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DYM Chapter 401

Zhang Yao glanced at Xia Qiangwei before saying, “That’s because of Qiangwei. After my clan uncle sent me out, her sister immediately knew about it and then had her come here with me.”

Ye Mo looked at Xia Qiangwei and said in a cold voice, “Xia Qiangwei, I’ll give you a chance, if you still don’t want to talk, don’t blame me for being ungracious. Even Brother Mo’s face won’t do.”

This matter already involved his own ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ Ye Mo would not be so kind, and his tone carried a hint of killing intent.

Not knowing whether it was because she felt Ye Mo’s killing intent or because of Zhang Qiangwei’s words, Xia Qiangwei coldly glanced at Ye Mo before saying, “The reason why Zhang Fengzhi must marry my sister and won’t give up even when my sister is pregnant is because my sister has a special physique, in ancient martial arts it’s called the Body of Li Yin.”

“What?” It was Zhang lack who was trampled on by Ye Mo’s broken knee also looked at Xia Qiangwei with a disbelieving face, the Body of Li-Yin was unknown to others, but it was an open secret among the ancient martial sects. It was just that this kind of physique was only in the legends, and there had never even been a real discovery of the Body of Liyin.

Xia Qiangwei didn’t even look at Zhang Zu, and said to herself, “Ancient martial practitioners, as long as they double cultivate with a woman with a Li-Yin body, they will advance to the Earth level 100%, and there is still a certain chance of advancing to the Innate Martial Artist. It was because Zhang Fengzhi knew that my sister had a Li Yin body that he wanted to marry my sister by all means.

However, there is a big problem with the double cultivation with a woman with a body of free Yin, that is, the woman must cooperate with the man wholeheartedly, otherwise there is no effect at all. And since my sister’s heart is with Mo Kang, Zhang Fengzhi only married my sister’s person, but not her heart.”

“So that’s how it is?” Mo Kang’s heart suddenly tightened, and he suddenly hated himself very much for not even being able to keep a woman, even the woman he loved. What was the use of having so much money? He would rather have no money at all, as long as he stayed with Xia Rou.

Xia Qiangwei meanwhile glanced at Mo Kang with disdain, she despised this man from the bottom of her heart, unable to even protect his own woman.

“The reason why Zhang Fengzhi didn’t dare to kill Mo Kang was because he was afraid that my sister would die completely, and once my sister died completely, he would have no more chance. Many years had pa*sed in this way, yet Mo Kang still stubbornly survived in the Xia family. So he used a vicious method to close Mo Kang’s meridians and then turned him into a waste that could never wake up. If my sister still wants Mo Kang to live, she can’t resist him.”

Xia Qiangwei wiped the cold sweat that emerged from her forehead and gritted her teeth as she continued, “My sister knew what Zhang Fengzhi was like and the methods he used, the kind that closed the meridians to make a person a vegetable, and if one didn’t die after a long time, one would die from remembering the most heart-rending things from time to time. So my sister asked me to help Mo Kang build a temple when she brought him back, and then put a magic weapon inside the temple, with the aim of spending away the hostility in his heart and just living for a few more years.”

So that was it.

Mo Kang called out with tears streaming down his face, “Xia Rou.” The torment and suffering he suffered was **only**, what Xia Rou suffered was perhaps the real torment and suffering, but he was even complaining about Xia Rou’s betrayal at times.

“But after more than twenty years had pa*sed, Zhang Fengzhi’s patience had reached its limit, and he thought Mo Kang had died, but my sister still hadn’t come around. Just when he couldn’t stand it anymore, his people at ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical, learned that Mo Kang was safe and sound, and even Zhang Feng Zhi couldn’t believe that Mo Kang had been cured. Just immediately he knew it was an opportunity, and he immediately used it to threaten my sister. More than twenty years ago, he didn’t dare to threaten, now he’s broken, and anyway, threat or not, he won’t get my sister’s cooperation.” Xia Qiangwei’s tone gradually calmed down.

As Ye Mo listened to what Xia Qiangwei was narrating, he always felt that there was some moisture in what this Xia Qiangwei said. What exactly was wrong, he couldn’t tell.

However, Xia Qiangwei continued, “My sister was about to come and meet with Mo Kang right away, but her actions were all under Zhang Fengzhi’s control and he did not allow my sister to come over.

It’s just that this time my sister was determined to come over, so Zhang Fengzhi wanted Zhang Jian to come over first and bring Mo Kang back. My sister knew what Zhang Fengzhi meant and asked me to stop Zhang Gao from taking Mo Kang away.”

“Then what did your sister want?” Ye Mo asked out loud.

Xia Qiangwei shook her head, “I don’t know, my sister just told me to wait here, she said she would definitely come, I’ve been waiting for a few hours now, and I think you already know what happened after that. My sister is afraid that after Mo Kang is taken away, she will never be able to come back.”

Ye Mo stared at Xia Qiangwei and said, “Yet I feel that you are lying, how can I tell from your eyes that you are desperate for Mo Kang to die early? The last time I came, you had the same look in your eyes.”

Xia Qiangwei stared at Mo Kang with hatred and said, “Yes, I do want him to die sooner than later. If it wasn’t for him, how could my sister have fallen to such a state? What a waste of a thing. I didn’t expect this kind of trash to live for so long and still not die.”

Mo Kang covered his head and muttered, “Not bad, I’m a waste, I’m a complete waste.”

Ye Mo no longer bothered to pay attention to Xia Qiangwei but once again kicked Zhang Lack, “Who else besides Zhang Feng Zhi who went to the Flowing Serpent to try to fight for the ‘Nourishing Face Pill, formula?”

“No need to ask him, I’ll tell you.” A very bland and muddy hou voice came, Ye Mo also had already found the visitor before he made a sound.

It was just that he was very fast, and the distance of over two hundred metres was in front of him in the blink of an eye. This was a very stout-looking man with some beard on his lower bar. Not only did he speak in a loud voice, but his manner and movements carried an air of power. It took a while before three more people came over, and the three behind them were two women of Xuan level cultivation in addition to a middle-aged woman.

“Xia Rou….” Mo Kang stood up and looked dumbly at the middle-aged woman whose appearance could only be considered ordinary, he did not expect Xia Rou, who had not seen her for more than twenty years, to look so thin, and her face was also much older than her peers.

The middle-aged woman also looked at Mo Kang dumbfoundedly, and Ye Mo felt her body trembling, only she couldn’t move a step.

The stout man gave Xia Rou a very gentle look before whispering, “Zuo’er, I have agreed for you to come and see him for a while, go over and talk, I hope you remember the promise between us.”

Xia Rou seemed not to have heard the man’s words, and just slowly moved over to Mo Kang.

Mo Kang, however, could not hold back any longer, he rushed towards Xia Rou and hugged her, but could not say a word.

The sturdy man looked at Mo Kang, a hint of killing in his eyes. An ordinary guy dared to hug his wife in front of him. Only Ye Mo saw his hand raise a little.

Ye Mo took a step forward, reached out and pinched a thin cow hair needle, then coldly stared at the stout man and said, “You are Zhang Fengzhi, right? You still dare to use a concealed weapon in front of me.”

The stout man did not have time to speak, but Xia Rou had already reacted, she pointed at the stout man and said sharply, “Zhang Feng Zhi, what did you say when you came here? Why did you make a move on Mo Kang? You don’t keep your word.”

Zhang Fengzhi’s face was ironic and he couldn’t pay attention to Ye Mo’s words as he said in a cold voice, “How dare you not keep your word and openly cuddle with another man and dare to duty me, all previous offers are null and void.”

Although Xia Rou was only a tool for him to use, but after all, she was his wife, and with his own wife cuddling with another man in front of his eyes, Zhang Fengzhi had long forgotten the agreement before he came. Even if he still remembered, he couldn’t stand this kind of thing.

It was to not double-cultivate, but also not to let his own woman cuckold him in front of him.

“Don’t keep women’s morals? I pooh, Zhang Fengzhi, you’ve finally shown your face. I tell you, I never thought of going back alive when I came out. Mo Kang and I got married a long time ago, let me show you what this is. You’ve kept me under house arrest for over twenty years, today I’m dying with Mo Kang, I’ll see how else you’re going to go under house arrest.” Xia Rou took out a red book and waved it in front of Zhang Fengzhi.

“You …….” After Zhang Fengzhi saw the words marriage certificate, he almost spat out a mouthful of blood in anger. Although this kind of worldly marriage certificate was a scrap of paper in his eyes, but the fact that this kind of scrap of paper had been hidden by Xia Rou for so many years made him really unable to endure it.

“Xia Rou …….” Mo Kang could not say anything except calling out these two words.

Xia Rou smiled sadly, “Mo Kang, although I did not live with you, but when I die we can still be together. All these years it is I who have failed you, I said I would come out to you, but I have not been able to come out …….”

Mo Kang finally came back to his senses, he shivered and took out a plasticized marriage certificate from his underwear pocket, “Xia Rou, mine is here too. From now on we’ll always be together, you don’t have to worry, Brother Ye said he’d do it for us.”

“Brother Ye?” Xia Rou subconsciously asked.

Mo Kang nodded and pointed at Ye Mo, “Yes, he is Brother Ye, he also saved me from my illness back then.”

“Haha… …” Zhang Feng stopped laughing in anger, even if Xia Rou immediately promised him to agree to double cultivation, he could not let such a woman who betrayed him live.

“You’re that Brother Ye? You’re the one who said I dared to send a concealed weapon in front of you? You’re the one who also dared to investigate what happened in my Hidden Sect?” Zhang Fengzhi’s laughter suddenly stopped, there was no longer a trace of laughter on his face, his expression was even colder than his voice. A strong killing intent rushed up, he needed to immediately swipe these people in front of him into a meat paste.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, “You haven’t finished asking, there’s also this Zhang Lack’s leg bone that I stepped on. Of course, if my investigation is true and that crappy sect of yours does dare to hit me, I don’t mind making a trip to your sect and uproot whatever sect you have.”

“What a big mouth, who do you think you are? Are you the King of Heaven?” Zhang Fengzhi laughed coldly, he was already at mid-earth level cultivation and was a top expert in the Hidden Sect, a mere young man dared to make a big queer statement in front of him.

“I’m not the King of Heaven, I’m Ye Mo.” Ye Mo’s voice was incomparably flat, but the way he looked at Zhang Fengzhi was as if he was looking at a dead man.