ridiculous that they had to go to San Francisco to beg another company to cooperate with them.

Ning Zhongfei glanced at his wife, this was the first time he was not satisfied with his wife. If it wasn’t for Lan Taro there wouldn’t have been so many things, if Lan Taro hadn’t opposed to Ye Mo helping Qing Xue recover her memory, they would have known that Ye Mo was the boss of ‘Fei Taro Pharmaceutical, where was the need to go to the US to beg? In the end, so many things came up.

Blue Taro lowered her head, she suddenly felt that what she had done in this matter was not unethical, but too unethical. When Light Snow misunderstood Ye Mo at first, not only did she not come out to explain, but she also continued to add fuel to the fire and told Light Snow not to contact Ye Mo. But now look how broad-minded Ye Mo was, still coming here and not even bad-mouthing her.

Lan Taro felt extremely ashamed, her husband had said a long time ago that she would make her own decisions about Light Snow, but why did she have to interfere?

Ye Mo certainly didn’t bother to blame Lan Taro, and he didn’t have the time to blame her either. No matter what, Ning Qingxue was after all her daughter. He was going to investigate the flight route from Hong Kong to the United States, and he was going to follow this route me over.

Ye Mo had already appeared in Hong Kong’s ‘Xisha, territory at this time, he had come to find Jiao Bian Yi, there were things he had to get some help from the local snake.

Jiao Bian Yi did not expect Ye Mo to come to his territory, and this private manor. He was glad that he happened to be here today, otherwise if his men did not take care of Ye Mo, he would have been finished. Last time Ye Mo met Rate Snake in Sanya, Rate Snake had grown eyes and was later praised by Jiao Bian Yi a lot.

“Senior, I didn’t expect you to be here, no wonder the magpies are always chirping today, so there is a valuable person coming.

” Jiao Bian Yi immediately put all his respect on his face.

Ye Mo knew that these people were afraid of him, but he didn’t care, this world was supposed to be like that. He nodded and said, “Master Jiao, I am indeed here today because I need some help with something, I am here with you now, please gather all your friends from the Dao in Hong Kong land to come over, I have something to ask.”

Jiao Bian Yi was shocked in his heart, now that ‘Nan Qing, and ‘Tie Jiang, were in decline, his ‘Xisha, had vaguely become the boss of the Hong Kong land’s underworld, so his biggest worry was that some unenlightened person had offended Ye Mo and made him lash out. But now that Ye Mo said so, he didn’t dare to be the least bit slow.

Jiao Bian Yi’s ‘Xisha, although he was the most powerful gang in Hong Kong, he had not yet reached the point where he could say everything. So the post he sent out read that senior Ye was at ‘Xisha”s ‘Bamboo Evening Private Manor’, summoning all his friends from the jianghu path to ask about important matters, and those who did not come would be responsible for the consequences.

If in other places, the words “Senior Ye” might not be known, but within the Hong Kong gangs, there was no one who did not know about Senior Ye. In the beginning, Ye Mo was in the ‘Bamboo Evening Private Manor, directly exterminated the big Tong thing has not yet cooled down, and Zuo Yue did not listen to senior Ye, three days later, someone saw his body in Thailand.

On Hong Kong Road, you can call the shots with ‘Xisha, but you can’t call the shots with Seniors Ye, because you don’t have that qualification. There were even rumours that ‘Earth Fury, was also exterminated by Senior Ye. Even a giant like ‘Earth Fury, could be taken out, who else would dare to offend this Senior Ye?

So after this post by Jiao Bian Yi was sent out, in less than two hours, almost all of the Hong Kong gang leaders came over.

All the gang leaders and triad lords who came, none of them dared to raise their voices in front of Ye Mo, they all saluted Ye Mo and then found a seat and sat down.

Soon, the venue provided by Jiao Bian Yi was full, and nearly a hundred people sat inside the venue in silence, all waiting somewhat uneasily for Ye Mo’s words. It was not known who this senior Ye was going to take again.

Ye Mo saw that so many people had come in such a short period of time, and even more people had come than he had seen last time. It was Tielanshan who also came, but looking at him, it seemed that this ‘Iron Rope Crossing River, had been having a very bad time recently.

Ye Mo nodded in satisfaction and said: ”I apologise for coming to disturb you all today, Ye Mo. I have indeed come here today because I have something that I need the help of all fellow daoists.”

“Senior Ye, if there is something you wish to order, I, Jiao Bian Yi, will definitely do my best. For me, it is an honour to be able to help senior.” Jiao Bian Yi immediately stood up and echoed.

“Right, senior Ye, although my ‘Yik Gang, is small, but we definitely don’t dare to fall behind in such matters, senior, just give me an order.” Another brawny youth stood up and said with a clasped fist.

With someone taking a stand, the people behind him stood up and expressed their willingness to serve.

Ye Mo certainly knew that the reason why these people were like this was not because they had much respect for him, but that they were fearful of him. In order to get these people to si their hearts to help, they also had to come up with something to make them aspire to.

Ye Mo waved his hand and waited for the noisy voices below to quiet down before he slowly said, “I don’t think everyone will be unaware of the disappearance of a plane that disappeared midway from Hong Kong to San Francisco a few days ago.”

It turned out to be this matter, and after Ye Mo asked, many of the people present were inexplicably relieved. One after another, they replied that they knew that too many people were already investigating this matter.

However, Ye Mo then said, “My wife Ning Qingxue is on top of this plane, now I need you guys to help me investigate what kind of people are on this plane, if you can investigate the purpose of these people out is the best.”

Ye Mo knew that there were a lot of things that the officials could not necessarily find out, instead it was these daoist punks who could find out one thing at a time.

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, the following people once again chattered and talked, so something like this had happened, no wonder senior Ye had called them all over, surprisingly, his wife was on top of that plane. Many people even knew for the first time that Ye Mo’s wife was called Ning Qingxue.

When the bottom quieted down, Ye Mo said once again, “Of course, needing your help is not for nothing, I will also take out some rewards.”